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WhatsYourPrice Review

WhatsYourPrice Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 20-28
Profiles 3,000,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Mentioned in major magazines
  • Has the option of bidding for dates
  • Solid, intuitive interface
  • No details about the premium membership
  • Branding is a bit strange

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While hookup sites may or may not promise their users’ marriage, the reality nowadays seems that it’s tough to find someone for life through their services, but this is not the case with WhatsYourPrice. Since it’s important to be informed before becoming a member of a service like this, especially regarding pricing, existing profiles, matching systems, design, and security, here’s an overview of WhatsYourPrice and what it has to offer.

WhatsYourPrice Login

WhatsYourPrice Review

The service’s main page contains options for logging in and signing up. Before anything else, members need to decide if they want to bid or to receive bids. After making this decision, they have to set up their username, introduce their email and date of birth. Account username has to be unique, and the email has to be active because there is also a verification step, even if not mandatory. During verification, users need to specify the gender they are interested in, location, and body type of their perfect match, including height. They are also asked to mention if they want something long-term, casual, friendship, or something else. When they describe themselves, they must also mention their occupation, hobbies, and other things in the same field.

What About WhatsYourPrice Interface?

What is good about WhatsYourPrice website’s interface is that it’s very responsive, loads fast, and makes it possible to switch between bidding and receiving accounts simple as ABC. It’s designed in the shades of grey and light blue. The contrasting color is cold red, and these elements look very elegant. The home page offers a list of user profiles in your vicinity, and the newest ones are always highlighted on top of the search results. Profiles include things about personal traits and looks, and a few words people have to say about their personality and lifestyle. This website is very user-friendly so that anyone can use it without any problems.

What Features WhatsYourPrice Has to Offer?

Different people have accounts on WhatsYourPrice. The filtering for matchmaking is done based on information provided during registration, such as location, age, distance, what type of relationship a person is interested in, specific lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking, and many more. This makes it easier for users to find their soulmates.

Diversity Surely Is Provided

Another great thing about WhatsYourPrice is that it offers diversity. Even couples looking for a new and more exciting experience have profiles here. It is one of the few sites that have people of all sexual orientations and romantic preferences. Anyone is sure to find what he or she wants because filtering is excellent.

Public Vs. Private Picture Galleries

WhatsYourPrice Review

Users can decide which of their photos should be public and which should be private. Nudity and sexual content are not allowed. Members can select others to view their personal pics. There is also a chance to star photos. This functionality is the same as bookmarking or adding an account to favorites. A star makes it easy to return to a certain account later, after checking out other people.

What About Bidding?

The bidding functionality is specific to WhatsYourPrice. When members like someone, they can bid any amount of money to hook up with that person. This way, wasting time on chatting is avoided because people usually go straight to dates, no longer spending their time on fruitless talking.

How Are WhatsYourPrice Customers?

Safety is the first word to be used when describing WhatsYourPrice. This is because a user community on this website is very healthy, and all members are looking for (more or less) the same thing: to hookup. Their profiles are checked by admins, so there are no scam accounts created with this service. The profiles look very natural and carefully built. More than two million people are using this service since 2010. Brandon Wade decided to create it back then because he had problems finding dates. He is a MIT graduate and he has worked for many big companies; General Electric included. Still, in the end, he decided to make the world of online dating more exciting and convenient, so WhatsYourPrice appeared among other websites of this kind.

What Are WhatsYourPrice Members Looking For?

WhatsYourPrice is continuously growing ever since it was created back in 2010. New members are joining it every day, not to mention it has intense activity on social networks like Instagram, where it has more than 6,000 subscribers and about 800 posts. Its user database is international, and most people are interested in a serious relationship. Still, some may want something more casual. For instance, over 4,000 men from New York are seeking a long-term commitment.

Quality of Profiles

The profile photos on WhatsYourPrice are not professional, whereas account descriptions are clear and sincere. One of the major reasons for this is that people are quite open and that the admin team deletes fake accounts.

As said before, profile pictures can be both public and private. The information in user profiles is on their looks, children (if any), habits, income, and occupation. They also specify what they are interested in when it comes to a relationship, be it casual, serious, even mentoring or secret.

What Types of Members Can Be Found on this Site?

Website users come from all corners of the world. Their orientations and goals for using this service vary a lot. The matchmaking happens based on personal info and interests. People here do not chat too much because they prefer to make offers and to negotiate the first date. Some accept the initial offers and the others perhaps provide their counteroffers.

How Do Members Communicate?

WhatsYourPrice Review

WhatsYourPrice does not emphasize communication because it was built for people who are willing to show initiative and place bids for a hookup. Therefore, most of the interaction between members takes place at dates. This website is different from others that demand extended membership or coin investments. Instead, it is focused on getting people together. This is why it is the best option in its category for those who do not feel like chatting online. After all, online chatting is more for teens and not adults who want results instead of flirting with the help of technology.

WhatsYourPrice Pricing

WhatsYourPrice Review

As the name of the service says, WhatsYourPrice is all about pricing. There is no upper limit in this system, which can bring users the date of their dreams. On average, bids are around $120, a price that shows serious intentions while being affordable.

What Does the Free Account Include?

All WhatsYourPrice accounts are free since there is no charge for registration; neither a membership is needed to search for dates. What needs to be invested in this website is time. It takes 48 hours for a profile with photos and detailed user stats to be approved. After approval, people can browse the service for free. The bidding is open for free users yet closed for those whose accounts haven’t been approved. Besides, bidding happens only on money. After both parties have agreed on a price, the site does not charge any payment. It is all about paying in person and perhaps for dinner. This means the dating community here is about honesty and trust.

What’s the Premium Profile All About?

The attractive membership, how a premium plan is called, does not provide any information on what it is about. What is known is that it attracts more attention. Besides, there is no place in which its pricing is mentioned. While it surely is worth to have it just to get more profile views, there are suspicions about this type of membership because it does not offer any details about it. Supposedly, you can bid your price on being a premium member as well.

What are the Privileges of Premium?

Premium accounts receive more bids, can decide to hide some of their photos for all other users, which means they have extended access to their private galleries and other hidden sections. More than this, they are also supposed to be offered more security while navigating the service. Next, they receive better matches and are ranked higher in search results. The service supports its paid members by granting them users funds. All in all, this website does a fantastic job for singles, so why not to show a little bit of gratitude for what it offers.

Why Premium Is the Best?

While the privileges of premium can’t be noticed in the beginning when starting to use online dating services and WhatsYourPrice more specifically, they surely exist and are worth some attention. With a paid profile, members become more attractive and have a much higher status. Besides, they have a choice on whom to bid and can make their profile visible only to a few other visitors. As mentioned before, they are also ranked higher in the search results, which means they have much better chances of getting a date with someone they really like.

WhatsYourPrice Security

WhatsYourPrice Review

WhatsYourPrice has a serious and very effective anti-scam policy. All its users have to verify their email and their photos need to be approved by the website’s staff members before they get to be published. All this helps with security and providing a healthy environment for dating. Suspicious activity has to be reported. Technical staff members need to make sure there is no scamming, but this doesn’t mean members can’t contribute too, especially if they are looking for a life partner, a friend, a quick hookup, or a simple date without any specific goals in mind. Regardless of dating intentions, no one wants to be tricked into doing who knows what.

Customer Support

WhatsYourPrice Review

The customer support service on WhatsYourPrice does not only approve profiles and makes them go live. It also reviews user accounts and decides if there has been inappropriate or suspicious behavior. Accounts that raise red flags may be permanently deleted. Surely, it also answers any questions or inquiries users may have. Tickets are usually solved in two days. There is no option to call the support team on a phone number or to chat with the staff members working there. You have to go with a good old email.

Is There WhatsYourPrice on Mobile?

WhatsYourPrice does not have an app, which is more important for dating services that focus on chatting. Since bidding is all that this website is about, the use of a laptop or computer for a few minutes or one hour is more convenient. Besides, the site is adaptable and can be navigated by using a mobile phone. However, on such a device, it may not show notifications, so there is always a risk of missing some dates, activities, or updates.

WhatsYourPrice Conclusion

It can easily be said that WhatsYourPrice is unique when it comes to finding dates and offering prices for the most attractive users. However, it is not at all the place to go to if looking to have long conversations online with a potential partner. Everything with this service is arranged in person, the agreed bid payment included. While chatting, you only discuss the time and place for a date. When it comes to design and interface, this site is responsive and intuitive. There is no mobile app for it, but users can use it from a phone if they want to. Accounts here are sure to be genuine because staff members manually verify them in 48 hours after registration. The service is sure worth a try seeing it is safe and straight to the point. As long as you know what you are looking for and are ready to express your intentions clearly, you should try it on WhatsYourPrice.

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