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Clover vs. Tinder –Full Guide for Comparing

Clover vs. Tinder –Full Guide for Comparing

A Tinder vs. Clover comparative guide can be instrumental in helping any potential online dater choose the best dating app. Tinder is mainly known for the swiping feature that enables you to connect with other users. It has a global presence and is still unrivaled when it comes to dating. Despite the reputation, there is too little you can do on the dating app without a premium subscription. Besides, filtering match suggestions might be impossible because your location primarily determines who you meet. Otherwise, you would have to acquire the ‘Swipe around the field’ feature to connect with people distant from your location.

On the other hand, Clover seems to be Tinder’s competitor as its services seem to be better. There is a lot you can do as a free subscriber. Meeting other people is open to everyone, though upgrading might be necessary. As a free subscriber, you can message people you like and find true dates without upgrading. With these facts and many others, how do the two compare? Which dating app is suitable for you? The Clover dating app vs. Tinder app review should be an ideal place to start when unsure of a viable one.

How to Choose a Better One

If you are unsure of the best dating app when comparing Tinder vs. Clover, below are some of the factors you should consider before deciding on using either.

1. Registration process: Signing up on Clover takes less than three minutes and you can do so by linking your Facebook or availing an email address. You have to include your dating intentions; casual hookup sites, new friends, social networks, and long-term relationships. Uploading your photo is critical when signing up. Linking your Facebook profile makes registration easier as it imports all your details to your profile. The final optional step requires you to choose a username, age, gender, ethnicity, orientation, and password. You will wait for verification before using your Clover account.

Contrastingly, Tinder’s registration is simple and takes approximately eight minutes. You can register via a phone number or email, or by adding your Facebook account. Verification is done before submitting some basic information about your age, interests, and gender. Comparing Tinder vs. Clover, both tie in terms of creating profiles.

2. Ease of use, accessibility, and convenience: Both Tinder and Clover are accessible via a mobile application that you can download from the App Store or Google Play Store. Comparing the Clover dating app vs. Tinder app accessibility, navigating Tinder for first-timers might be overwhelming.

3. Communication features: Before you choose either of the dating apps, it would help select one with several contacting features. Clover has a primary texting feature that allows free users to send messages to their matches. You can access other contact tools after upgrading your membership. However, Clover has a mandatory validation requirement for its users to contact each other. This way, the presence of fake profiles is minimized. Tinder has a basic communication feature only accessible to premium members. You could opt to contact other users via a live video call. Comparing the two, any user would prefer Clover as it has various ways of connecting with other users. However, Tinder would be perfect if you prefer live and virtual dates.

4. Membership plans should also influence your choice for one dating app over the other. Both Tinder and Clover appear to be expensive but based on their features accessible after upgrading, you could say it’s worth every coin. Clover’s premium charges start at $29.99 while Tinder starts at $14.99 for users below 28 and $29.99 for members above 28 years. Regardless, it would be best if you chose based on your interests.

5. Finding matches: How easy can you find a partner on either app? Clover has several search methods; you can find compatible suggestions in the ‘On demand section,’ ‘Mixers,’ and ‘Match Queue.’ Tinder has one main matchmaking algorithm –a user’s location determines who they get paired with. Between the two, Clover is perfect as it allows users to customize their match filters.

6. Safety features: Every time you contemplate a dating site, guaranteed safety protocols help decide. Both Tinder and Clover have several safety features, including contacting the support profiles. Tinder doesn’t make it mandatory to verify the authenticity of its profiles, especially for the users registering via Facebook. This creates room for fraudsters who could prey on unsuspecting users.

On the other hand, the Clover dating app has a strict verification process and will authenticate each profile during registration. Though both dating apps have quality safety features, Clover’s safety is guaranteed.

Clover vs. Tinder: What About Price Comparison?

Whether you choose Tinder or Clover, both have premium subscriptions available for their members. How do the two compare? Let’s look at the premium plans for each dating app. Clover has two types of membership; VIP and Boost Pack.


  • One month at $19.90
  • Three months at $12.95
  • Six months at $89.99

Boost Packs consists of the following Credits:

  • 10 Credits $19.90
  • 5 Credits $12.95
  • 1 Credit $2.99

You can choose either of the two premium plans, Tinder gold and Tinder plus. Both packages have two categories of membership packages; one for users below 28 years and those above 28. Below are the premium plans for either of the two categories:

Tinder gold for users aged below 28:

  • One month costing $14.99
  • Six months worth $52.99
  • One year at $82.99

Tinder gold for users above aged above 28:

  • One month at $29.99
  • Six months worth $112.99
  • One year costing $149.99

Tinder plus for subscribers aged below 28:

  • One month worth $9.99
  • Six months at $34.99
  • One year costing $54.99

Tinder plus for people above 28 years:

  • One month worth $19.99
  • Six months costing $60
  • One year at $80

Comparing the two dating apps, both have costly membership packages. However, your choice for one is subject to your needs and how you can easily meet them after upgrading.

Clover vs. Tinder: Who can Join?

Comparing Clover dating app vs. Tinder, both are great platforms for finding ideal hookups. Based on your interests, you could choose Tinder if you intend to find long-term relationships. Clover equally has a great opportunity for singles looking for serious networks. The following people can join either:

  • Singles looking for both long-term and short-term relationships
  • Anyone 18 years and above
  • Lonely people looking for social networks might find Clover perfect.
  • Anyone who wishes to participate in chat rooms and educational forums might find Clover viable.
  • The LGBTQ community might prefer Tinder.

Clover Features

Using Clover comes with the following exclusive features:

  • On Demand Dating: This feature makes Clover unique as it allows members to make an instant decision while browsing through profiles. You can either click “I’m interested” when you like a user or “No thanks” if you feel disinterested. If you show interest, you can choose where to meet and the time or allow your match to suggest a convenient meeting place and time. The feature reduces being ‘ghosted’ and receiving spammy messages. You can only use this feature after uploading a credible photo.
  • Mixers: these are chat rooms or forums that have a common theme, such as a healthy lifestyle, serious relationships only, and fitness singles. Members are free to join any of the chat rooms that are accessible on separate icons. You can invite other users to join the Mixer you are part of. Most Mixers have close to 50000 participants and could be a perfect way of socializing and networking. If you intend to find hookups using mixers, it would be best to consider a chat room with fewer people. Mixers are a perfect way of planning events and connecting with various people.
  • 20 Questions: This is the conventional flirting game on Clover. A user will see two cards with contrasting personalities, such as intelligence vs. good looks, predictable vs. spontaneous, or book smart vs. street smart. Out of these suggestions, you select an applicable one. You will then play the game and your 20 responses will be visible to other users. Though playing the game is optional, it helps people identify the personalities they are likely to draw. The game is fun; you can play it over and over.
  • Match Queue: When looking for matches, this section will display ‘Prospects.’ Free subscribers can either tap the red X that shows disinterest or left swipe or yellow star, which adds the profile to your ‘faves.’ Any time you tap the yellow star, the other user will receive a notification request to connect. You can become a match if the other member accepts your request.

Tinder Features

Below are some of Tinder’s unique features:

  • Boost: Most dating apps have this unique feature that highlights their profiles to appear in top match suggestions. Contrary to other apps, your visibility will be higher for thirty minutes. Its main purpose is to enable users to draw the attention of other users by attracting like-minded members.
  • Top picks: You can find exciting online daters in this section. You can only utilize this feature by making specific criteria of people you wish to meet while using the dating app.
  • Super boost: Since matchmaking is primarily based on right swipes, the super boost feature helps you achieve that by attracting more right swipes. Usually, a member’s profile will feature at the top of other match suggestions. You can utilize this feature if you have a premium package.
  • Swipe night: A game-like feature that matches participants with similar decisions to hookup and date.
  • Rewind: Whenever you swipe left unknowingly this feature helps you to undo the action. You will access a list of left-swiped profiles –you can review and find attractive singles.
  • Swipe around the world/passport: Tinder mainly pairs users by factoring in their locations. However, this tab allows the members to edit their location, allowing them to find singles from various parts of the world.
  • Tinder U: It is perfect for University students. It enables them to connect with other students on the dating app.
  • Super like: It is a blue star-like tab that enables subscribers to express interest in other attractive profiles.
  • Noonlight: Going for dates, especially with the people you find online can cause anxiety. When going for a date with someone you met on this app, Tinder’s Noonlight helps to request emergency services should you face danger.
  • Photo verification: Initially, Tinder could not verify the authenticity of its users. Introducing the photo verification icon allows members to ‘self-authenticate’ by uploading real-time selfies. The technical team will cross-check the photos to ensure the photos match the ones uploaded on your profile, thus reducing fake profiles.
  • Traveler Alert: This feature caters to the needs of the LGBT dating community by alerting them anytime subscribers travel to a place that penalizes such orientations. A user can choose to hide their orientation on the app until they leave that place.

And the Winner is Clover or Tinder

Arguably, both dating apps have a significant user base; choosing between the two could be conflicting. If you were to choose one of the two based on popularity, Tinder would be viable. Some of the key differences between Tinder and Clover include:

  • Though both are a solution to different types of relationships, Clover’s ‘Intention’ section makes it easier to filter specific matches.
  • Unlike Tinder that pairs people based on location, Clover allows users to choose perfect matches via the ‘on demand dating’ feature, ‘getting to know you,’ and suggesting a date.
  • Clover has several chat rooms whereas Tinder has no provision for the same.
  • Clover stands out in the Tinder vs. Clover comparative guide because of its plenty of features that are accessible even to standard subscribers.
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