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Woosa Review 2021 ― Perfect or Scam?

Woosa Review 2021 ― Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 24-25
Profiles 1.600.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Detailed Profiles: People join Woosa with the primary objective of finding serious relationships and reliable connections. Therefore, the user profiles must be accurate and show information about their preferences, likes, and dislikes. Without this substantial information, finding a trustworthy partner may be a distant dream.
  • Smart Algorithms: There are some intelligent algorithms at play at the Woosa platform which find people a match based on their specific qualities and interests. Unlike the traditional matchmaking services where profiles were placed together and evaluated, the entire process is automated.
  • User Experience Interrupted: The web interface displays a series of ads that disrupt the system’s smooth flow.
  • Addition of fake profiles: Though the Woosa website is specially designed for people looking for serious relationships, there are odds that people looking for short term arrangements may also creep in showing a valid email address.

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Woosa is a platform that helps singles find a suitable partner for themselves. Online dating has picked up immense popularity, with more people becoming aware of its results and success stories. More people are taking a step forward to find the partner of their dreams on these platforms. Some people vouch for the concept of Long-term relationship or marriage as their only aim to go in for online dating. It is a perfect destination for people to meet online, check their compatibility, and evaluate their partners’ qualities and make a decision that will stay with them for long. Woosa works on bringing two different people with the same mindset and views about certain things together in one platform so that relationships are effortless and forever.

Woosa is a dating platform where people get registered to find a life partner with whom they can spend their entire lives. They have decided to marry a person who shows significant similarity with the picture they have crafted in their minds. The only thing remaining is to mark all the qualities in your checklist when you find someone with similar attributes.

Expert’s Review of Woosa

Woosa Review 2020 ― Perfect or Scam?

Credibility is one big thing that helps to differentiate a brand from similar others in the market. In the online dating industry, when the user joins a platform, he is looking for the quality of search results and their safety during their interactions with others. Woosa tries to take care of both these aspects by putting safety checks in place during the registration process.

  1. Woosa History: Woosa was founded in 2008 to cater to the demands of singles who wanted to access dating sites for free. There is a more significant number of female members accessing the site than the males. The percentages are 59 and 41, respectively.
  2. Quantity of Members: Woosa has around more than thousands of members registered in its platform. Most of its population is based in the USA. It has an Alexa rank of 3,248,946. Daily pageviews are crossing the 518th mark.
  3. Sexual Orientation: There are users of different sexual orientation, part of this website. You can select your gender preferences while searching for a partner in your area. There are no specific guidelines to admit users of only a particular sexual orientation on the platform. Gay, Lesbian, bi can find their preferred dates without any questions on their choices.
  4. Age: All the members who are above 18 years of age can register with Woosa. Other than that, there is no age limit to start using the services of Woosa.
  5. Race and Ethnicity: Though most of the members belong to the USA. No user is restricted from joining the platform based on their race and ethnicity. They can apply any search filter on the ethnicity field to find their preferred match.

Website Design and Usability

Woosa Review 2020 ― Perfect or Scam?

The design of the Woosa website is user friendly and has impressive color schemes. The homepage is not crowded with too much information. It provides a more picturesque view. The page is filled with graphics and pictures to grab the user’s attention immediately. Thus, users do not lose interest while browsing or exploring the features of the website. If there are a large number of texts and very little graphics on the website, the user may lose focus and leave the site.

Moreover, the feel of “what’s next” keeps the user interested in the website throughout. The user may very quickly be able to register himself with not more than 3-4 fields. He does not need to navigate through many pages or fill a considerable form for getting registered. Once he is signed in, he can voluntarily fill more personal details and details about his interests in length to get relevant match results.

The only glitch in the website design is popping up of ads in between, which the user has to close to stop seeing it further. The ads showing up in between distracts the users from his chief aim to visit the website.

Special Features

Creating a Profile video: In addition to entering complete profile information and selecting his personality traits, the user has a feature of adding a short video of himself, to describe him further. It can give a personal voice to his profile and instantly develop a connection for people interested in you.

Group Chat feature: Woosa platform has a function of inviting more than one person on the chat. All the people who are currently online and a part of group chat initiated by you, you can chat with all of them at once. It helps in establishing a preferred network of your favorite people whom you can chat with, anytime.

Private Chats: You can also initiate private chats with other users at any time.

Masking Profile photos: Woosa enables its users to view all the pictures of any profile. It might even invite some inauthentic people into your profile and send unwanted messages. To prevent this, users can use masking his profile photo so that only users you approve of, can view your profile pictures.

How Does Woosa Work?

Woosa Review 2020 ― Perfect or Scam?

Woosa enables you to access most of its functionality for free. The signup is free, and the basic search functionality is accessible for anyone. The user can sign up with some necessary information like name, age, gender, and email address. The user verifies his email address by clicking on the activation link, and once he is found to own a valid email address, he is allowed to log in to the system with a username and password. The user is then required to fill a lengthy questionnaire of around 20 questions, which generally are “multiple choice” or “Yes or No” questions. It will help the system derive all the data about your personal preferences, personality traits, and habits from your answers. It becomes more comfortable for the system algorithms to find relevant matches for you.

The user can put up as many profile pictures as he likes on his profile. By default, all his images are public. If he wishes to restrict his photographs’ accessibility, he may set a private mode for all the users he does not want to give access to. The users can express likes on a profile and initiate chats with almost anyone. He can see all the users who have liked him. The user can also view the online people.

Sign Up Process

Most of the features in Woosa are free to begin with. However, if you want to have an extended functionality or certain additional privileges, you can opt for a premium subscription plan. The user can sign up into the system for absolutely no fee. He fills in his necessary details like age, gender, location, and email address. The system then begins validating the email address he has linked up with his account. A verification code or activation link is sent to the user over email, and the user’s account is created. He will have to fill more detailed information about his personality in a detailed questionnaire. The system might fetch his answers and use it as a reference to bring him suitable matches.

The account may be active, but if you don’t fill in more specific information, the quality of matches might not be up to the mark.

Users Profiles Quality

Woosa Review 2020 ― Perfect or Scam?

Information about the profiles: The profiles of Woosa users are mostly authentic as they join the platform with a genuine aim in mind; to establish long term relationships. The profiles become more specific, and the results get refined once the user fills in a detailed questionnaire with more information on the qualities he wants in his partner. The user can add profile pictures that show you in the best light, and people may send winks or initiate chats if they like you.

Some Tips and Recommendations:

  1. Beware of spammers: You have the provision of blocking someone who is found to be using inappropriate language. You can also turn your profile into a private mode, so they cannot view your recent updates. You may change your settings to private mode from the beginning until you learn more about them.
  2. Put your best Picture: Your profile speaks volumes about you. An empty profile might be the most significant deterrent for someone in approaching you. Your profile picture must also be one of your best camera shots and should not be blurred so people can see and contact you.

Mobile Application

The website does not have a corresponding app on the play store. Those who are on the go and don’t want to stay away from recent updates can use the site’s mobile version. The mobile version is a mini representation of the website on mobile screens. The website has a responsive design to run smoothly on the mobile screen.

Woosa Alternatives and Similar Website & Apps

Following is a list of the online dating platforms that provide platforms similar to Woosa:

  1. Bumble
  2. Tinder
  3. OkCupid
  4. Hinge
  5. CoffeeMeetsBagel
  6. Happn
  7. MilitaryCupid
  8. LDS Planet
  9. Clover
  10. PlentyofFish
  11. Match
  12. eHarmony

Membership Price and Payment Method

Woosa has a provision to upgrade a free membership account to a paid account by paying a minimal fee based on the number of months you want its uninterrupted services. The user can choose from weekly, monthly, or quarterly plans as per your usage and the quality of search results you want to see.

The various Woosa premium membership plans provide you access to a wide range of premium Woosa features at different prices for different duration:

  1. Weekly: You can access the premium features on Woosa for a whole week by making a weekly payment of $ 8.00. This package is designed to allow the users to have an insight over the website’s premium features and make up their mind to make an informed decision before purchasing a more extensive plan.
  2. Monthly: The monthly Woosa plans are available at $ 25.00. If you are gifted with good looks and excellent socializing skills, and if you think you can easily find your soul mate here, this premium pack is the most suitable one.
  3. Yearly: If you are not particular about your partner preferences and need an extended time to explore around until you find the one whom you were looking for you. Then the yearly premium subscription plan is the most suited one for you. You can avail of the premium membership of Woosa for one whole year by paying $ 250.
  4. Lifetime: If a user likes the website way too much and wants to access the website and its premium features for the whole life, the user may subscribe to the life-long premium membership plan offered by Woosa. The lifetime premium membership plan is available on Woosa at $ 500.

Woosa Credits: The website offers credits to users who are not willing to subscribe to a premium membership plan but still want to access some of the paid features. The Woosa Credits can help you with the following:

  1. Boost your profile.
  2. Send a gift.
  3. Get seen 100 times to discover (search).
  4. Put your profile on top of search results.
  5. Get access to additional stickers.
  6. Double your chances of landing in a friendship.

You can buy 1000, 5000, and 10000 Woosa Credits by paying $ 20, $ 35, and $ 50, respectively. The credit features do not help you communicate with other users on the website; instead, these features help you improve your profile’s visibility.

Payment Methods – Woosa accepts payments made towards a purchase through PayPal only.

Free Membership Features

Woosa Review 2020 ― Perfect or Scam?

The website provides a wide range of free features and tools to its members who have not subscribed to any premium membership plans. However, none of these features can be used for communicating with other users on the platform. As a free member you can have access to the following on Woosa:

  1. Registration
  2. Profile Creation
  3. Access search tools
  4. Find matches
  5. View your matches
  6. View visitors

Premium Membership Features

Premium Woosa users certainly have the edge over the free users; they can access multiple features and tools to interact and communicate with other users on the platform. Some perks of subscribing to a premium membership plans are listed hereunder:

  1. See who liked your profile.
  2. See the profiles you have liked.
  3. See the profiles you have disliked.
  4. Vote a profile through “Hot or Not.”
  5. More stickers in your chat.
  6. Enhance your profile visibility.
  7. Get notified when a user likes your profile.
  8. Get a discount while using the “Boost Me” feature.
  9. Get your profile features on top of the search results.
  10. Display your profile atop on a user’s profile recommendations.
  11. Search for potential matches by preferred countries.

Is Woosa Really Safe?

Woosa Review 2020 ― Perfect or Scam?

The website collects necessary and personal information from its users at the time of registration. The site claims to ensure that all the user information is kept and transmitted under a safe, secure, and confidential environment; the website uses this information to find user matches as per their preferences. The site makes use of cookies to personalize your user experience. The website has stated in its privacy policy that they do their best to keep users’ data safe and secure, but they might be forced to disclose the same to the law enforcement agencies and the government or the third party. The website also warns its users that a third party may abuse or misuse your private information. Thus, it cannot be said that the site is entirely safe to use.


Woosa is a great online dating platform for those who seek something more than just a casual hook-up or a temporary, relaxed sort of relationship. The website aims to provide users with lasting relationships and dating solutions, and the testimonials on the site indicate that many Woosa users found their life partner on the platform. In case you are fed up with the usual online dating websites and apps that provide the same experience altogether, you can undoubtedly give Woosa a chance.

How to Delete Woosa Account?

Deleting your account is super simple, just go to the settings followed by locating and clicking on the “Delete Account” option. Once you click on “Delete,” your account will be deleted without asking for a confirmation.

How to Message Someone on Woosa?

You can message a user on Woosa from their profile page; however, you’ll have to subscribe to a premium plan.

How to See Who Likes You on Woosa without Paying?

You cannot see who likes you on the website for free because it is a premium feature. However, you can see who has visited your profile for free of cost.

How to Block Someone on Woosa?

You can find options to block and report users on top of their profile.

How to Cancel Woosa Subscription?

You can cancel your premium subscription from the “Premium” section of your profile.

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Woosa Review 2020 ― Perfect or Scam?
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