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Christian Dating For Free Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Christian Dating For Free Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Popular age 30-42
Beauty 78%
Profiles 610.000
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Pros and Cons

  • The variety of free functions;
  • A paid version is absolutely free from ads;
  • Comparatively cheap;
  • Friendly atmosphere.
  • A tremendous amount of ads if browsing for free;
  • Old-fashioned list of available options;
  • Limited information about members.

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Christian Dating for Free is often called a starting point for those who want to try online dating format. Indeed, the website is simple, a bit stuck in the past, and for that reason, it is not overloaded by modern updates. This review confirms that users like the list of functions, saying that it is enough for the beginning. At the same time, some members blame the network for lack of development. This article aims to understand who is right and discover two sides of a popular online religious dating service .

Expert’s Review of Christian Dating For Free

Christian Dating For Free

Christian Dating for Free was created based on the advertising platform. Thus, it has a full box of ads on each side that people face every day. Of course, it is like one big problem of the website. At the same time, it is blooming because it has a principal position regarding safety and security. Perhaps, the secret lies in American people who amount to 300000 users. You can come across different races and ethnicity here. The USA is really a big fan of this virtual dating place, which is open for singles and divorced dating ones. All of them are middle-aged, so they give themselves one more chance to start life from scratch. The highest rate among all members is among women aged about twenty-five years old. Actually, females are dominant on this platform and ready to chat with everyone who has several fabulous photos and a friendly tone.

Website Design & Usability

Although most users are pretty young and can wade through many details of intricate usability systems, the creators of Christian Dating for Free have made far-seeing decisions. They have created intelligent design considering consumers’ demands. It really irritates when you spend hours trying to understand how the dating site works instead of having a chat. Equally important, the app has the same interface and a list of functions. Both free and premium users appreciate the fact that they do not feel any difference between the two versions. Nonetheless, some people take this simplicity for granted, and they comment that moderators just potter about the development. However, according to 50000 weekly active users, the team knows what it does.

Special Features

Christian Dating For Free Features

Christian Dating for Free is a very generous website because it provides many free shticks for its clients. Increase your chance to become a part of such a community. The first in the list is a unique way of greeting via winks. There is a special button in every profile. Many reviews agree that it is a cute function. Then, there is a list of Favorites.

Moreover, others will get a notification if you add them into such a category. You cannot hide and should start chatting with your match. You can also use a profile view and check all the guests who have visited your personal page. That is always interesting. The next free feature is a chat room; if you get bored writing long messages, your destination is there.

On the contrary, if writing lengthy texts is your vocation, peep into the forum and discuss the hottest issues for free. Maybe, among all the information, you will feel a kindred spirit. The last tool is called Elevate. You must pay for it, but Christian Dating for Free reviews say that it is essential. It allows you to remove the adds until the end of your payment period. Nothing will bother any longer.

How Does Christian Dating for Free Work?

This platform addresses the needs of its members. That is the reason why Christian Dating for Free has a long list of functions. Speaking about operating and messaging systems, you should know that you will get new match suggestions every day. Besides, you are allowed to search for singles yourself and write an unlimited number of messages to anyone. Not every dating site can brag about such possibilities. In addition, users can control who texts them in Account Settings. You can also send photos in chats and encourage your interlocutor to write their opinions on that. The team does an excellent job monitoring all the accounts and blocking the suspicious ones.

Signup Process

Christian Dating Signup Process

Christian Dating for Free requires very accurate and detailed information about new users. It was mentioned above that the team trace different accounts and delete rule-breakers even a few days after registration. The signing up process is pretty simple. You need to give your valid email address and fill in the form answering personal questions. An interesting fact is that you even have to include religious beliefs because this platform aims to gather all Christians in one community and give them a chance to get closer. That is why you need to write the name of your church and indicate when you attend it. Only after you open a particular link sent to your email, your profile will be active. This is how newcomers are being checked. If the moderators are not sure, they can send you one more link later. Accounts without any personal details and photos may be deleted. Take it into consideration when you sign up.

Users Profiles Quality

If you enjoy exploring other people’s personalities, Christian Dating for Free is absolutely for you. The profile looks incredibly informative. First, it has a block with standard answers, including religion, age, gender, marital status, nationality, and appearance. It is important to read how people estimate their body complexion and eye color. With this in mind, members get to the next stage of the website, which gives the information you are looking for. There are fields to fill out necessary characteristics for your potential partners: if a person is a smoker or not, if he or she drinks alcohol a lot, and whether he or she wants children. Below, there is a free space for you to write details about yourself in the form of an essay. People appreciate such an approach to profiles because you can see from the very beginning who is who. Sometimes, judging by a few facts, you can realize that this is your fate. There is an important recommendation not to leave your page without photos; otherwise, you will be banned. One member can upload only eight photos. You can freely visit other profiles and check their beautiful pictures. Christian Dating for Free welcomes people who enjoy writing an autobiography and read other stories instead of looking at numerous photos. In case it is not your cup of tea, you’d better choose some alternatives.

Mobile Application

Christian Dating for free Mobile Application

Christian Dating for Free’s mobile app is rated 4 stars out of 5. It is available for Android and iOS operating systems and has the same functionality. There is the same access to a personal profile as in the desktop version. It is very convenient because you do not need to get used to a new system. One differentiating feature is a greater amount of ads in the app. You will receive a sound notification if someone sends you a message.

On the contrary, if you are a fan of forums and live chats, the desktop version will be more convenient. But to browse through the matches, the application is better. Thus, decide what suits your needs more. Besides, you will never be bored with the app because you can see who is online at any moment and get to chatting right away — no time to waste.

Christian Dating for Free Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Every service finds its audience. In case Christian Dating for Free does not get in line, here is a list of alternatives. Christian Mingle, Ashley Madison, Adult Friend Finder – they have their own features and advantages. You can always give it a try. If there is something you dislike, you don’t have to give up interaction.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Christian Dating for free Price

Although Christian Dating for Free offers many free features, it also has a paid version. Since there are too many ads, many users are eager to get rid of them. The absence of hard sell is the most significant advantage of premium membership, called Elevate. You can choose to subscribe for one, three, and six months. If you wish to pay for one month, it will cost 19.95 dollars; three months — 38.70 dollars for the whole period. The most extended subscription term is six months, and the price is 51.00 dollars for half a year. This pricing seems very affordable in comparison with other dating services. If you decide to join the list of premium members and choose the period of membership, you must pay via credit card or PayPal. There are no other payment methods. Christian Dating for Free not only bans unreliable users but also takes care of your money. That is why, when the payment is completed, you will get a letter to your email with all details. The next payment will be taken automatically, but you will receive a reminder. In case you do not need a premium membership anymore, you can cancel it in Account Settings. It is necessary to type «Cancel my Elevate subscription» in a particular line.

Free Membership Features

Christian Dating for Free suggests a wide range of free activities. That is one more reason why people join the website. First of all, users do not have to pay for registration, and the account creation is fast and straightforward. Many different dating platforms charge money for chatting that makes participants crazy, whereas Christian Dating for Free does not take any fee for communication. You can send as many messages as you wish. Also, besides chatting, there are winks, and you can use them for free as well. Sometimes, you feel like interacting in groups and discussing important issues. For such members, there are live chat rooms and forums, also free of charge. As was mentioned above, the website and app show very detailed information about users, and you may visit their profiles. So, a variety of exciting offers and a simple design attract members of all ages.

Premium Membership Features

Christian Dating for free Features

Nevertheless, you can allow yourself a little bit more and pay for additional perks. As far as Christian Dating for Free is based on ads, it shows really a lot of them. Premium membership hides it at all. Interaction becomes calm and pleasant. It also allows you to check the activity status of other people. If you upgrade your account, your messages will be stored for 90 days, and it is possible to reread correspondence. In addition, you may upload sixteen photos instead of free eight. It is becoming easier to attract new partners. One of the favorite perks of many is the possibility to get at the top of search results. It means more winks and chatting. Feel like a superstar with a premium version.

Is Christian Dating for Free Really Safe?

Christian Dating for Free is a bit specific dating site. It does not welcome any allusion to seductive photos or sexual content. In comparison with other services where people wear their hearts on their sleeves, this place respects dignity. Maybe, that is a key to safety. Moderators really care about all objectionable content. That is why the team deletes any strange accounts. Being under protection is a great pleasure. Luckily, Christian Dating for Free realizes that and takes appropriate measures.


Christian Dating for free Conclusion

There are numerous dating websites nowadays. But not all of them have a particular mission. Christian Dating for Free has one – connect Christian singles and help them make love. There are different stories when people get engaged and have weddings after several years of online dating. It is terrific, isn’t it? Finally, a transparent dating network has been found, and it keeps an eye on security and work on developing new functions. Besides, you can find many free perks. By checking detailed profiles, you can quickly decide whether you want to communicate with the person or not. Register at Christian Dating for Free, and you won’t be disappointed, for sure. Don’t waste your time and find a like-minded individual who practices religion as you do.

Although the information is clear, people often want to ask something. This section clarifies the most popular questions. Hopefully, it will help to test the waters.

How to Delete Christian Dating for Free Account?

Christian Dating for Free provides two functions: hiding and deleting the account. To do that, you should open the Account Settings and choose Close my account. Before the operation is finished, you need to enter your email, password, tick the reason for leaving, and leave a comment. Remember that after you delete your page, you will not be able to restore access to it.

How to Message Someone on Christian Dating for Free?

This website provides unlimited messages. Just press the necessary button and type your text. It can be sent to any user.

How to See Who Likes You on Christian Dating for Free Without Paying?

This operation is not available.

How to Block Someone on Christian Dating for Free?

Usually, the team blocks any suspicious accounts. But if you have noticed anything, you should inform the support representatives.

How to Cancel Christian Dating for Free Subscription?

You will be reminded with a special notification about the payment period every month. In case you wish to cancel it, you can do this in Account Settings.

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