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Lovestruck Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Lovestruck Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • There is an impressively low amount of fake profiles on Lovestruck. It is because the dating site verifies profiles as they get registered.

    • Its search function supports a broader range of filters when compared with other dating sites.

  • The platform has a large user base. A large user base tends to draw in more users.
  • Almost all the profiles are sufficiently detailed, which makes browsing and matching an easy thing to do.
  • The verification of profiles is very slow. It takes around a day and a half to get some profiles verified, on average.
  • The instant messaging feature is not available on Lovestruck.
  • There are no "live" ways to contact Lovestruck. It does not have a phone line or a live chat portal.
  • The free plan of the dating site is unusable, as it doesn't support any kind of communication.

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Lovestruck is a dating site that is suitable for single professional individuals who seek genuine interactions with other singles intending to build a long-lasting relationship. With a bit of history and a considerable following, Lovestruck aims to create a community where users can come around with other people to explore compatibility and the possibility of a relationship.

Expert’s Review of Lovestruck

Lovestruck Review

Lovestruck does have an excellent pedigree. Love Group Global, which is a known provider of popular dating services, created Lovestruck. It began its operations in the UK (where its headquarters currently resides), but its website is available to users from across the globe.

Brett Harding created it in 2006. Back then, it used to be called “Lunch Date London,” but took up the “Lovestruck” name in 2008.

The Lovestruck mobile app got launched in 2010. At the time, its features made it evident that Lovestruck aims its services at professionals who are having a hard time for a serious relationship.

DateTix Limited bought Lovestruck over at a time when the platform is seeking to expand into more markets. The relationship between the two companies is mutual as they share user bases and collectively grow internationally.

DateTix Limited later became Love Group Limited in 2018. Lovestruck (and other sister dating sites) became a full subsidiary of Love Group Limited shortly after the change.

Gender distribution is relatively balanced, and that makes it favorable for new members to get on-board. Females account for 45% of the population, while Male accounts take 55%. Considering that the site receives 36,000 active logins in a day, this is good for interactions.

The site is suitable for both conventional and same-sex relationships. It means that Lovestruck is just as valid to the LGBT community as it is to anyone else. There are no restrictions on whether you seek same-sex matching or regular matching.

While individuals of all ages can use the platform, the age-group of 25-34 years makes up the majority of its user base. It is not surprising as that is the age group of the modern-day young professional who is out for serious relationship but doesn’t quite have the time. Lovestruck comes through as the matchmaking platform they can use to find a partner.

As far as we know, Lovestruck doesn’t have any racial or ethnic specifications. This means that all individuals are welcome, and the assessment is carried out based on other criteria.

Website Design & Usability

Lovestruck Design

One of the differentiating factors for a dating site is its website and how easy it is to use. Lovestruck has managed to put up a website that’s both simple and functional. It utilizes simple and neutral colors, which ensures that the user isn’t too distracted on his/her visit to the site. It helps the typography as well, making them stand out as they should.

The user sees a clean user interface with precise, legible contents and texts. Ads do not get in the way of crucial elements that the user mostly uses.

Overall, Lovestruck’s website is as functional and straightforward as any dating website should be.

Special Features

Lovestruck Special Features

These are features that can be found on Lovestruck and nowhere else (at most, it would be an imitation). They generally improve the user experience of the platform. However, most of these features require that the user pays extra. It is also dependent on what kind of membership the user holds.

One such unique feature is the Incognito Mode. It works just like it would in your browser. It allows the user to hide details such as login status, profile availability, and profile activities from other users.

Ordinarily, users on Lovestruck can view other users’ last login, and other activities without restrictions, but if you want privacy, the Incognito Mode comes in handy. However, it requires the user to be a premium member.

Another unique feature is the Date Ideas. This feature is a solution to the problem which comes from worries about the perfect date for your match. It allows the users to define what their idea of an ideal meeting is, and get matches based on the other users who like such a plan. It means the user wouldn’t have to worry about the other user’s idea of venue or setting.

Events allow Lovestruck to organize parties for its users, but with a twist. Since the goal of parties is to socialize, there are no restrictions to outsiders as well, and it is free to attend: both for you and whoever you invite.

The platform ghost-hosts those parties, which makes it more fun. The venue could be a regular bar or arena, with its regular visitors. Lovestruck party-goers can also attend it, but use things like customized hand bands or rings to differentiate themselves.

Perhaps the most useful and unique feature of Lovestruck is the Privacy Setting. It is just like the typical privacy setting in websites, only that this one serves a pretty specific purpose. It allows the user control who gets to see the full information on their profile. The user can add other users that get to see the complete data to a “favorites” list. On the other hand, when the profile owner sets the privacy settings to “Only my favorites,” they are the only ones that see it.

The others can still see your profile in searches and suggestions, but they will have to send a request so that they can see the profile’s full info.

Also, when your profile comes up as a compatible match for another user, it leaves them in wonder as to why, since they can’t view your complete profile. Then, they send a request to view your profile, and you have the liberty to accept or reject that request.

How does Lovestruck work?

Lovestruck work

Right out of the bat, it is evident that Lovestruck gears itself towards users seeking real, long-lasting relationships. From the sign-up process to the interaction with other users, the air of genuine social interaction can’t be missed.

The majority of its user are young adults, which gives it a reputation for being a dating site for young professionals. It’s for those who hardly have time for a relationship but would love to socialize through the internet.

There are no restrictions if you happen to be gay, too. You can find genuine love, just like anyone else. Activities on the website are quite safe, and there are almost no scummy profiles.

As with most dating sites, most of the best features that Lovestruck offers are behind a paywall. However, the free services are quite excellent as well.

Sign Up Process

Lovestruck Sign Up Process

Ideally, the sign-up process of any dating website shouldn’t take too long. The lovestruck dating site adheres to it. You should be able to complete the sign-up process in around 5 minutes.

To get started, you have to be above 18 years of age, and then you would be required to provide a working phone number and email address. A verification code would verify these details.

There is another, much faster, way of signing in- Facebook. Just provide your Facebook login details, and you’re good to go. Verification happens at a later time if you use your Facebook profile to sign up.

Users Profiles Quality

A user on Lovestruck will be interacting with other people and would access their profiles according to preferences and love interests. As far as one can see, the platform has made efforts to ensure that its users’ profile provides as much information as needed.

A user is encouraged to provide info on interests, values, lifestyle, and ethics. However, they are at liberty to choose how much information they share. Lovestruck will still display information it deems “adequate” on every profile.

This makes it very difficult to have a fake profile set up, as the platform would not allow description fields left empty.

To add more credibility to profiles, Lovestruck verifies them. The verification process is transparent and thorough. It requires that you submit links to your social media IDs. Then they will have a physical staff go through those links to check if the information provided on your Lovestruck profile corresponds with those on your social media handles.

In the end, your profile gets the “verified” badge if the platform is content with the information you provide. The “verified” badge incites confidence from other users since that is a sure sign that you are the member it says on Lovestruck. You can even take it a bit further by choosing to follow only verified profiles as you, and you won’t have to worry about phony profiles at all.

Mobile Application

The App for Lovestruck is available on Google Play Store and the App Store. It bodes well for a dating site to have its mobile instance on two of the most popular app marketplaces. The app is also free to download.

All of the features on Lovestruck’s website are also available on the app. Its users don’t always have to open a browser to use its services, as the Lovestruck app is available on the two significant OS. Another peculiarity of the app is that it supports Chinese in addition to English.

Lovestruck Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Lovestruck Websites & Apps

It is usual to expect that a dating site as prodigious as Lovestruck has competition. Thankfully, the rivals don’t replace the platform for what it cannot do. Instead, they are a viable alternative if you wish to try out something different.

Some of the platforms that are similar to Lovestruck include OkCupid, MySingleFriend, and Lumen. Their services only differ slightly from what Lovestruck offers, and individuals can check them out for the sake of variety.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Lovestruck membership pricing includes the Standard Subscription and Premium Subscription. The one-month standard subscription costs £39 per month, while the three-month one goes for £23 a month.

The six-month standard subscription costs £16.50 a month, and the twelve-month standard subscription costs £11.58 per month.

The premium subscription includes the one-month plan, which costs £49. The three-month subscription goes for £29.67. The six-month and twelve-month plans go for £21.50 and £14.08, respectively.

You can pay for these membership plans using various payment methods like PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard. Subscribing to Lovestruck is straightforward, regardless of geographical location.

Free Membership Features

As a free member on Lovestruck, you are open to a handful of essential features. There is the option to create a profile using to 4 of your pictures, as well as setting what privacy level you’d prefer for your profile.

You can also browse other users’ profiles and use the search function to find profiles that interest you. But that’s all about what you get on the free membership. There is no option to send messages of any kind or view other users’ picture gallery.

Premium Membership Features

Expectedly, Lovestruck’s premium membership packs additional features to the free membership. Premium members enjoy exclusive features such as Incognito Mode and Privacy Settings and can have their personalized mini profile.

They also get notified when they appear in new searches. There is no restriction on the number of pictures they can view from other people’s galleries.

Premium membership also affords the user the ability to view favorite lists that contains their profile.

Is Lovestruck Really Safe?

Lovestruck Safe

Lovestrucker can be called safe, based on two reasons. On the one hand, it’s been able to keep its users from scrupulous activities, and on the other hand, it’s been able to keep the data collected from those users safe and protected from harmful elements.

It is quite a daunting task for a dating website to keep scummy profiles at bay. Still, Lovestrucker has managed it well so far, thanks to its stringent verification process and active user base.

As far, data management is concerned, users don’t have to worry about it. The platform has sensitive information well-secure behind modern-day website encryption technologies. Also, Lovestruck registered under the Data Protection Registry, and it complies with the current Data Protection Act of 1998.


For professional young adults, nurturing a long term relationship with a potential partner can be strenuous, because they might not have much time in the day for things other than work.

Lovestruck moves in to fill that gap, making it very easy to find individuals that match with you and interact with them. Since the service is online, it fits into any kind of “on-the-go” lifestyle.

It’s got a number of unique features, but most of them are behind a paywall. The free version of Lovestruck is practically unusable, as it doesn’t allow you to send messages of any kind. The premium version unlocks all the beneficial features.

Hence, if you want to make the most of your time at Lovestruck, you should consider premium membership.

How to delete Lovestruck account?

When you deactivate your Lovestruck account, all of your data gets wiped. To make that happen, simply tap on the Account settings on the homepage, and then Deactivate account.

How to message someone on Lovestruck?

You can send a message to someone by searching for the person’s profile and message him/her from there. The action depends on what profile settings the person has turned on. If they do not accept messages from profiles that are not in their favorites’ list, and you’re not in their favorites’ list. You will have to send a message request by mail.

How to see who likes you on Lovestruck without paying?

Unfortunately, the option to see who has shown interest in your profile isn’t available for free members. It is part of the premium plan.

How to block someone on Lovestruck?

You can either use the block button within the app or report it to the site administrators.

How to cancel Lovestruck subscription?

You can cancel your Lovestruck subscription by sending a request for cancellation to the site support email: team@lovestruck.com. However, the application has to be submitted at least two working days to the expiration of your current subscription.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: DateTix Limited
  • Company Address: Hong Kong
  • Zip Code + City: N/A
  • Country: China
  • Customer Support email: info@datetix.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter: N/A
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