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SwipeToSext Review

SwipeToSext Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 20-28
Popular age 2,000,000
About Site
Visit rate 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • This platform takes care of the security of its customers
  • The site does not disseminate data about its users
  • If you have questions then you can write to customer support at any time
  • There is still no mobile version for SwipeToSext

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Some people say about sex dating websites: don’t put all your eggs in one basket. We beg to disagree: maybe you are looking for different sites with distinctive features, and that’s fine. Possibly, it would be best for you to focus on one single platform at a time. This is what our SwipeToSext review is standing for.

A lot of people are searching for an online hookup, but someone else would rather have an open sex talk, or some naughty messages and pictures. We have good news: SwipeToSext serves both. Here you will find a world of half-naked users and hot chats. This open-minded attitude is quite different from other hookup websites. As someone should say: it’s more real. You will judge yourself after having read this SwipeToSext review.

How to Login to SwipeToSext.com?

SwipeToSext Review

Login is very easy. You can use the website’s link to go straight to the homepage. There look for the login form. Complete it with some personal information: your e-mail, password, date of birth, our gender, and sexual preference. Please consider that like all the other leading sex dating websites, SwipeToSext.com is an age-restricted one, as you may read in the Terms and Conditions part. That’s why they are requesting your real age. So, if you are underage, you are not allowed to stay here.


After filling in the form, tick the “Terms and Conditions” box, and you can proceed to the next step — right into the website.

There are a few hotties’ pictures to warm you up before and after the registration process. After all, here’s the purpose you are here for, isn’t it?

Before going further, you will need to tick the “Terms and conditions” part. If you stick to some good sense’s rules, you will get no bad surprises with SwipeToSexT. Mind the messages coming from other sources, though. This is a popular way of phishing online: you receive a request by e-mail from an unknown user, outside the “official” website channels. You are extorted money or personal information. Just make sure you stay on the website and don’t answer to unusual private messages or e-mails.

Card Details

SwipeToSext Review

Although you will be required your card’s details, the registration is completely free. If it’s your first time on SwipeToSext.com, and you just want to snoop a little, look for the “remind me later” button and proceed to the site.

SwipeToSext Interface

The interface is highly usable and quite easy to understand. The light blue and white graphics will give you a deep relaxing feeling. No discomfort coming from the colors, that’s for sure.

Top Bar

The webpage is composed of a top blue bar, showing your actual section. In the beginning, it will be a “Member’s home” bar. At the far left of it, you will find the gear icon, then Settings.

Settings Icon

By clicking on it, it’s possible to change some features, like:

  • Notifications/privacy
  • E-mail
  • Password
  • Phone
  • Blocked members
  • Invisible mode
  • Private photos
  • Support
  • Site Help and support
  • Disable your account
  • Sign out

Left Bar

In the left part of the screen, there’s a curtain where you will see the tabs:

  • Home – here is the homepage
  • Search – you can search by “all,” “new,” or “online” filters. You will need to scroll the whole page to find the right fit for you;
  • Hot/Not – this is what all SwipeToSext website is about: swiping. Here you can swipe from right to left the profiles you dislike. From left to right — those you like. If you can’t figure out the right side, just use the heart and “x” button below the pictures. Easy to understand, even easier to use. Take a look at the high bar, below the main one: you are under the “hot/not” window. You can switch to the other one — “matches.” A match is not a boxing fight, relax. It occurs when you like someone, and this person likes you as well. A chat will appear, and you can start chatting with this girl or guy;
  • Messages: here you can see your private messages;
  • Matches: like in hot/not part, you can see all your active matches. Are you already feeling like a fighter? Save this energy for SwipeToSext;
  • Visitors: here, you can see who visited your profile. There is an extra notification, which will appear when as a person has presumably visited your profile;
  • Favorites: here you will keep track of your favorite accounts;
  • Videos: well, why not spend quality time watching some adult-only content, while you’re here?;
  • Live Webcam: this function will allow you actually to see the other user;
  • My profile: here you can change your profile’s setting;
  • Settings: This tab is like the one in the upper bar.

SwipeToSext Features

SwipeToSext Review

Bear in mind that by accessing the “Settings,” you will be able to personalize your profile and to enable all the settings you need. You can block other members, for instance. Anyone who annoys you can be blocked. This is an unlikely event, but considering the website itself can’t grant anything about members, you can find unpleasant people who you may like to cut off.

Another exciting feature is the “invisible mode.”

Invisible Mode

You can literally be invisible while using SwipeToSext. Here you can:

  • Go invisible: view other users’ profiles invisibly without anyone knowing;
  • Hide ‘online’ status: this will prevent your profile from appearing in various “Online Now” sections of the site;
  • Set profile to ‘private’: only users you allow will be able to see your full account.
  • Don’t allow members to IM you.
  • Don’t allow members who aren’t a match to chat with you.

These are some of the most exciting and typical SwipeToSext features. You can activate a VIP membership to unblock all of them, like go in fully “private” mode, for instance.

Still, our suggestion is not to stare too much at other people’s profiles. You are here to communicate and to chat with others. So why staying private all the time? Either way, you could have watched a video at home, alone, with no one seeing or listening to you.

This is just a recommendation, as we know that members usually tend not to respond to a blank-profile user. No one wants to meet a stalker online, even if there’s the “block” function. Now, let’s go forward and talk about the SwipeToSext audience.

About SwipeToSext Users

SwipeToSext Review

If you are looking for a large space where the open-mind reigns, you came into the right place. Here everyone’s aim to chat dirty, talk dirty, and show unveiled pictures. That’s why a girl should access SwipeToSext, after all.

There are thousands of members of various ages, ethnic groups, and figures. If you take a look, apparently, a vast majority of people are straight or bisexual.

Quality Users

As always with hookup websites, the great number of users will allow you to be pickier in choosing what you like the most. You just need to read their description, take a look at the pictures, and decide whether you are interested or not. If you are, do the easiest thing: swipe. If you don’t, swipe as well. Be careful if you have a free account: you can’t undo a swipe! So, what’s gone, will be gone forever.

About the quality of other users’ profiles: it is generally high. Still, our personal suggestion is to pick interlocutors more widely than in real life. You will be surprised by what you can find online, and maybe behind that studying girl, there’s a naughty school-skipper. You can never know what people do when they don’t have the usual social barriers.

Another observation: everyone uses personal descriptions for different purposes. Someone just describes hobbies, personal taste, experiences, and so on. But you will also find real intentions on individual stories, like the personal erotic taste, or deepest fantasies, or something allusive. Never stop looking for new people.


SwipeToSext Review

You will receive messages from other users since you are a free member. But you will need to upgrade to a paid account if you want to answer unlimitedly and have a conversation. Try to talk about something hot but not harassing, or the platform will ban you.

Free and Premium Account

If you started right away by choosing a VIP account, you would notice that payments on your bank account go under the name of “ORDERMGT.COM.”

You have a free two-day trial to member-hookup-GOLD. It renews a month later when you will be charged $49.95 for the whole month ahead. You can decide then if you don’t want to renew the offer and cancel yourself freely. Consider that a VAT of 22% will be added to all collected fees.

1. Free Membership

First, of all, be aware that during the signup process, you will be asked to indicate your preference for membership duration and costs. The system will record your selections, but you can change your status whenever you like.

You can use a free account without indicating any credit card information. Or, you can go for a free membership, and you will need to mention your credit card details.

The membership includes:

  • Livechat instant messenger
  • Send and receive e-mails
  • View and upload unlimited pictures
  • Featured profile highlighting
  • Top search result placement
  • Smart match detection
  • Mobile & tablet compatible

2. Premium Account

Premium account is called a “VIP Membership.” It comprises of the following offers:

  • 7 Days Free Trial on MaxHDPorn.com. Be careful though: the membership renews on the same calendar day at a fixed €49.61/monthly after the trial period ends. Cancel beforehand, if you don’t want any charge to be added to your account.
  • 10 Days Free Trial on ExclusiveAdultVideos.com. Here as well, it renews the same calendar day at a fixed €49.87/monthly, after the trial period.

About SwipeToSext

SwipeToSext Review

SwipeToSext takes care of the security of its customers’ personal data. Just make sure you don’t accept payment requests by other users around.

In the end, it’s up to you. If, after the free trial period, you decide that SwipeToSext is exactly the easy yet hard environment you were looking for, you can switch to a more structured membership.

Just pick the right decision before extra costs are added, and always remember: mind any extra service, and cancel whenever you don’t want additional charges to be applied on your account.

SwipeToSext Mobile Version

There is still no mobile version for SwipeToSext, even if you can use a browser version from your phone. The site graphics are very light, so you will not need the latest gadget to use it easily wherever you are. This way, you can keep swiping all day long: on the bus, at your workplace, in the doctor’s hall. If you don’t want to leave a conversation open, this may be the quickest hookup website of all we have reviewed.

And then, there’s no way to tell if its developers decide to implement a mobile version as well.

SwipeToSext Review – Conclusion

If you want to keep up with the latest trends, just visit SwipeToSext — where every unspoken fantasy can be shouted out loud in a web chat or live chat as well. Basically, you can find all-in-one amusement and entertainment here.

That’s why we suggest you try it as the main source of hookup activity. You will not be disappointed by it, for sure.

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Yajaira is excellent at paying attention. She is also sympathetic and committed. Throughout her career, she has helped people tackle various problems.
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