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An Honest Review of Tinder for 2021

An Honest Review of Tinder for 2021
About Girls
Beauty 68%
Reply rate 97%
Popular age 22-30
Date with older guys 10%
Profiles 10.456.700
About Site
Visit rate 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Chances of meeting someone is high with over 50 million users worldwide
  • Has a fully-functional free version without having to upgrade
  • Easy sign-ups using Google, Facebook or a phone number
  • Robust search functionality and filter that can find matches that are close to you
  • Welcomes all communities regardless of sexual orientation
  • Can find singles in any city after upgrading
  • It can be used for all kinds of hookups, from casual sex, romance, dating, to just meeting someone new.
  • Liking a profile is easy, just swipe the screen, plus you can also super-like someone.
  • Upgrading will cost different depending on age
  • You are limited on how many profiles you can like unless you upgrade
  • Users are more active in urban areas, and less so in rural areas.

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This is one of the earliest dating apps. Tinder is popular because it’s the first app that made use of the swipe feature to like or unlike a profile. When both users like each other’s profile, they can start exchanging messages. This made the app somewhat ‘superficial’ for some, but others, making it easy to meet lots of people. Dating apps like Tinder allow you to reach more people than you could in your daily life. With Tinder, people can see who is interested in their profile based on their geographical location. This makes it exciting for people looking to make connections in their home city that they otherwise wouldn’t have known about.

On the surface, Tinder might seem frivolous since people can only chat once they swipe right on each other’s profile. People might assume that it’s just for fun – seeing who likes your profile and your pictures. On the other hand, serious relationships have blossomed from a simple chat and subsequent meetings. Essentially, you never know what’s going to happen in Tinder. It also breaks down barriers when it comes to social situations. Traditionally, men would have to start a conversation with women to get something going. Whereas with Tinder and similar dating apps, it’s perfectly okay for women to initiate the conversation without it being awkward. However, Tinder can be a lot more than a conversation starter, as you’ll soon find out. So read on to know more about this revolutionary dating app.

What We Think Of Tinder


Tinder was launched in 2012 and quickly became a giant in the online dating space. As mentioned, conversations or chatting can only be started if both parties like each other. It’s a match-making platform that works without the embarrassment of initial rejection or unwanted attention. It’s a simple but powerful idea that made it a household name in the dating game. Moreover, Tinder users can view selected pictures from other people’s Facebook profile, and also their Instagram or Spotify accounts if the owner allows it.

Founded by Sean Rad, along with co-founders Justin Mateen, Jonathan Badeen, Chris Gylczynski, Whitney Wolfe, and Joe Munoz, Tinder rose to quick success in a matter of months. It made 2 million matches in just two months and was a hit with college students. Just a year later, the company won the ‘best new startup of 2013’ at Techcrunch annual awards. Tinder’s growth is explosive, and as of 2019, the estimated valuation of the company is around $10 billion.

Users from Tinder are impressive in numbers. They are from 200 countries around the world and consist of tens of millions of profiles. Tinder dating app has made over 20 billion matches for users, which shows just how popular the app is in the dating market. Now, the company is owned by the media giant InterActiveCorp and its subsidiary Match Group.

In regards to making the app better, Tinder has expanded a feature on how it finds profiles to show to users. Initially, people who sign-up are only able to choose if they want to see men, women, or both. But now, they can choose their sexual orientation as well. So instead of only viewing profiles filtered by gender, Tinder users can check-out people with the same sexual orientation – allowing a match more likely to happen. Being the most popular dating app in the world, Tinder attracts people of all ethnicities and ages, although people between the age of 18-24 make up its core users.

Tinder’s Website Design & Usability

Tinder Website

People say that the Internet has shortened people’s attention spans. Whether that’s true or not, Tinder capitalizes on that idea by encouraging fast connections. Their website and their app have a quick but straightforward goal – you either like someone or you don’t. Therefore the design is set up so you can quickly view a few photos, a short description, all awaiting your judgment. Brutal but effective.

Their website uses a bright pink design that compliments their message, which is ‘Match. Chat. Date’. The homepage makes it easy to sign-up. It doesn’t have anything distracting other than a bright red button encouraging people to create or log-in with their Facebook, phone number, or Google account. Overall, the simplicity of the design is what makes it attractive. Being a dating app, Tinder respects privacy, and they clearly state their privacy policy on the site. Browsing the site, you’ll find their blog, which is aptly called ‘swipe life’ where you can find interesting articles on dating and relationships.

Tinder’s Special Features

Tinder’s swiping feature is a stroke of genius by the developers. But there are tons of other useful features that a user will like when using Tinder.

Easy profile creation

A lot of sites and apps allow you to sign-up with your Google and Facebook accounts. But for a match-making site like Tinder, they take it a step further by asking you for various permissions when accessing your Google or Facebook account. Depending on your privacy concerns, you may like or dislike this feature. If you’re someone who wants a quick set-up of your Tinder profile, then you’ll love the idea that Tinder can create most of the information for your profile from just your Facebook account.

Targeted profiles

One of the best features of Tinder is that you can meet people in your local area. Users can use various filters to view people from within a particular age group and how far they are from their own location. Free users are limited in their options but paid members to get a host of other options. For example, throttling the maximum distance of matching profiles to more than 10 miles and finding matches from other distant locations with the passport feature.

On-demand safety

Using Noonlight, Tinder users can share who they’re meeting up with in person with Noonlight’s Timeline Feature. Noonlight is a well-known safety platform app in the US that can be connected with any Tinder profile. The app will keep track of where you are at all times and can trigger emergency services discreetly if the need arises.

Super-liking someone

Free users have a limited number of right swipes in a day. And super-likes are only available once a day for free users. So this feature is especially useful to make a solid connection with someone. The person that is super-liked gets a notification, so there is more likely the chance for a conversation to start.

Profile boost

This feature will give you more views on your profile. What it does is mostly list your profile at the top of your geographical location for 30 minutes. It’s a paid feature but can increase your chances for a match if used wisely.

Control profile settings

There are various controls and settings you can tweak for your profile. Tinder users can control who they want to see and who can see them. Although you are still subject to Tinder’s Elo algorithm ranking, a few settings are available. Like disallowing anyone to view your profile unless you like the first, or knowing who likes you even before you right-swipe their profile.

Automatically shows your best profile

You may put your best photos on Tinder, but other people will be the judge on which ones are actually good. So to do that, the algorithm will figure out your best pictures based on previous swipes on your pics. It will prioritize the ones that people liked the most to show up first.

How Does Tinder Work?

Tinder Work

Tinder is like speed dating on steroids. But instead of talking to every random someone, you can only initiate conversations with people who have shown an interest in you as well. As for membership levels, there is the free membership, Tinder Plus, and Tinder Gold. A free membership allows for limited allocations of certain features and comes with in-app advertising.

The Sign-Up Process

Tinder sign

Tinder previously required users to have a Facebook profile before signing-up for their dating platform. But that is no longer the only way to have a Tinder account. Now people who are interested in using the platform can join via their phone number, Google account, or Facebook.

Tinder still recommends joining their dating platform via Facebook, as it’s the easiest way to create a ready-to-go profile. Also, connecting Tinder to your Facebook account makes it easier to log-in than using a phone number. This is because Facebook keeps you logged in, which saves you time from having to verify your phone number each time you want to use Tinder.

To sign-up using Google or Facebook, just tap log in with Google or Facebook, respectively and fill out your profile info. Allow the required permissions. Then you’re done. For mobile number sign-ups, you’ll receive a one time password you need to enter in Tinder before you can proceed.

The Quality Of Tinder’s User Profiles

Unlike other dating apps where you can manually search through dozens of profiles that you might be interested in, Tinder works in a more simplistic yet intuitive way. Basically, with Tinder, you’ll be presented with a certain number of profiles that the algorithm determines appropriate. Then you just swipe right or left on who you like. And when people see your profile, they have the opportunity to do the same.

Bearing that in mind, that means you’ll find profiles by people from all walks of life. The quality will be as diverse as fishes in the ocean. There will be profiles that look attractive and well-thought-out. These people obviously take their Tinder profile seriously and want you to swipe right, and they will go the extra mile to present an irresistible profile.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have profiles that look like the person behind it was either too lazy or thought that looks don’t matter (it does on Tinder). Fail pictures include the shy type – people who hide their profile obscurely behind a group to make you guess who they really are. Or bored-looking people just trying to jump on the dating bandwagon and post bland pictures of themselves.

In other words, you can find nearly every type of person on Tinder. Not too mention the occasional fake profile. Although the good thing is, you can rely on their Elo algorithm to do its job here. So if you take the time to create a right-swipe worthy profile, the system will take care of itself and match you with quality matches as well.

There are a few essential tips to do well on Tinder. For one, don’t be shy to ask for feedback from a site like PhotoFeeler. Once you know your best photos, rotate 2 or 3 on Tinder and use their Smart Photos feature. You should also consider how you want to appear. Do you want to look sophisticated? Portray yourself as a confident and alpha-type? Or appear as the outdoorsy, active person? Tinder profiles should be viewed as a marketing platform for yourself. So improving it will not only make you look attractive but increases your chance of a match too.

Tinder’s Mobile App

Tinder actually started as a native mobile app. So every feature available will be available on the app itself. Also, using the app was the only way to use Tinder. The web version, which was called Tinder Online, was only later introduced after the app has been around for several years.

Since Tinder serves the app market, it makes sense that it’s available for both iOS and Android.

For most users, using the app would be preferable as some features are missing from the desktop version, such as super-liking someone and boosting your profile. Both designs look similar, and as with most things, comes down to preference.

However, one advantage that the PC version would have is that you can look at profiles on a bigger screen. The other differences are not really worth making the switch from one platform to the other. So if you’re already using the app and like it, there’s no reason to use the web version unless your phone is charging.

Tinder Alternatives

Tinder Alternatives

With Tinder’s massive appeal, you’d think that other apps or websites wouldn’t be worth it, although you couldn’t be more wrong. Whether you want a more targeted dating app that caters to your locale or religious beliefs, or perhaps you feel that Tinder is too saturated, you might be tempted to find alternative options to Tinder. Also you can read Clover VS. Tinder Comparing.


Nothing connects people to a common goal. Or, in this case, common hate. Hater adds a unique twist in the matching game. They find topics that you can either hate, love, like, or don’t like and match you up with people with the same sentiments. After you’ve made your opinion on random topics, the system eventually finds you matches based on it. Then the fun continues, you’re shown profiles of people that share your perhaps fleeting thoughts, and you can choose to right-swipe or left-swipe them to your heart’s content.


Apps like Tinder are for everyone. But Grindr caters to transgender people and gay men and women. The app works similar to Tinder in that it finds matches based on location, although the app advertises itself as more for hookups and sexual encounters rather than finding relationships.

Tinder’s Membership Price

Tinder Price

Tinder has a free option and two paid options, which are Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. The pricing for either membership will be determined by the age of the person, and if the user is paying monthly, annually or twice yearly. We’ll explore the features and benefits below.

Free Membership Features

For free members, you get a limited number of profiles to view and swipe within 24 hours. It used to be about 100 profiles within 12 hours, but now the real figure it’s not revealed. So you might be getting slightly fewer swipe privileges than before. Also, free uses can only search within a limited amount of distance relative to their location. Lastly, you only get one super-like per day.

Tinder Plus Features

For those under 30, Tinder Plus is $9.99 a month. Anyone who’s older is going to need to pay $19.99 for the same membership.


You can use the ever-useful ‘Passport’ feature with Tinder Plus. This allows you to view single profiles from other cities, allowing you to make connections outside your immediate area.

Profile boost and unlimited swiping

Members get one profile boost a month, along with unlimited swipes and five super-likes. Also, you can undo your previous swipes if you somehow made a mistake. Moreover, you won’t see any ads at this level.


More control on profile management

Tinder Plus users can change what users see on their profile, like your location and age, for example. You can also allow your profile to be seen by only people that you liked.

Tinder Gold Features

A gold subscription will cost $29.99 per month. But users can opt for an annual subscription, which would cost significantly less per month. Age factor would determine the total price you would pay for a gold membership. Tinder Gold members enjoy all the benefits of Tinder Plus, along with the following notable benefits:

Skip the swiping process

Rather than trying to swipe and make a random connection, you can view profiles of people who already liked your profile and just match up with them instead.

Top picks

Tinder will list up to 10 ‘top picks’ profiles every 24-hours for you to view. These are based on their algorithm that matches the best candidates for you.

How Safe Is Tinder?

Tinder Safe

Using Tinder is a great way to meet people. But just as meeting someone in person, you don’t want to reveal every personal detail about yourself. This holds true, especially for sensitive information like your social security number, bank account number, home address, etc. Use good judgment when talking to someone, and if they seem adamant about knowing your personal details, you should report and block them.

If you decide to meet up, be sure to do so in a public place, especially if you’re a member of the ‘fairer sex.’ Also, it’s okay to do a little bit of online research and Google the name of someone you’re going to meet. You’re not stalking them, you’re just playing it safe, which is something you should always keep in mind with online dating.


A lot of people have had success with Tinder when it comes to finding relationships. And if you’re willing to put in the time and effort in creating an awesome profile, you can bet that you’ll find someone special on the platform. And for most people, swiping through profiles is half the fun.


How to delete my Tinder account?

Go to your profile icon and tap on ‘settings.’ At the end of the ‘settings’ menu is a ‘Delete My Account’ option. You need to confirm your action once when you choose this.

How to message someone on Tinder?

Once you’ve made a match with someone, select ‘Messages’ from the Tinder menu. A list of people who you’ve made a match with will appear. Simply choose the person you want to chat with and compose your message.

How to see who likes you on Tinder without paying?

With the free version, you can only see who likes you once you’ve made a match. Meaning both of you have liked each other’s profile.

How to block someone on Tinder?

Go to the conversation section of the person you want to block. Click the ‘More’ button, which is the three-dot symbol. You can find the block option here labeled as ‘Unmatch.’ It’s worth noting that this action is irreversible, and blocking someone is permanent.

How to cancel a subscription to Tinder?

If you subscribed via Google Play Store or iOS, you need to do the following:

  • On iOS
  • On Android

If you subscribed directly via Tinder website, you need to disable auto-renew or cancel directly under the ‘Manage Account’ section on their website.

Contact information

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  • Address: 8750 North Central Expressway Suite 1400, Dallas, Texas 75231, United States
  • Email: help@gotinder.com
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