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Mingle2 Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam

Mingle2 Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 78%
Popular age 25-40
Beauty 82%
Profiles 2.785.200
About Site
Visit rate 8.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Free online dating platform.
  • An easy and straightforward sign-up process
  • Mingle2 will only display completed profiles
  • A detailed search feature that provides various ways to find someone
  • To send an email or message is free
  • You don’t have wait for a match to initiate contact
  • Too many distracting ads all over the website
  • No help section is available

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There are tons of dating sites and apps that are currently available online. But to find full-fledged, free dating sites and apps, that’s rare. Mingle2 boasts on its free features for all signed-up users. Once you become a member, you can use the instant message, view profiles, and send nudges function for free.

The platform has more than 39 million users – making it very plausible to find the perfect someone for you. Unlike other dating apps and sites that require you to match before connecting, this platform allows members to browse through the discovery option to find people. You can send them a message if you’re interested to know them better. You’re able to decide how you want to see your match and how you want to connect with them. The method of searching for potential matches is within your control.

In this review, you’ll learn more about how to sign-up, the dating process, and the unique features offered. Could this platform be the dating site you’ve been looking for? Keep on reading to find out more.

Expert’s Review of Mingle2

Mingle2 Review

Mingle2 was launched in 2008. The platform is previously known as JustSayHi, and there are over 12 million users on Mingle2. Both the desktop and mobile version of Mingle2 is ranked number 30 for the relationship and dating niche. Because the site and app are free to use, it fascinates many singles to join. The subscribers’ base is amazingly diverse. Mingle2 is popular among people from the age of 25 to 35 – years old. The dating platform is quite popular in Europe as well – 70,000 members are from the UK. Mingle2 receives more than 25,000 daily logins worldwide, and at least 365,000 site visits from the UK monthly. The gender ratio is 60 percent male to 40 percent female.

Even though the site is quite famous globally, the majority of its members are from the US. Mingle2 is perfect for people who are looking for casual relationships, hookups, and friendships. Gay and bisexuals are encouraged to sign-up as the platform does not cater to only heterosexual relationship types.

Website Design & Usability

Mingle2 Design

There’s nothing exceptional about the website design and layout. It’s a little dull and has a basic layout, but it does the job. You have to navigate through ads when browsing the site, and that can be quite annoying. The site does an excellent job of keeping all the featured tabs in place, making it accessible and user-friendly.

Special Feature

Mingle2 only has one unique feature called Mutual Match. Anyone can use this feature without having to upgrade their membership plan. But to see who liked you on Mutual Match requires an upgrade.

Mutual Match

Just like some dating apps in the market, Mutual Match allows you to swipe left or right and vote on the user that you’re interested in. This feature is like a game that lets you vote no, yes, or maybe on the profiles that are presented for you. When you vote on “yes,” your profiles will appear to the user the next time they log in their Mingle2 account. If someone votes you as a “No,” you can still chat with them. This feature is merely for fun, unlike some apps where it means no further communication is possible.

How does Mingle2 work?

Mingle2 work

If you browse Mingle2’s homepage, you’ll see the most popular categories tab. This includes single females, Christian women, single parents, divorced, and more. There’s also a feature that uses zip code and location. You can also search by seeing who’s online or using a username (if you already know someone on Mingle2). The primary option lets users search using filters such as age range, distance from your zip code, and sexual orientations. To get more detailed, go to the advanced search section, in which you can enter various options in the search fields like, for example, body type, marital status, children wanted, drinking, and smoking habits. Once you see someone is online, you can start chatting with them right away.

The search feature is quite robust – providing various ways to narrow down your preferences. To appear on Mingle2’s search results, your profiles need to be completed. Otherwise, people can’t find you, and your profile will be buried together with inactive users.

When you find a profile that you are interested in, you can start connecting with them. The best thing about Mingle2 is the messaging system is free. If you are too shy to interact, you can send potential matches a few virtual kisses, hugs, nudges, or even kicks in the butt. And you can do all these for free.

Sign Up Process

Mingle2 Sign Up

To sign up for a Mingle2 account is a piece of cake. You’ll need less than a minute to sign up and get your profile online. You can fill-up some basic information to have a Mingle2 account. But to use Mingle2 and start searching for matches, you need to fill up your profile completely.

It’s best to add your profile photo right away after signing up to appear on other user’s searches. Not only uncompleted profiles will be absent on other users’ searchers, but a profile without a photo will also appear missing. If you want to find an ideal match faster, consider taking the time to craft a good bio, and add a beautiful photo of yourself.

Information that you may add to boost your profile visibility and exposure are your height, body type, religion, ethnicity, profession, lifestyle, and interest.

Your profile headlines should be brief about yourself. You can explain why you joined Mingle2 or anything that makes you seem like an exciting person. Write something that makes you look like someone fun and easy-going. Don’t just write, “My name is Joseph, and I love to travel” instead, “I’m Joseph, maybe you can join me in an adventure of exploring the world.” Write something catchy but on-point.

Users Profiles Quality

Mingle2 Profiles Quality

When browsing through profiles, you’ll see many of them aren’t entirely written. Some profiles don’t even have basic information like a hobby, profession, and educational background. But that’s the right thing about the free and unlimited messaging feature on Mingle2 – you can know more about the person by asking them yourself.

Because anyone can sign up for free and have a Mingle2 account ready in seconds, there have been complaints of scammers. Some users even used a photo of celebrities. Unlike other dating sites and apps that verify user accounts for legitimate reasons, Mingle2 does not ask their members to verify their accounts. So, if you send a message to someone with a good-looking picture on it and don’t hear anything back from them, don’t be disheartened because it might be a fake profile.

The best way is to search for your potential match and carefully read their information before deciding to message them. Don’t send a message just because you saw their pretty profile picture.

Mobile Application

The Mingle2 app is free to download on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iTunes. The mobile app allows you unlimited access to all of Mingle2’s features. The app’s interface is user-friendly in comparison to the desktop site. The layout and design are basic and clean. All functions are well-organized and accessible.

The instant messaging experience is so much better in the mobile application. You’ll receive a notification on your phone the instant someone sends you a message.

Mingle2 Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Mingle2 Websites & Apps


In Bumble, women will be the first ones who initiate a conversation. When a connection is made, women users will have 24 hours to respond, or the match will disappear. Bumble is excellent for people who are looking for friendship and long term relationships. The platform helps you find the right match to connect with you based on your preferences. Bumble is the perfect alternative to Mingle2, especially for women who are sick of getting swamped with meaningless messages.


OkCupid offers fast connections to members in your area whose characteristics and interests match yours. The “Quick Match” feature allows you to like someone and see if they like you back in an instant. It’s similar to Mingle2, where there are no lengthy questionnaires to answer upon signing-up. Instead, the questionnaires are optional, and you can answer it leisurely in your own time.


Tinder has a few free features and has an easy sign-up process. You can enter a little bit about yourself, and you’re good to go. You can use your Facebook account to sign-up, and Tinder will use the information you have on Facebook to fill up your Tinder profile. Just like other dating sites and apps, you can choose to swap right and left to like the person that you’re interested in. If someone returns your likes, you can start chatting with them. Tinder’s credo is ‘the best way to know someone is to talk to them”.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Mingle2 Price

When browsing the site and app, you’ll see the site mention that the platform is free to use. Indeed, you don’t have to pay for the essential features like messaging and viewing profiles, but there are features that Mingle2 requires you to pay to have access to. Below are Mingle Plus’s price:

Duration Costs Total
Mingle Plus
3 Months $9.95 per month $29.85
6 Months $7.95 per month $47.70
One year $5.95 per month $71.40

As you can see, the more months you sign-up, the more money you’ll save. The main benefit of being a Mingle Plus is your profile will stand out, and chances of meeting someone are faster as you’ll have more options.

Payments can be made via PayPal.

Free Membership Features

Every free sign up will get to use these features:-

  • Download and create an account for free
  • Allows detailed search options
  • The home screen shows all current activities and updates
  • The Mutual Match features that will enable you to connect with a user that shares the same interest as you
  • You can “nudge” any users that you like
  • You can activate Stealth Mode and browse in incognito mode
  • You can join the active forums and be part of the community

Premium Membership Features

It’s free to chat and message someone on Mingle2. But being a Mingle2 premium member comes with various benefits. Here are the features you can enjoy as a Mingle Plus member:-

  • You get to see who likes you on Mutual Match
  • Check if your message has already been read
  • You can keep your message permanently (the free membership only allows you to keep your messages for a month)
  • Receive a 300 percent increase in profile views, giving you the chance to meet someone faster

Is Mingle2 Really Safe?

Mingle2’s staff regularly supervise their platform to ensure its a secure and safe environment for all its members. Mingle2 allows you to block someone if you think you’re being bullied or stalked. There’s no major security issue reported on Mingle2 so far. Although you may encounter many fake profiles using some celebrities’ photos or taken from someone’s social media account. It certainly is a violation of privacy, and Mingle2 should do something about it.

As a smart user, it’s vital to practice caution and safety when using such platforms. Never share your personal information like your home and work address to someone you barely know. If you decide to meet a user you’ve met on Mingle2 in person, make sure your friends and family know about your location at all times.

You can also report inappropriate user behavior by sending an email to Mingle2’s support team to help protect yourself and other people.


Mingle2 is great for all singles who are looking for casual relationships or hookups. It may not be a 100 per-cent perfect to search for long-term relationships, but it’s a fun and interesting dating platform worth exploring.

Though the site boasts itself as “a free dating platform’ the fact is that it’s not entirely true. To unlock certain features, you need to become a Mingle Plus member. But you’re not missing so much as the basic plan offers tons of free flow features for all members, including sending a message and emails.

Overall, Mingle2 is a nice dating platform offering new methods to meet someone. Everyone can message anyone anytime. If you like someone, contact them and see how it goes!

How to delete a Mingle2 account?

If you need to delete your Mingle2 account, please follow these steps:-

Delete your Mingle2 via desktop

  • Open Mingle2’s website and go to your profile
  • Go to “Your Account” and select “Settings.”
  • Click “Deactivate Account – Remove Profile”

Delete your Mingle2 via a mobile app

  • Open the app and click “Menu” on the bottom right of the screen
  • Click “Settings”
  • Select “Deactivate your account

How to message someone on Mingle2?

Messaging another user is entirely free on Mingle2. You can also send a virtual nudge, hugs, winks, or kicks in the butt to break the ice. However, all messages will be deleted after 30 days, If you want to keep your messages forever, upgrade your membership to a Mingle Plus.

How to see who likes you on Mingle2without paying?

To see if someone liked you on Mutual Match, you have to upgrade your membership to Mingle Plus.

How to block someone on Mingle2?

There’s no block button on both the Mingle2 site and app. But you can click the “Report” button on the user’s profile. Once you report on them, Mingle2 will send you an email asking why you reported the person. Once reported, the user is no longer allowed to message, send you nudges, and view your profile.

How to cancel a Mingle2 subscription?

If you are using your desktop to cancel your subscription, go to Mingle2’s homepage and go to “Your Accounts.” Click on “Settings” and select “Mail Settings” and un-click the email address you want to unsubscribe.

To unsubscribe via the app, go to “Menu” located on the bottom right of the screen. Click “Settings” and click “Email Address.” Un-click the email address you wish to unsubscribe.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: NextC LLC
  • Address: 350 Sansome Street, Suite 925 San Francisco, California 94105 United States
  • Zip Code + City: California 94105 United States
  • Country: United States
  • Customer Support Email: accounts@mingle.com
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