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The League Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

The League Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • Helpful and responsive customer service
  • Remarkably premium quality matches
  • The strict and thorough screening which means no bogus profiles
  • The application matching algorithm prioritizes members who login every day.
  • You get to join elite singles and networking gatherings presented by the app.
  • Paid memberships are quite costly.
  • The app algorithm matches a limited number per day.

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It was in 2015 when The League Dating app was introduced. The founder and CEO, Amanda Bradford, developed this site to provide better services to the people. She was once subscribed to a dating app, but her experience was not good that lead her to come up with her dating site. Bradford’s main objective is to restructure the online dating world in the way of meeting someone intelligently by changing the idea of being selective to self-aware.

She wanted to develop a dating app that focuses on career-oriented, determined individuals. These people are most likely raised from an Ivy League school that provides future CEOs with matches they are quite busy modifying the world to look for.

Despite the controversies of being called elitist and continuing discrimination, we take the chance to know more about The League and what is behind its shiny, bright surface. To learn more about the strict registration process and the industry of energetic young professionals, continue reading this The League review.

Expert’s Review of The League

The League Review

The League is known as an exclusive club where only the chosen ones can join. Registering is not easy. You need to undergo a strict registration process. This dating app is recognized as the most exclusive dating service. It has a very intense screening, which gives the app a reputation.

The elite developed the app for the privileged. Some use it as a status symbol. If you happen to pass their thorough registration process and get to join them during their private gathering full of successful people, you are also one of them. You belong to the higher class of society.

How thorough is their signing up the process? We will discuss that in the latter part of this review. In the USA alone, there are around 100,000 in the list waiting for the approval of The League. As you can see, there is a long line of people trying their luck to get in. It feels like you are competing with lots of people.

Those who are lucky enough to pass the rigorous registration process are known as the Lucky Ones. If you know someone from The League and you get the endorsement from them, then you can be one of the lucky ones.

If you want the fastest way to get in, you can avail it with their steep membership fees. Here you can skip the linking of your accounts in social media, and they will process your application within the day. This is if you can afford to pay their quite high fees.

Website Design & Usability

The app’s target market is young professionals who can afford to pay the high fee. The design layout is clean, sleek, and well-organized. It is considered as the MVP of all dating apps active in the market today. What makes it stand out from the rest? It has a minimalist design and the use of turquoise, white, gold, and black tones.

It uses elegant but still neat and clean fonts. Each button is modernized to be organized and assure the users that they will have no problem using the sites and the app. With more than 100,000 downloads, this app is available both in iOS and Android, and it is free to download.

Special Features

The League Features

The special features are personalized, and you can get the chance to use them once you are approved to join the group.

  • League Tickets

Since the members are limited because of its tight and strict registration, the possibility of getting a match is also little. If you want to maximize the matching services of The League, you need to buy League Tickets so you can expand your selections among the best of the best. Again the tickets will cost you a lot, but it can help you in finding and choosing your perfect match.

You are assured that you will be getting the cream of the crop because of its rigorous registration. The sad thing about this is that you will be parting ways with a huge amount of your money. You need to pay a lot to become a member of the elite group. If you upgrade to the League Membership, you will enjoy the perks of getting free League Tickets, read receipts, and VIP passes.

  • League Owner

This special feature requires you to burn more cash and invest in this elite dating app . You can upgrade your membership to League Ownership. You might be wondering what is in store for you? For a high mountain price, you will get access to all the membership perks. Also, you will be given a VIP pass, read receipts, daily stats, and access to groups.

The app’s business model operates on the premium model, where they develop impressive features. Again, these features will cost you a lot. Somehow, these features will strengthen the eliteness of this app. You can get in The League only if you can afford to pay and possess the right credentials.

  • League Groups

This elite dating app has created groups where the members have the privilege to form clubs and discuss things about their interests or join a discussion about topical things like hobbies, stocks, and other businesses they are into.

How does The League work?

The League work

This app has been promoting its group as exclusive only to professionals, and it has a waitlist and vetting process. But, once you get accepted, you will know that it is not at all that complicated. Below are the things you need to know to navigate this prestigious group of The League from the waitlist to the day you have been waiting for.

The Waitlist

This is the most defining and most exhaustive feature of this dating app. If you want to be part of this group, you need to enter first as a waitlist. If you want to bypass this step, you can do so by paying $349 for a one-year membership. Still, it is not an assurance that you will get approval upon paying the amount. You are required to link your social media and wait for approval.

If you have friends who have passed the rigorous process and are now behind the velvet rope, you can ask them to endorse you from the Settings page. The app will then check on your Referral Quality. It is the overall popularity of the person who referred you. If your friend already has the Majors or All-Star status, they might get a better chance of getting in soon.

Matching on the League

Every day you get a new batch of potentials to swipe through. The less preference you set, the more potential match you can view. Sometimes you will not get any matches.

Sign Up Process

The League Sign Up

As mentioned earlier, you need to wait for the long line before you could join the elite group of The League. For many, the long line of the waitlist is a sign that it is worth it, just as if you are looking for the best restaurant in town. If you see a long line waiting to be seated, it means that it is worth dining there.

The League is one of the many dating apps that require the users to wait after they signed up. Normally it takes one to two weeks for a user to get in. So after you sign up, you will be put on a waiting list to give time for the personnel to screen your profile. Real people are assessing the profiles. According to the founder of the app, around 20 to 30% of the applicants were accepted.

The app is not that transparent when it comes to screening criteria, but the founder has provided pointers on the application process. To increase your chance of getting in, you need to complete your profile, log in to the app regularly to check the application status to show that you are eager to get accepted. It is also a plus if you are a bachelor’s degree holder and with a stable job.

You need to provide them your LinkedIn or FB information so they can corroborate it to your identity.

The signup process will take you around 10 to 15 minutes to complete a basic profile. After this, you will be directed on a waiting list and will be notified if your free membership application is accepted.

Users Profiles Quality

The League Quality

Once you get in, you need to create your profile. The standard profile lets you list your usual dating app information. You are allowed to add up to six photos, location, interests, height, religion, ethnicity, and your short bio.

Your employment and education info are extracted directly from your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. This will prevent the users from lying about their info and protects the app from bots, voyeurs, and fake account that you usually encounter on other dating platforms.

If you want to hide or edit your education or job history, you need to upgrade your membership to become a League Member, and you have to pay the monthly fee.

Mobile Application

The League Mobile

The mobile app of The League will not disappoint you. It has a pristine, clean, and luxurious look. As compared to others, this app is the best among many dating apps today. The mobile app has a minimalist design and uses a limited number of colors. With regard to fonts, it uses elegant but neat fonts. The mobile app is being accessed and downloaded 100,000 times, and because of this, both iOS and Android can download this app with ease. The best part- it is available for free.

The League Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

The League Websites & Apps

Some of the alternatives for The League includes the following:

  • Channels
  • It is the simplest way to post about, chat, and find about anything fast and discreetly: no signup, no menus, no ads.

    • OkCupid
    • It is also one of the fastest-growing free apps today for singles.

      • Feeld
      • With dating app, you can chat, meet, and date. This is recommended for curious couples to naughty singles. The app will let you explore your dream date in a private and safe space.

        • Tinder

        This is a popular app that helps two people meet. It is like in real life but much better. Tinder is a fun way to meet and connect with people around you.

        Membership Price and Payment Method

        The League Price

        The League offers different membership plans, ticket bundles, and owner plans that you can choose from. The price range differs depending on the number of months you choose and the credits you want to buy.

        Duration/ Credits/ Coins Costs Total
        One month $99.00 per month $99.00
        Six months $33.17 per month $199.00
        12 months $29.08 per month $349.00
        Ticket Bundles
        5 credits $5.00 per credit $25.00
        15 credits $4.00 per credit $60.00
        50 credits $3.98 per credit $199.00
        300 credits $3.33 per credit $999.00
        Owner Plans
        One month $199 per month $199.00
        12 months $83.25 per month $999.00

        Free Membership Features

        • Create a photo profile – you are allowed to upload up to six photos
        • Search and browse profiles you are interested in
        • Send friend requests to others you find comfortable with

        Premium Membership Features

        • VIP passes that you can use during The League special events
        • Priority help and support if you have any concern about the app
        • Advanced matching and searching – they will provide you matches every day
        • League tickets
        • Profile customization – you can add and delete information in your profile
        • Expedited entry

        Is The League Really Safe?

        The League Safe

        Definitely, this app is very safe. Before one can be able to join the group, he/she needs to undergo a rigorous evaluation process. One will remain on the waitlist while the moderators are evaluating your profile. To make sure the applicant is not fake or spammer, you need to provide them your Facebook account and LinkedIn. They will be using these social media accounts to get your educational and working background. The group only accepts those with a bachelor’s degree and is working professionally. All of these factors mentioned assure you that you will be dealing with the elite group of individuals. The data you have provided is safe and will not be sold or shared with others.


        The League members are the elite among the elite. They belong to the highest group of individuals in society. You can only find these highest-quality singles in this dating app. So if you want to know them better, you need to join the community.

        This app requires an invitation and membership, but it has to be someone that is already on the app. The waiting time is worth it once you get their approval and join the group. You need to be waitlisted for several weeks, not unless you find a way to get in fast. The matches you can get are not as comprehensive as the other apps, but you are assured that you will get only the best.

        The app is very appealing; it is well-designed, having all the features which make it easy to see the type of person you can go on a date. However, it is a bit expensive. Overall it is worth the wait.

        How to delete The League account?

        You can delete your account, including your data from the system by clicking the setting, scroll down to the very bottom. You will see the Request A League Time Out and then swipe to the last part Delete Account.

        How to message someone on The League?

        Once you get in, you can message your potential match by going to the message center of the app.

        How to see who likes you on The League without paying?

        You can’t see who likes you without paying. You need to get in before you could be able to use the different features of the app. Although you can access other features, if you have a free account, you can get limited or no access.

        How to block someone on The League dating app?

        The League dating app can only block your coworkers. It does not have a feature that you can use on blocking other people.

        How to cancel The League subscription?

        To cancel your subscription, you need to email The League using their customer service email contact@theleagueapp.co. You must cancel your subscription before the next billing, or it will charge you again.

        Contact Information

        • Company Name: The League App Inc.
        • Address: 55 Grace Street, San Francisco,
        • Zip Code + City: California 94103
        • Country: USA
        • Customer Support Email: contact@theleague.com
        • Facebook
        • Twitter
        • Blog
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