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Outpersonals Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Outpersonals Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
About Boys
Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 20-23
Profiles 1.500.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Popular and Trustworthy: It is one of the largest dating websites which has a vast community. You will be able to get exclusive features to participate in community activities.
  • Video Chat Facility: With the help of a webcam facility, you will have a video chat with the person you like. You can even do video group chat.
  • Support: 24/7 live support option is what you can expect on this website.
  • Support: 24/7 live support option is what you can expect on this website. Mobile App: You can also install the mobile application so that you can remain connected. It is going to be mobile compatible and also available on other devices like tablets.
  • Easy To Use: The user interface is quite smooth, which is why even the non-tech-savvy individuals will be able to browse through it.
  • The website offers a lot of features, but the home page can be a little bit confusing, especially for the people who are very new to this kind of activity.
  • It is suitable for casual dating, and if you are looking for something serious, you should not opt for this website.
  • There are some features that you will be able to get on the free membership but to get the exclusive features users have to pay a bit bucks for the premium membership.

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Outpersonals has been able to secure its place as one of the most popular and fast-growing gay community. It has about 1.3 million active members worldwide and is an excellent platform for all the bisexuals and homosexuals. It provides a lot of friendly services to its users. Moreover, it’s easy messaging facilities and good search filters help its users find a perfect match.

While talking about gay dating, Outpersonals offers premium quality services to the singles compared to the other dating websites. In case you are gay and looking for a perfect partner, Outpersonals is the first dating app you can easily rely on!

This website will help you develop a relationship with a person from your city or even from another country. The best part of this website is that it is legitimate, and there are no safety concerns its users have to worry about. Even though this platform is mostly for gay people, there is no confinement of sexuality; every kind of relationship is acceptable.

You will be able to enjoy fun and casual relationships with thousands of members to choose from. Dating can be easy online, but it is always a good thing to be careful in case of fraudulent activities. Even on this website, you need to be smart and aware of the strangers with whom you are having conversations. You can check out the advantages, disadvantages, exceptional features, and the website’s working mechanism in this Outpersonals review.

Outpersonals are one of the leading gay dating websites that you can find online. It is specifically customized for gay singles that are looking for a fantastic relationship without having any commitment. The website’s mission and vision are to find and match gay singles for casual hookups and even one night stands. The users belong to different countries, so you can interact with numerous people of different cultures, races, and ethnicities.

Expert’s Review of Outpersonals

Outpersonals Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

According to the experts’ review of this website, you will be able to get an array of features. Being a gay individual, you will be able to find a proper partner. This dating site has a lot of people from Brazil, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and many more. You can also find numerous Americans, and it will be like finding a new small virtual world.

It may take some time for your profile as well as your post to get approved, but once it is done, you will be able to get a satisfactory outcome. In the beginning, you can try standard as well as free membership, but if you want to get more out of it, pay for the premium membership.

On this website, you will be able to get romantic relationships online and make new friends with the perfect group of like-minded people. You search some members from your location so that it is easier for you to meet offline.

There are a lot of users, and there are approximately 5000 to 7000 logins every day. Within a very few years, it has been able to get a lot of popularity. Outpersonals is a website with a current member list of 1.3 million, and it has been reached within several years. After reading the review, you would want to visit this site at least once.

Website Design & Usability

Outpersonals Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Even though the design of the website is conventional, it is interesting. It comprises innovative elements to keep the attention span of the visitors high. The site has clear navigation and user-friendly interface, so very few websites can come into breakneck competition with this one. Every feature of this website is placed right and easily reachable. The background theme and user interface are elegant and somehow manly.

Special Features

  1. Chat. You will be able to chat without any introduction to this website. You can choose any chat room that you want to join, and you will be able to get a lot of active members. Also, you can get an indication of how many users are chatting now. Try participating in community activities for more fun!
  2. Instant messaging. It is another fantastic feature that you would want to try. It will help you in sending out instant messages to the people that you like. In the free membership, you will be able to send only five instant messages every day, but there are no limitations in the gold membership.
  3. Wink. It is one of the most exclusive features that you will be able to get, and it gives you the ability to flirt virtually. If you want to engage in healthy flirting with someone, you can send a wink. But it is only available for the gold members, and the standard members can only receive but not send them.
  4. Go live. It is always an excellent option to check out the life features because you will be able to set out a broadcast. Only gold members can view the broadcasts.

How does Outpersonals work?

Outpersonals Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Outpersonals is a premium bisexual and gay dating website that will help you in finding your match. It works in a specific and customized manner, and you can use the filters like age, gender, or verified profiles. Not only that, but you can also search for the interested members who are located in your area.

There is a priority listing option, but to get that, you have to go for the gold membership. It is always a good thing to get attention from the other users, and you will find new friends in a short time.

If you have the gold membership, you can invite your shortlisted members to go for a private chat. Not only that, but you will also be able to check out whether they are online. It also gives you an option to turn the invisible mode on your profile. You can also block annoying people who spam you or send you offensive messages.

Sign Up Process

Outpersonals Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

The sign-up process is going to be incredibly comfortable, and it will comprise only a few steps. The process is going to take a few minutes, and you need not verify the email.

You can sign up with the help of social media websites like Facebook. In this case, you won’t need to fill all the forms manually, because the site will take the necessary information right from your Facebook account.

You can get the approval within 24 hours, especially if you upload some photos. The maximum time of checking is 48 hours.

You should be at least 18 to join the site, just like on any other platform specializing in dating.

The sign-up process is going to be hassle-free for you, and you can log in anytime you want. You can save the password on the browser so that you do not need to import it. All you have to do is to fill in your credentials like name age, gender, as well as preferences, and you are good to go.

Users Profiles Quality

Outpersonals Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

The profile quality is something you’d like to reach, because the more exciting your profile is, the more activity you get on the site. Pay attention to these facts and think twice before leaving your profile empty:

  • If someone has marked you as their shortlisted profile, you will get the notifications. The same will happen even if someone is taking a look at your profile. So give them a chance to notice you by providing some information.
  • Your profile will be authentic if you verify it through your email address.
  • If you want to get a suitable date, a nice photograph will help. You should have a real profile photo to attract potential matches. Don’t overuse the retouching; ensure that you give correct information so that when you physically meet, there is no scope for disappointment.
  • You will be able to update your profile according to your convenience.
  • You will not have to pay any charge to update your profile picture or information. Get yourself a nice and full profile to make your experience better.

Mobile Application

Outpersonals Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

The mobile application of this website will help you stay connected on the go, and it is convenient for many users. You will be able to download it for free for both Android and iOS devices. It is effortless to use, and the design is very trendy. You can talk to any member of the website with a simple interface and features matching the website’s ones.

Outpersonals Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

If you’re going to find some alternative and a similar website, you can try out Grindr, Scruff, or GayCupid. There are some other websites like Sugardaddy.com for more specific activities. You can visit the websites and check out their mobile applications to understand the similarities and differences.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Outpersonals Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

There are two different kinds of membership that you can get namely standard free membership and gold membership.

In the gold membership, you will contact all the active members and even check out advanced search options. Also, you can get exclusive access to the new members. For the Gold membership plan, you will have to pay $30 per month and only $7 per month if you choose to buy a twelve-months membership.

If you are curious about the payment method, you will be relieved to know that it accepts all kinds of offers from PayPal, credit cards, and bank transfers. Not only that, but you can also go for some other online wallets like Skrill, Webmoney, etc.

Free Membership Features

Outpersonals Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

As a free member, you can use some customizable search features and full control over your profile changes. You will be able to upload some images in the gallery and even check out the profile pictures of other users free of cost. Comparing to many other similar services, Outpersonals offers a great number of free options, and its members have all the information they need to decide to go for paid plans.

Premium Membership Features

In the premium membership, you can connect with any active member. You may choose one of the eight languages so that it is easy for you to communicate and use a fantastic matching algorithm to find your soulmate. You can stop the membership plan according to your convenience, but with such low prices, there’s no much space left to doubt – try the full functionality and improve your experience. In case you’re still hesitating, it’s good to know that the site will give you three-months membership for free if you don’t find your match during your subscription plan.

Is Outpersonals Really Safe?

Outpersonals Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

The safety and security of this website are of topmost importance, and there is no security breach. You will be able to get protection from fraudulent activities, but it is good to be alert even then. It has a perfect deception prevention system so that you can keep the information perfectly safe.

At the same time, there are some complaints about the low responsiveness of the support team, so try to think through all the risks.


Outpersonals Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Outpersonals is a platform which will help you in going for homosexual as well as bisexual dating. You will be able to have a friendly and non-judgmental environment on the website, and there will be no awkwardness. Overall it is an excellent dating site that will give you ultimate entertainment. So if you have been looking for a platform that will spice up your romantic life, nothing could be better. Try it out for once, and you will not be disappointed at all.

Outpersonals Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Do you have some questions that are still not clear by reading this article? If it’s a yes, below are some of the most frequently asked questions by the users that will help you to get a better insight on the Outpersonals website.

How to delete Outpersonals account?

Deleting the website account is not troublesome at all. There is a sending form that requires your username and password. Fill in the data and send the form to the support team of the site. You can find this form in the settings of your account.

How to message someone on Outpersonals?

If you want to message someone, you simply have to check out their profile, reach the “Interact” section, and choose the option. You may opt to “Send an email” or select the Voice message option. The messaging section on the site is convenient and customizable, so you will hardly get lost.

How to see who likes you on Outpersonals without paying?

If you want to see who likes you without paying, just get into communication with a certain amount of people and see how it goes. There is no particular “Like” option, so you can only tell from interacting with users.

How to block someone on Outpersonals?

If you feel like someone is very irritating and want to get rid of them, report the account to the site’s support. The site has a “Report abuse” option you can use. If you want to terminate a person from sending you messages, use the mailing settings in the person’s profile. There is a “Block email/Flirt” option under the “Report member for abuse” button.

How to cancel Outpersonals subscription?

If you have already paid for the gold subscription and think you no longer need it, there is always an option for cancellation. Go to the “My Account” section and select “Billing history.” You will find the needed option there.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Outpersonals
  • Address: Various, Inc. 910 E. Hamilton Ave., Sixth Floor,
  • Zip Code + City: CA 95008, Campbell
  • Country: The USA
  • Customer Support Email: team@outpersonals.com
  • Facebook: no verified account
  • Twitter: no verified account
  • Blog: n/a
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