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Tinder Free VS Tinder Paid – A Detailed Comparison

Tinder Free VS Tinder Paid – A Detailed Comparison

Is Tinder free? One of the most common questions asked by people around the world trying Tinder for the first time or after a long break. And why not? Since Tinder Paid has become quite a part of regular conversations now, unlike before. With most online dating sites being premium and requiring paid subscriptions, it is natural for people to question whether Tinder is free or paid. Like other dating sites, getting Tinder paid means getting access to additional exclusive features that are not available with Tinder Free. But, we could still consider it free if the Tinder free version would allow users to find dates and do the basic task on the app without paying anything. So here is a quest to find the answer to is Tinder free with a detailed comparison of Tinder Free VS Paid, also to find the better option, since it’s a comparison.

Journey Of Tinder Free To Tinder Paid – Growth & Interface

Tinder, almost a household name now, came into being in 2012. While it successfully filled the vacant spaces in popular dating platforms existing back then, it was different than what it is now! Keeping the focus on fast dating, the Tinder Free initially had a click design where one had to hit the heart button to like a profile and cross to unlike. Also, the app had a compulsory Facebook login only and was not available to Android users. Would you believe that the revolutionary swiping design that most dating sites now wasn’t even part of the app until late 2014? And yet, it managed to make one million matches, get the best startup of the year award, and receive over 800 thousand requests for an Android app.

In 2013, Tinder Free launched as an android app and expanded internationally, including the non-English speaking countries. And it was in 2015; the app finally introduced Tinder Paid in the shape of Tinder Plus on its platform. It meant new additions of exclusive features with Tinder Paid and limitations with Tinder Free, which will be seen and studied in the next sections.

Which One To Choose?

Since the two in comparison Tinder Free VS Tinder Paid are both the same platforms, the factors to focus on while comparing between the two are mainly two things. While the first is the features, the second is the price.


Compare the Tinder Free VS Paid features. Find out which would let you perform the basic tasks like browsing options, getting matched, messaging, and setting up a date on Tinder. What exclusive features it offers, and do they change the experience in a better way? How important are the exclusive features on Tinder for you and their valuation? It brings us to the next point.


Price plays an important role in decision-making. Whether the subscription price is budget-friendly becomes the first consideration. Second, and most importantly, whether the features offered with Tinder Paid are worth the amount you need to pay. What is the frequency of payment and plan types available? It is another commonly asked question that comes to mind. And lastly, the availability of choices. The next section covers each of these questions while discussing the subscriptions.

Tinder Free VS Tinder Paid: Subscription & Memberships

Tinder follows a freemium model of subscription. It means that it is neither completely free nor completely paid, meaning premium. It partly answers the commonly asked question – is Tinder free?! Freemium refers to the fact that one can access Tinder for free with limitations to the features, which one can level up by paying for Tinder paid. While the Tinder Free VS Paid features will be discussed in further sections, here are the details of the memberships and all other paid options available on Tinder.

Tinder Paid currently has three types of memberships – Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum. While these options are subscription-based memberships, Tinder also offers Boosts. Tinder Boost is a single paid feature that can be purchased as many times as to give your profile more reach and get more matches. While you may get a few free boosts with the memberships, it is mainly a paid service that needs to be purchased separately every time.

Before you go ahead, Tinder charges its users below the age of 30 less than those above it.

Tinder Plus Membership Price
Plan Length Total Price (Below 30 years) Cost per Month Total Price (Above 30 years) Cost per Month
One Month $ 4.99 $ 4.99 $ 19.99 $ 19.99
Six Months $ 18 $ 3 $ 12.50 $ 74.99
One Year $ 27.96 $ 2.33 $ 8.33 $ 99.99
Tinder Gold Membership Price
One Month $ 14.99 $ 14.99 $ 29.99 $ 29.99
Six Months $ 52.98 $ 8.83 $ 112.99 $ 18.83
One Year $ 83.04 $ 6.92 $ 149.99 $ 12.50

Tinder Platinum Membership Price
Plan Length Total Price Cost per Month
One Month $ 39.99 $ 39.99
Six Months $ 149.99 $ 24.99
One Year $ 199.99 $ 16.66

Tinder Boost: A profile boost for 30 minutes can cost you somewhere between 5 and 7 dollars, depending on how many you purchase at once.

Also, another thing to remember is that the prices mentioned above are seasonal and can change from time to time.

Tinder Free VS Tinder Paid: User Base Details

Based on the statistics of 2023, Tinder boasts of a large user base. While the total number of registered users irrespective of free and paid memberships crosses over 57 million, the number of people enjoying Tinder Paid reaches 6.6 million. Based on a report of 2020, around 11.5% of registered users on Tinder use Tinder Paid.


Open to homosexuality, Tinder Free and Paid are both popular with the younger age groups mainly. But with the rage around the dating app, it has been able to attract the senior age groups equally. However, if the user age groups are compared, the two age groups between 18 to 40 years will be seen fighting for the top spot in most countries. The competition is neck to neck almost always. While at some places the age group of 18-25 wins at other times, it is the 26-40 yrs winning. The gender, on the other hand, varies from being balanced to being male-dominated. Since sexuality is not restricted, gender disbalance may not even be a big deal. Also, Tinder is all about local dating, which means the numbers and stats change from locality to locality. Also, most of the time, as a user, you don’t even realize the difference. All thanks to the app’s structure.

Type Of Dates

Tinder’s design is such that it promotes superficial dating, which is fine for hookups and casual dating but not for serious ones. It is the reason why Tinder is a favorite amongst the younger groups; it suits their demands and lifestyle with fast dating based on photographs. However, it doesn’t mean that Tinder Free or Paid cannot be used for serious relationships, although it may take some time to develop. And Tinder Paid helps in the matter by highlighting your profile to a larger number of people, getting you more reach. But, the process mostly starts from casual dating.

Signup Process

The signup process on Tinder involves verifying the phone number. While initially, it required a compulsory Facebook login, now the phone number acts as an additional step. Despite the two steps, Tinder offers the shortest signing-up process and definitely the smoothest one. Also, it allows integration with Instagram, which helps in faster photo imports to host it on the Tinder profile. Considering how profile photos play an important role on Tinder profiles, Instagram integration removes the long process of selecting and uploading photos. A part of setting up the profile also involves writing down a short bio describing yourself. The entire process hardly takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Tinder Free – Features

Tinder claims itself as a freemium platform indicating that the Tinder Free is equally usable and can be enough to use. Mentioned below are the features that are available with Tinder Free:

  • Registration & profile setup
  • Photo uploads
  • Match suggestions
  • Browse and read profiles
  • Right swipes – 100
  • One superlike per day (remove anonymity)
  • Get matched
  • Chat on the instant messenger on Tinder
  • Geo-location based nearby suggestions
  • Push notifications on new matches and messages

Tinder Paid – Exclusive Features

The Tinder Paid works as an upgrade to Tinder Free. However, it only helps improve the experience to an extent based on the plan type you purchase. Here are the exclusive features you can shift to Tinder Paid for:

  • Ad-free interface
  • Unlimited right swipes
  • Rewind – Undo your action if you left swiped a profile by mistake.
  • Passport – expand your location for better options, perfect for larger cities. Also, travelers can use it to set up a date before arriving at the location.
  • Check the list of people right-swiping you for faster matches.
  • Top picks are a new addition to the Gold and Platinum plans. With the help of the algorithm, Tinder Paid finds out the best match suggestions.
  • Free super likes – to let the other person know that you liked them.
  • One free profile boosts a month.
  • Use priority like to reach the profile first.
  • Remove the condition for a compulsory match and text whoever you like directly.
  • See the people you have liked so far.

Tinder Free VS Tinder Paid – The Winner!

If you notice, Tinder Paid keeps the essence of simplicity and fun. The additional features that you get with the paid subscriptions are only an upgraded version of what you are already getting. Passport, Boost, and Rewind are the only features you can’t try with Tinder Free, but it’s nothing foreign either. To think of it, Tinder stays true to its freemium model by keeping the platform absolutely usable to free users. No wonder 90% of the users on the app use Tinder Free because it’s possible. However, if you think Tinder Paid is valueless looking at the numbers, you must know another number. Match, the parent company, recently revealed 70% growth in Tinder Paid members. Tinder Paid is particularly useful to users in cities where they are not getting reach, great matches, and the desired quality. It particularly serves users looking for serious relationships since they are very specific about their date quality.

So to decide the winner, we could give Tinder Free the title since the features available at no cost have made it reach where it is today. The numbers speak, and nothing can beat the preference of the 66 million users. However, Tinder is one dating platform that can cause different experiences based on location. So a user can get excellent matches somewhere and need to purchase Tinder Paid at another for the same. Also, the variety of plans and their affordability make Tinder Paid better than other premium dating platforms. Also, we could conclude by answering, is Tinder free? Yes, and No, but you can use it for free!

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