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321chat Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

321chat Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • According to the Google browsing safety protocol, this website is particularly safe for everyone.
  • The level of privacy offered by 321chat is high enough to let you sit back and make friends without any tension.
  • Webcam facility has been able to attract the attention of many people across the world.
  • High-quality features can allow you to contact millions of people on the platform, and you can also give them gifts.
  • The heavy use of the website may end up making it difficult for you to access it freely.

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One of the most popular apps includes 321chat striving to help you hold private conversations with strangers online in the chat rooms for free. The company has spent a lot of effort in trying to find a way to provide better features and applications to users across the world. They can update the software constantly by offering the latest features.

With the help of this fantastic website, you can freely search for YouTube videos, GIFs, images, and the aspect to share online with your friend or date. It has been serving a lot of customers for a long time already.

321chat is a friendly place that allows teenagers and children to chat with friends easily. This well-maintained website enables you to find a way to make friends online because of tight security and higher support of the moderators.

Expert’s Review of 321chat

321chat Review

The website was registered at first back in 2002. The first few chat rooms of 321chat included 321teenchat.com, 321seniorchat.com, 321kidchat.com, 321gaychat.com, and 321adultchat.com. A few years later, the chat rooms grew more rapidly, and it started to include varied topics such as Latin and gay-teen.

The company created a 3D chat room that had been interactive in away. This feature, however, was only open for a few months before it closed down. It was initially Google’s Lively that empowered the company to open it in the first place. Since Lively was closed, the 3D chat room didn’t have time to grow ahead. Instead, the company used the 3D chat room feature as an essential platform to include other aspects such as a webcam.

This webcam feature was accessible to the user by the year 2011. The website was changed and rebuilt, including big changes by the year 2013. They also included the official logo and made the site look more professional. All the chat rooms were brought under one single website called 321chat.com. Many new chat rooms were created, such as Asian chat, religion chat, lesbian chat, and many others.

By the time 2015 came, the company decided to make webcam a default function for all the visitors to the website. New features were added, such as CodyChat, and they closed the forum in 2018.

With 14 official chat rooms, the company has invited all the users to make friends online. You don’t even need to register to use the chat rooms. It means whoever ends up visiting the website for the first time would find it easier to navigate and log in online. That’s why the traffic rank of the site lies between 400,000 to 600,000 visitors.

On the other hand, when it comes to sexual orientation, the website is pretty much free. 321chat gives you the freedom to chat with users online without anyone stopping you. Whether it is a lesbian or gay, everyone will have a chance to chat with like-minded people in different types of chat groups online.

The chat rooms are also divided to make it easier for people with sensitive religious backgrounds to make friends online. That’s why when it comes to race and ethnicity, the company made sure to fulfill your desires all at once.

Website Design And Usability

It is an easy-to-use platform that offers a realistic and straightforward website that you can use and make friends online. You would even find dates near your house quickly with the help of 321chat. When you open the website for the first time, you will see a bit of information about how it works for your benefit.

It provides information about how you can log in as a guest member and chats online free without any interruption. The website will guide you throughout the process until you are ready to chat online with anyone.

In the middle section of the website, you will observe a list of items to help you freely enter the online platform. Such chat rooms might include teens, adults, singles, seniors, Asians, blacks, kid, religion, Latin, 20, Trans, Lesbian, Gay-teen, and Gay.

You will also read more about chatting features that can help you understand how you can connect with others easily. You can use more resources and tools on the website in the lower section.

Special Features

321chat Features

With 321chat, you will find an exciting combination of features that can allow you to find friends right away quickly. After you log in as a guest member online, you just have to click on the start chatting button and meet people rapidly online.

The homepage presents you with all the chat rooms available on 321chat. You just have to select a random chat room that you like and chat with strangers online. You will also be allowed to open multiple chat rooms at a time. For instance, if you wish to chat on both teens and singles sections, you can do that easily with 321chat.

A new chat room called “kid” allows the children to chat freely on the internet without any fear of seeing adult information. The users between the age group of 13 to 15 are permitted to enter this section.

While chatting with people online, you will get a chance to easily connect with others using emojis and gifs. You can change sounds, text color, and theme to make the time you spend on 321chat more interesting. If you have registered as a member of the website, you can open your profile available on the rightmost button on the top. The first option you will see will be granting you access to your profile.

Other features such as the lobby, room list, friend list, and user list can help you find a varied number of people online. You will also be able to send images quickly in the form of an attachment while chatting in one of the chat rooms. Such features allow you to connect with other users more intimately and find love.

How does 321chat work?

321chat work

Many people tend to join this platform to find friends and dates online without revealing identity to others. When it comes to marriage and dating, most singles start searching for a website where they can find serious relationships. Several users have turned to 321chat to see members online for relationships.

321chat is meant for you to find someone to connect, whether it is dating or friendship. This website, however, is also the best choice for people looking for casual relationships.

Sign Up Process

321chat is the best website for people finding a place that can be entered without registration for the sake of chatting. If you want to stay anonymous while chatting with strangers online, you can use the option of “login as a guest.” It allows you to make friends online and find dates without revealing anything about you or your life.

If you want to find a person to date online, you would need to register on the website before entering the chat room. The good thing about 321chat is that this website doesn’t allow you to waste more than a few minutes for registration.

For initiating the registration process, you just have to click on any of the interesting chat rooms on the website’s homepage. The link will get you to a new page providing you with details on what the chat room is all about. If it’s about singles, it will give the information about what you are likely to find after entering the chat room.

There is an option on the top, below the menu that you have to click called “Enter Singles Chat.” After clicking that, you will be directed to a new page where you will be asked to log in if you already have an account. If you don’t, you just have to click on the section below on “Register now.” Aside from that, you will get to log in as a guest member on this page.

The information that you will be asked to fill on the registration form includes a username and a password. You’ll also fill out other data such as email id, age, and gender. After everything, you have to verify your email address to access all the amazing features.

Users Profiles Quality

321chat Profiles Quality

Most of the members who decide to join this website are either looking for friendship or a permanent relationship. Users finding casual dates online are also found on this website. If you are among these people, you will need to use a little bit of personal information to find that connection on this online platform.

You don’t have to worry about anything before filling out your profile if you are serious about finding someone to love online. Instead, such efforts will help you in finding a compatible match on 321chat.

The significant section of a good profile is filling out the details. It will allow you to find better matches easily. Other information related to personal life is also included in the profile and your photo that helps attract members.

The necessary information that your profile will have include age, country, email id, gender, and religion. You will be asked to verify your account before you can actively engage in chatting with strangers online.

After that, to finish your profile, you will get to write more related to your life on the “About me” section that will allow you to attract the attention of other users. You will also be asked to put in the profile photo online. Different segments, such as passwords, friends, ignore, and options allow you to easily manage your profile.

Mobile Application

321chat Application

The website is available for both laptop and mobile users. When it comes to apps, you will find both Android and Apple versions online. You can use similar features to that of the website. You can chat anonymously and connect with other users with the help of unique features online.

321chat Alternatives and Similar Websites And Apps

You will find tons of messenger and chatting apps online that allows you to find friends and dates online easily. Even though 321chat is the best platform for finding a long term partner and friends, many other chat room apps are also available to help you. The apps and websites mentioned below can engage people easily, just like 321chat.


It is an app that is meant for you to communicate with other gamers and making friends sites online easily. It is a fun server that allows you to plan meetups and create a special place for chatting. You can use all functions such as text, photos, and videos to attract other users.


It is a social networking website that helps you to express yourself in front of new people online. It is a place where millions of people are gathered together and share thoughts. You will get to chat with other users easily. Who knows? You can also end up finding love online.

321chat Membership Price and Payment Method

When it comes to membership, you can purchase the premium packages available online to benefit more features. It will help you in finding a loved one in the chat room easily.

Free Membership Features

321chat Features

A free member user is allowed to use that chatting function without spending a single penny. The user can log in to the account and find the chat rooms easily. You can also share YouTube videos and GIFs online with others.

As a free member, you can use an essential collection of emojis and privately message someone online. You can also change chat rooms, set your mood, use the webcam, and unfriend someone.

Premium Membership Features

When it comes to premium membership, the features extend much more than you can do using a free account. You will get to use a set of exclusive emojis that cannot be used by an open or a guest account.

You will get to change the color of the name and text while chatting with someone else. The copy-pasting option is only available to the VIP members. Without a membership, you won’t be able to see the chat history. Last but not least, the “Head of the class” feature allows you to look cool with the help of a sparkly name above your username’s head.

As a VIP member, you will have to pay $15 to get a premium account to easily use the features mentioned above.

Is 321chat Really Safe?

321chat Safe

Safety is the most important thing when it comes to 321chat. Thankfully, the website is secure enough for all the members chatting online freely. They give a series of tips so that a particular group of people can stay safe while they are chatting with strangers. These tips include aspects such as no sharing of personal information, downloading illegal files, meeting people instantly, and spending money on someone.

On the other hand, whatever information you have shared on your registration form and profile are also secured by the moderators. The website helps in making sure that you stay safe online. If you happen to catch someone doing abusive stuff, you can contact the moderators and report such users.


321chat is meant for people who love chatting online. You can find this website if you want to search for friends for long-lasting relationships. This platform allows you to use amazing features without any hindrance. You don’t even have to make an account to chat online. You can just enter any chat room using the guest login facility available so that you can stay anonymous.

321chat FAQs

It is the main section that helps you find answers to the question that has been bugging you ever since you have decided to join this website. Popular FAQs that can help you in solving your issues are mentioned below.

How to delete the 321chat account?

To delete your 321chat account, you just have to open your profile and click on the “More” option. On the next page, you will see a delete account button that will allow you to fulfill your wish.

How to message someone on 321chat?

To private message someone on 321chat, you just have to click the avatar of the username mentioned on the right side. You will have to select the private chat option.

How to see who likes you on 321chat without paying?

When you open your profile, you will see a column dedicated to friends. If the other person has added you as a friend online, that certainly means they like you to an extent.

How to block someone on 321chat?

To delete or block someone, you can follow the procedure of unfriending them from your list. Just open your profile and click on the friend option. You can remove the user whom you have wanted to ignore for a long time.

How to cancel the 321chat subscription?

Although there is no information about how to cancel the subscription online, you can head over to the official page and contact the moderators. In the lowest section, you’ll see the contact us button that will help you to connect with other members.

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