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Chatango Review 2022 – Perfect or Scam?

Chatango Review 2022 – Perfect or Scam?
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Active Audience 86%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 24-26
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Chatango is free to use
  • There is no email verification process
  • Chatango has multiple chatting version such as desktop, web, and mobile app
  • Chatango doesn’t offer other than chatting
  • Unattractive web design

People say chat rooms are trailer parks, but you may find it amazing. Many thought that the chatting sites were long gone because of the social media presence today. But surprisingly, websites such as Chatango give a fresh and new look for text-based messages with people all over the globe.

Chatango is a chatting site with the simplicity of an old-school chatting group. You can make a chat room with strangers, or you can chat with random people on the site. It can be used to communicate with the audience and increase the traffic to a personal and professional website by embedding chat rooms into the websites. Chatango is a unique live chat app through which you can not only talk with random people of the same match or interest but also install it on your site to connect with your audience.

Expert’s Review of Chatango

Chatango Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

The chatting site started in 2010 and was founded by Alec Matusis. The site’s focus is on the people’s preferences and finding a similar match through live chat. At the time, a large number of social media required verified users’ identities before chatting with others. The registration was a boring but mandatory process. Chatango eliminated such verification, and people could join a perfectly made hot chat without getting their accounts verified.

Chatango has thousands of members coming from different parts of the world and looking for people of similar interests to start interacting with one another. Most of its members can’t say in public some things they say freely on Chatango.

The chatting site encourages both genders to enjoy the site and exchange their views without feeling ashamed or being judged on the platform. You can talk sexy, hot, dirty, and whatever you want to talk about. At the same time, you can’t upload sexual photos and images which violate the terms of use of the site.

There is no specification mentioned regarding the user’s age in terms of condition. It indicates that people can join the fantastic chatting site without the age limit. It also welcomes people of any ethnicity, race, or background. As long as you want to join the conversation, the community of Chatango is glad to see you.

Website Design & Usability

Chatango looks very straightforward. Usually, newcomers don’t suffer to understand the functionality, but compared to some similar services, the site could’ve been more user-friendly. The design needs to be polished, and offered functions should be well organized. It would be great if the owners paid some attention to its outdated interface and put some style in it.

From all of the Chatango versions, the mobile app looks more compact and appealing. Compared with the web version, the app makes the user experience more intuitive, and it is easier to use. The most significant advantage of having a mobile app on your device is that it’s lightweight and causes no strain on your mobile.

Special Features

Chatango Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Chatango has some unique and special features that take users’ experiences to the next level. For instance, Message Catcher. It’s a sort of extension you can install. Massage Catcher can inform you whenever someone messages you. It gives you the option not to miss any message while you are away.

Another attractive option is MINI Chatano Boxes. You can embed a private and public chat group onto your website and blog, and you can customize smaller chat rooms. You can block any unauthorized users that use offensive language chatting in the group. Further, you can block certain vulgar words that any random person uses on the site.

Another exciting feature of Chatango is comfortability and accessibility. You can download a mobile app, and there are also web and desktop versions which you can use to connect with random people.

How does Chatango work?

Chatango is known for its easy to use and get ready sort of a chatting site. The users will like the fact that it’s free to join and run. Users can enter the site and join the chatting feature with any random person.

You can start to chat with someone that attracts your attention and matches your interest. You can click on the user’s profile for further viewing their information. To work on Chatango, all you need to do is to make a profile by giving just an email, username, and password. You don’t even need to verify your email address.

Sign Up Process

The simple registration process gives the chatting site an extra edge over its competitors. The registration process hardly takes a minute. You only need to fill the registration form, including username, email, and password. You are free to go by clicking on the Signup button. Faster than you can imagine, you become a Chatango member.

Chatango requires absolutely no email verification for further approval. However, you must insert information about your age, gender, and ZIP code. There is no registration requirement such as Instagram and Facebook, where you will further follow your email to search for the confirmation link. It’s a free chatting site to signup; you can download the window’s extension to use the chatting site effectively.

Users Profiles Quality

Chatango Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Once you create the account, you are required to fill the information on your profile. Not filling your profile is not an issue with Chatango; however, you should fill the information on your profile to make it look more genuine and appealing. Thus, inserting information on your profile can be a keyword search for other users to access you easily.

Do you want someone to flirt with you? So, make your profile full of information as it’s a way of interacting with other members. The more details you add, the more chance people will know your taste and will contact you soon.

To find someone who qualifies your interest faster, you need to search for a particular username and URL. It’s always recommendable to save the relevant keywords or URLs of the like-minded profile. It’s easier to track some members based on usernames and keywords than any other factor. You can use frequently searched keywords to someone on the site; for instance, “funny,” “anime,” etc.

Mobile Application

One of the most significant advantages Chatango has is that it has a unique mobile app. The app connects thousands of people across the globe in the most comfortable way. Another striking feature of having this app is it’s easily available to both Android and iOS users.

The mobile app is downloadable free of cost from Google Play Store and App Store. The app has the lightweight and easy-to-use features, and it can even fit the phone with low memory space.

Chatango Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Many chatting sites in the market claim the same offer to have a similar service to online users. If the one you use doesn’t satisfy your needs, you can look into the other options, such as Chatroulette, Chatrandom, and Chatiw.

Membership Price and Payment Method

This is the greatest thing of Chatango – it is completely free of charge. While other similar services try to make money off their users, inventing paid options and subscription plans, this one remains free, which you don’t often see these days.

Free Membership Features

Chatango Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

It is free to use. All features of the chatting site are provided for free. You can connect, chat with other users free of cost.

Premium Membership Features

Chatango service is free as they claim they make money through advertisements. They put advertising on users’ profiles and pages. However, the group chat rooms you embed into your website or blog will not have ads.

Is Chatango Really Safe?

Chatango won’t give your email address to scammers or anything like that. The chatting site is not a scam but a legitimate and reliable site. Its algorithm has a relatively high score. The review rating is based on the website’s data and the place where the website is hosted.

The latest chatting site’s rating shows that Chatango is safe to use. The prospect users can visit the chatting website for further information about its privacy and safety policy. Still, your safety is on you, because the platform itself has no chance to use your data. Don’t share any details with strangers, and when if you feel like go deeper with someone, start with exchanging your profiles on social platforms.


Chatango Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Chatango is a chatting site that offers its users various chat rooms. You can embed Chatango groups on your website and blog. Being the moderator of your chatrooms, you can make them safer by blocking people, deleting messages, and banning certain words. Chatango remains relevant in today’s usage because people keep joining the chatting site every day. Users can not only connect with random strangers from around the globe, but they can also make live conversations on the site. Chatango chat can be used for many purposes; for instance, you may want to increase your web page traffic, connect with the community, answer questions, and a lot more.

Chatango may look plain and dull. With the customized chatting group and profile, you can make the chat background a perfect canvass. It is not rigid to impose a format as the other sites do. You can add or remove whatever you want. Chatango is free to use. The website seems to be convenient as they have a mobile, desktop, and web version. The desktop version can be downloaded from a personal computer or laptop, whereas the Chatango mobile app is widely available on the App Store and Google Play. In case those applications are not available, you can still access the website version.

This site has a very minimalist design; it’s not organized the way it should. It sometimes takes time to discover each feature available on the site fully. If it doesn’t match your expectations, you can find other similar sites claiming to offer the same service. However, Chatango seems to be the only free one among them.

To tell the truth, Chatango is a rather democratic platform you can use anonymously with no limitations. It does not ask for your age or any other private data; you just join a great community where you can pretend whoever you want or speak the truth without revealing your name. It gives you freedom of self-expression you will hardly find elsewhere. The platform is far from the idea of dating itself, though, who knows where you’ll and up, finding new friends on Chatango. Try your luck and feel the exciting and adventurous vibe of this place, but remember to remain cautious talking to strangers.

Chatango Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

What is Chatango?

It’s an online chatting site where users can chat with random people. You can insert its chat room or group on your website or blog to increase traffic. The lightweight chatting site is entirely free of cost and compatible with several other sites and blogs.

How to join Chatango?

First, you need to download the site on your computer or install the mobile app. Then, you simply have to insert your email, propose a username and password. There is no verification process for email. When you fill some fields, click on the Signup button, and you are ready to go.

How to delete Chatango account?

It doesn’t have a deletion option. Users can only log out and leave the profile inactive. Some users may want to delete their entire data and information from the site, but Chatango doesn’t provide such an option. You just leave and never come back using this particular account.

How to message someone on Chatango?

Chatango Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

All you need to do is enter Chatango, join the existing chatroom, or create your own and talk to people worldwide.

Chatango fully allows users to chat with strangers without knowing each other. The site has the portability and compatibility with other websites. It means that you can use the fantastic chatting site with your personal and professional website or blog. You can further customize the embedded chat room or group with the color, size, and font of your choice to make the chat room suit your expectations. It looks like fun and invites users to use it on their professional or personal website to generate traffic. The embedded chatting room can be used for multiple purposes to make your website cooler.

Many Chatango users participate in group chat rooms or group forums. If they behave rudely and offensively or against the rules of the service, you can block them immediately as a group owner. You may also set message limitations and ban certain words in your chatting room that offend other users if you feel so. To embed chat groups or rooms to your professional or personal website, simply copy and paste the HTML of the needed window.

Chatango serves to connect with other people from different parts of the world and make the traffic on your personal or professional website grow.

How to see who likes you on Chatango without paying?

Chatango Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

You can view the similar matches on the site without giving a penny. You can start chatting with other members when they attract your interest. You click on their profile and hit the Chat button.

Chatango mobile app has a consistent, friendly user interface compared to its desktop and web versions. In the web version, you have to insert in another members’ username and URL, whereas in the mobile version, you can also search through the users’ profiles. It’s better to use the mobile app to view people’s profiles because it gives greater access to users’ profiles than the website does.

How to block someone on Chatango?

You can block other members by clicking the Block link in the text box. However, the block button appears when the other users start an online chatting session. If you can’t find a block link in the chatbox, it means that the user is on your friend’s list. The block link can’t be shown for those members found in your friend list.

How to cancel Chatango subscription?

Since Chatango doesn’t have any premium plans for its users, there is no need to cancel the subscription, and they don’t provide such an option.

Contact Information

Chatango Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?
  • Company Name: Chatango LLC.
  • Address: 290 DIVISION ST STE 411
  • Zip Code + City: 94103, SAN FRANCISCO
  • Country: United States
  • Customer Support Email: feedback@chatango.com
  • Facebook: facebook.com/ChatangoDotCom
  • Twitter: twitter.com/chatango
  • Blog: n/a
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