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Hornet vs Grindr – Full Guide for Comparing

Hornet vs Grindr – Full Guide for Comparing

LGBT community hasn’t been left behind when it comes to looking for a suitable match. With increased awareness creation about the heterosexual community, most of its members have increased in confidence and eliminated self-doubts, stigma and have become public. Just as there are pressures of finding a suitable match within the straight people, similarly, the LGBT community has those same pressures. Comparing Grindr vs Hornet, finding a love partner or a hookup date with similar sexual orientation and preferences can be stressful, awkward, and embarrassing. So it seems you have arrived at the same puzzle where everyone desiring to choose the right dating site arrives. The dilemma of choosing between two LGBT daring sites can be challenging. Can Hornet be better than Grindr? Let’s review them separately in a summary.

Hornet vs. Grindr is indeed the clash of the titans in the LGBT dating sites, the epitome of indecision. You will always get yourself asking, what is more important: Affordable prices or premium service? Firewall security to keep fraudsters out or self-precaution? Complex registration process or simple registration? Should you trust the reviews you see online from members, or are they a decoy? There are a lot of questions, uncertainties, and second thoughts when it comes to online dating.

Let that trouble you no more.

Hornet: men to men platform

Since its inception in 2011, Hornets has gained over 25 million users globally. Hornets claims to be the number one gay social site. It has prided itself in connecting men in more profitable ways than just casual hookup dating. It embraces the spirit of “a community that comes together around shared experience and common interests.” Its website has provided users with provocative, intriguing content meant for gay and bi men. Another vital piece of information about Hornet is that the app is available in numerous languages other than English to reach a large audience globally. Some of these languages include French, German, Japanese, Afrikaans, Indonesian, Chinese, etc.

Hornet Design and Interface is similar to most dating sites. One of the critical features that can keep you active and happy for hours is the “stories section.” This section keeps the content interesting. Watch out on the too many ads, though.

Grindr: The go-to gay dating app

Launched in 2009, Grindr is by far the most popular men-seeking-men app ever known. Its popularity is unparalleled. Over the cause of its existence, it has garnered over 30 million users. It is presently over 190 countries. It is uniquely the location-based gay dating app. It uses your mobile device’s geolocation to locate the nearby gay, Trans, bi men, and queer singles.

Grindr offers the option of providing your health information on the community profile. The information may include HIV status and the last time you tested. This option is not compulsory. However, it is essential to note that it will be available on your profile for members to see if you choose to provide the information.

Grindr design and interface is straightforward. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is available on both android and iOS users, and downloading it is free. It emphasizes the need to meet your matched date as soon as possible and at the nearest location to you.

How to choose a better one?

Both dating sites are great for dating, friendships, and meaningful relationships. But how would you decide when contemplating Grindr vs Hornet? To know which website to choose, here are some of the tips you can consider;

  • What are your reasons for joining a dating site?

First of all, it is essential to find out your reasons for joining a dating platform. What is it that you are looking for? What do you want to get? Your reasons for joining are vital because every dating website has its orientation designed to suit specific users.

If you are looking for more than just hookups and dating, then go to Hornet. They look beyond quick fixes and instant satisfaction. The dating sites purpose on long-term relationships, getting to know each other, whys, and how you became gay, and your long-term plans.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something flexible and morally ambiguous, then Grindr is your place to be. It is the most popular with young gays looking for pure fun, friendship, and love.

Although Hornet can hook you up with singles looking for fun, you have a better chance of finding love and companionship at Grindr due to its appeal, popularity, and success rate.

  • What are your cost considerations?

Hornet and Grindr allow members to download their apps and create accounts for free but have limited features.

Cost consideration is intended for new members to have a touch and a feel and to relate with the site before they can decide to upgrade for premium features.

The price differences between Hornet and Grindr are not significantly huge. That said, it is essential to note that Grindr prices are relatively higher than Hornet prices. However, Grindr offers more subscription options that, in the long run, can fit your budget.

  • What are your feature considerations?

Hornet and Grindr wouldn’t be among the sought-after elite sites if they didn’t have features with sterling records.

In every dating site, special features usually bring out the difference. It is how these features appeal to the users that speak to their feelings and convenience while using. We will be looking into each site’s features to see the difference later. To any other person, they may look similar, but we are not any other person; we are here to single out the glaring differences.

Hornet vs. Grindr: What’s about Price Comparison?

As earlier pointed out, prices to access a platform significantly impact our choices. Below is a detailed look at each site’s free and premium prices.

Hornet’s free services

  • Send and receive messages
  • Upload public and private photos
  • Search and browse other profiles
  • Unlimited blocks
  • View photos

Hornet’s premium services

  • Search guys with all filters
  • Upload unlimited profile photos
  • See who checked out your profile
  • Remove ads
  • View unlimited profile photos

Price List

  • One month USD 9.99
  • 3 months USD 25.99 (USD 8.66/month)
  • 12 months USD 55.99 (USD 4.67/month)

Grindr’s free services

  • Basic Filters
  • Profile creation
  • Explore profiles
  • Send and receive messages
  • View up to 100 matches
  • Create group chat
  • Select one tribe

Grindr’s premium services

  • Ad-free experience
  • View up to 600 matches
  • Online-only view
  • Push notifications
  • Unlimited Blocks and Favorites
  • Select 3 tribes
  • Save and send chat phrases

Price List: Grindr’s price list is divided into limited or Xtra and unlimited


  • One month USD 13.00
  • 3 months USD 28.20 (USD 9.40/month)
  • 12 months USD 62.40 (USD 5.20/month)


  • One month USD 41.11
  • 3 months USD 61.17 (USD 20.39/month)
  • 12 months USD 176.46 (USD 14.71)

A keen look at Grindr vs Hornet price list shows that Hornet’s prices are more affordable than Grindr prices, which are relatively higher.

Hornet vs. Grindr: Who can join?

Most online dating sites do not target specific groups and usually allow and respect all forms of relationships. However, Hornet and Grindr have a target audience. Their target audience is the Gay, Bi men, Trans, and Queer communities. Other than this, they do not discriminate on age, race, religion, relationship status or physical appearance etc.

Hornet & Grindr strictly admit members of legal age. Both have a similar age bracket of men when it comes to age composition. The highest age bracket is between 18 years to 34 years.

Hornet demographics: 25million members|110 countries|MSM

In the USA, white people make up more than half of the members, accounting for 55% of its members. Latinos make up 16%, then African-Americans making 9% of its members.

Outside the USA, white people make 42%, Asians make 28%, and Latinos make 9.5% of its members.

Grindr demographics: 30million|190 Countries| MSM

Like Hornet, most of Grindr’s global membership comes from the USA, which is approximately above 6.5 million members. The United Kingdom follows with 1.8 million members, Australia with 650,000 members, New Zealand with 124,000 members, Singapore with 162,000 members, and Hong Kong with 191,000 members.

It is well evident that Grindr has a far reach Globally as its presence is in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and more as compared to Hornet, whose presence is felt more in the USA.

Hornet Feature

1. Stories

Hornet’s main website has a feature known as the stories section. Most of these stories are submitted by the members of the platform. Do all stories make it to the section? Absolutely not. They have a group of editors that first receive members’ stories, filters them, analyses them, and decides if they are fit for the website or not. So are all members writers? No. Not all of them. It is for those who apply to be community writers. Once approved as a community writer, you can write about anything captivating, witty, passionate, outrageous, scandalous, or your experiences. Take note that you can as well submit photos or videos.

2. Events

The events section is all about the forthcoming LGBTQA+ events and activities around your locale. It’s upon you to choose whether to attend those events or not to attend. If you choose to take part in those events and activities, you are free to do so, but you won’t be under the terms and privacy policies of the site. So you are advised to be wise about the information you give out at these events. Also, take care of your belongings as you might not know everyone’s character traits in those events.

3. Who Checked You Out?

This feature will inform you about who took an interest in your profile and visited your profile, photos, and videos. The feature encourages people to be more open and forward with their flirting.

4. Places

On the page that contains Events, there is a tab known as Hornet Places. Places has become the leading city guide for the millennial gay generation -It shows the listed areas near your location where you can find other men. E.g., gyms, spas, piano stations, casinos, pubs, and more.


Sign up 4.2/5

Making contact 4.3/5

Profile Quality 3.5/5

App 3.0/5

Real Life Review 3.5/5

Grindr Features

1. Gaymojis

These are customized, gay-themed emojis that are a cheeky-fun way of speaking a coded language of your own within the community members. The Gaymojis currently number over 500 emojis. These Gaymojis are unique, and they are not available on any other social media platforms. Their communication field ranges from showing feelings, wildest thoughts, travel moods, fun modes, and more.

2. Tap

Taps are essential as they are a primary way of indicating to someone you’re interested in them without having to start a conversation. If you catch their attention, they might start the conversation themselves. That way, everyone wins.

3. Favorite

Like the way you can bookmark something on the internet, Favorites are a way to bookmark new profiles and individuals you are interested in. You can come back later and message and start a conversation. Unlike taps, users won’t know that you’ve bookmarked them.


Signing Up: 4.0 / 5

Making Contact: 4.0 / 5

Profile Quality: 4.5 / 5

App: 3.5 / 5

Real Life Review: 4.0 / 5

And the Winner is: Hornet or Grindr

As earlier indicated, this was a battle of kings. A star-level competition. But we managed to find a winner who was decided by an acceptable margin. Hornet wins on favorable prices. Grindr wins on popularity, ratings, features, membership, ease to sign up, and nearly everything else. And the winner is – GRINDR! There you have your winner. It was a close fight, but Grindr eclipses Hornet and concludes that Grindr is better than Hornet.

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