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Recon Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Recon Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
About Boys
Date with older guy 55%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 20-40
Profiles 73.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The sign-up process is quick and straightforward
  • Email verification ensures the creation of less fake profiles
  • The mobile application is available for android and ios users
  • The mobile app is available to download free of cost
  • Customer support on the site is not readily available
  • Canceling memberships needs customer support

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You might come across thousands of sites that help to hook up gay men. However, Recon is one app that especially excels at hooking up only gay men who fantasize about the fetish world. The site demonstrates that the population of gay men who are good looking and drives you crazy is high through its user base. The users on the site let you explore your sexual horizons and explore all the possibilities of enjoying fetish hookups. The verification process that the site follows filters out users trying to create a fake profile in the first step, ensuring users’ security at the site. Though there might still exist few fake profiles on the site, Recon is not a scam but an excellent platform for gay men belonging to the fetish community.

While on the one hand, Recon offers thousands of perks; on the other hand, there are few limitations of using the site.

Short introduction of Recon.

Recon is the biggest platform across the globe exclusively serving the gay community, bi or curious men who are into the fetish world. This site is undoubtedly a credible portal to meet men who share views similar to you. The site offers news and articles on the latest happenings and informs you about the latest events and products in the Recon store.

Expert’s Review of Recon

The site is exclusively for gay men. There are millions of members on the site who keenly look for gay hookups within the fetish community. You can explore the list of members, nearby and online, and narrow down your search results by applying filters. The members get to know and meet one annoyer on fetish events that Recon organizes all across the globe at places like Belgium, France, UK, and the other states. The most recent incident took place in London, Fire in Vauxhall.

Website Design & Usability

Red, black, and white are the theme colors that the website uses. Each time you load the site, you see a message at the center of the screen that says “loading.” The homepage displays a gay man with a mask on the face and something running across the neck. On the left-hand side, you see the site’s logo and two options: “get started” and “login.” On the left-hand bottom corner, you see the icons for downloading the app for android and ios phones, respectively. In the center bottom, you can see “what is reckon?” and an arrow pointing downwards. The top right corner of the homepage has options like blogs, events, and English. You can change the language from English to any other four options available in the drop-down menu. As you scroll down the site, you get to see a lot of fantastic options. Overall the site enjoys a user-friendly interface. Navigation from one page to another is very convenient. Using the desktop version is as simple and easy as the mobile application. All the elements remain the same on both the mobile and desktop versions, with the only difference that using the app is comparatively easy.

Website Design & Usability of Recon

Special Features

Recon has in store infinite special features to offer to its members. While some features are available to all the users, there are few that only premium members can use. These unique features are as follow:

  • Top 100s
    There are three categories in the Top 100s latest photos, top viewed and top cruised.
    The latest photos show profiles of a hundred members with the latest pictures while top viewed displays profiles that members visited the most in the past 30 days. The third list shows the hundred most cruised member profiles in the last thirty days.
  • Search
    While standard users can do basic searches using a few filters, premium members can use an advanced search option where they can use a wide range of filters.
  • Favourites
    A favorite is a user whose profile you tag to find the users quickly next time and send them a message. Other members cannot see your favorite list.
  • Travel Plans
    Travel Plans’ feature enables you to demonstrate your trips on the profile to let other members see that you will visit a particular place.
  • Cruise
    Cruise is a gesture to inform other users that you like him.
  • Gift Memberships
    The Gift Membership feature lets you purchase a Premium membership for other Recon members.
  • My visitors
    This feature displays the list of the last ten favorites or friends who were online recently.
  • Calendar section
    Under this section, you get to know about all the events around where you get to meet the gay men in person at the Recon events.

How Does Recon Work?

The site’s search engine is incredibly powerful, enabling users to find the perfect matches instantly and effortlessly. There is an option to send direct messages to users you like. You can bookmark users you find attractive but are not sure of sending the text. You can also simply make them aware of your likeness towards them to initiate the conversation. To find a perfect partner for yourself, you can use the filters by merely visiting the profile and clicking on the filter button. Standard users can use filters like age, role, and interests, while premium members can use many filters. Premium members can use filters like height, body type, body hair, hair, ethnicity, safe sex, joined within twenty-four hours, and travel. Two additional features available to premium members are “show premium members only” and “members with photos.” The site lets you search for other members matching your peculiar requirements to save your browsing time and effort to go through thousands of profiles. Do not hesitate to begin a conversation, but you must go through the users’ profile thoroughly before sending a hello text so that you can leave a good impression.

How Does Recon Work

Sign Up Process

Within less than four minutes, you will be able to complete the sign-up process. There are just a few simple fields that you need to fill up. You need to mention your name, date of birth, and town or city of residence. Once you fill in all the fields, you need to click on continue. It is necessary to know here that you must be eighteen years or above to sign up on the site. You need to enter your birthday, but it is not visible to other users on the site. You need to verify your email address to activate your account. The site allows you seven days to verify your email address. You can update your profile, upload your photos, message members, or continue as a guest only after you confirm your email address. “Recommended for you” option available on the homepage demonstrates the guys who can be a potential match for you.

Users Profiles Quality

In your user profile, you can mention anything that you feel like painting your picture-perfect profile for others to see. These details help you attract gay men looking for similar things or sharing the same traits. There is no limit on adding steamy pictures of yourself. Upload as many steamy images of yourself as you can. Putting in as many details on the site as possible will help you secure more messages from other users. Choose your primary interests very carefully. Do not hesitate to share your favorite fetishes, be it rubber gear, pups, handlers, or bondage.

Users Profiles Quality

Mobile Application

You can download Recon on your smartphones free of cost. The app is available to download both on iPhone as well as Android. You can easily download the app via the App Store if you are an iOS user. If you use an android phone, you can access thousands of adult XXX photos by downloading the Recon X app on your phone. The simplicity and quickness of the app are highly evident the first time you use it. The app does not consume excessive space on the phone’s hard drive, nor does it rely on the phone’s battery uselessly. Every time you get a message, the app sends you a notification via badge, sound, alert, or sometimes using all three things.

Recon Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

In this epoch of competition, you can easily substitute thousands of options for one another. This substitution is especially true in the case of an online dating site as there are millions of them out there, and many more come to the forefront with each passing day. While apps like Recon are unique, if you are looking for apps not explicitly based on a feature, but in general, there this app also has several alternatives. Here w is with few popular options that the site has. These alternatives are:

  • Signifyd
  • Riskified
  • IDVision with innovation
  • Kount
  • ClearSale

All these apps are a platform for gay dating, but not all of these are a medium to explore the gay fetish world.

Recon Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Membership Price and Payment Method

You can pay for the membership using diverse payment modes that the site accepts. The most common medium of payment that the site allows is a credit card. The purchase appears on your credit card bill as RECON.COM or T101 LIMITED. The day the site takes the payment, you also receive an email receipt for the charges that the site deducts. There is an option to go in for recurring billing. If you want to cancel recurring billing, it is vital to inform the site at least two days before the recurring date. There are three kinds of membership plans that the site makes available to the users. You can either purchase one month, three months, six months, or twelve months’ subscription plans. You can also give other members a premium membership if you want.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Subscription plan:

  • A 1-month subscription – $12.99/month
  • A 3-month subscription – $29.99 ($9.99 per month)
  • A 6-month subscription – $49.99 ($8.33 per month)
  • A 1-yearsubscription – $89.99 ($7.49 per month)

Free Membership Features

The essential features of the site are available to use for all the members free of cost. The free features include the following:

  • Free users can create and complete their profile after email address verification.
  • Standard members can use filters like Age, Role, and Interests.
  • Free users can add up to fifty friends or favorites on their favorite list.
  • You can see the photos in the main gallery only.

Free Membership Features

Premium Membership Features

There are plenty of features that users get if they upgrade their membership from standard to premium. Some of the obvious perks of signing up for paid membership on the site are as follows:

  • Premium members have access to view the private galleries of other members on the site.
  • You can enjoy an advert-free browsing experience on desktop and mobile applications.
  • The members have the freedom to view other member’s profiles in a day endlessly.
  • You can send endless messages to other members in a day.
  • Premium members have access to store the photos on their profile.
  • They can use the Premium Member search freely.
  • Upgrading to a premium account helps you make an appearance in the Top 100 lists, including Top 100 Cruises.
  • Every time your favorites or friends on the site come online, you get a notification.
  • Premium members can have five hundred friends and favorites.

Is Recon Really Safe?

Recon is fiercely protective about the security of all the members who sign-up on the site. Thus, the website ensures to verify your details that you fill in while signing up. It is only after verification of your personal information that you can activate your account. Email verification is the first step towards user safety that the site takes and verifies the location. Location verification ensures that the website can hoop up the user with other members within their vicinity. Thus, the site is a safe place for finding your online date. However, the site suggests that users do not share crucial information with suspicious users on its safety page.

Is Recon Really Safe


Recon is one of the unique gay BDSM fetish apps that helps you find a kinky hookup. By attending the global fetish events, including the ones in London, Paris, and Las Vegas, you get to meet gay men who share similar interests as you do in reality. Regardless of whether you are a novice or hold experience in the fetish world, the app entertains all the users. The most stunning feature of the site is the fetish news, where you get to read all the latest news about the fetish world, ameliorating engagement and discussion around the fetish world. Recon is undeniably the most successful app in the category of kink apps.

There are thousands of questions surrounding us while making an account on unusual dating sites like Recon. Many individuals drop their logging plans into the portal due to doubts. Thus, it becomes essential to clarify all the doubts and answer as many questions as possible to sign-up on the site. Here are answers to some of such common questions that probably all the new users have in mind:

How to Delete Recon Account?

You can either hide your profile or delete it completely. There are a few steps that you need to follow to delete the profile:

  • Visit the menu on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select the option that says “settings.”
  • You come across three options, “My Account,” “Preferences,” and “Privacy.”
  • Click on My Account.
  • Press “Delete Account.”
  • Two options pop up, hide profile, or delete profile.
  • Click on the delete account.
  • Give a reason for leaving the site (or choose from six available reasons).
  • The Delete Account button becomes clickable.
  • Enter your password.

How to Message Someone on Recon?

You can use the chat option to send other users a message to initiate the conversation.

How to Message Someone on Recon

How to See Who Likes You on Recon Without Paying?

There is a feature by the name of a cruise on the site that allows you to let other members know that you like them. When someone cruises you, the website sends you a notification. However, the option to see who cruises you is only available to the premium members.

How to Block Someone on Recon?

The site allows you to block a person who bothers you unnecessarily. However, at the max, you can block only 50 members. Therefore, you must not use blocking as an option to filter out the matches you do not like. You need to follow few steps to block a person:

  • Login to your profile.
  • Open the user’s profile.
  • Press the block button on the user’s profile page.
  • Give the reason for blocking the user.
  • Click confirm.

How to Cancel Recon Subscription?

You cannot cancel your premium membership subscription on the app manually. To cancel a subscription, you need to email for assistance to the site at support@recon.com. Canceling Premium Membership during the Cancellation Period, the site reimburses you all payments but not any refund for the period for which you had access to the Premium Membership. You get the reimbursements within 14 days via the same means of payment that you use for initial transactions as well.

How to Cancel Recon Subscription

Contact Information

The site makes its mailing address visible on the website.

  • Company Name: T101 Limited
  • Address: P.O. BOX 46567
  • Zip Code + City: London + N1 3XF
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Customer Support Email: support@recon.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog:
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