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BlackDatingForFree Review 2021 – Delivers On Promises Or Scam?

BlackDatingForFree Review 2021 – Delivers On Promises Or Scam?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 60%
Beauty 76%
Popular age 25-39
Profiles 580.000
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Visit rate 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • This dating site is easy to use and free
  • There is a big list of FAQs which is extremely helpful
  • BlackDatingForFree has a lot of members
  • BlackDatingForFree is always updating their social media
  • Their chat services are great
  • The search engine gives you the option to filter by geographical location
  • BlackDatingForFree lets you choose what kind of relationships you are looking for
  • BlackDatingForFree has a great and intuitive mobile app, both for IOS and Android.
  • BlackDatingForFree is specifically for people of color.
  • The registration process takes a while but that ensures they have all the information needed to match you with the right person.
  • Once you have selected what you are looking for, people who do not match your criteria will not show in your match sections

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BlackDatingForFree was created with one specific purpose, in order to help people of color find their special ones. There are thousands of dating sites that are way too broad in order to be usable. Moreover, there are tons of scams and scam artists going around so you have to be careful. BlackDatingForFree gives a platform to African Americans and all people of color to meet and interact with each other. Here you will find hundreds of Black people open to interact and meet.

BlackDatingForFree is one of the best dating apps. It has a lot of options for search. You can look for a partner wherever you are and narrow it down by age and other parameters. BlackDatingforFree also has lots of users which make it easier to find a partner. You would be surprised by how many people are using this website.

BlackDatingForFree – What An Expert Thinks

BlackDatingForFree Review

BlackDatingFoFree is one of the best dating websites we have encountered. The page itself is a branch of the larger company E Dating for Free which makes it even more trustworthy. On BlackDatingForFree you have the best chance to meet your soulmate, mainly for how big the community is and the usability of the service. On BlackDatingforFree you will find a wide range of options when looking for someone. You can filter by sexual orientation, age, location, and more. The best part being, regardless of how specific your search gets, you will still have hundreds of results. At almost any moment you can find at least a couple hundred active users in the BlackDatingfoFree platform, from over the world and the States.

Website Interesting Design and Usability

The design of BlackDatingForFree can be described as uncomplicated and intuitive. You can easily find your way around the interface and easily find whatever it is you are looking for. Everything is well labeled and logically organized.

You have the classic organization, where at the top, you have links to their social media. Under that, you have your main links to the FAQs page, about the company and the Live Chat. It is effortless and enjoyable to navigate the website.

The best point of implementation are search options. You can go to “advance search” which will take you to the main page for selecting the search parameters. There you will find dozens of options such as age, orientation, height, zip code, and more. With an intuitive and clear layout that makes the search process extremely quick and painless.

This simple and classic layout carries over to the user’s profiles. When you go check one of your matches profiles you will find a card-like easy to read page. There will be displayed all the person’s information in blocks divided by location, physical characteristics, preferences, description, and more.

Do They Have Interesting And Unique Features?

BlackDatingForFree Review

There are a lot of possibilities and features in BlackDatingForFree. You can create a profile with all the information you consider relevant in order to find a partner. You can write about your hobbies, your appearance, references, etc, and it will all be displayed in your profile.

This same information will help other users find you. With the features in the search engine, you can narrow your search by many parameters like keywords. You have the possibility to chat with other users and even include pictures. Or if you are shy you can start by just sending a wink and see how that goes.

How does BlackDating ForFree Operate?

How it works is uncomplicated and clear. You create an account with all your information and you can start meeting people. Once you have an account in BlackDatingForFree you can start using the search engine. There you can set the parameters to exactly what you want in a partner. That way you narrow your search by things like appearance and tastes.

Once you find the profiles of people you like you can get in touch with them. For that, you can either send them a message or a wink. In messages, you can include pictures and emojis. And that is pretty much it, a smooth and free to use dating platform.

How to Create Your Own Profile on The Platform

BlackDatingForFree Review

The process is uncomplicated and intuitive. You click on the “Register Now” button at the top of the page. That will take you to a new page where you can fill up the registration form. In the first step, you will fill up your basic information like your email, nickname, location, and appearance. Then you can fill your preferences, what you are looking for, and a description of yourself. Once that is done you can add a picture and the registration process is done.

All is left to do is go to your email inbox and follow the link BlackDatingForFree sent you to confirm the account. Now you can start meeting people.

The Quality Of Profiles at BlackDatingForFree is High or Not?

BlackDatingForFree Review

People from all over the world sign up for BlackDatingForFee. That means you will have a lot of options when you are looking for that special one. This makes the experience much better. When you have a wide variety of options, it is much easier to find a partner. There is someone for you and it may take a couple of tries but you will surely find that person. BlackDatingForFree makes that process much easier and quicker.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Always include location in your search, that way you make sure not to get matched with someone from the other side of the world that you may not be able to meet.
  • BlackDatingForFree has options for blocking some behaviors. You can block people who are smokers or drinkers for example. Keep that in mind.
  • Make sure to fill all your information and type a short description of yourself. Talking about your hobbies and what you like will help others get to know you. That way you will get better matches.
  • Upload good quality pictures. Make sure they are not old or blurry. That way you will have a better chance of meeting someone.

If you follow those recommendations you will have a better chance of finding that special one. In order to keep the platform working smoothly and properly, the webmaster is always monitoring the platform. That way any suspicious accounts get blocked. In the same way, people who are being abusive or trying to scam others will be blocked. BlackDatingForFree is a safe site for meeting people so nudity or profanity is frowned upon on the platform.

Does BlackDatingForFree Have a Mobile Application?

BlackDatingForFree Review

Once you register on the website you will start chatting a lot with your matches. That makes it important to have access to a smooth and intuitive mobile app. Most of the interactions you will have will be from your phone and BlackDatingForFree knows that.

That is why Blackdatingforfree put a lot of effort into creating a great mobile platform. It is straightforward to use and intuitive. The user interface is clean and light. A simple layout with pictures and readable text makes for a great experience.

The app has a lot of functionality. You can do pretty much everything from the app as you would from the website. Things like searching for people, with all the advanced search options the website offers, use the chat, send photos, look at your favorites, all are available from within the app.

The best part is that the BlackDatingForFree mobile app is available for both, IOS and Android devices.

Are There Good BlackDating ForFree Alternatives, Similar Websites & Apps?

BlackDatingForFree Review

There are many good options out there if you are looking for online dating platforms. E Dating For Free has many websites where people can meet based on their preferences. Nonetheless, for people of color, BlackDatingForFree is the best option. Mainly because it was specifically created for that population.

If you are looking for a wider range of options, maybe you are interested in other ethnicities, then you can look for other platforms. In the same way, if the main thing for you is your religious beliefs, E Dating For Free has platforms for you. In some pages, you will find only Christian prospects or Catholic ones.

How Much You Will Pay for Membership and Payment Method

BlackDatingForFree Review

In BlackDatingForFree they do not have memberships. The service is free to use for everyone.

What Features You Get For A Free Membership

As mentioned before, all memberships are free so you will get all the functionality from the site as a free member.

What Extras Do The Premium Membership Get You

BlackDatingForFree does not offer premium accounts. Everyone has full access to all the features of the site for free.

Is BlackDatingForFree A Safe Place To Meet People?

BlackDatingForFree Review

BlackDatingForFree puts a lot of effort into its security. By reading their policies you can see how important personal data protection is for them. The platform securely stores the information of the users for the sole purpose of enhancing their experience. The information is used to match them with the right prospects. BlackDatingForFree puts a lot of effort into protecting the data of its users.


There are a lot of dating sites and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Nonetheless, BlackDatingForFree is one of the best because of how niche it is. It was specifically created for people of color so you can be sure that is what you will find there. Another great advantage is that the site is free for users. No hidden fees. For these and many other reasons, BlackDatingForFree is one of the best options for online dating.

Before you contact BlackDatingForFree via email, please, check out the FAQ section. There you will most likely find the answer you are looking for. Whether you have a question regarding the functionality of our website, dealing with scammers or managing your account, you will find the answer there.

Nonetheless, if you cannot find the answer you are looking for, you can contact BlackDatingForFree by email. In the FAQ section, you will find the email address to which you can send your questions and concerns.

Delete Account From BlackDatingForFree

If you have already found someone, or for any reason you want to delete your account, the process is uncomplicated and smooth. Just go to the FAQs page, there you will find the “How to Deactivate/Delete profile”. You will find two links respectively, click on the one for deleting and that will take you to the page where you can delete your account.

Send a Message to Someone On BlackDatingForFree

Go to the profile of the person you are interested in. Scroll down and right below their picture, you will see the “Send a message” button. Click here and it will take you to the chat page with that person. That’s all, you can start chatting.

Possible to See who likes me on BlackDatingForFree Without Paying?

You have the option to add people to your “favorites” so you can easily find them, send messages, and interact. If you go to your favorite’s page there you have “Mutual Favorites” where you can see other people that have also added you to their favorites.

Can lousy people be blocked on BlackDatingForFree?

If you feel someone is being abusive, lousy or you suspect it is being a con artist, file a report. Just go to their profile, scroll down to the bottom and there you will see the option to file a report. Once you do that, the experts on the site will check the report and that profile may get blocked or deleted so it cannot bother you anymore.

There are many people trying to make a quick buck. If someone is asking for money through the chat it is best to report them. The team at BlackDatingForFree works hard to filter out fake profiles and con artists but they cannot look into every profile. If you report those cases that greatly help to make the platform safer for everyone.

Is It Possible To Cancel A Subscription on BlackDatingForFree?

There are no subscriptions on BlackDatingForFree, but in case you would like to deactivate your account, you can. Just go to the FAQs section, look for Delete/Deactivate account and follow the link. You can re-activate your account at any moment.

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