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Feabie.com Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Feabie.com Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 97%
Popular age 26-30
Beauty 45%
Profiles 1.790.000
About Site
Visit rate 5.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Organized profile on Feabie.com
  • Different ways to connect with people - Add Friend, Follow
  • Newsfeed similar to Facebook - comfortable and familiar interface
  • Your fan followers are visible - Visitors & Followers
  • Newsfeed customization
  • Hashtags works similar to other social networking sites
  • Private messaging through live chat service
  • Friendship opportunities
  • While most functions are similar to other social networking sites, tagging isn’t. The “@” doesn’t work on Feabie.com
  • Status likes on Feabie.com do not show up on notification, which bars you from knowing the responses of people
  • Difficult to find the blocklist - the list which includes people who have blocked you from entering their pages
  • Server crashes are frequent
  • Too many notifications and constant reminders may be irritating
  • Replying to comments is not possible; only liking them is
  • Sex workers
  • Frustrated people are posting the sad statuses for attention.

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Feabie.com is more than just a dating site. Although the website does attract people looking for a date, it is more of a social media dating platform. It was created by the owners of Grommr, a popular social networking platform designed especially for gays. Expanding from the same thought, the makers created Feabie.com as a social networking site for the non-accepted crowd who face the most amount of discrimination in regular spaces. Grokio LLC is the name behind both the brands Feabie.com and Grommr. Feabie.com is a place where niche groups like fat men or fat women, gays, lesbians, or anybody who feels abandoned or bullied at other online spaces can meet people like themselves. It is a place for the discriminated ones to feel comfortable and liked without the fear of being judged. This is the introduction that the dating website provides; it would be interesting to dig a little deeper to find the reality about the site.

Expert’s Review of Feabie.com

Feabie.com Review

There is no novel cause behind feabie.com. One look at it, and you know that the website is an amalgamation of popular social sites like Facebook and Twitter. But of course, it is not that alone, there is more to it. The improvised social networking site is for a niche audience. It creates a place for the people facing body discrimination – feeders and feedees. The feeders are those who fantasize about large sizes, get turned on by seeing a Big Beautiful Woman (BBW) or a Big Handsome Man (BHM), and like to provide food to the partner. The feedees are the people who accept food and enjoy gaining weight. Feabie.com is a platform that gives these people space where they can be happy without being judged. People who are scared of being looked down, in general.

The feeders on the site are more than 30,000 members who have joined the platform to meet and talk to feedees. The number of users the site claims, in general, is 114599. While there are no restrictions on the sexuality part on Feabie.com, the majority of the members are straight. However, unlike most other bhm dating websites , this site recognizes and paves the way for the third gender as well. So officially, it is open for all genders and sexuality; finding a suitable partner with similar interests is where the struggle might be. The age of most members lies in the age frame of 28-40.

Website Design & Usability

Feabie.com Design

The layout of feabie.com is very similar to Facebook. The inspiration comes from Facebook and Twitter, which is why the design will not seem strange to you or anybody. Apart from the color combination, you would easily be able to tell what is where. While one may easily choose to complain over the lack of new design of their favorite site, members on feabie.com don’t. And why would they be, getting used to new features and the unique interface takes a lot of time. A known and familiar layout saves that time and allows the members to start with the purpose they have joined the platform directly.

Special Features

The unique features are something that turns on people from other websites to a new one. Feabie.com, despite being a mix of various popular social networking platforms, has a few features that make it stand out from the rest. Follow the list to know all such features you need to keep your eye on.

  • Customization – News feed, search
  • Chat rooms with video calling facility
  • Geo-location customization
  • Mobile apps for both Android and iPhone
  • Protected from the interference of the third-party apps and websites
  • Niche audiences bring together like-minded people
  • Different access for free and premium members
  • Men are allowed to block only a restricted number of members.

How does Feabie.com work?

Feabie.com work

So just like any other social networking website and dating platform, feabie.com allows anyone above the legal age to register. The signing up process is easy and not much time taking. There are comparatively few but compulsory fields that one needs to enter before getting access to feabie.com. After completing the page, you get redirected to a larger page with more fields. Thankfully, this page can be skipped anytime and is not compulsory to fill. It is the page for the profile setup. After completion or skipping the profile setup, you can finally get the first view of feabie.com.

Although refreshing, the interface will not scare you. It is somewhat similar to Facebook, so you will know what to do and where to find the needed tool. Depending on which gender you are interested in, your newsfeed will show the corresponding profiles. You may reach out to them by liking or commenting on their statuses and posts. Of course, you may also send someone a private message. Apart from the news feed, you may choose to search your preferences using the search bar, which can be customized your way. So you can enter an age you are of the person you are looking for, a gender, and even a size. And there is a location as well! Any response from anybody lands up in the notification box, so don’t you worry about the feeling of missing out. Let us take a closer look at the two most essential steps that set up the pillar of your image on feabie.com.

Sign Up Process

When you visit feabie.com, along with the website’s introduction and unique features, the site offers you two buttons: ‘Join us’ and ‘Sign in.’ The ‘Join us’ button is for the new members who are looking forward to becoming members of the platform. The ‘Sign-in’ button is for the already registered users who want to log in. As a new member, you need to hit the ‘Join us’ button, which will take you to another page with a few blank fields you need to fill up. The form asks you for a preferred username, email, password, gender, date of birth, a preference in sexuality along with a process of confirming you are not a robot. This step takes hardly a minute or two, depending on your typing and entering skills because there is no space of creativity. However, this leads you to another page that requires you to put in some imagination.

Users Profiles Quality

Feabie.com Quality

After registration, you get redirected to a new page that is detailed and full of empty fields and questions. If you have ever filled a slam book in your teens and childhood, then be ready to visit those golden days with the profile setup page. It has a lot of rather exciting fields. And while initially, it may look extremely annoying, you need to fill up at least a few. Setting up a profile not only gives you the right image and shows you as a real person in contrast to the fake profiles, but it also helps you attract and impress members. Once you start looking for a partner, their profile is the first thing you go up to, to find more about the person before approaching them. Thus it is recommended to set up the account, which otherwise is optional. Also, another good thing about the profile set up on feabie.com is that information is customizable. You get to choose which one to show and which one to hide. You are also allowed to add photos and that too as many as you like, however, not nudes.

Mobile Application

Feabie.com is available on mobile as well. They have well designed and optimized mobile applications for both Apple App store and Google Play for Android users. The mobile app makes the experience of using the dating platform or the social networking site, whatever you call it, much more convenient to use. You can take your friends and online dates anywhere with you and be available for a quick chat anytime, avoiding all the fuss. However, you can easily avoid having the app on your phone by using the website on your mobile browser with equal convenience. Also, the good news is that the feabie.com app is free to download, and the registration process on mobile apps is just like on the website.

Feabie.com Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Feabie.com Websites & Apps

If you are looking for alternatives for Feabie.com to get registered, then it is going to be difficult. Feabie.com became famous because of the unique niche it caters to, however, there are similar dating sites that you may want to see. Here is a list of platforms you can check out for variety.

  • Curvy Dating App
  • LargeFriends.com
  • BBWCupid.com
  • WooPlus.com
  • Chubbybunnie.com
  • Thebigandthebeautiful.com
  • BBPeoplemeet.com
  • BBWadmire.com
  • Largepassions.com
  • BBWdating.com

Membership Price and Payment Method

Feabie.com Price

Although feabie.com is entirely accessible to all the users, there are some restrictions for free members. To remove the barring, one needs to pay a small monthly fee to feabie.com. Purchasing one of the premium plans makes the Feabie account Feabie XL. The prices are comparatively pocket-friendly and are taken mainly for the maintenance of the dating site. While the monthly subscription costs you close to $8, the yearly plan comes at $60. The user can quickly pay for the subscription using their credit card on the website or the app.

Free Membership Features

As mentioned before, although free members can use all the available services on the feabie.com, there is a limit to it. For example, free members can download only up to 25 photos on the website. There is also a limit on posting and connecting with people. For men, the restriction extends to the allowance of blocking people. The golden number here is ten, which is the maximum allowed per day with a free account.

Premium Membership Features

Paying for the subscription plan and using the Feabie XL removes the restriction and gives the user unlimited access to everything. There is no unique feature for the paid members, though. Even the website looks the same as before to all the paid members.

Is Feabie.com Really Safe?

Feabie.com Safe

Feabie.com is safe to use. The website doesn’t use any personal information to sell it to third parties. However, it does use general information for surveys and statistics. Mostly the users on the website are real, but of course, there are some exceptions. Because of the absence of a verification process, feabie.com does attract a few fake profiles. But, the blocking system protects the members from such annoying activity.


Feabie.com Conclusion

Feabie.com is a never seen before concept, a breath of fresh air for the feeders who fantasize about large women or men and feedees, who love to be fed and gain weight. It is an excellent platform for anyone, irrespective of their sexuality and gender. It welcomes everyone who gets attracted to big size. Feabie.com is not a typical dating site; it is more of a social networking platform for a group of people with a similar interest. So apart from finding a date, one can even utilize the platform for making fabulous friendships.

Feabie.com FAQs

Here is a list of questions you may want to know the answers to before registering on Feabie.com as a free user.

How to delete feabie.com account?

It is simple. All you need to do is explore the profile settings on the platform and push the necessary buttons. You need the ‘Edit My Profile’ and ‘Delete My Account.’ If you are feeling confused, you can also contact the support for help.

How to message someone on feabie.com?

Visit a profile you like and find the message button to send one. You may also choose to send a friend request to a person you like. There is another option of following, which doesn’t add the person to your friend’s list but lets you see anything they post on your feed.

How to see who likes you on Feabie.com without paying?

Unfortunately, you can’t see who liked you on feabie.com. There are a lot of members who have wanted to know this. But unlike Facebook, feabie.com neither notifies you about the likes nor does it show the same list.

How to block someone on Feabie.com?

Any member can block members who they think are annoying and disturbing them free of charge. For women, feabie.com is more sensitive; they allow women to block as many people as they want to even with free accounts. However, the numbers differ in the case of men. Men, on the other hand, are only allowed to block a maximum of 10 people on feabie.com. The restriction on numbers is for the free account holders. The barring can be easily removed by paying $8 with a monthly subscription plan.

How to cancel Feabie.com subscription?

You can cancel for sure, and you should be accurate with it because logging out or even deleting an account does not cancel a subscription. Because it is the credit cards that the members use for purchasing plans, they are by default go for auto-renewal. It is a must to cancel the subscription if you do not want to continue with it or with the membership at all. You will be able to do so from the account payment settings. Alternatively, you may use the feabie.com support for help.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Grokio LLC
  • Address: 201 E 5th Street, Suite 1227
  • Zip Code + City: Sheridan, WY 82801
  • Country: The United States
  • Customer Support Email: support@feabie.com
  • Facebook: @myfeabie
  • Twitter: @Feabieweb
  • Blog: feabie.tumblr.com
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