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Tinder vs. Coffee Meets Bagel – Full Guide For Comparing

Tinder vs. Coffee Meets Bagel – Full Guide For Comparing

Many people use different websites to find their perfect match. Out of the several different websites available, Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel are tremendously becoming popular. Sometimes, it gets hard which one you should use when finding a perfect partner.

When it comes to choosing the best dating website, people’s intentions vary widely, depending on their interests and dating goals. Therefore, finding a perfect dating website is a matter of comparison because not all websites are the same. Although the majority of websites aim to build a promising relationship, the design, sign-up process, and messaging option can vary.

The Design and Interface

The two websites are easy to navigate. Tinder is an app, and Coffee Meets Bagel comes both in mobile app and desktop version.

Talking about Coffee Meets Bagel, this website features an excellent design. The only downside is the complex interface. Although it is easy to navigate, sometimes it becomes difficult if you are a beginner. You need to understand different sections of the website before you even start using it.

Tinder, on the other hand, is easy to navigate even if you are a first-timer. Like most mobile dating apps, it is simple to use and requires less effort to understand. It also features an excellent design that helps users to find their perfect matches easily.

That being said, most people find Tinder more intuitive than Coffee Meets Bagel. For this reason, Tinder has taken the earlier lead.

How to choose a better one?

If you are a newbie into the dating world, online dating websites are different. There are plenty of dating sites, each with different appeal and sexual orientations. Therefore, it is a good idea to understand in detail what exactly you are looking for.

It happens that the two websites appear to be similar, but truly, Coffee Meets Bagel vs. Tinder works differently.

For instance, Coffee Meets Bagel caters to people looking to build a long-lasting relationship that will lead to marriage. In other words, it is a website of mature individuals, mostly of ages 25-35 years, looking for true love.

Tinder, on the other, is specifically designed for casual dating. If you are looking for a hook-up to spend quality time together, then Tinder is the best way to go.

The quality of matches also matters. Coffee meets Bagel has quality members, of course. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that younger daters on Tinder aren’t committed to dating. If you are looking for a too serious relationship, Coffee Meets Bagel will never disappoint you. Because most users here take the relationship seriously if you are worth it.

There is no telling which website is truly better than the other. Because choosing a perfect dating website comes down to your personal preferences, taste, and dating goals. Choosing the best dating website between the two is also challenging as both have good reviews and reputations. So, how can you choose a better one? How the two compares? Which is the right dating site for you? Keep an eye open for this review.


With plenty of active users within a week and available in several different languages, Tinder is one of the most popular sites you can explore around. A simple interface is what makes it even more popular among younger daters looking to take their love to another level.

With over 50 million visits within a month, the figures don’t lie, but just to prove that the site is extremely popular. The other website has about 7 million users, so it can’t compete with Tinder’s popularity.

Tinder vs. Coffee Meets Bagel: What’s about Price Comparison?

The first thing many people consider when choosing a better dating site is costs and prices. It is no surprise that both Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel offers a premium membership for users who want to enjoy perkier features. Every member has a right to access them, but Tinder tends to be cheaper than its counterpart. At this point, Tinder could seem a sure bet, but that is not always the case.

On the other hand, Coffee Meets Bagel requires no monthly subscription because you can purchase as many beans as you want and use them. The website offers up to 6,000 beans in a month, and if you buy just all, you will get 15% more beans. You can spend 2-3 dollars within a month if you don’t mind going for fancier features because beans can just do. Sometimes these beans can be won for free without having to spend cash to unlock all premium features.

Tinder Coffee Meets Bagel
Subscription length Price/Month No. of beans Price/Month
1 Month $29.99 100 $1.99
6 Months $18.83 2,000 $23.99
12 Months $12.50 3,000 $24.99

Tinder vs. Coffee Meets Bagel: Who can join?

Tinder meets allows all singles to join regardless of age and sexual orientation. On the other hand, Coffee Meets Bagel is more oriented in heterosexual singles.

In other words, if you have homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual orientation, then Tinder might be the perfect place to start. Coffee Meets Bagel tries to stick to the old notion that you can either belong to a men or women group.

In this section, Tinder wins.

Tinder Features

Tinder is a website that was specifically designed for singles seeking love and build a short-term relationship. For this reason, the website comes with a lot of features to help users achieve their goals. And that is noticeable right from the registration process because there is a lot more needed to fill your profile.

Using this website is free – and that is an added advantage when it comes to the dating world. However, you need to subscribe to premium membership if you want to enjoy more perks.

It is important to note that Tinder offers two types of premium subscriptions – Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. Here are the features of both premium plans.

Tinder Plus

  1. Unlimited likes

If you are a free member, you are limited to the number of likes you can make within a day.

  1. Super Like

The features emphasize your interests and desire more than the anonymously liking. All subscribed members have 5 super likes within a day. Even better, you can buy extra super likes depending on the package subscribed. A free member is offered 1 super like per day.

  1. Boost

While on the subscribed version, you can jump others and show your profile on top of the list for a minimum of 30 minutes. You can also buy extra boost in different packages.

  1. No ads

If you subscribe to premium membership, you have the option of hiding those disturbing ads.

  1. Undo swipe

Sometimes you can make a mistake and left-swipe a person you never intended. Only subscribed members are allowed to rewind their last swipe.

  1. Swiping passport

The feature allows members to choose their preferred location, pin on the map, and connect with other users matching your description in that region.

Tinder Gold

  1. Top picks

By the use of the website’s algorithm, this feature will display the selected profile for subscribed members every day.

  1. Likes you

Subscribed members are allowed to like in prior users who have liked their profiles before they even begin swiping

The sign-up process

Creating an account with Tinder is simple and straightforward. Neither the website consumes a lot of time. You are likely to spend about 20 minutes filling in your profile.

The website also allows users to register using Facebook or Google, so you don’t really need to complete filling anything. Yes, because Tinder will import all your data from there.

Alternatively, you can register an account with Tinder Using your phone number. It is probably one of the easiest processes compared to signing via Facebook.

The success rate

Tinder is the most successful for building relationships by far. About 13% of users in a week are said to have made it. And this sounds like a surprise because Tinder is a hook-up platform. However, if you are looking for a long-term engagement, Coffee Meets Bagel is a better safe.

Coffee Meets Bagel Features

Coffee Meets Bagel also never disappoints if you talk about its features. But they differ for iOS and Android Users.

iOS users

  1. Bonus beans

This feature allows users to utilize specific features by buying the monthly 6,000 beans

  1. Boost

Like Tinder, this feature allows users to skip the line and make their profile appear at the top. The pricing for this feature increases with a decrease in your monthly plan payment.

  1. 8 takes

In premium membership, you will earn 8 free takes to help you like Bagels

  1. Activity reports

The features allow users to check Bagel reports, including how often they send the first message

  1. Read receipts

The feature will send you a signal when your message has been read

Android users

  1. Bonus beans

All subscribed members will earn an extra 15% beans when shopping the monthly 6,000 beans.

  1. Read receipts

Users will be notified when messages have been read

  1. Activity reports

The feature allows users to check Bagel reports

The sign-up process

The registration process is straightforward and takes the shortest time to complete. Coffee Meets Bagel also allows users to sign up using a phone number or Facebook.

The website promises never to disclose sensitive information, compromising your address, phone number, or email, so consider it safe to use it. The only difference is that you can’t sign up using Google.

All in all, it is safe to say that both websites offer an easy registration process. You may be tempted to call it a tie, but Tinder is truly a bit faster.

The success rate

The success rate of this website tends to be lower than that of Tinder. Like said before, this is a better place if you are starting down the path of long-term engagement.

The age range

The current survey proves that most Coffee Meets Bagel users (about 60%) are 30-49 years, a little higher than what you can find on Tinder. If it happens you fall outside the range, it is worthless to consider upgrading unless you hail from big cities such as Los Angeles, New York, among others.

And the Winner is: Tinder

Coffee meets Bagel vs. Tinder: who is the ultimate winner?

The popularity, excellent design, and plenty of features are combinations of things that have made Tinder a real champ. Although Tinder makes it harder to find a perfect match for long-term engagement, the overall user experience makes it sit above the counterpart.

Coffee Meets Bagel may cater to users who feel uncomfortable on Tinder, but that alone can’t have some success on it.

For another reason, Tinder has a large user base. The current survey estimates about 8 million out of 28 million users visit the app weekly. And this increases the chances of finding a partner that perfectly matches your description.

The fact is that Coffee Meets Bagel also has plenty of users. But if you are looking for a short-term romance, then Tinder is an ideal option for you.

Comparing the best dating website is a pathway to finding a perfect date. It will help you learn the real facts first before making a decision. Now that Tinder is a winner, you can’t say Coffee Meets Bagel Tinder is a bad dating site. With its easy registration process, unlimited woos, and excellent pricing, there are a lot of things you can enjoy. After all, the Tinder vs. Coffee Meets Bagel review has applauded Tinder as a winner. But Coffee Meets Bagel will never disappoint either.

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