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SilverDaddies Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

SilverDaddies Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
About Boys
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 24-26
Profiles 1.800.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • This platform is thought to be famous by most site ranking websites.
  • The SSL certification has been revealed.
  • The website has helped thousands of men to find partners for 18+ years.
  • You can perform a basic search. This search will include age, gender, know those that are online, and those with a photo only.
  • the design of the website may not be appealing to most users
  • The platform may often lag as you use it

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See, there is nothing more special than young men maintaining the satisfaction of their daddies. It does not matter about the manner you may intend to employ to make that satisfaction. It could be a naughty way, but it is all permitted. This excellent platform has a lot to offer to all men willing to join it. It is allowed that members can exchange messages as they enjoy a bedroom session with their favorite gays. Those involved in the active chat can still send intimate images straight into the various galleries. And you need to be aware that the only good tactic is to keep the daddies hard to meet up with them and chow them down.

SilverDaddies offers two plans. A basic outline and a premium one that seems to have a lot in store for all interested guys. Therefore, if you love the older guys, then the best platform to join. Here you can find an older man to fuck with. You can as well find a young gent who can satisfy you sexually and leave you rejuvenated. If you happen to belong to the just mentioned categories, then SilverDaddies is your perfect spot. This review is set to give you powerful insights into SilverDaddies. It will let you know if it’s worth your time and, most importantly, your bucks!

Expert’s Review of SilverDaddies

SilverDaddies Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Brand history, quantity members, sexual orientation, age, race, and ethnicity.

SilverDaddies lies in the gay and lesbian dating category. It is a website dedicated to fulfilling sexual fantasies of men. Therefore, it is evident that the site welcomes all people with gay orientation. Its establishment in 2002 saw thousands of new gay users join the site since it was a real game-changer in the industry. As per the mentioned inception time, the site is now approaching its 19th year. See, the frontpage of SilverDaddies has naughty photos of gays.

It is typically a stand-alone platform. And most often, you will find thousands of active gays right on SilverDaddies. Race and ethnicity may not bar you from leverage all that the site has to offer. Indeed, this is a live community for gays. So, you will always have something to enjoy. Be it the chats or the webcams; you will access them as long as you are on the right plan. The profiles on this platform exceed 140, 000 as per the stats. This number is indeed a considerable membership that guarantees strong engagement in the site. Compared to other similar platforms, SilverDaddies hold the highest numbers in terms of participants. However, it could as well be considered a ‘fetish’ platform. Though it may not seem like one since few individuals like older men, the considerable number suggests that the site gets shit done correctly, which is an impressive act. This keeps more members coming for more as well as new users sticking to it upon their initial visit.

Website Design & Usability

All new members on any platform have high expectations for the general layout and ease of use. However, it could be a turn down for those joining this site because its design is not much impressive. Honestly, you will admit that the site requires an update on its layout as soon as they can. Indeed, it is only that guys may not be so much interested in design. All they long for is sexual satisfaction.

Nonetheless, the concept behind SilverDaddies is quite impressive. Also, its model is of great significance. Actually, the platform has a vast membership, which connotes that they are all okay with its current design. Thus, it is as bad as it may sound. It is still okay for you. You will also come across great images. Yes, the photos on the platform are stunning. The chat features are useful, and all members leverage them to the fullest. The fucking on this excellent platform is on another level, despite its typically non-impressive look. Probably, the operators may run a clean-up soon and give it a revamp on design, which could improve its looks.

Special Features

SilverDaddies Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

The platform boasts of galleries.

On SilverDaddies, there are two categories of galleries. The Daddy Gallery happens to be the first one. It carries all the silver foxes that you have most likely dreamt off. The second gallery is called the Younger gallery. Here, all the young guys are looking for a huge cock to have fun with hanging out. You see, these two great galleries play the role of a personal ad. You can make an upload of naughty pictures right here, and other gays will view them. Once they have a glimpse of your juicy goodies, they will most likely slide into your DM for a talk.

Do not be worried, though. These galleries never have strict guidelines on what can be uploaded and what is prohibited. This connotes that you can be as naughty as you wish. Just post anything that looks totally lunatic. That is what will drive them wild. And they will ultimately slide into your private message to have a word with you. The bolder you pose with your huge dick, the happier the guys would be. Remember, the main objective is to make others admire you the most. You can even have a pose as you suck it. Seemingly, you will find what you are anticipating for as long as you make the right moves.

Another trendy thing about SilverDaddies’ gallery is that they are updated daily. Thus, there are high chances that your naughty picture will be featured on the site’s homepage but just for a day. You may, therefore, have to keep uploading more sexy images. The galleries are, thus, fresh every single day. Most of the guys are eager to get their huge dicks into gear and make pretty yet sexy uploads of images. The best tactic to earn a daily feature on the homepage is to make uploads regularly. This strategy seems to be the one making the platform so active. The community is usually active, and you may not want to be left out of it.

How does SilverDaddies work?

SilverDaddies Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Now, it is about time to see how the platform operates. The initial thing to do is to register your account. In short, create an account with SilverDaddies. But are you ready for this? Well, hopefully, you are prepared to experience the thrill of the site. In the right way, you can initiate a chat with hotties from this platform. You see, a lot of dating spots have distinctive elements that allow you to know other participants on a personal level. Though many sites have video features and voice elements, you can still enjoy the chats on SilverDaddies to the fullest.

Well, once you find a guy who impresses you, it is time to connect. Send him several messages. You can find one or more. It is up to you to decide on that. However, no one will give limits as to how many guys you should reach out to. Also, there are extended search filters that enable you to know members online and ready for an active conversation. The site does not employ intricate features for communication. It is effortless when it comes to chats.

Sign Up Process

Do you understand the short procedure involved in signing up for SilverDaddies? Well, look: the process is straight forward. One thing you need to be aware of is that the platform entirely focuses on casual hookups and sex. Thus, you may not have to input a lot of personal info. Typically, the amount of personal details needed here is quite minimal. The entire process of joining the platform takes about 5 minutes. You will simply share your gender, email address, and say about the guy you intend to find on this platform. Also, you will need a username plus a strong password. It is also good to reveal your location. The description part requires you to be creative. Remember, fellow members would also want to know you better. Once you are through with the entire process, just log into the site and start looking for hotties.

Users Profiles Quality

SilverDaddies Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Your profile on this platform is of great significance. And indeed, your profile must be well developed for it to appeal to fellow participants. But even if the platform focuses on hookups and typical casual sex, you have zero reasons to become sleazy. You can, therefore, make an impressive profile that showcases a self-attractive guy. Indeed, a desirable profile will attract a lot of guys. But if it does not seem impressive, then your DM may not get hits soon. The profile creation process calls for answers which act as personal perspectives. But they are easy or say straightforwardly to give a revert.

Indeed, it is a doable errand to give answers to all of them. Remember, you will need compatibles. And the more you provide responses, the higher your opportunities of getting matches. They all revolve around your ideals, personal desires, and any possible bottom lines. You see, some guys may find the idea of filling out the required spaces time consuming or say tiresome. But it is actually worth the investment—you will indeed get attractive dividends for your efforts. Kindly opt for a profile that carries multiple pictures. This tactic makes it possible for you to get clicks, messages, and even likes. Finally, make sure that you feel good about the profile you have created and its numerous pictures.

Mobile Application

Would you want to get an unrivaled experience on SilverDaddies? Well, you better opt for its mobile app. As per the numerous reviews about it, the experience would be great. They say that the app is available for mobile users, especially iPhone mobile holders. Truly, the app gives the best experience, which is more than anyone using the actual site. See, a lot of people love staying signed in using the mobile app. But not everyone finds it convenient. If you belong to that category, the mobile site would be your best bet. You will still leverage the same elements found on the web version as well as the mobile app. As you can see, there are multiple ways to get engaged with the platform. so, no one can claim that they lack a manner to enjoy it.

SilverDaddies Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

SilverDaddies Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?


See, lucky is known for its high levels of anonymity and full of action. Honestly, this app is for those who want to enjoy lots of virtual sex in total discretion. Here, the time limit gives all users a challenge to stay active and do things swiftly. You are simply required to get a match and organize a date as soon as you can. Actually, there are no chats. Indeed, it is one of the most excellent apps for those looking for real fun. No need to even have your profile linked to other social media platforms. Try it if you like. The rewards will be great.


Most gay individuals know this app. You see, it is one of the most famous gay apps in the world. It is an excellent spot for gay, bi men, and gay. This connotes that despite your sexual orientation, you still could find a partner from this online spot. It mostly makes use of your sexual preferences and location to see matches for you. Thus, most of the guys you will get hooked with are those near your current location.


Have you ever heard about an app meant for bearded lovers? Well, this site was intended for that group. It has attracted 12+ million users across the world. Here, you can find bi men, gay, and trans who are prepared to connect for a date. Indeed, it is a safe platform, and most past users have revealed that it is reliable. However, it does a few good pictures—not many nude pictures or naked cocks on this site.


GAYDAR is another excellent spot for gays. This community is yet evolving and vibrant enough to fulfill your desires. It is a unique platform for those seeking open and discreet affairs. Thus, anyone can make a profile highly private or even public to all.

Membership Price and Payment Method

SilverDaddies Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

SilverDaddies is known to have premium add-ons. But they aren’t permitted to utilize the basic elements like messaging. The platform does not have free trials.

Plan: Premium

The premium plan is said to be non-recurring. In 3 months, you will have to pay 16.99 USD. In about six months of membership, the premium member should have paid 32.99 USD. The platform also has nine months and one year’s plans, which demand higher rates. In most cases, you can make the payments with your credit card. And for the records, the platform does not have any coin plans.

Free Membership Features

Premium Membership Features

  • There are cutting edge search features which avail precise results
  • You can perform regional searches. This reveals all numbers in your region which are highly interested in flirting.
  • It has a chat group element where you can chat with fellow participants that are currently active in the same chat session.

Is SilverDaddies Really Safe?

Yes. SilverDaddies is a safe platform. All the members here are safe, and if you join them, you will realize that there are zero scammers. However, you must be vigilant enough. If you come across someone who has bad intentions, then you can do the necessary to ensure the safety of other users.


This review is helpful, especially for anyone who wishes to become a member of SilverDaddies. So, if you have a strong interest in hookup and casual sex, then do not hesitate. This site is purposely meant to satisfy your desires. It must be the platform you have been searching for if you want some NSA encounters. Now, it is hopefully sure that you can make an informed decision on joining this platform. Indeed, a lot of people have joined it and are now reaping from their little efforts to develop nice profiles. However, make sure you employ the best tactics on the site. Use all the special features on SilverDaddies to your advantage.

SilverDaddies Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

How to delete SilverDaddies account?

Yes, you can easily close the account you have been using. After you close it, the operators will delete the profile. Alternatively, you can just deactivate the account. This makes it possible to re-activate it when you want to join again.

How to message someone on SilverDaddies?

It is easy to reach out via a message. There is a chat feature that will let you chat with other members who are interested in you.

How to see who likes you on SilverDaddies without paying?

Those that like you will slide into your dm. However, the site also allows you to see the members who have liked your pictures.

How to block someone on SilverDaddies

You can block a user that you do not want to chat with. Just open their profile, and you will see the option to restrict them from contacting you.

How to cancel SilverDaddies subscription?

Truly, any user can cancel their subscription anytime in SilverDaddies.

Contact Information

SilverDaddies Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?
  • Company Name: SilverDaddies
  • Facebook: Silverdaddies
  • Twitter: @silverdaddies
  • Blog: silverdaddies.com
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