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Xpress Review

Xpress Review
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 79%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 25-30
Profiles 80.000
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Visit rate 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Gay and lesbian users friendly
  • Gives 100% guarantee for a hookup
  • Only for registered users
  • Membership should be paid for

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Xpress.com website is an online dating site that hooks up singles, man or woman, and also couples who would love having intimacy on a one night stand. It offers members the experience of being with straight men and women, gays, and lesbians. It also acts as a way of connecting couples who would love having a third member in their lovemaking or who love to engage themselves in group sex/swingers.

There is no better site than Xpress.com. It brags being awarded the number one for being a casual dating site and also guarantees full chances for hookups. (100% rate) Xpress.com also boasts of a five star Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating.

Xpress.com Features and Interface

Xpress Review

It’s easy-going through the Xpress.com website. The user interface is catchy with a blend of black, white, and red colors. At the header, you will find over fourteen different sections, each leading you to a different type of sexual orientations, which include video cams, sex stories, sex toys, among others which a user may be interested in.

This is also a section where users can log in, and new members can sign up to Xpress.com. Members always join daily to this dating site.

The website, Xpress.com, is subdivided into five major parts:

  1. User Register/Login.
  2. Choosing a sexual partner.
  3. Website details and information.
  4. Awards won and also Nominations.
  5. Reviews and ratings.

At the pages bottom line, there is information about the privacy policy, terms and conditions, customer support, password restoration, and also the help sections where members can find support to issues.

Signup and Login Process

Xpress Review

The registration process is straightforward and to the point, and it takes approximately four to five minutes to complete. The registration form is right on click and has several questions which include the below:

  1. Gender: This involves the sex of the person you would want to hook up with. This largely depends on the orientation of the person one really is, and whether he likes a male or a female.
  2. Race: This involves the group type of a human a member is willing to hook up with. A user may be interested in a white member, Latino member, or a Black American. A user has choices to choose from this segment. This will significantly influence the matching or suggestions on the available members to choose from.
  3. Body type: Different people have different desires on body types of the people they would love to hook up. Xpress.com has given options for users to choose the body type of the person they want to hook up. If someone prefers a slim body, average body, or just fit, the Xpress dating website has made the options available for easier matching.
  4. Hookup preference: On Xpress, this has been catered for. Different people have different choices on the types of dates they want to engage in. The platform has simplified this to different categories which include:

    • One night stands – Xpress dating has this option for the members who just require a one-off sex episode. Nothing more.
    • Anonymous sex – For those who don’t want to be known and just want private sex with their identity concealed.
    • Sugar dates – Xpress dating website offers this option for users who just want sex. No strings attached.
    • Friends with Benefits – Xpress.com dating website also has this option for hooking up users, creating a friendship with benefits of sex between the members.
  5. Location: Xpress dating site offers this location option whereby a member can choose the country, city, or state where he/she wants his match to come from. It also gives an idea of how far/she should be expecting his/her sex partner. Xpress dating site provides the user with options of getting laid with someone near, or someone far away.

Once through, you will be required to submit a username and an email address, which later you will be required to verify the email address via a link. Once verified, you can log in to the Xpress.com website anytime a user needs to, anywhere he/she is.

User Interface

Xpress Review

In Xpress.com, the user interface colors resemble that of the website’s homepage. In the upper right-hand page, you will find all the notifications about incoming messages and chats. All profile directions and members’ details, including the activities of the logged-in member, are located on the opposite side, the upper left-hand page.

In the middle of the Xpress.com page, you will find photos and videos of Xpress members who are online, depending on your selection during the registration process, which includes: girls, men, and or couples.

Down on the page, you will get links to Xpress.com free webcam and also the received gifts from other users.


Features available at Xpress.com are awesome and impressive. It’s easier to view all the members’ full photos and videos and also go through their profiles. The website also has a personalized tool, whereby you are provided with a match finding tool, which guides you to members you are interested in and also phases out those who aren’t in your preference. Other than viewing user’s profiles, you can also be able to make webcam chats with people closer to you and also send emails to each other.

The Xpress.com website also gives unlimited support to its members, and its membership has grown rapidly daily of up to over twenty thousand members per day. This makes a member’s sexual desires and adventures worthy of being on the site.


The Xpress.com website has over fifty-five million members who are in the adventure of searching for new sexual partners. Aroused men and women from different races and countries are brought under one area to quench their thirst for sex. Even though Xpress.com offers optional long term dating, most users prefer a one night stand sex, which involves getting a new member every time they want.

Number and Quality of Users

Xpress Review

As mentioned above, the Xpress.com website is not limited to the regular sex between a man and a woman. The Xpress.com also offers other sexual fantasies, which include gays, lesbians, swingers, and the group sex option. The Xpress site is also anonymous, meaning anyone can log in and have discreet sex regardless of his marital status, gender, or position.

The only available restriction in the Xpress website is the age restrictions. You must be above 18 or 21Years of age, depending on your country’s age limit for an adult or consents.

Making Contact

Xpress Review

Xpress.com offers a more natural way to communicate between users for easier hookup. It gives members several options on how to communicate, which includes; emails, online webcam chat, and also sharing of photos via messages. What matters is whether the member is aroused by the other and if they are ready to meet.

Membership and Pricing

The Xpress.com is free for a regular user. However, to get additional features that make your search and meeting users easier, it features two premium accounts: silver and gold.

Free Account

It’s just a basic non-paid membership with minimum chances for hookups. The number of features and options available here is limited, and the chances of hookups are minimal. Features include basic searches, photos, and video uploads, and also sending hookup invitations.

Premium Account

Xpress Review

This involves a paid membership, which gives a member more options for a hookup. Premium accounts are further classified into two classes:

  1. Silver Account: Members on silver accounts have the below advantages:

    • Advanced searching: Xpress dating website gives a member the full privilege of searching users in regards to distance, age, and the location where the users are available. A user has the full option of choosing his/her match in the Xpress dating site.
    • Watch members videos and photo uploads – In the silver account, the Xpress dating website gives a member the rights to view other members’ photo uploads. It also allows members to watch video uploads of other users available on Xpress.com.
    • Can send friend requests to available members – In Xpress.com, a member on the silver account is entitled to send friend requests to available users. This creates an opportunity for easier matching and getting a sex partner quickly, thus reducing the time taken to get a willing sexual partner on this Xpress dating website.
    • Directly Contact unlimited members – A Xpress.com member on a silver account has the option of directly contacting unlimited members on the Xpress dating website. This also reduces the time required to get a sexual partner and also improves the chances of someone getting his sexual match.
    • Get recognized easily as their profile is displayed higher than basic members – on the Xpresssilver account, a user has a higher chance of getting the desired partner since his/her profile is always highlighted and exposed more than the basic members. This gives a member on Xpress.com higher chances of being seen by potential sex partners depending on preferences chosen during login.
  2. Gold Account: Members on gold accounts enjoy all the features of this website, including the ones highlighted on the silver account. These features include, but not limited to the below options:

    • Sending and receiving emails and messages between members.
    • Live webcam chats from users.
    • Unlimited searches to all available members.
    • Advanced searching for a particular category.
    • View full photos of other users/members.
    • Free cam shows.
    • Access members videos.
    • Have unlimited support.
    • Have personalized matchmaking.
    • View all users profiles.
    • Full satisfaction.
    • Over 20,000 new members daily.

Security and Support

Xpress Review

Xpress.com has customer support, which works mainly through emails. In case of any difficulty, a member can raise an email to the customer support desk explaining the situation the user is facing. The feedback is always given within a 24-hour period by the customer care support. However, the Xpress.com website also has the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), which guides members on a solution to regularly asked queries.

The Xpress.com website also has data privacy and confidentiality. They guarantee personal data, and they don’t collect sensitive information such as the credit card numbers. It does not also share personal website data with third parties.

Mobile Version

The Xpress.com website adapts to all mobile platforms, which include smartphones and tablets. Users on these platforms can enjoy all the benefits included in the websites and guarantee members instant replies to messages and chats from other interested members, thus makes it easier for members to hook up faster and enjoy their sexual advances. Xpress.com avoids keeping members who want to get laid. No need for a computer.


In conclusion, Xpress.com is above the regular websites in hooking up and looking for a sexual partner. It does not discriminate against members against their races/regions where they come from, their sexual orientation, whether straight, gay or lesbian. It also does not get into your private affairs as if a member is married or not and gives exclusive benefits to a member to choose whoever he/she wants anywhere in the world.

All that matters here is the urge of the members to hookup, meet, and quench their thirst for sex.

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