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Indonesian Cupid Review 2021 – Fake Profiles Or Real People?

Indonesian Cupid Review 2021 – Fake Profiles Or Real People?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 75%
Beauty 75%
Popular age 26-35
Profiles 760.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Amazing response rate on Indonesian Cupid
  • Impressive numbers of active members
  • Fast & free registration
  • Simple & uncomplicated design
  • Limited access to free account holders
  • All Indonesian Cupidprofiles verified
  • Mobile App
  • Comprehensive profiles
  • A large user base of over 1 million
  • Not many options for communication & connectivity on Indonesian Cupid
  • Only android app (app not available for iOS and Windows users)

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Indonesian Cupid is one of the many niche dating websites that the Cupid Media takes the credit for making. Amongst a host of other niche dating platforms, Indonesian Cupid, too, is a successful platform that attracts a lot of western people looking for an inter-cultural relationship. Indonesian Cupid attracts people from Indonesia to the world of the west mainly. However, it is also a platform where Indonesians from all over the world find people of their culture. But it is mostly the western audience of the US, UK, and Canadawho make the most of the dating platform.

While weaving a love story of this kind is not easy, but it is fun to overcome all the barriers. There are so many people in the world who get attracted to foreigners, Indonesian Cupid is a dating site that aids to this purpose. Although, the dating site gets credit for successful love stories and marriages even, you will find people of various kinds on the website. And why not, look at the numbers. Indonesian Cupid, with fantastic website design, just like its other sister niche dating websites, boasts of people with varied interests. So even if you are looking for just a friendly conversation or a casual date, Indonesian Cupid will not disappoint you.

Our Review on Indonesian Cupid

Indonesian Cupid Review

Indonesian Cupid is a viral dating website. It boasts of a whopping over a million members from the US alone. So while the membership quantity is instead an impressive story on the Indonesian Cupid website, the sexual orientation is not. It is a common problem with all the niche dating websites from the Cupid Media. None of its dating platforms recognizes the third gender or anything apart from straight sexuality. Although it does have a separate dating platform created for the third gender, none of its niche dating sites like Indonesian Cupid accepts diversity. However, that doesn’t seem to be a problem for the crowd.

In contrast to the sexuality, the age factor on the Indonesian Cupid shows diversity. While the age group of 35-44 years old seems to have the most amount of members, the other age groups show considerable numbers as well. In terms of ethnicity, it is mostly Indonesians and Americans who dominate the world of Indonesian Cupid. While all other dating factors seem instead alright, it is the gender distribution on the Indonesian Cupid that is a little saddening. There are far too many registered men on the dating website than women who only make 40% of the members. It means that if you are a man, there is a lot of competition that you will need to beat to get a woman’s attention. But, if you are a woman, you are in for some significant amount of attention, honey.

Web Design, Layout & Navigation

Indonesian Cupid Design

Cupid Media is a company that specializes in making niche dating websites . So it is instead of them, whom other makers of dating platforms should take inspiration from for website design. Indonesian Cupid, just like its other sister niche dating platforms, comes with simple website design. All the features and useful buttons stack up in a way that the user on the platform doesn’t have to put in much effort to find it. Thus the navigation of the Indonesian Cupid is something that will win your heart. It is one factor that certainly adds up to the overall user experience on the website.

Unique Features You Need to Try for Sure

Cupid tags like search tags

If you are aware of SEO or search engine optimization, then you will know that the Cupid Tags are the same thing. For those who do not know, Cupid Tags on Indonesian Cupid are words that can be anything from your profile. These tags become the highlights of your profile. So, in short, when someone looks for Poetry on the Indonesian Cupid search, if your profile highlight is poetry, then it lands up in the search result.

The interest button

Leaving the standard chat, a member may choose to convey his/her feelings to someone on Indonesian Cupid by merely pressing a button of showing interest. Pressing the button will notify the other person you like. It is a beginning; the other person may show interest to you or directly send you a message.

The compatibility comparison table

An exciting feature is the compatibility comparison table that opens up every time you visit someone’s profile on Indonesian Cupid. It is incredible because you get to compare your personality with the other person and find out the level of compatibility between the two of you. You may use something from the profile match or the compatibility rate as an icebreaker between the two of you.

How to Use the Indonesian Cupid for Finding aDate?

Indonesian Finding aDate

The process is kind of the same on all the dating platforms from the house of Cupid Media. But if you are a first-timer on one of the Cupid Media’s offerings through Indonesian Cupid, then here is a breakup for you. So at first, you need to visit the website of the Indonesian Cupid, which takes you to the official home page. Choose to sign up and register and enter all the required details. Unlike many other dating platforms, Indonesian Cupid is available in many languages, and the best part, you can use your Facebook account to login without entering details and wasting your time.

However, if you do not wish to link your Facebook account, you can enter small details like your first and last name. Along with that, you will need to mention your age, gender, sexuality, and location apart from the email id and password. Indonesian Cupid, by the way, does not use your Facebook account to post anything on your timeline on your behalf.

Once through this step, you then move to the next level, which is the profile setup page. You will first need to add a profile image to your account and then fill in the questionnaire to create an attractive profile for yourself. Yes, it is an optional task, and you may choose to come back to this anytime later, but it is best not to avoid it in the first place. The reason is simple; you are using the Indonesian Cupid platform to find a date.

Your profile is something that sets an image on the people you are approaching and those who may be interested in you. Incomplete profiles turn these potentially interested people away, making them take consider you as one of the fake profile creators. It is thus always recommended to complete the profile almost immediately after registration so that you do not waste any more time, wasting. After creating the Indonesian Cupid profile, the next step is to find a date, and to do so, the most exciting task, which is browsing through profiles, begins. On finding an impressive profile, you can show them your interest or send them a message. However, messaging is a paid privilege, and so are most other exciting features.

Signing Up

Indonesian Cupid Signing

Registration is less than one-minute process. It is super fast and free on the Indonesian Cupid. All you need to do is visit the official website of the Indonesian Cupid and hit the button View Singles Now on the left. While that is what you find on the desktop version of the Indonesian Cupid website, the desktop version of the site may look slightly different on the mobile app of the dating platform. However, the sign-up link for new members is right in front of the first screen itself. So, you do not need to worry about not being able to find it at all. Although the sign-up process involves filling up a few short fields, you may take a breath of relief as the Indonesian Cupid offers Facebook login for new users, shortening the process to merely a few seconds. After the registration process is complete on the dating platform, you move to the next section of setting up a profile for the Indonesian Cupid.

Profiles on the Dating Platform

Indonesian Cupid Profile

Profiles on the Indonesian Cupid are impressively completed and real. A lot of them even go for the additional verification badge to increase the trust level for themselves and attract more people of the opposite sex to their account. The profiles on Indonesian Cupid gives you ample options to describe your personality to an ultimate level. While many people may feel it is useless and rather time taking, it is instead a significant step. Profile setup attracts people firstly, and secondly, the algorithm of the Indonesian Cupid uses the information you provide in your profile for matchmaking. And third, it becomes the basis for the fantastic compatibility comparison table Indonesian Cupid boasts of on its dating platform.

The Mobile App for Convenience

Indonesian Cupid App

Thankfully Indonesian Cupid does come with mobile for better convenience, but it also comes with a condition. To use the mobile app of the dating platform, you must have an Android device. In simple words, the Indonesian Cupiddating app is only available for a free download on Google Play. Indonesian Cupid does not have an app for iOS devices or Windows phones. However, the site is well optimized for mobile browsing, and thus if you want, you can log in through your phone from your phone’s browser. The design, layout, and functions are the same on the app, so you need not worry at all. You will certainly not require additional training to learn to use the app.

Indonesian Cupid Alternatives You Can Try


  • Muslima.com
  • Indonesian.dating
  • ChristianCafe.com
  • LoveHabibi.com
  • Interracial Match
  • Match.com
  • Blossoms.com
  • Asian Women Date
  • eHarmony

Membership Price and Payment Methods

Indonesian Cupid Price

Indonesian Cupid comes with two premium plans for its users. While one is the Gold Plan, which is comparatively cheaper than the second type named the Platinum Plan, both of these plans are available for purchase for varied durations at different rates. And like most other dating platforms, the prices of the programs become cheaper with the increase in the size of the plans. The members also get to benefit from the various payment modes available on the Indonesian Cupid website. Unlike most other dating platforms, Indonesian Cupid allows its users to safely pay for any of their subscription plans using one of the three payment modes they offer. You may choose to use your Credit Card, or a Paysafecard or even your Paypal account to pay for the premium services.

Duration Costs Total
Gold Subscription
One Month $29.98/month $29.98
Three Months $20.00/month $59.99
Twelve Months $10.00/month $119.98
Platinum Subscription
One Month $34.99/month $34.99
Three Months $23.33/month $69.98
Twelve Months $12.50/month $149.99

Free Membership Features

Indonesian Cupid Features

There is not much that you can do with a free account on Indonesian Cupid. However, it is not that you cannot do anything at all. If you are with luck, then a lot can happen over a free account on Indonesian Cupid as well. After the registration, you can use your free profile to browse through unlimited profiles on the dating platform. You may also use the button to show a few of them your interest. If some of them turn out to be a paying member and decides to send you a message, then you are all set. Replying to paid members too comes at no cost. It generally happens with women; for men finding this type of luck maybe a little tricky. Although not impossible.

Premium Membership Features

You pay on Indonesian Cupid to get premium services. While the basic is to open your chat box so that you can send as many messages. The other premium features that you get with the premium plan is anonymous browsing, better visibility, ad-free website, and a fantastic VIP badge. With the platinum plan, you also purchase an instant translator that makes communicating with Indonesian people who cannot speak in English way easier.

Is Indonesian Cupid Safe or Scam?

Indonesian Cupid Safe

Coming from Cupid Media itself assures the safety level of the dating website. However, no one can say anything about the users on the dating platform. While you can trust Indonesian Cupid for not using your data like photographs and other information, you can’t be sure of the strangers you meet online on the platform. It is, thus, best to not share any personal information with anyone you meet online. Never forget that dating platforms are popular spots for money launderers. Indonesian Cupid helps its members by verifying members who wish to do so by giving them a badge.


Indonesian Cupid Features

Indonesian Cupid is a popular offering of the Cupid Media with over a million registered users and close to 50,000 weekly activities. But more than the numbers, it is the successful intercultural love stories and marriages that make Indonesian Cupid so accessible. The dating platform is safe and trustable. Also, it comes with a user-friendly interface. Although there is not much you can do without buying a premium plan on Indonesian Cupid, with a subscription plan, nothing stops you from weaving a beautiful love story for yourself.

How to delete an account from Indonesian Cupid?

Go to the menu and navigate to the account settings to find and select delete my Indonesian Cupid account permanently. You will need to confirm your actions because once you delete or remove your Indonesian Cupid account, you will not be able to retrieve it.

How to text someone like on Indonesian Cupid?

There is an instant chat box that you can use to message someone. You may also choose to show interest or visit the profile to let people know of your liking towards them.

How to find out the names of people who like you on Indonesian Cupid without paying?

You can’t know. The feature is a premium function. Once you pay for one of the premium plans, you will be able to find the list in the notifications and also in a separate directory.

How do you block an annoying person on Indonesian Cupid?

You can do it from the chatbox or visit the person’s Indonesian Cupid account to find the block option.

What are the steps to cancel a subscription on Indonesian Cupid?

Go to the settings menu on the Indonesian Cupid and navigate to the account settings. Find payment settings and then hit on auto-renew subscription to cancel it. You may also get in touch with the Indonesian Cupid support to cancel your subscription alternatively.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Cupid Media Pty Ltd
  • Address: PO Box 9304
  • Zip Code + City: Gold Coast MC QLD 9726
  • Country: Australia
  • Customer Support Email: team@cupidmedia.com
  • Facebook: @IndonesianCupid
  • Twitter: @IndonesianCupid
  • Blog:Success Stories On Indonesian Cupid
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