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Pernals Review 2024| Worth It Or Not?

Pernals Review 2024| Worth It Or Not?
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Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 70%
Popular Age 23-30
Profiles 48 000
Reply Rate 80%
Ease of Use 8
Popularity 7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can send free messages if it's a match.
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • It follows the rules of FOSTA so that it won't get blacklisted
  • Diversified members with unique needs
  • The Android app is not available in many countries and is not regularly updated.
  • Messaging is a premium feature.
  • No website comes in the way of a smooth experience, especially when the app suffers glitches.
  • The location area covers a vast distance, which negatively impacts the targeted search quality.
  • Several fake profiles and scammers
  • Expensive than other platforms

The Pernals dating app is one of the best alternative platforms for Craigslist Personals. After its controversial blacklisting, following the footsteps of several others, Pernals came into being. The specialty of the app is that it is not designed like your typical dating site. So while we will discuss its design later, the real question is its effectiveness. Has it been able to replace Craigslist Personals and provide what it is meant for? In this Pernals dating app review, we will find out all about it.

Pernals Reviews By Experts


Craigslist Personals is one of those names in the industry that needs no introduction. You could credit its fame to popularity, reputation, or even controversy. However, for the ones who do not know or need a reminder, it was a platform for adult classified ads. The ads included people looking for partners, be it love, hookups, no strings attached relationships, threesomes, kinky practices, and more. Being an old site, it was the go-to platform for all singles. Pernals app, or then known as Cragly, was the first one to create such a website that wanted to replace Craigslist Personals.

Launched in 2015 by Alesandra Madison, the Pernals dating app is good with local searches. However, the quality of searches greatly differs with changes in location because of its varying popularity. It is fairly new in the industry and hasn’t gained as big popularity as its inspiration. It is rather still in the growing stage.

But 80% of the audience base on the app is from the US, which makes a sweeping one-sided majority. The other 20% are mostly from Canada. However, since the website is a local search base, you will only see the listed ads of people sharing the same location. Besides, the user base generally shows diversity to a great extent despite the restrictions with the area reach. For example, you will easily find people aged between 18 and 50 looking for partners with different sexuality and varied reasons. So the variety is based not only on physical attributes but also on purpose and likes.

So if you meet the basic age eligibility requirements that are 18+, you can enter because what you then see is better than any dating site. Also, it meets the requirements of the US government and follows the rules of FOSTA. It means you are safe from people asking for money in exchange for sex. Photos of children are also not allowed, and any ad failing to abide by the rules can be reported and immediately banned.

Website Design & Usability

The Pernals dating app does not have a website version. The website only shows the links to app download pages, blogs, terms & conditions, etc. It means that you cannot access the site from your browser. It can be a problem to many because several people prefer browser versions over app downloads for privacy. Furthermore, while the web page shows designated space for downloading the iOS app from App Store and the Android app from the Google PlayStore, there is no Android app yet.

So despite the space, the Android app is yet to be made and hence not available. The whole design thus looks misleading. It means that the Pernals app comes down to being an iOS app which is not very convenient for those on other OC. The problem persists even in the case of app bugs or glitches, which cause compatibility issues.

So, we cannot give a good score for the design in our Pernals app review. However, there are other aspects of the design and interface. The interface gives an old-school newspaper vibe with the classified ad. The list creates a perfect theme for the app. Besides, the navigation is easy, and the interface looks clean with the perfect white balance on the platform. Additionally, the Pernals app has an updated SSL certification that ensures data safety on the platform.

So, our final word on the design and usability of the Pernals app is that it is user-friendly and safe but lacks reach because of compatibility issues.

Special Features

The user experience on all dating sites becomes unique because of their features. They act as supporting tools to help you find a partner or a date fast. Let us take a look at all the special features you get on the Pernals dating app to help you find your date effectively:

  • Create an Ad

Since Pernals is an alternative site for Craigslist Personals, it follows the same classified format. It means you need to create an advertisement with a requirement, your bio, and a photo for the member base to start responding for fulfilling the requirement.

  • Like Ad

If you are browsing through the ads on Pernals dating app, you can like the ones that seem interesting. You may also directly message them by going to their profile to start a conversation yourself.

  • Like Members

There is another section that shows the list of nearby members. Each member is shown in a rectangular box which comes with their small profile photo and bio of the user. Besides, it also comes with two other options, one to like and the second to send a message.

  • Message

Messaging is an important feature needed for setting up a date. However, the feature on the Pernals dating app comes with conditions. Only people who like each other’s ads or member profiles can converse. Alternatively, you will need to purchase a premium plan to upgrade your account to VIP for complete access to the messenger.

  • Username

One great quality about the Pernals app is that it does not ask for too much private information. Even the name required for the profile can be your nickname. Since most people used Craigslist Personals for temporary partners, they did not share their real identities. And Pernals allows you to do the same. However, you need to use your original photo if you plan to meet anyone from the platform. If your face doesn’t match the photo you provide, the person may consider you as a cheater. And besides denying spending time, they can also report your profile as fake on Pernals.

How Does Pernals Work?


Your online dating journey on Pernals begins by downloading the app from the App Store. The step is quickly followed by compulsory registration and then profile setup. While both the steps take very little time for completion, you will find the details of each in the next sections.

Once the basic setup is done, it’s time to create an ad post to invite potential matches for a date. An ad post on the Pernals app is like a classified ad of your requirement. It has three parts: the ad’s subject or heading, the ad’s body, and then your photo.

The subject or the requirement involves writing about what kind of a relationship you are looking for. So, for example, if you want a middle-aged MILF for a hookup, it becomes your subject. Then, in the body of the advertisement, you can add all the points that make you a good partner and your plans regarding the hookup. About you + requirement in the shortest number of words is the essence of classified ads.

Besides posting your own ad, you can browse through other ads and like them. Similar to the Tinder concept, the message box for text-based conversation opens when it’s a mutual like or a match. However, the owner of the Pernals dating app Alesandra Madison is strictly against the Tinder format. Since the fast dating app encourages superficial dating, the ads on Pernals are designed in such a way that you cannot make decisions that are first based on looks. Instead, you have to read through the ad first, tap to see the user’s photo, and then find the like button at the end of the ad.

You may also browse through the members and like or message the ones you find interesting. However, direct messaging requires a VIP account that requires you to pay for a premium plan on Pernals. Also, since the dating site is not known for finding love, you can’t expect users to make many conversations. Instead, they would set up a date to meet.

Sign Up Process

If you are interested in joining the Pernals dating community, first and foremost, you will need to download the iOS app from the App Store. Once the installation is complete, you will see the screen will ask you to either sign up or log in. Since log-in is for the users who already have a registered account with the Pernals app, you will need to sign up as a new user. Then, it will open up a page for registration with a form that asks for a few details like gender, preference, age, location, email, and password. It takes less than two minutes to complete and get started with Pernals.

Users Profiles Quality

You will need to complete the profile setup post-registration, even though it is nothing like other dating sites. While online dating apps ask for a detailed profile, Pernals ask for your preferred username, a bio, and a profile picture. Since other information like gender and sexual preferences are mentioned at the registration, Pernals fetches it from there for your profile. And that’s how your profile setup gets completed quickly. It means now you can start your online dating journey on the Pernals app with an ad posting.

There is no doubt that the Pernals app is different from popular dating sites. Since the structure and design are very different, the language you use on the site becomes important. It would be best to remember that you have a limitation; hence you cannot waste characters in flowery language. The shorter the bio and add, the better it works. But, you should also not eat up important information. An ad should always have information about your looks and expectations from your partner. Concentrate on using simple language, little words, and a self-explanatory heading to attract the right partners. For example – Woman Needed For Movie Date & Threesome Sex.

Pernals Alternatives- Similar Websites & Apps


Pernals are used for dating and mostly casuals and hookups, so you can use any dating site popular for temporary dating and has a cool audience as an alternative. If you are looking for a serious relationship, you can choose sites that only attract an audience looking for serious relationships. The more niche platforms you find and try, the better quality of profiles and responses you get. Saying that, here is a list of a few options you may try as an alternative:

  • Be Naughty
  • Adult Friend Finder
  • Ashley Madison
  • eHarmony
  • Yumi
  • Bedpage
  • OK Cupid
  • Match

Membership Price And Payment Method


Despite being an alternative to the Craigslist Personals, Pernals does not meet one of the most basic requirements for being one. The original offered a free platform for the US citizens to place an ad which is what made it popular in the first place. However, the Pernals app requires you to pay for a membership plan to post an ad or send a message. The founder Alesandra Madison defends that keeping the platform restricted to free users keeps it free from scammers and sex traffickers.

Here is the list of free and paid features, and under it, you will find the available plans you can purchase on the Pernals app for membership.

  • Free Features:
  • Registration
  • Profile setup
  • Photo upload
  • Like
  • Message on mutual like

Premium Features:

  • Posting ad
  • Sending unlimited messages

Pernals Premium Membership Plans:

  • One month- 15 USD
  • Three months- 35 USD
  • Six months- 60 USD



To sum up up Pernals dating review, we can say that this platform has both good and bad sides. It is a mix and does not bend towards any particular side. The good thing is the feel of Craigslist Personals, with the addition of safety and in accordance with the Fight Online Trafficking Act. So it looks like the better version of the Craigslist Personals, a perfect solution for its previous users. However, it also brings with several other factors that were not present with the original.

App glitches, absence of a website, premium membership, and lack of advanced features are some of those factors. Also, they are why we feel Pernals is still suffering from slow growth compared to the expectations. Since it is a paid platform, it cannot be that basic and charge such an amount for nothing. Saying that people who miss the Backpage and adult classified ads must try the Pernals app for a month. If you are one of those, the app may take you down the road of nostalgia.

What’s truly unique about Pernals is its possibilities. The reason for Craigslist’s popularity was not the hookup ads but the variety of requirements. So is the case with the Pernals dating site. It is not limited to finding hookups; you can find ads of requirements as varied as friends with benefits, maid with benefits, caretaker, movie partner, and a lot more. Just because it is on Pernals doesn’t mean that every ad posted on the app is somehow related to sex or relationship. The relationship can even be platonic in the case of several requirements. The community being local is pretty helpful for everything. Hence, it’s a must-try!

Is Pernals Legit?

Unlike the Craigslist Backpage, the Pernals app is a legit platform for online dating and finding real people for different purposes.

Is Pernals Free?

While Pernals allow the use of a few features for free, some of them require a paid membership. The membership and pricing section in the review above shows the details.

Is Pernals Safe?

After the controversy, when a former user of Craigslist, Alesandra Madison founded Cragly ( now Pernals), safety was the first priority. The app, hence, was built in accordance with FOSTA. So while you can place ads for your sexual needs, Pernals does not aids in sex trafficking. Being a paid platform, it filters out most of the law breakers. Additionally, there is a support team constantly working behind the scenes to moderate and maintain the quality and look into the complaints. Besides, the iOS app has an updated SSL certification to ensure maximum data protection.

How Do I Delete My Pernals Account?

You can find the delete my Pernals account option from the account settings.

Can I Use Pernals Without Signing Up?

No. Signing up or registration is compulsory on the Pernals app. You cannot skip it to enter the site.

How Do I Contact Pernals Customer Support?

You can reach out to the team by writing to them at [email protected]. The team assures a reply within one business day, which is really fast.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Pernals
  • Address: No.4,Section 2,North Jianshe Road
  • Zip Code + City: 610054+ Chengdu
  • Country: P.R.China
  • Customer Support Email:
  • Facebook: Not there
  • Twitter: @craglyapp
  • Blog: Pernals Blog
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Customer reviews
by Cortes Jun 03, 2022
The site is a fantastic destination to meet an individual whether you have no want or chance to making brand new friends brick and mortar. In my opinion most users are true since, in person I, haven't ever bumped into con artists. It's a gorgeous system wherein I've came across more people and get got way more real life dates than other web sites supplies. The matchmaking technique is reasonable, which means no fill and junk e-mail on your dashboard. You can actually adjust air filters when and compete some other installations to help your own encounter completely finest.

In case you join, one'll receive all alternatives, causing all of them are obvious and evident. You'll do not have any problem with clicking or toggling between chat windows. Great internet site from all sides.

Diana Spencer
by Diana Spencer May 31, 2022
This site happens to be a area to satisfy an individual if you've got no want or opportunity to render brand new friends traditional. I believe a lot of profiles are real since, really I, never bumped into scammers. It's a gorgeous program in which I've satisfied people and have had more real life goes than many other web sites may offer. The matchmaking technique is decent, meaning no ton and spam on the instrument panel. You could potentially transform screens at any time and explore other setups to create your own enjoy positively great.

In case you log on, you'll receive all possibilities, and all of these are obvious and obvious. You'll do not have any dilemma with pressing or toggling between chat house windows. Good site all aspects.

by Bruno May 24, 2022
It is sometimes difficult to acquire being familiar with associates. This service became the actual cutting of our love life. Up until now, so excellent . we gotten in touch with several potentials for this service. We continue using the application make an effort to, which actually supplies myself with reasonable fits and other people to talk with and possess a magnificent opportunity along.
Karen Russell
by Karen Russell May 23, 2022
Full of consumers that happen to be 10 out-of 10. Great gear for communication. Chatting are seamless and exciting. We accommodate many of us and all my time would be bustling with talking. Then, we moving thinning down and remained touching the best of good. We'd a terrific hours jointly. I got periods and visited parties with my games. No poor knowledge at the moment.
by Wendell May 17, 2022
I would recommend this specific service very. The city is truly remarkable. Full flexibility of site is also an advantage. I've met numerous good friends right here. Also, I found my favorite ex in this article, but went back to the website any time all of our associations choked definitely motives. Still rock and roll the a relationship scene. I'm truly hot!
by BeatriceEddington May 11, 2022
This online dating sites solution is fairly perfect for satisfying other people. The vast majority of users you set about talking with are fine. The sign-up steps is easy and time-saving. There's no need to spend your time and answer a variety of really unnecessary points. The full process is definitely dynamic and amazing. The purchaser support happens to be attentive to queries.
by Tiffani May 08, 2022
Is my favorite event on this web site. Bash fundamental duration of spent account ended, I have decided to circumvent simple position. I will clarify the reason. The main point is that I proven many links along with fruitful talks with many different customers. However, recently, I've satisfied our excellent fit, and I also cannot get healthier. We are very nearly one another! Nevertheless, we won't deactivate the profile because wen't truly mentioned the way our personal commitment is certainly going. I am hoping could be with each other for some time. But if factors get it wrong, I'll be back.
Robert Richardson
by Robert Richardson May 01, 2022
Here is my favorite experiences on this internet site. Following the primary amount of remunerated pub concluded, I made a decision to avoid your profile. I will show the reason. The main point is that we established many connections together with successful speaks with numerous consumers. But recently, I've came across simple finest match, i couldn't be happier. We've been thus near each other! Nevertheless, I won't deactivate the membership because we've gotn't truly mentioned the manner in which all of our connection is certainly going. I'm hoping is along for quite some time. If however issues go awry, I'll return.
Stephanie White
by Stephanie White Apr 24, 2022
Some changed gone wrong, and I begun searching directly at dating services. This option featured wonderful . In my opinion really it is extremely. That's the reasons why I have never ever regretted my favorite investment to join it. These days, I get regular fits, and the majority of ones were correct. Many of all of them comprise as well isolated from my town, but I'm not angry. Unlike various other providers, this one changed off the light formatting, therefore offers much more than simply mindless swiping. I enjoy visibility cards, as they are apparent and well-organized. They don't make you fill out several area just what normally requires a great deal of opportunity. They're on the subject of simply fundamental critical information introducing yourself to a residential area. The second are certain to get the idea of whether you may in shape these people. Most sensible and time-saving strategy.
by Crossman Apr 21, 2022
I've never ever believed in online dating. I'm an extrovert, need a psychological and serious type, so I prefer to see what I'm going to 'buy.' However, this damned pandemic modified much within my life. Anyway, I've review evaluations, expected all around, and made a decision to join this specific service. Frankly communicating, i did so it as much just for fun as to locating a true mate. Remarkably, this model of online discussion turned into extremely fun. It helps me personally rest, not to feel depressed. I'm able to talk about anything Needs, without foolish regulations and bigotry. Not too long ago, I stumbled onto a hot people and find a romantic date. Nowadays, we certainly have an enjoyable hours along. There is equivalent tempers, preferences, and existence. Although most of us meeting casually, a great number of similarities allow us bring excellent activities and luxuriate in oneself without preliminary talks and information. Currently, I'd desire express my personal perceptions concerning webpages. Their design and style is nothing specific, but that is not the point, I guess. Physically, I enjoyed a very clear diet plan, captions, control keys, as well as other stuff that helps me personally discover need I want in only a matter of seconds. From this view, the internet site does its job. Talking about users, they've been close and beneficial adequate. It's my job to always get the idea of precisely what this or that user is. Easily don't have any insights, I'm definitely not shy to inquire about during an internet chat. I do think really it is crucial that you recognize each other much better prior to getting a true date.
by Arlo Apr 14, 2022
I tried some a number of matchmaking facilities, but this amazing tool search good for now. I have already chatted to many men and women on the web and satisfied some. Subsequently, I became more stringent and satisfied a good person for online dating. I nonetheless don't determine whether it is the best selection for me personally, but I feel good behavior and opinions. We wish to date appreciate my time, and possibly next I'll contemplate resilient romance. Undoubtedly enough beautiful fishes contained in this water-feature.
by Charles Apr 11, 2022
As soon as I enrolled in this service, I was glad to view such an easy to use interface and apparatus. Since then, I have had really good luck with casual relationship on this website. I feel much safer than as I tried to get business partners real world. Besides, it's considerably agonizing in case you're thrown away.
by Benicio Apr 03, 2022
I will suggest this website. It does work and makes sex life better. In terms of me personally, personally i think safe using goes. That's ultimately because of my standard to organize assholes and pick solely those exactly who respect my personal values and restrictions. Besides, I always check graphics and skip profiles with stock footage. Talking about the web site. Truly developed as well as user friendly. We consistently witness the majority of your different everyone in this particular assistance and plenty of prospective lovers.
Morris Dunn
by Morris Dunn Apr 02, 2022
I'm single while having neither efforts nor wish to wander the bars, searching for adore recreation. Yes, online dating sites, that's personally. I decided on this website about recommendations of my pal, and it repaid. Costs were affordable, as well as the support team is impending. It's additionally good that i could meeting people who live one or two hours faraway from me. We can fulfill friends without taking a trip, and it's a lot easier to help a scheduled appointment. We already have my own perspective on some members and book all of them. I don't know what will happen after that, nonetheless it search offering for the time being.
by ZAMORA Mar 28, 2022
My personal skills was actually great. I absence terminology to explain the thoughts. No body can't even figure how handy and game-changing the primary best match is. I am pumped up about our personal after that go steady. For the present time, we chat, and that choice is extremely easy. It's like a wild card if you can't discover one another currently.
David Russell
by David Russell Mar 22, 2022
I take advantage of this page regularly, which's exactly why We have settled subscription. Your money was absurd, in addition to the value tend to be a great number of. Client service and design include awesome. Therefore, i assume that it's good to cover just a little for program. Besides, you've got identical odds to uncover both soulmates and playmates on this program.
by Joanna Mar 18, 2022
Robots and fakes? Hello and welcome, we are cyberspace. If you can select a fantastic system without jerks, make me aware. However, I'm into this web site with their solutions and customers. Truly a nice and safe and secure place to see very hot anyone and fascinating personalities. As soon as I witness people that seem to be dubious or artificial, we try to avoid these people and advance.
Lisa Stewart
by Lisa Stewart Mar 11, 2022
I could genuinely declare that I'm presently a highly pleased affiliate. Good internet site with incredible anyone. Numerous individuals is on the web day-after-day to speak and plenty of reactive users to hold down. Your website is really cool to me. No claims about fights since I'm maybe not a love hunter. I like hookups and our lifestyle. Without a doubt, in some cases I have to go through freaks, even if referring to a one-night stay. But I'm certain this is certainly normal for everybody online users. Internet is full of garbage, whether it involves dating online or studies. I play the role of positive and accept matchmaking like it is. This site supplies standard methods for communication. The total design is not specialized but useful and simple to appreciate. Even though you emerged the first occasion, you'll know at once things to push to complete your assignment in a moment.
Elizabeth Mullins
by Elizabeth Mullins Mar 08, 2022
I have to express simple experiences on this site. I've joined up with it and made a profile fairly quickly. After that, i got myself a membership and was certain the most popular hookups are located in our pouch. Not fast. Surprisingly i came across myself unhappy and around invisible on the website. As you can imagine, I had been crazy. But then, we taken me personally jointly and had been planning the thing I in the morning starting incorrect. I've lost by dating forums, asked my buddies, and finally transformed our technique. First of all, I got great love the information in my shape. Editing and enhancing was a breeze, several alternatives are obvious and available without problematic. Extremely, I produced anything with a few ticks. Next, we exchanged photos and add some probably the most catching and, concurrently, mental photographs. Last but not least, we ceased delivering over-used expressions and got a bit more inventive. It worked! I watched lots of matches and google results and found each person to have a chat with and go out in real life. Nowadays, I'm satisfied with my personal account and customers around me to the software. Excellent place to relax, enjoy the pics, and stay intimate.
by Kragh Feb 28, 2022
We doubt people that grumble about robots on this web site. Concerning me, i have met many authentic men and women to get prosperous schedules. I'm unmarried and locate it easy to hook up to fancy heads. I reside in a little community of about 60,000. Thus, I like to get associates in a metropolis certainly not far away from the house. Admittedly, it does take moment, but it's certainly not specialized personally. I'm quite energetic as well as have a bike. Extremely, it's not difficulty to look for a distance of multiple mile after mile to relish a hot meetup. Yes, certain, i realize that men and women from outlying markets choose to date by their unique half, but it's really difficult, deciding on human population size in such aspects. Don't be laid back to check out your very own fortune much beyond your rut, in addition to the site is useful for you.
Michael Anderson
by Michael Anderson Feb 22, 2022
I'd point out that this incredible website is definitely certainly above standard or even can be the most effective 1 for a few customers. We reveal big gratitude for the most essential things on any dating site, which means a group of very hot customers. All the rest of it stumbling into place. In terms of me, we nabbed adequate fights maintain me busy. I enjoy website loads and will eventually extend my spent account when the newest registration expires.
by Adonis Feb 19, 2022
Achieved a nice person just recently. It established not as quickly, but it had been obvious we had something instantaneously. Very, I'm able to claim just good things with this site. In parallel, I recently uncovered many many people have grievances. Simply mostly about no victory in matchmaking. Okay, I suggest that you quit developing these castles in everyone's thoughts. Anybody must very cautious if getting together with others on line. Hence, if you utilize great a wise practice, a person'll seriously obtain reasonable fights, at minimum to think about.
by Fatima Feb 16, 2022
That is a great dating site with many different legitimate everyone. It consists of worked for me personally. I have discovered a person that wants equivalent and understands my lifestyle. Yes, I can highly recommend this website . you can try it. In comparison with simply swiping, the operation of selecting favorites into the enormous share of schedules certainly good and significant.
by Madden Feb 09, 2022
This particular service viewed the eyes. I wanted its concept and model. We examined the way it operates to my Android-powered smart-phone, and each and every thing ended up being fine. I'm like a duck to waters on this website. Largely, I have a great time on the web, with a vast audience with a good attitude towards really love and commitments. Are you looking just intercourse? Welcome. Do you really need informal romance? You'll look for many solutions. Are you going to begin dating? Is your own chance. I guess things are conceivable inside system.
Maria Scott
by Maria Scott Feb 08, 2022
We astonishingly found it an easy task to arrange and modify my web member profile. I love the methods i will summarize myself personally and show my personal characteristics. I guess the page turned secret to so many suits I usually have. We send emails, react to other folks, cam, acquire real periods. In other words, my on the web lifetime on this internet site is definitely wealthy and various. People are just associates for conversation. This is actually cool since all of us express all of our has and learn from both.

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