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Elite Singles vs. Match – Full Guide for Comparing

Elite Singles vs. Match – Full Guide for Comparing

Comparing Match vs. Elite Singles could be overwhelming when contemplating the best dating site. Both are great hookup websites; choosing the perfect one would require some little effort. It’s easier to meet both sites, but Elite Singles caters to specific people’s needs, while Match is the conventional dating site with all sorts of people across various backgrounds. Why would a person prefer Match over Elite Singles or vice versa? Read this complete guide to understand how both stand out as unique dating sites.

If you have resolved to use dating sites to find romantic partners and love, you could be in the right place. Choosing Elite Singles or Match depends on various factors, primarily your dating needs. Elite Singles specifically targets mature, educated, and working singles. While this is their primary focus, you must decide who you wish to date by filling a compatibility questionnaire. This could be time-consuming, but in your interest to meet people who understand your interests. The lifestyle choices section significantly determines who becomes your date. With these criteria, you are unlikely to hook up with any available online daters. Previous users complain that the site is full of pretenders and people whose real-life situations are not what they say during physical dates.

On the other hand, Match is renowned for being an excellent place for dating without reservations. It is perfect for people of all ages and suitably caters to their dating goals efficiently. Match is ideal for casual dating and long-term relationships. Signing up takes less than ten minutes and is quite detailed. You can fill your profile with the desired details, which are used to determine who you hook up with.

How to Choose a Better One

Both Match and Elite Singles are easy to use; you can find dates based on your interests. However, you have to base your choice on several factors, including ease of use, registration, communication tools, safety, compatibility and search features, accessibility, and pricing. Based on these factors, which one would be perfect for you?

Creating a profile on Match takes less than 10 minutes. You must submit details about your physical appearance, lifestyle, education, and interests. You have the option of including ‘Deal Breakers’ on your profile to keep unwanted users from contacting you. On the contrary, Elite Singles registration requests more detailed information about your education, past relationships, dating interests, and family values that you prefer. The more accurate your responses are, the higher the chances of attracting singles who match your needs. Comparing Match vs. Elite Singles, both tie in terms of registration and quality of matches.

Second, the ease of use determines the best dating app for you. Elite pairs users based on their needs, work ethics, and education. On the other hand, though Match pairs users according to their needs, users can browse through tons of profiles and choose who to connect with. Based on this factor, Match wins as it allows clients to make independent decisions. Plus, the detailed FAQ section and help center has many valuable answers for ease of use.

The next factor that should inform your choice is communication features. You wouldn’t want to choose a dating site that doesn’t offer an effective contacting system. Elite Singles has a texting feature where users can send messages, flirt, and send smiles. There are also pre-written messages for ice-breaking and guided communication suggestions. You could prefer over Elite Singles as it has a section for inboxes, instant chat, and communicating via the phone, provided both of you are comfortable. Besides, chatting via the mobile app is easier.

Pricing plans should also inform your decision. Elite Singles is on the upper hand compared to Match, but it offers more features than its counterpart. If the premium packages influenced your choice, it would help if you sign up on Match as its monthly charge is $20.99. Elite singles charge a monthly fee of $39.95. Regardless, it would be best if you chose based on your interests.

Accessibility of the dating sites should be another factor. Comparing ease of accessibility, Match wins as it is accessible on many platforms: Android, iOS, and desktop. Elite Singes is only available via iOS and Android, but it won’t wow its users like the Match app.

How easy can you find a partner on either app? Match has several search methods; you can find other users using the conventional search feature, reverse matches, save searches, suggestions based on your activity, and swiping through other profiles. EliteSingles has a primary search tool that only filters basic profiles. Comparing the two, Match is impressive.

Your safety on any dating site is critical in determining your choice. Both EliteSingles and Match have several safety tools and caution users against sharing any information that would jeopardize their safety. Match has a special privacy mode that allows users to browse without revealing their identity. You can also contact the support team anytime you detect suspicious activity. Unfortunately, Match doesn’t verify profiles, creating room for fraudsters, scammers, and fake profiles.

On the other hand, Elite Singles verifies each profile to authenticate registration. Plus, it has a validation ID system that verifies if a user’s claims about themselves are factual. Though both dating apps have good safety features, Elite Singles carries the day for its efforts in keeping predators off.

Elite Singles vs. Match: What About Price Comparison?

How does Elite Singles vs. Match compare in terms of prices? Elite Singles is quite costly, yet it provides access to special features. These pricing plans can be justified by the services the app offers and the fact that Elite caters to specific people, working and educated. The pricing plans include:

  • Three months costing $104.85 (Light)
  • Six months at $119.70 (Premium)
  • 12 months worth $215.40 (Classic)

Depending on your budget, Elite Singles could be perfect if you care about education and career regarding dating. With premium membership, members can:

  • In-depth explanation of personality test results
  • Be paired with other premium subscribers
  • See who viewed your profile
  • Interact via unlimited messaging
  • View other users’ pictures
  • Reply to other users profiles and photos
  • Receive at least 20 additional match suggestions daily

Match has several two pricing packages; premium plan and standard plan. There are also boost credits that partially unlock some features. Match’s premium pricing packages are as follows:

  • Three months at $44.97
  • Six months worth $68.94
  • One year at $107.88

You can also opt to purchase standard plans from the following packages:

  • Three months at $38.97
  • Six months at $59.94
  • One year at $95.88

Boost credits cost the following

  • One credit at $0.99
  • Five credits at $4.00
  • Ten credits at $6.00

Match’s premium membership gives access to the following:

  • Send and receive messages
  • Access instant messenger
  • Email ‘read’ notification
  • See people who view your profile
  • Appear in top searches
  • Access MatchPhone for interacting via phone calls
  • Browse without revealing your identity (anonymously)

If you were to compare Match vs. Elite Singles and choose one of them based on pricing plans, you would settle for Match as it is less costly.

Elite Singles vs. Match: Who can Join?

Both dating sites have a significant user base. But which site is suitable for you? Match has a diverse membership of people across all walks of life. Regardless of who you are, won’t bias any user against race, social status, qualifications, and other features. However, its counterpart Elite Singles seems to be for specific people. You can join this dating site if:

  • You have a reputable career with a particular income.
  • You only intend to meet with intellectuals, value education, and academics.

Both dating apps are open to users from 18 years and above. While Match doesn’t factor in your career and academic qualifications, Elite Singles makes this threshold mandatory for all its members.

Elite Singles Features

The following features are accessible to Elite Singles users:

  • Personality tests: The site has detailed ‘Big Five’ personality dimensions that enable compatibility. With this section, you will have insights about dating and the people you are likely to meet.
  • Match recommendation: Your relationship preferences and answers to the personality questionnaire inform daily match recommendations.
  • Have you met? You could miss out on match suggestions while browsing. This feature provides a list of compatible partners you might have missed.
  • Wildcard matches: it allows premium members to receive 20 extra matches daily.
  • Favorites list: if you notice impressive profiles, you can add them to your ‘favorite list’ and revisit them for pairing.
  • Elite Singles Magazine: Besides dating, Elite has a resourceful magazine that provides dating insights.

Match Features

Using comes with unique features; you must upgrade your membership to access them. Below are some of the special functions:

  • Dates: Recently introduced in response to safety measures against the Covid-19 pandemic, it mainly aims at protecting members against the pandemic when they hook up and meet. This feature covers dress codes and favorite venues.
  • Boost: Most of Match’s subscribers love this add-on feature. It increases your visibility by highlighting your profile for at least one hour.
  • Real talk: It can be overwhelming to express yourself to a potential spouse. However, this section simplifies the way one can communicate with other people without appearing desperate. You can access ice breakers and tons of suggestive messages that can spark meaningful conversations.
  • Likes: Once in a while, some users would express interest in you by liking your profile. The ‘Likes’ feature pairs you with this type of members.
  • Reverse Matches: Every online dater has particular interests that enable them to draw like-minded singles. However, ‘Reverse Matches’ suggests tons of members that have nothing in common. “Reverse Matches” are perfect for diverse encounters and people who don’t mind dating different personalities.
  • Voice call: Users who wish to call each other can utilize this feature via the ‘MatchPhone icon. You can access custom contacts and call the users at any time. However, both of you must be comfortable using this function.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee Policy: It is one of the Match Dating Guarantee policies that offer a six-month free membership to any of its users who feel dissatisfied when using the dating site. However, it is only available for those with a six-month membership package.
  • Highlight your profile: This feature is accessible after clicking the ‘Match Me’ icon. It makes your profile appear on top of another user’s matches.
  • Vibe Check: It is an in-app video feature available to members who have previously connected. When interacting, a black video icon appears at the bottom of the message box. If you click on it, the person you are connecting with will receive a notification about your request. Joining or declining the invite is upon the other user.
  • Video Date: Online dating doesn’t have to be about texting and flirting. You can use the Video Date function for fun and sharing intimate dates virtually.
  • Date Check-In: Safety is not always guaranteed, especially when you meet with strangers. This feature is vital as it allows a member to designate at least three emergency contacts. Any time you plan for a physical date, might ask about your safety. Should you feel unsafe and in danger and respond with a ‘Yes’, your designated contacts will be informed of your location and the impending danger.

And the Winner is: Elite Singles or Match

While Elite Singles would be an excellent choice for working and educated singles, it discourages the aspect of love. The site sounds like it is biased against the unemployed class. Most serious daters would shy off and avoid this site based on assumptions that someone might not be honest or use the opportunity to steal from you. Focusing on work ethics disqualifies Elite Singles from being everyone’s must-try dating site.

And the winner is Match; it stands out as it is accessible to users from diverse backgrounds.

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