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Zoosk vs POF – Full Guide For Comparing

Zoosk vs POF – Full Guide For Comparing

Zoosk was launched in 2007 and had bricked the way for online dating services ever since. Zoosk is a great online dating site, especially if you’re looking for a high-quality mobile dating app. The registration process and making a profile is so easy as you can integrate with Facebook or Google+. Zoosk has been rated 4.6 out of 5 because they are on top of their genre. Zoosk was launched to provide a straightforward experience to its members. This platform is super easy that even new members wouldn’t face any problem using all the features. All features are located in the menu on the left side of the page. If you want to purchase a subscription, you will find an option to upgrade at the end of the menu. To check your notifications, you can click on the bell icon present at the top of the webpage.

Whereas POF was founded in 2003 becoming one of the best dating sites, which is still popular in today’s world. POF is the most preferred site for singles. Registering and making a profile is slightly time-consuming taking 5-10 minutes to accommodate all the information of the member(at least 20 questions). POF dating site design can look even better once viewed via laptop or computer. App version is simpler and easier to use than the website. All functions are available on both mobile and PC. The buttons and icons are straightforward. POF’s search is as flexible as you want it to be. You can filter the search by interest, beliefs, physical features; you can find matches as per your choices; if you know the username of the specific member, you may use the username search option.

How to choose a better one?

There are plenty of dating apps available on the internet, but how to decide whether the dating site is suitable for our needs? What do we look for in all those apps or sites? One should keep in mind many aspects while finding the right dating app.

Going for the right features in a web-based dating app is very important. The website works only when someone’s interests match successfully with the other user’s interest. Therefore, the users need to make a compelling and good profile to increase the possibility of matching, and that is why it should provide basic profile creation features to the user.

Fake Profiles
The popularity of web-based apps has grown exponentially. They’re a fantastic tool for individuals to find dates with others; fake profiles are a serious threat.

Customer Support
Plenty of users spend their major time surfing dating sites and apps, and it is expected that they will experience some problems once in a while. Therefore, it becomes necessary to have good customer support that solves their problem and acts as a guide when needed.

User Interface
An app’s user interface should be satisfactory; having some special features other than any other apps helps to bring a greater audience. Also, it should have amazing animations and transitions on the pages to make the app look more eye-catching.

Price Comparison

Zoosk Membership

Zoosk Membership

Zoosk will provide you with free as well as paid membership options. Free membership offers you just a limited number of features, but you can access all the features in a paid membership. There are three different kinds of plans available on the platform, and you can select any of them according to your preference. The prices are as follows:

1month = 29.99 USD/Months.

3 months = 20.00 USD/Month with a total of 59.99 USD

6 months = 12.50 USD/Month with a total of 74.99 USD

Free Features

Free Features

Whenever you create an account, you are offered with free membership providing you with limited features. Those features are:

Access Carousel: You can send smiles and hearts to the users whose profile you like or to people you want to have a conversation with.

Unlimited Search: You can search several profiles that help you to find various users. You can search for members according to your preferences.

View profiles: You can see the full profile of any user.

Paid Features

By upgrading to a paid membership, the site will allow you to access all the features provided by the dating sites. Those features are:

Unlimited Chats

This paid feature allows you to send or receive unlimited messages to other users.

Share Photos and Videos

You can also share photos and videos when you are a paid member. This feature is very helpful in interacting with others.

Premium Support

The company provides you premium support when you are a paid member. They will prioritize your queries or problems.

There are different ways for payment one can choose any of the packages. You can pay from credit card, direct debit, or PayPal. Click on whichever payment method you prefer and then click on to ‘Upgrade’ button. Just fill in all your details and tap on the payment button.

POF Membership

POF Membership

POF users will get free as well as paid membership. In POF, a user is provided with many free features as compared to other dating sites. But for more features, you will have to make monthly membership. POF has provided you with three different monthly plans, and you can choose any plan according to your budget.

The cost of the monthly membership is as follows:

2 months = 19.35 USD/Month. With a total of 38.70 USD

4 months = 12.75 USD/Month. With a total of 51.00 USD

8 months = 10.18 USD/ Month. With a total of 81.40 USD

Free Features

Free Features

Plenty of fish provides you with many free features compared to other dating sites. Those features are:

Send messages

POF allows you to send messages to other users without being a paid member of this platform. However, this feature is mostly paid for on other platforms.

Exchange Audios

The site provides you with an amazing feature to share audio messages or voice notes with any user and get a chance to break the ice and have a wonderful conversation.

Search by location

This feature helps users find their partners in nearby areas.

Paid Features

If the user is a paid member, they will have many different features provided by POF. They are as follows:


This feature helps users have a continuous conversation with the partner without watching an advertisement.

Send gift

In a paid membership, the user can send three gifts a day.

Receiving emails

Paid members get notifications for all the activities happening in their profile, including matches and meetings.

Users can pay via credit card, PayPal account, or even from mobile phone. The process is very easy. Click on the payment mode you want and click on the ‘Upgrade Now’ icon. Complete the details and tap on the payment button to avail of the features. All the purchases are shown up in the credit card statement. Monthly membership is renewed by itself. If the member decides to cancel their membership, it would be better to discontinue later than the day before it expires.

Zoosk vs. POF: Who can join?


Zoosk is a very amazing dating site that helps people to interact with each other. Zoosk has approximately 20 million members from the USA, of which 1.6 million members log in daily. Most of the users fall in the category of 24-35 years. Suppose we talk about the proportion of males and females that is 55:45.


POF claims to be the best dating site in today’s world. POF has around 78 million users from the USA; only 2 million people log in daily. POF states that over 1.5 million relationships are matched every year. POF is a combination of both dating and matchmaking services. POF has all the features of different sites and apps of today’s world. Anyone can search based on the criteria you want to choose or nominate. The people of the age group between 25 to 34 years old are highly active. In POF, there is a mind-blowing feature named “POF Chemistry Predictor” that lets you know about your personality traits. Since most of the users on this platform are single, the success rate of finding a match is high as everyone needs to be around someone they love.

Zoosk Features

Zoosk provides some of the special features to its users. The special features are as below:


Carousel is the main and the best feature of the Zoosk site. It allows the user to send hearts to other users.

Smart pick

When a user sends a message expressing interest in someone’s profile, Zoosk’s Behavioral Matchmaking learns about their preferences and shows them some suggestions. However, You have to respond immediately to the Smart pick. Otherwise, it will disappear.

Favorite List

Whenever you send someone a smile or heart and have a response back, they automatically become connected and come in your favorite list.

Faster Send

Zoosk provides you with a special feature to send a message to several people at once. They will provide some tips or ice breakers as suggestions to initiate a conversation.

Zoosk has seen so many success stories posted every week. Many single men and women have found their love partners all over the world.

Zoosk is easily available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store for free.

Sign up process

The signup process is very easy, all you need is to fill up the information. It takes approximately five minutes to fill up the form. Below are the details you will need to fill up to register on Zoosk.

  • Gender
  • Gender preferences
  • Birthday
  • Email address
  • Zipcode
  • Photos

POF Features

POF dating site has been so popular over the years. POF adds many special features to make its site more exciting and inviting. Here are some of the special features:

Ultra Match

It is the best feature that shows which user you are the most compatible with.


POF helps the user to find their match nearby. POF has a function that ranks users based on their distance to you.

Priority Message

When someone sends you a message, you will see an icon where you can choose to turn on or off the ‘Send Priority Message.’ If you turn it on, then the chat with remain on top.

Meet Me

This feature is the same as the Tinder app. You will see the present profile picture of the user and have to tick ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. If both say ‘Yes’, they become a match and can take things forward.

Super Yes

This feature allows you to show your keen interest in the profile that you like the most. Also, it will notify the other person.

POF has a very high success rate as this site receives an average of 1.6 million daily logins and approx ten million conversations each day.

Signup Process

The signup process is quite lengthy as compared to other dating sites. It takes 5-10 minutes to fill in the details for sign up.

The basic details required are:

  • Gender
  • Type of relationship
  • Language
  • Birthday
  • Photo
  • Many more questions are required (20 questions). All the questions are mandatory to proceed with registration.

And The Winner is?

There are many factors that we should look into before naming the winner. The website should be easy to operate, must have a higher rating in terms of their usage and design and interface, and most importantly, privacy.

Zoosk is a better platform than POF as it lives up to all the factors mentioned above. Also, Zoosk is much safer than POF as POF provides many free features that give an open invitation to create fake profiles on the platform.

Similarly, the user’s data is not safe on the POF dating site as anyone can see your profile and misuse it later. But in Zoosk, no one is allowed to view all the user details without a paid membership. If we talk about the cost, POF is slightly cheaper than Zoosk. From all the discussions over and seeing the point, Zoosk dating sites prove much better than POF, and it is seen that ZOOSK is the ultimate winner.

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