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AmateurCommunity Review

AmateurCommunity Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 2,000,000
About Site
Visit rate 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Convenient coin system
  • Plenty of registered amateurs
  • A lot of free adult content on website
  • Not user-friendly design, too many tabs
  • Inconvenient filtering

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AmateurCommunity is an online service developed precisely for people looking for a hookup or a partner for getting sexual experience. This website is available for all countries where such practices are permitted. To get a profile here, users need to be 18 or older. AmateurCommunity doesn’t have a good-looking interface. However, it’s still a great option for individuals who need to find a one-night stand for free.

The Registration Process

AmateurCommunity Review

One of the main advantages of AmateurCommunity is the fact that it’s free to create a profile. After signing up, you are allowed to search for a partner and go through all content provided by this platform to users. With your personal account, you will get access to thousands of intimate photos of other members. However, you have to read the terms and conditions beforehand to find out more about your rights on this website and the way you can use it to avoid any problems with others.

It doesn’t take much time to create your personal profile on this website. You don’t have to share any information about your bank account or go through verification. When you are creating your account, you can sign up as a regular or amateur user. When you are submitting information, you affirm that you are 18 or older, and you won’t share any pornography. Nonetheless, you should be careful while filling the form. Check the information before you send it. Otherwise, some errors occur during the registration, and you will have to sign up again.

The Interface of the Service

The interface here is quite simple. There is no bothering content on the home page. AmateurCommunity is filled with users’ profiles that you can visit to learn more about them. There’s a list of people who are online on the right side of the page. Several sections at the top are as following:

  • Amateurs
  • Cam
  • Dates
  • Search
  • Videos
  • Pictures

If you click on one of these tabs, you will see even more headings. For example, after choosing Amateurs, you can go to pages called New, Top, Online, All, Sex Cams, Live Diaries, and Free Content. With Search, you are allowed to look for Amateurs, Photos, Videos. Even though some buttons aren’t as big as others, it’s still easy to talk with people and send them some pictures.

AmateurCommunity Functions

AmateurCommunity Review

This online dating service offers people to use lots of options to find the most appealing matches. To make the process quicker, AmateurCommunity allows seeing the lists of:

  • Top amateurs
  • Online amateurs
  • New amateurs

When you notice that your point of interest is using the service at the moment, you can send him/her some text messages. They will read them upon receiving. The fact that most of the users here are amateurs makes this platform outstanding. With AmateurCommunity, you can really enjoy your time because your interlocutors are regular individuals.

If you are eager to get a unique experience, you need to try Live sex cams. These are chatting rooms where you can see other users in real-time or simply have conversations with them. This is a great option to understand how this online dating platform works in general. If you realize that someone really attracts you, it is possible to go private and try something even more intimate.

This service is an amazing option, not only for people wanting to have real conversations. It is also a great place for users who wish simply secretly watch almost naked models. If you are up to try it, you ought to pay. However, this function is not expensive, and it is worth the money.

While signing up, you are also allowed to choose an amateur account. To get this profile, you should verify yourself. However, this process takes only several days, and if everything is okay, you can start streaming. This is a marvelous way if you want to earn some money doing almost nothing. The job isn’t difficult if you are ready to demonstrate your nearly naked body and feel confident in front of the camera. To start working, you need to confirm that you are over 18.

Moreover, there aren’t only rooms for chatting and live streams. You can also watch some videos shared by amateurs. To get more intimate experience, you can go to the section filled with the most delightful moments of live videos and other content. Furthermore, you can search for videos by category. The most exciting is called Best One of the week, month, and year. It is allowed to filter these videos by rating. If you don’t want to pay much for the content, you can choose those with the lowest prices.

The Search section is also helpful for users. It’s a great way to find the content you need. Members can check for an exact profile, video clip, and photo. Nevertheless, there aren’t any filters. To make the searching process simpler, you should add some keywords. Moreover, if you look under the Search button, you can see a list of more specified categories; for example, there are groups called legs, piercing, black, and others.

AmateurCommunity Users

AmateurCommunity Review

Number of Users

AmateurCommunity is one of the most popular services for adult dating, and the number of users having personal profiles there proves that. Most of the people are from the USA. If you start using the search feature, you will definitely be impressed by the number of individuals who satisfy your needs. There are thousands of candidates in each category. That’s why it will not take much time to find your perfect match. For example, with the keyword «Outdoor,» you will receive a list of almost one thousand people, and choosing the tag «Big breasts,» you get a range that is more than 5000 individuals. You are allowed to search for users and some specific content when you have registered. If you have noticed an appealing person, you should save this account and turn on notifications to know when he/she is online. Thus, you will be able to start conversations with your point of interest.


AmateurCommunity Review

All people who have created their personal profiles on AmateurCommunity, get access to their feed. It allows them to share their sexual content or some other private information about themselves. Furthermore, they can share some photos and videos created by others. It’s also possible to comment on the content. This is a great option for people who simply want to discuss some topics with other members. If you go to the profile created not much time ago, there isn’t a lot of information about that person. There can be only a general description, including his/her gender, age, language, and location (state and country). There are several ways to interact with other users, such as:

  • To become friends;
  • To add to the list of favorites;
  • To send messages;
  • To buy coins.

If you think that someone misbehaves, you are allowed to report abuse. This profile will be blocked after several complaints.

To find out more about a particular user, you can watch some videos and pictures added to his/her personal gallery. Furthermore, you can read a detailed description in the “Personal info” section. So, you can find out if that individual has children or what his/her marital status is.

How to Communicate

Being one of the adult dating websites, AmateurCommunity offers users to choose one of the means of communication. These features include:

  • Chats
  • Video chat rooms
  • Private chats via a web camera

You can simply talk with other users. However, if you want to make your experience there more delightful, you can choose more communicative features. For example, it’s possible to send some digital gifts to your match or to add him/her to the list of favorites. To demonstrate that you like somebody’s content, you can leave comments. Such action is helpful for people who don’t feel confident enough and don’t know how to start their first conversation. When users notice your feedback, they will go to your profile, and if they like your content too, they will reply to you with a message. So, you don’t need to become the first one to show initiative.

AmateurCommunity Membership

AmateurCommunity Review

If you want to get even more functions, you have to buy some digital coins for real money to become an honored member of the website. The only thing you should do is to purchase a thousand coins. Here is the pricing:

  • 1000 coins — $100
  • 455 coins — $50
  • 217 coins — $25
  • 84 coins — $10
  • 35 coins — $5

The cheapest content on AmateurCommunity costs at least 35 coins. To purchase them, you are permitted to use your credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or your electronic wallet. If you want to protect yourself from hackers completely, it’s better not to use public Wi-Fi when you’re making transactions.

Free Profiles

AmateurCommunity Review

There are fewer functions with a free version of the service: you can only search for other accounts and look at the prices of videos to understand how many coins you must get to watch them.


People who buy 1000 coins or more receive premium profiles and also get lots of additional options. If you start using a premium version, you get access to chat rooms or can watch more intimate content. Furthermore, only those who have paid $100 are permitted to have private sessions with beautiful females.

Do You Need to Get a Premium Profile?

If some models are attractive, and you really want to have an endless number of private conversations with her, then you ought to purchase coins. If you are in love with someone, you might decide to please her and to send her digital gifts. With a free version, you can only find models, and with a premium option, you are allowed to get closer to them. Furthermore, when you are buying coins, you demonstrate the developers that you really enjoy their website.


AmateurCommunity Review

When you are creating your profile, you shouldn’t verify yourself. Nonetheless, if you want to become an amateur, you need to go through this process. That’s why if you wish to protect your private information, you need to follow these simple rules:

Never send any personal data to any of your interlocutors;

  • Don’t share your password;
  • Don’t send any information about your credit card;
  • Don’t start conversations with users who don’t have photos;
  • Look if models are verified beforehand;
  • Choose people with premium profiles.

Customer Services

AmateurCommunity Review

If you have problems with the service, you can go to the questions section. If you haven’t found the solution, you can send a letter to the specified email.

Mobile App

There is no app for the phone. That’s why if you don’t know anything about using AmateurCommunity, you should open the website on your device. However, a mobile ### version has a more user-friendly interface, and it’s also better to watch videos from a phone.

Final Decision

AmateurCommunity is a marvelous platform for people looking for a one-night stand or sharing their intimate content. There are lots of registered users, and you definitely meet your partner!

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