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Wireclub Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Wireclub Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • Many of the chatting places on the website are always crowded, and all members are friendly.
  • A person may enter various chatting rooms, depending on their interests. The site has sections for music, technology, dating, games, psychology, politics, and more.
  • The Wireclub communication service does not cost much.
  • This service is impressive, and it features many chatting rooms that every member can access.
  • The users at the Wireclub online platform are many, implying that people have various interaction options.
  • Most people are satisfied with the communication platform; complaints are infrequent.
  • This site is simple to navigate through.
  • The best thing about this communication platform is that members can add information to their profiles if they like. Users who are concerned about their privacy can leave their profiles empty.
  • Signing up at this site is very simple. A person must verify the email address before communicating with other users.
  • Most Wireclub website services are only available with a subscription. Users may navigate the platform to view the available functions. However, they must make payments to chat with others.
  • The chatting places that focus on relationships are rarely active, and it is hard to get a match.
  • It isn't easy to get people interested in flirting or having romantic relationships.
  • The Wireclub online platform claims to offer dating services. Still, it does not center on making sure that users meet for romantic reasons.
  • This platform features a complicated payment system. People make payments using credits acquired from paying a particular sum of money.
  • The mobile application for this chatting platform is available for iPhone devices alone.
  • The only option to reach a customer care representative is via email. There is no phone number to enable faster communication.
  • The platform does not feature filters or algorithms for matching individuals looking to date.
  • This service lets people browse the site anonymously; this leads to many fake accounts.

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This platform is a perfect place for people to meet and interact. This site takes people’s safety seriously and does everything possible to ensure members’ accounts are protected. The site also shares safety tips that help users prevent people from compromising their accounts. The tips are as below.

Beware of Phishing

Phishing is a clone site that is similar to Wireclub but comes with another URL. The site is for stealing people’s passwords. So, people should ensure that when they enter the platform, they don’t get redirected to the clone platform.


This service encourages people to create a strong password. Various programs guess passwords, thus making it easy for scammers to access users’ profiles. To avoid that, users must create strong passwords that contain letters and numbers.

External links

Users should avoid clicking links from individuals they don’t know. Those links contain viruses, or they might redirect one to unsafe platforms. Also, clicking those links can give the people who sent them access to a person’s devices.

Private messaging

Wireclub users should be aware of individuals that send them private messages requiring them to click some links. These people might ask for money or collect users’ private details. Because of this, the site allows users to set their private messages off or allow receiving messages from friends only.

Wireclub introduction

This service is a web platform where people mingle and communicate. The website gets operated by just three staff officials and a team of volunteers. The site has themed chatting sections, and people may come up with their chatting rooms, and they may introduce their rules as they like.

The Wireclub web service is a perfect platform for making new friends, writing texts to them, and learning many things. Since its creation, the need for its offers has been going up. Presently, the site features over 7.2 million members that stay for around twenty minutes any time they enter the website. The number of messages that people exchange daily on this site is estimated to be over one million, and the figure keeps going up.

The Wireclub communication website also has rules and regulations which members must follow. There are rules regarding sharing inappropriate content, intimidation, and spamming. If a user goes against the set rules, their account will get suspended.

Expert’s Review of Wireclub

Wireclub Review


This online chatting platform was created in 2004. The site comprises of small communities that form one engaging online communication platform. There are many chatting sections where users connect and communicate with unfamiliar people. Users can select from over one hundred chatting places, and they can even come up with theirs.


The Wireclub web communication platform presently has 7.2 million members. These members exchange over one million messages every day on the platform. Every member spends around twenty minutes every day on this website.

Sexual orientation

Since the site is simply for meeting and communicating with people, anyone may join. Whether you are gay or straight, that isn’t an issue since most individuals on this site are more into talking about music dating , technology, and other things but not relationships.


The Wireclub communication service welcomes both minors and adults. Children below thirteen years are, however, not permitted to enter the website. Minors are advised not to meet the users they find on the platform in person. They must also inform their parents before using the platform. The platform additionally warns users against lying about their age. If you lie about your age, you will get banned from the website.

Race and Ethnicity

Individuals of any race or ethnicity can join this chatting platform. All the people who join make the site a wonderful place for communicating.

Website Design & Usability

Wireclub Design

The Wireclub online chatting platform has a simple design. Newbies will never have any challenges using this platform because its buttons and functionalities are simple. The users find the chat rooms they want quickly, and all site features are displayed well. There is nothing that can slow down activities on this online platform.

The site has an attractive gaming section also. Users are guaranteed an enjoyable experience. But besides the dating chat rooms, there are no other dating functionalities on the platform. The site is more of a socializing than dating. The platform also has a detailed FAQ section where the site functionalities get explained in detail.

Special Features

The unique features in the Wireclub online platform are below.

  • Chatting places

When users join chatting places in this site, a tab opens on the lower section of their display. And as they go through the platform, the chatting areas remain open. Users can have many accessible chatting areas, and they may switch between them easily.

People may additionally star their favorite chatting places to get a link on their homepage. They may even send invitations to people to join their chatting rooms or enter local chats to find someone close to them.

  • User rooms

People may come up with hangouts for their friends. The rooms are permanent, and people can even form their community by promoting members to assist in moderating their rooms.

  • Room ratings

This Wireclub feature allows members to use movie-like content ratings to the chatting place they like.

  • Private chat

This feature allows users to message each other faster. Users can choose the people who can message them. A user can also appear inactive if he/she wants and will not need to go to a chat room to have private chats with other people.

How does Wireclub work?

Wireclub work

To use this chatting platform, users must first register. The registration activity lasts only a few minutes. After successful registration, users can exchange texts, form their chatting places, and offer badges to other members. To write texts, people must have a premium account.

This site features a searching tool that finds more people. The searching feature is free. Users can add the people they like as friends, and they will appear on their list.

There are over one hundred chat rooms at the Wireclub platform. Users can chat using any chat room that they like, or they can create their chat rooms. The site has a matching tool that matches users’ interests. If your interests match those of another person, the two of you can get connected. Within the chatting places, people may exchange ideas, tell each other about themselves, and so on. Each chatting area on the site gets dedicated to a particular topic or interest, for instance, philosophy, music, or politics.

The platform also allows users to post only one photo. So, users should ensure to pick their best one. But bear in mind that the service is most suitable for communicating. If you are looking for a date, it will be hard to get the right match.

Sign Up Process

Wireclub Sign Up

The activity of signing up at the Wireclub site does not take long. New members are simply supposed to provide an email address and a password. Users should choose a password that they can remember easily. After entering an email address and a password, a user clicks continue. Doing this implies that a user agrees to the website terms and conditions.

What follows next is providing details such as gender, birth date, username, real name, location, and favorite color. New users at the Wireclub website get a default username, which is their email address without the email extension. But this username can be changed. To change it, a user must have one hundred credits in their account. Users can add more information to their profile once their email address is verified. The site allows users to get all this information from their Facebook accounts, thus making the registration faster.

After registering, members will not receive match suggestions like in matchmaking sites. Members also have to confirm their email address before joining any chatting room. When the registering is done, every user is allowed to upload a photo.

Users Profiles Quality

All profiles in the Wireclub platform are similar to those of social networking websites. All users may view others’ pictures and albums. There are high chances of finding fake users on the site since they are allowed to remain anonymous. Also, many profiles on this platform lack content, thus making it hard for members to get their match.

Besides the main photos, people at the Wireclub site are allowed to upload more photos in their accounts. People may write comments on other people’s pictures, videos, and any other posts. Users may also decide to make their account information public or allow a few individuals to access it.

Mobile Application

Wireclub Application

This communication service has a phone application that people use to meet, chat, and discover many things from wherever they are. This application is for iPhones, and it is available without paying. People will not need any special knowledge to use the app because it is simple.

Wireclub Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Wireclub Websites & Apps
  • ChatRoll
  • Chatiw
  • Chatzy
  • StrangerMeetUp

Membership Price and Payment Method

The service costs for this communication site are:

  • 3 400 credits: The charge per credit is 0.01 dollars, which adds up to 20.00 dollars.
  • 8 550 credits: The cost per credit is 0.01 dollars, which adds up to 50.00 dollars.
  • 18 400 credits: The cost per credit is 0.01 dollars, which adds up to 100.00 dollars.
  • 38 500 credits: The cost per credit is 0.01 dollars, which adds up to 200.00 dollars.

The methods of making payment:

  • The Wireclub website users can pay for the chatting service using methods like PayPal and Credit Card.

Free Membership Features

Wireclub Features

Free users enjoy the services below:

  • They can open an account.
  • The users can view the available chat rooms.
  • They can read forums.
  • They can see other users’ profiles.
  • They can search for their matches.

Premium Membership Features

Users with premium accounts enjoy the services below:

  • They can send private messages to other users.
  • They can respond to texts.
  • They can enter any chat room they like.
  • They can reply to forums.
  • They can add other users as friends.

Is Wireclub Really Safe?

Wireclub Safe

Yes. The site is one of the safest web communication services that exist. It is difficult for intruders to get access to a member’s account on the website. All accounts on the website get accessed through a password. The site also has an excellent security team that does everything possible to ensure every user is protected.

Also, the site tells users about the dangers they can avoid to remain protected while using this site.


The Wireclub chatting platform is a wonderful place to meet people and make friends. This place is, however, not suitable for people who want romantic relationships. The platform features nice chat rooms, and the ones that focus on dating are not popular. There are even gaming rooms related to dating, but most users are into other things like politics and not dating. It is rare for users to flirt in the Wireclub chat rooms implying that it will be hard to find a romantic partner. And compared to most online chatting services, this one stands out. There are very few complaints about this service. The platform takes users’ safety seriously. It has done everything possible to ensure that users have fun and meet all kinds of people they have always wanted to meet.

The only drawback is the customer support service, which is not reliable. Users can only reach the customer support representatives through email, which takes time to get assistance. But this is not a serious issue because the site is easy to use; users rarely encounter problems that require the customer support team to come in. Therefore, you should consider joining the Wireclub chatting platform if you want to meet new people.

Wireclub FAQs

How to delete Wireclub account?

A user first has to open their account. Below the profile photo, there is the edit option. Below the edit, you will find the delete option. If a user clicks it, the account will be deleted.

Users can also delete their accounts by following the link that the website provides them.

How to message someone on Wireclub?

To send messages on this platform, a user must have a premium account. Before sending a message, a user should use the searching tool to find the person he/she likes. The searching feature is free. Once users find the people they want to chat with, they can send them private messages.

How to see who likes you on Wireclub without paying?

It is not possible to know who likes you on this platform if you are a free user. To like a user on this platform, you must have a premium account. Users with premium accounts can like other users’ profiles, and there is a section where a person can write about their expression.

The platform also has a premium feature for adding friends. Users can send friend requests to anyone they like. If your friend request is approved, then that is a sign that the person likes you too, and you can go ahead and have a private chat.

How to block someone on Wireclub?

You can block a user by going to his/her profile and clicking the block option. Once a user is blocked, he/she will not see your messages.

How to cancel Wireclub subscription?

Canceling a subscription on this website is simple. Users only have to go to the subscription section and select the cancel subscription option.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Wireclub Media Inc
  • Address: PO Box 1154
  • Zip Code + City: 98281-1154, Point Roberts
  • Country: Unated States, WA
  • Customer Support Email: help@wireclub.com
  • Facebook: Wireclub
  • Twitter: @wireclub
  • Blog
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