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FriendFinder Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

FriendFinder Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 68%
Popular age 24-36
Beauty 61%
Profiles 645.000
About Site
Visit rate 6.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Social media-like features
  • Plenty of free services
  • Large user base
  • Frequent promotional offers
  • The layout is a bit dated
  • Requires a subscription to send messages

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In an online dating scene saturated with hundreds of dating portals, FriendFinder comes as a refreshing break from the ordinary. Online dating may have started as a fad, but it has now become a societal norm. Almost everyone has had a profile on a dating website or app at some point.

The problem with online dating, though, is that it has got highly commercialized. Dating portals are more aware of the importance they now hold in the lives of the public. This awareness has resulted in high subscription charges and several subscription tiers. Customers who wish to use any platform in its entirety must pay for the privilege.

The question arises, are these websites worth paying for? Well, yes, there are some good features that assist you in connecting with viable matches. But as far as innovation is concerned, many of these sites are fairly stagnant. They offer a generalized set of features that hardly change from service to service.

This is why we got excited when exploring FriendFinder for this review. Whether you are in search of a friend, a soulmate, or even a simple hookup, FriendFinder has it all. It offers a complete package of dating options as well as fun activities, such as daily horoscopes and photo ratings. The platform even has its own e-Magazine that showcases articles and poetry from members, among other things.

Expert’s Review of FriendFinder


FriendFinder is among the most popular dating websites we have come across. The reason for this popularity is simple: it offers a good set of possibilities and boasts a large pool of users. The fact that it has as many members as it does is a testament to its capabilities. FriendFinder maintains a steady rollout of new functionality and activities to keep its community involved.

FriendFinder is a part of the larger Friend Finder Network, which is renowned for other ventures, such as Passion.com, TSDates, and Alt.com. Despite being part of the same group, FriendFinder is considerably different from all of its sister services.

What sets FriendFinder apart from other portals of its kind is that it caters to a wider and more diverse segment. Where other popular websites focus on a limited set of relationship types, FriendFinder lets you search for anything — from friendship to a fling. Can you find your soulmate on FriendFinder? Yes, people can, if the reviews are to be believed. But you can make perfectly good use of the site even if you are not ready for such a commitment just yet.

FriendFinder offers its users a unique blend of a social media website and a dating service. Dozens of fun features, advanced search options, and intelligent matching algorithms have made it one of the most widely visited dating platforms. Because it allows searching for a large variety of relationship types, it has become popular among individuals looking for fun and flings.

As such, FriendFinder benefits from one of the largest user bases of any dating portal. This means that there is something for everyone. Irrespective of the type of relationship you are searching for, you are bound to find likeminded individuals. It currently has more than two million active visitors; approximately half of them are paid members.

Because FriendFinder adopts the basic functionality of a social media website, it is more welcoming people of varying ethnicities and sexual preferences. The variety of relationship types that we have already touched on also helps bring a diverse member base. Like any good social media site slash dating service, FriendFinder encourages user interaction through fun activities and events.

Although FriendFinder claims to be available in every country, we noted that it is primarily dominant in the United States and Canada. Out of the approximately two million active users, around 780,000 are from the USA alone. This portal sees a lot of regular traffic, with more than a couple hundred thousand active participants weekly. Even the daily activity numbers are in thousands.

FriendFinder is a website dominated by men. Roughly sixty-eight percent of the user base is male, and only thirty-two percent comprises of female members. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Its unique style allows it to maintain a healthy level of interaction between both genders. We did notice that a large number of registered users are looking for a casual relationship rather than something serious.

Despite the fact that the majority of the community is in for a fling, we don’t think you should write off FriendFinder for a more serious soulmate search. The website has a diverse range of members from different cultural, ethnic, and professional backgrounds. Most of the visitors, both male and female, are in their mid-thirties and early forties so that you can expect a mature but open-minded audience.

Website Design & Usability

FriendFinder Design & Usability

FriendFinder sports a design and layout that will attract varying responses. Some people would like it a lot, while others — absolutely abhor it. There is nothing wrong with the interface per se, and we personally don’t mind it at all. It is a basic layout that will transport you back to the early days of social media networks.

The interface, although not very pleasing to the eyes, is actually FriendFinder’s strength in some way. The simplistic nature means that it takes less time to load and search for prospects. Navigating between pages is also a fluid experience. Furthermore, FriendFinder does not feature any ads, which is a huge plus.

One of the complaints is its choice of colors. In line with its orange logo, the website features an orange theme. This starts becoming a nuisance after a while if you are not too fond of bright colors.

FriendFinder’s most important features are arranged horizontally across the top of the screen. Clean drop-down menus make it easy to navigate to sub-sections of a particular function. A quick search button will take you to an updated list of prospective matches. As you scroll down and bring your attention to either side of the page, the situation changes a bit. Both sides are cluttered with options and links to member groups. This can be overwhelming for some.

Special Features

FriendFinder is packed with perks you won’t normally find on other dating services. You may find some of them scattered around, but not all in one place. This stems from the website’s unique position as a social media portal.

By offering a diverse selection of possibilities that are free to use, FriendFinder puts itself in a more favorable position than its competitors. These features are engaging, fun, and helpful in discovering new members. FriendFinder has designed the functionality in such a way that it complements its primary service. Below are some of its most prominent features.

  • Video Intro – Similar to a cover video that allows you to give a better introduction than what is possible with a static picture. This is a nice addition to the user profile, seeing as people are more likely to watch a video than to read an extensive bio.
  • Instant Messages – This option is fairly common on most dating websites. FriendFinder incorporates it with a unique twist. Instant messaging works between all the platforms in the Friend Finder Network. Chat with people on the same portal or connect with others within the Network.
  • E-Magazine – Not exactly your typical e-magazine, this section is a forum of sorts but with a cleaner layout. Registered users can write articles, share stories, create polls, and ask for advice. FriendFinder puts a lot of emphasis on becoming an active member of this section to discover new people.
  • Profile Blog – Similar to the Magazine, but this space is your own. Paid members get some advantage over free ones, which we will discuss later.

How Does FriendFinder Work?

FriendFinder Work

FriendFinder wants you to try out the website and judge for yourself whether a paid subscription is worth your money. To this end, it allows users to search for prospects even without registering. However, unregistered participants see only a small portion of the search results. You will have to sign up in order to view a comprehensive list of prospects.

The website offers a number of ways to discover and contact others. You need to be a paid user if you wish to send messages, but there is a lot you can do under a free membership as well. Most of the hottest perks, like the Magazine, chat groups, blogs, and forums are free for everyone. They are a great way of discovering new people you share interests with.

If you can’t send messages to users, join a chat group and interact with hundreds of members for free. FriendFinder has a large number of active visitors, so the chances are you will find your next friend or even a partner this way. If you have not opted for a paid membership and meet someone you wish to contact, you can send them a Wink. This will let them know that you are interested, and they can reply if they are a paid member. Once a paid subscriber initiates contact, you can chat for free.

Writing blogs or magazine posts is another great method to get noticed and discover new horizons. Create a unique blog post or write an interesting article in the Magazine, and dozens of people will bombard you with comments and insights. For free users, this is an excellent workaround to make the most of FriendFinder.

Sign Up Process

FriendFinder Sign Up

Signing up is simple and quick. Although you can fill in your profile in detail later, some information is required at the time of registration. This includes your sexual orientation, marital status, and area of residence. The entire registration process does not take more than five minutes.

You will not be asked to fill in lengthy questionnaires. FriendFinder does, however, require you to write a few short lines about yourself. Any data that you provide during the registration process will show up on your page.

Although you cannot register through a social media account, you do get the option to import information from your Facebook after you have signed up. FriendFinder puts a lot of emphasis on authenticity, so you will need to provide a valid email address in order to register.

Users Profiles Quality

FriendFinder may be teeming with people looking for flings and one-night stands, but it still manages to maintain a quality experience. Most of the profiles are authentic, and verified accounts are given preference in search results. Although they are not very detailed, pictures and videos add to their appeal. The trouble is that free users are only allowed to view thumbnails and previews. If you wish to check original-sized photos or videos, you need to sign up for a paid subscription.

All profiles feature a compatibility chart. This is a measure of how compatible you are with the person whose page you are viewing. The chart holds information such as preferences, age, and location. The preferences can be adjusted at any time from the Cupid References section.

Mobile Application

Although FriendFinder does have an app, it is only available for iOS. However, the website has a mobile-friendly version that can be navigated on any smart device.

FriendFinder Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

FriendFinder Websites & Apps

FriendFinder.com is a great website not only for finding love but also for casual hookups and fun. Not all services offer a premium experience when it comes to casual dating. Below are some platforms similar to FriendFinder and are worth a try:


  • International presence.
  • Focuses on flings and casual relationships.
  • Mobile-friendly website but no apps available.


  • Based in France.
  • Caters to a global audience.
  • Dedicated to casual dating.
  • iOS app and a mobile-friendly website.


  • Free alternative.
  • Not as populated as FriendFinder.
  • Mobile-friendly site but no applications available.

Membership Price and Payment Method

FriendFinder Price

Members who wish to subscribe can choose between a Silver and a Gold Membership

Silver Membership

  • Send messages to members
  • View full-sized pictures
  • View profile videos
  • Advanced search
  • Get photos approved quicker
  • Get priority over free members in search results

FriendFinder Gold Membership

  • 1 Month – $34.95
  • 3 Months – $59.94
  • 6 Months – $95.60

Payment Methods

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Direct Debit
  • Mobile Phone Payment

Free Membership Features

  • Search for prospects
  • Filter members
  • Add people to favorites
  • View accounts
  • Add profile photos and videos
  • Send Winks
  • Contribute to FriendFinder Magazine
  • Post to your blog
  • Participate in chat groups

Premium Membership Features

FriendFinder Premium Membership Features

Silver Membership

FriendFinder Gold Membership

All benefits of the Silver Membership plus the following:

  • Appear at the top of search results
  • Priority picture approval
  • Advanced search filters
  • Get notified of new matching members via email

Is FriendFinder Really Safe?

Safety and privacy are top priorities at FriendFinder. All new registrations are verified via an email address. New users also need to undergo the procedure in order to become verified users. All pictures uploaded on the website are also scrutinized.

Your profile information remains private unless you choose to make it public. The website also allows for anonymous messaging, which may make you feel safer. FriendFinder also features helpful reading material on safe dating at the bottom of each page.


FriendFinder is more than a dating website. It is an online community where people of diverse backgrounds come together from all over the world. It has been tested by millions and continues to be a popular online portal. Even if you are not looking to date or find your life partner, try it out for the sake of social discovery features. Despite its simplistic layout, FriendFinder is a lot of fun.

How to Delete FriendFinder Account?

If you are a paid member, turn off auto-renewal before you delete your account. The option to turn it off, along with the one to delete your account, is available in the ‘My Account’ block at the top of every page.

How to Message Someone on FriendFinder?

Navigate to the profile of a person you wish to contact. The option to send an email will be available towards the middle of the page.

How to See Who Likes You on FriendFinder Without Paying?

You can add users to your favorites without paying, but you will have to be a paid member in order to view who has liked you.

How to Block Someone on FriendFinder?

Any user can be blocked through the ‘Block’ option on their profile.

How to Cancel FriendFinder Subscription?

Navigate to ‘My Account’ from the top of any page. You can cancel your subscription from the ‘Billing History & Credit Card Info’ section.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: FriendFinder Network
  • Address: 910 E. Hamilton Ave, Sixth Floor
  • Zip Code + City: Campbell, CA 95008
  • Country: United States
  • Customer Support Email: via website
  • Facebook: friendfinderonline
  • Twitter: @friendfinder
  • Instagram: @friendfinder
  • LinkedIn
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