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BHM Dating

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Expert Review of BHM Dating Sites 2020

If you are a man with a little muffin tops and extra kilos, you fall for the category of ‘BHM dating.’ Being a person who admires a little extra weight means that you are going in this same direction. BHM has not been talked about a lot. It was always a part of the dating sites for the general audience. However, it is high time to put it separately. Males of various sexual orientations are welcome on the platforms created for them specifically. It simplifies the dating lives of people who know what they want, and it is a big handsome man.

Visiting BHM dating site is an excellent experience regardless of your tastes. Men are welcome to join if they want to find men, women, and even couples of plus size. There are equal chances to find love and hookup. However, it is much quicker when you are using the platform that only has people of your type and not everyone. So, what you want to look for is a reliable and well-promoted service that has more than a million users. The basic criteria used for assessing the sites are user base, price, and interaction tools. Look for the BHM dating site that offers not only textual but visual features. Regardless of what your intentions are, the market of BHM dating is full of offers to grab.

Meaning of BHM Dating

‘BHM’ is an abbreviation that stands for ‘big handsome men.’ It has been recently proven scientifically that women are attracted to men with the ‘meat’ more than skinny ones. Husky men are the best in giving the feeling of protection and security. Hence, the category of husky, handsome men became famous worldwide. It is not rare to encounter a college dating app for husky men since the category includes all age groups. Everyone has a different idea of what is fat and what is perfect. No doubt, there are many admirers of love handles on both female and male bodies. Luckily, society has turned out to be liberal and open to talking about these things openly. Being overweight and obese are different things, but not many people give it much thought. There are fans of fatter people and haters. If you are a fan and admirer, you should check out the singles pool on BHM dating sites.

Numerous studies have been conducted to identify how dangerous it is for people to be obese. For sure, it increases the chances of getting a lot of health issues. However, the weight does not always signal the person’s health issues. It can be a genetic precondition and a peculiarity of your body. Get used to being skinny was never a good thing, and not everyone has to be like this. BHM dating is about people who like how they look and do not feel like they worth less than others. These are men who know exactly what they want, and they look for partners of their dreams. It does not mean that the BHM date with BHM only. The category of BHM dating will surprise you. Not only BBW, but models are looking for love and partnership on BHM sites. Hence, the competition is there.

Pros and Cons of BHM Dating

There is always a downside to everything. If you want to be successful in BHM dating, you need to realize all its benefits and the issues you might encounter. Note that online dating adds to the peculiarities. You need to start with the positives since they overweight all the doubts.


  1. Big handsome men are always fun. You will never have a dull night, and your friends will always be happy with his company. A sense of humor cannot be bought. It is an inborn talent, given to you with all the traits genetically. It is not a secret but a universally accepted fact that fat people are always telling the best jokes in a group. If you want to have a birthday party, your BHM will spice it up for you and make it unforgettable. Think about your previous experiences, and you will remember the party when a chubby guy made the evening for everyone. You are missing on a lot if that has not happened to you before.
  2. They are good chefs. If someone knows how to make the best food, it is your big husky man. He will cook everything, whether it is a chocolate fondant or Italian pasta. Your relatives will be amazed. Not to mention that your fridge will always be full, and you will never stay hungry. Besides, you can eat all you want in front of him, and he will only find it sexy. This man will never humiliate you because of your food habits.
  3. You always look thin when you are with your chubby partner. It is especially attractive for people who are not plus-size themselves. A girl standing next to a plus-size guy will look like a Thumbelina. Any dress will look good on you, and you will never doubt that you are his princess. The man on the other side feels powerful and strong next to you.
  4. He is loyal and caring. Big handsome men will always protect you from others, stand for your dignity and rights. Nothing feels better than a strong shoulder of the big supportive guy who will move mountains for you. When browsing the profiles of dating sites, you can easily spot that most men are kind. After a couple of conversations, you will realize how good these people are for serious relationships.
  5. It is scientifically proven that in the process of evolution, people started to have less weight. Our living conditions are different and more comfortable now. Previously, our ancestors needed to have a lot of fat on their bodies to survive. Hence, subconsciously people are attracted to partners of larger sizes. The relationship with the big guy should bring you harmony.
  6. Chubby guy can give you the best time in bed. Chubby guys are very pleasing and like to make people happy. Their skills in bed are legendary as well. They are up for trying new things as well as doing anything to satisfy the partner. With the strong big handsome man in bed, the partner is always over the moon.


  1. Big handsome guy is not into an active vacation. The plus-size partners might not be into sharing the same hobbies for the fans of spending vacation outside, horseriding, bungee jumping, and similar sports. It is not a stereotype but a necessity for them to be more relaxed and less active due to their appearance.
  2. Lack of confidence. The main issue that a lack of confidence causes is making the first step. If you are a shy girl who likes old-fashioned patriarchy, the big handsome man might disappoint you a little. If he is struggling with the self-confidence, he will have doubts about inviting you out first.
  3. Social acceptance. Your family might not accept the person right away. People associate extra weight with health issues, and they might be worried about you. So, there will be a long talk and time needed to get used to the person. Meanwhile, the person feels very uncomfortable being judged.
  4. Hackers often target BHM dating websites. When you select the platform to use for dating, make sure it is a reliable one. There are many ways to check it, and the easiest is to read the feedback online. Mind the free resources because they are under more hackers’ attention since they can easily register with them. Paying for the membership, even a little, gives you more protection.
  5. In the same way, it gives you access to more advanced dating features. Believe it or not, but online dating is much more advanced and effective than the real-time one. On the downside, it means spendings.
  6. A lot of people on BHM want to find a long- term relationship. Once in a while, people want to have fun and find a one-night stand. Whether it is laziness or principles, but one-night stands rarely happen with the BHM guys. There are fewer chances to find a big husky guy for a night than a big beautiful woman. Looking for the proper resource and proper person for that might take time.

Best BHM dating Recommendations

If you are still wondering why BHM dating platforms became so popular, look at the stats. Talking about Americans, more than half of the adult population is overweight—about 30% of those suffering from obesity. Obesity is a controversial notion. It is seen differently by the fashion world and medicine. If you think about the appearance, anyone larger than M is considered fat in the fashion world. Medically speaking, there is nothing wrong with being XXL if you are healthy. So, before you dive into dating BHM, educate yourself about the category. A couple of tips would improve your experience.

  1. Be sexy with him and never question his sexual appeal. Regardless of the size, every human being has libido and wants to have fun. Whether you are skinny or fat, gay or straight, you have sexual needs, and they need satisfying. So, create a romantic atmosphere, or better find out what the partner likes and have fun. Never question the sexual desire or bring up the issue of weight in the bed. You risk destroying the partner emotionally, and with men, a lot depends on emotions. If you humiliate the partner by your hesitation, the night will be ruined.
  2. Enjoy food, and do not try to change nutrition. Over the years, scientists concluded that weight and being overweight is not all about eating. It is not even about burning calories. The human body is a complicated mechanism, and a lot depends on hormones and genetics. Some people are not born to be slim, and there is no point in changing them. They might exhaust themselves in gyms, yet have the round face and huge cheeks because of genes. If you see that your partner does not have healthy habits, you can talk about it. However, forcing someone to change will not make a good ground for a long-term relationship.
  3. Be yourself. When you start online dating, you need to remember that this is a virtual relationship initially. You cannot see anything but the profile of the person. It is hard to break the ice at times, especially if both indicate the wrong information. Avoid miscommunication by only speaking the truth about yourself. If you are an impatient person, say it, there is nothing it. If you are short and chubby, write that down as well. You are there not to be judged but to be appreciated. The dating platforms are created for people who look for equality in relationships and respect. Use these platforms to find the person who likes the real you.
  4. Post a lot of photos and let people in your life. When you share life events and provide enough visuals, people feel that you are open and want to meet them. If you feel like you do not want to share, create private albums. In the modern online dating, you can do anything you wish as long as you are not afraid to ask for it. When you publish the photos, make sure there are enough, and they are not full of other people. It is a dating site, so you want people to see all the best aspects of you. Mind that photoshop is not needed here simply a good-quality photo.
  5. Select the topics for conversation carefully and be polite. The last thing you want is to offend someone in a virtual conversation before meeting them. Learn to chat with people and remain neutral. Expressing your opinions is great, but you might not get the point across right in a written form. So, unless you are video chatting with the partner, hold back on some radical ideas. Leave them for the tet-a-tet meetings.

There are a lot of rules to follow when dating online. However, do not be scared by their number. As soon as you start dating and get into the flow, you will know intuitively what things to say and do. It does not take much time to get used to BHM dating. Remember that you have the right to select the partner you want, and every person has a right to look for perfection. You might not like some people, but it is not because of their appearance. It is the personality that usually drives us away from people. So, make sure you get to know the person and not fall for the cool visuals on the profile.

What kind of users come to BHM Dating Sites?

Men of the age from 18 to 60 + are common visitors of BHM dating sites. Not less of the females are registering intending to find a big guy of their dreams. In general, two categories can be identified on the site:

  1. Big handsome men. Guys of all age categories and nationalities register on special platforms to share their interests and find friends and lovers. Everyone, regardless of gender and sexual orientation, is destined to find a match. Whether you are looking for college dating, or you only want to have a virtual friend, there is an abundance of offers to satisfy all your desires.
  2. BHM fans. This category is pretty comprehensive. It includes males, females, groups, and couples who are looking for BHM. The degree of seriousness of such relationships varies. It will highly depend on the type of resource you are using. However, the category exists on all the websites. Suppose you want to find a guy for one night, using a platform BBWMatchMade, for example. You will meet girls, guys, couples who are looking for casual hookups. These will not only be the BHM who come your way. All you need to do is to set the right filters when searching for matches.

The bottom line is, pick your website right. Be honest with yourself about your intentions and find a suitable resource. For that, look for the reviews and mission statement of the company. They usually indicate what kind of service they strive to provide. If it is a hookup service, most users will be into one-night stands or casual dating. If it is a marriage website, the users will not be that much into taking it to the next level quickly.

Final Thought on BHM Dating

Whether you are a college student or a successful business person, your life is incomplete without the soulmate. With the abundance of best dating apps for college students, you can find a person to date, live with, or just hang out in a matter of days. Being BHM or looking for one is not a problem anymore. Whether you want to hook up with someone for a day or you want to settle in, there is an app that can sort you out swiftly. All you need is desire and time to devote to collect your thoughts and create a nice profile.

The journey to successful dating starts with the acceptance of yourself, your tastes, and your intentions. As soon as you paint the picture of a perfect partner in your head, you can jump right into the pool of all the singles looking for BHM partners. It is a fun and exciting world of dating that gives you butterflies in the stomach and causes you to fall head over heels. There is no reason to hold back on dates, casual dates if you want a serious relationship. It is a road to happiness, and you are one step away from the beginning.