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Tinder vs. Hinge – Full Guide for Comparing

Tinder vs. Hinge – Full Guide for Comparing

An abundant number of online dating apps and sites could confuse someone to choose which one is the best. To start, let’s get familiar with two popular dating apps – Tinder vs. Hinge.

Hinge is popular to many for its slogan, “designed to be deleted.” After a major update, the app utilizes its service to help you get a long-lasting romantic relationship. Meaning, Hinge is best for you if you’re eager to discover a serious romantic partner.

At present, Hinge is available globally. Yet, most members are from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Tinder is the leading online dating app for its swipe matching feature. You can find matches through its app or website. Tinder offers various types of relationships with the members of tens of millions, making friends, finding hookups, and having committed relationships.

Due to the high numbers of members and activities, however, Tinder members are not as passionate about having meaningful conversations. “To get laid” is the most wanted kind of date on Tinder. The odds, though, are high.

Hinge or Tinder has a renowned reputation for high rates of successful matches. Many reviews state that singles can connect and form many dates, which results in the next step of dating. The difference lay in the quality of each member.

Singles on Hinge are proper and professional gentlemen and ladies. They have the same purpose of finding an important significant other, whereas, on Tinder, many say that it’s common to match with unbefitting persons. They have less enthusiasm and respect to conversate.

Hinge and Tinder app designs offer members to experience their comfort. Both are pleasing to the eyes of members. The first gives members a minimalistic and aesthetic design, with fine-tune animations. Also, it highlights member engagement with the unique and detailed scroll-down profiles.

The second stands out for its rose color. Tinder design is also minimalistic and easy to use. With a roulette-type of matching, swipe to the left or right is convenient to discover your preferences.

With regards to Hinge or Tinder design and usability, both have a user-friendly and aesthetic interface.

How to Choose a Better One?

In Hinge, singles share a common goal. That is to get the ideal date that leads to the discovery of a significant other. If you’re up for this, sign the deal with Hinge.

Differ to Hinge, singles in Tinder mostly desire a more casual and friendly date. Although they use the same service, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have the same shared objective.

For the quality of profiles, you can see detailed and genuine information about someone in Hinge. Profiles on Hinge are, especially, made to attract singles for long-lasting dates. Their descriptions, pictures, captions, and preferences are all in there.

While on Tinder, many profiles show short personal information. You can, sometimes, evaluate a person only through their pictures and location. However, you may find someone ideal that provides many details about them. Besides, to avoid scammers, Tinder gives a verification icon on profiles. The process requires you to pose and take selfies according to the guide. Yet, this is not a mandatory process.

For long-lasting relationships, Hinge is your dating app. For various kinds of dates, Tinder suits you more. Regarding profile quality, Hinge has a higher standard than Tinder.

Tinder vs. Hinge: What’s about Price Comparison?

Dates definitely cost you money. Before you pay, let’s compare the pricing of Tinder vs. Hinge.

The Hinge has two paid categories; Preferred Member and Roses. Both types differ in benefit but have the same payment methods. You can pay with your credit card or mobile phone. Take a look at the table price:

Preferred Member Price/Month The Total Amount
1 Month $9.99 $9.99
3 Month $6.99 $20.97
6 Month $4.99 $29.94

Hinge also suggests new members for a free trial for 7 days. It is great to get a feel of its service first. If you no longer want to pay, cancel it through your account setting or stop the auto-renew via the chosen payment method.

Hinge Roses give you the chance to highlight your profile on others, in case you like them. You can get one per week for free. However, you can give Roses as many as possible with:

Roses Price/Roses The Total Amount
1 Rose $3.99 $3.99
6 Roses $3.33 $19.99
12 Roses $2.49 $29.99

Moving to Tinder, it offers two types of deals: Tinder Gold and Plus. The packages’ prices are divided by age, above 30 and under.

Tinder Gold >28 Price/Month The Total Amount
1 Month $29.99 $29.99
6 Months $18.83 $112.99
12 Months $12.90 $149.99

Tinder Gold <28 Price/Month The Total Amount
1 Month $14.99 $14.99
6 Months $8.83 $52.99
12 Months $6.92 $82.99

The packages are different because Tinder Gold offers you more compatible matches and access to view who liked you.

Tinder Plus >28 Price/Month The Total Amount
1 Month $19.99 $14.99
6 Months $10.00 $60.00
12 Months $6.67 $80.00

Tinder Plus <28 Price/Month The Total Amount
1 Month $9.99 $9.99
6 Months $5.83 $34.99
12 Months $4.58 $54.99

Hinge or Tinder has similar advantages with a slight difference. The Hinge allows a filter of profiles that work best to match your taste, while Tinder doesn’t.

Hinge Preferred Member Tinder Gold/Plus
Access to view who liked your profile Access to view who liked your profile (G)
Twofold number of matches Limitless rewinds
No-limit to send likes Limitless likes
Access to advanced filters of matches No more in-ads
First priority to Hinge support experts Available profiles around the globe

Two comparisons of price and benefit, Hinge wins on a landslide; low-priced and greater benefits.

Tinder vs Hinge: Who Can Join?

Members on Hinge or Tinder consist of mostly young adults 18 to 40 years old. Tinder has approximately 50 million members worldwide, while Hinge only has around 5 million active members.

Both brands support many to join with the open-to-gender setting. You can set your preferred gender according to your own identity. Over 50 of gender include binary and non-binary options.

Tinder is more popular among singles, especially men who dominate the population. Meanwhile, Hinge has an even ratio. With such statistics, Tinder singles prefer to discover more casual friendships and hookups rather than serious ones. In contrast, for those who wish to find a long-lasting date, Hinge members share a similar goal in mind.

Hinge or Tinder is bustling with member activity. They eagerly participate in scrolling through profiles, sending likes, messages, and comments on the former, sending messages, and swiping through profiles on the latter.

If you wish to get any relationship with bountiful members, you can choose Tinder. But if you want to get an intimate and stable relationship, Hinge suits you more.

Hinge’s Features

Hinge helps you to discover a stable relationship. For it to be achieved, Hinge endorses a high probability of the most fitted profiles to your account. The ultimate match system, known as Most Compatible, will guarantee you a higher success rate for a sustainable date(s).

At first, Hinge uses its algorithm of your discerning preferences as the base data. Then, the next feature, We Met, requires your personal opinions on your dates. Here, you can tell any response or experience of how the most compatible dates went. Your feedback is necessary for Hinge to get you finer matches.

Success Rate & App

Hinge is proud of its mission, which is “designed to be deleted.” Through real stories and reviews, Hinge has accomplished more than 90% of successful matches. Not limited to that, more than 72% of matches go to the next rendezvous.

You need to keep in mind that this app is determined to get you a significant other.

For anyone in the long haul, you can start your day and download the dating app on App Store or Google Play Store. It is available globally, yet most members are in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

The app is for anyone aged 18 and above. It is free to register; however, make sure that no poor records are in your profile. Or else, Hinge will ban you from its service.

Unlike any other apps, Hinge hooks its members for the interactive design. You can engage with others by scrolling through their accounts. Here, you can give comments on each photo and prompt. Give it your best shot to capture their interest with no dull conversation start.

Sign-Up Process

Hinge offers two ways to sign up; with your Facebook account or phone number. Each method requires verification through your email address.

The next steps are easy to follow. It may take a longer time but, rest assured, Hinge needs you to take things a bit more seriously. In the following process, you have to inform your Vitals, Virtues, and Vices. Provide your basic information such as specific location, gender, status, religion, occupation, education, ethnicity, origin, along with your perspectives on controversial issues.

Afterward, upload the best six pictures of you. You’re free to choose from either camera roll or Facebook gallery, but it has to be 6, at least. Then, write brief and interesting prompts on your profile. There will be questions for you. To have a better account, you can write as many but proper ‘about me.’

Take note that you have the choice to publish all information or keep it private.

Tinder’s Features

Tinder brings various exciting features to the table. For starters, to be the first on the match list, you can Boost your profile. It helps you to get more likes and matches. Its higher pair, Super Boost, will highlight your profile on the top queue. It promotes your account for being seen up to a hundred times.

The Top Picks feature gets you the most fitted matches, accompanied by your preferences’ high accuracy. For accidental swipes, Rewind allows you to cancel and get back on track. What if you are really into a certain profile? The Superlike feature puts your interest at best.

Tinder heavily lays on your location to get nearby matches. However, if you want to discover more matches worldwide, Passport is ready to change your location to connect with members worldwide.

For genderqueer persons, Traveler Alert notifies you of places that permit or ban gay communities and relationships. You can get pop-up notifications of secure places before going on dates. This feature allows you to show or hide your profile in certain areas.

Success Rate & App

Tinder has a high rate of successful dates that lead to casual hookups. According to Tinder statistics, up to one million dates per week are available. Around 70% of members are open to diverse dating options, which cause more casual and temporary relationships.

Singles can use Tinder service on its app or website. It opens to iOS and Android users. The service applies to roughly 190 countries and 40 languages.

The app and website have an identical design. It is interactive and user-friendly. With an appealing and minimalistic design, you can click and swipe to discover many matches. Four icons (matches, likes, messages, and your profile) allow you to engage with others. As interactive as it is, you are free to make any connections.

Sign-Up Process

Tinder has three sign-up ways and is optional; Facebook account, email address, or mobile phone number. It also requires verification through your mobile phone number or email address.

The registration process takes only a short moment, around 5 minutes. After the verification, you need to fill in your first name, birth date, chosen gender, and two pictures, at least.

The registration is free of cost, along with swiping left/right through profiles and messaging them. The creation of an account is so easy that it has its shortcoming, for example, potential scammers. Don’t forget to take immediate actions had you found such accounts. You can block or report them.

Tinder vs. Hinge, in terms of features and the registration process, Tinder takes the upper hand. In different parts, Hinge has a higher rate of long-lasting dates and a safer online dating environment.

And the Winner Is: Hinge or Tinder?

Hinge is the winner as a great dating app for singles to get trusty relationships. Although it has fewer features and members than Tinder, Hinge secures more chances for a successful date. It also costs equal to the result and a lower price than Tinder.

Though the odds are in Hinge’s favor, Tinder is still applicable for singles to discover various types of relationships. You can find a casual friendship, hookup, even long-lasting dates.

Just make sure of certain things related to your preferable goals. If all the pieces have formed into one, choose one!

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