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Cupid Review 2021 Perfect/Scam?

Cupid Review 2021 Perfect/Scam?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 72%
Popular age 22-30
Beauty 50%
Profiles 50.000
About Site
Visit rate 5.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Users can take advantage of multiple interactive modes to reach out to potential matches.
  • Users can create free accounts and view other members.
  • The site has a dating app that is easier to use.
  • It is easy to search for profiles matching one's preset description.
  • Previous search results cannot be saved.
  • The site design may be complicated for some people to understand.
  • There are complaints from users about the prevalence of fake and scam profiles.

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Cupid.com allows users with different sexual orientations to create a profile for their membership account. It is common to find straight, lesbian, gay, and bisexual members on the site. Members must be at least 18 before they can use the dating site. Virtually, all races are allowed to join Cupid.com. African Americans, Caucasians, Blacks, Hispanics, and many other racial and ethnic affiliations are encouraged.

Expert’s Review of Cupid

Cupid Review

Cupid.com is a popular UK-based dating website. In June 2002, Cupid.com was officially launched by Cupid plc. It remained quite an underdog when compared to other prominent dating sites before 2006. In 2006, Cupid saw a massive overhaul and rose in reputation to be ranked among the top 10 UK-based dating websites. It was sold to NSI Holdings, which masterminded Cupid’s overhaul. It also attracted more members from the United States, France, Brazil, and India. Presently, membership on the site is over 2 million.

Cupid has a huge community of users who are looking for marriage or serious relationship. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find someone looking for friendship or fun.

Website Design & Usability

Cupid Design

The website uses an eye-catching blue and white template. The homepage is neatly organized and less cluttered. However, the member login area is stuffed with lots of features that new users may take a while to adjust to. Some users feel the varied menu options are great. Others feel the menu options should be more organized. Either way, there are so many functions users can perform in the member area with a single click.

Apart from a good organization rating, we found that the page loading speed is quite fast. However, the time required to load pages will still be affected by network strength. The Cupid is seeking to add more features to the member area. We can expect to see a bit of change in the member area in the upcoming months.

Special Features

Cupid has some unique features that make the dating site still relevant in the dating sphere. Users get to enjoy the website more if they understand these features and use them as often as they need to.

  • Cupid Arrow

This is unique to the Cupid dating site. It offers extra benefits and peculiar features to premium users. Premium users can choose paid perks when they subscribe to Cupid Arrow after the normal membership subscription. The perks can be used to boost a user’s profile rank on searches. There is also an option to view other people’s profiles without getting noticed.

  • Likebook

This is the major matching system on Cupid. Once a user logs into his or her account, the Likebook displays random user profiles that match previous filter settings. Users can see basic information on the users. They can also directly message other users, like their profile, or simply check other profiles.

  • i.e., a man looking for a woman
  • Date of Birth: Month/ Day/ Year
  • Screen name: Cupid username
  • City/Postal code
  • Email address

After you’ve filled the form and clicked the “SIGN ME UP” button, you’ll get an email with a verification link. The link in your email will activate your Cupid membership and lead you to update your profile and passwords. When completing the signup process, you may choose to take the personality test or skip it.

Note that Gmail is the best email to signup with Cupid as the confirmation email is received faster. If you cannot find the email in your Inbox, check the Spam folder.

Users Profiles

Cupid Profiles

At the point of the registration, users are not mandated to pay to complete registration.

  • Profile Update: Immediately after registration, the basic profile is limited. However, members can proceed to update their profiles without paying subscription fees.
  • Users need not subscribe to take Free members can use the Search feature and use the filter with no restrictions. However, when they find other users, there are limited options for contact.
  • Chatroom: Both free and paid members can chat freely in the chatroom section. But free users cannot message paid members directly.

Premium Membership Features

Cupid Features
  • Monthly paid membership costs $22.99
  • Become visible to both free and premium members on Cupid’s website.
  • Rank is higher in Search: Let Cupid prioritize your profile by placing it higher on search results.
  • Likebook Priority: Feature your profile more often in many random searches on the *Likebook.
  • Standout: Makes your profile photo bigger and increases visibility to other users.
  • Incognito: Peep into other users’ profiles without getting noticed.

Each perk costs $7.99 monthly. Users get discounts of 30% on each perk if they combine three or more perks.

Is Cupid Really Safe?

Cupid Safe

Cupid tries to make its dating site safe for everyone by encouraging users to verify their accounts. However, this does not mean some miscreants won’t still find their way through. Some complaints about scammers on Cupid points to this fact.

The users can ensure they stay safe by using full Safe mode features. Another measure is not to quickly trust dates. Take time to know your dates before making substantial commitments and trust. Users’ safety as far as Cupid is concerned can be objectively rated 60 percent.


Cupid Conclusion

Cupid gives its users flexibility when it comes to enjoying its dating services. There are more people to meet, and the presence of a dating app makes the features more exciting. Most users are Americans, UK citizens, and Europeans.

Members can also take advantage of discounts on multiple months’ subscription. Perks also offer amazing discounts when users combine three or more perks.

Cupid FAQs

How to delete Cupid account?

Deleting your Cupid account is a two-step process. First, you log in to your account. Go to My Account and click Remove Account from the drop-down menu. You will be required to confirm your account by supplying your password. Once the password is accepted, proceed to call 1-800-840-1726 to effect account removal.

How to message someone on Cupid?

There is more than one way to message someone on Cupid. Remember that you can only message another user if you have an active paid subscription. Once you use the Search feature or Likebook to find a person you are interested in, click on their profiles. You should see an option to message them in their profile. You simply type your message in the message box and click Send.

How to see who likes you on Cupid without paying?

To see who likes you without paying, you can check your email or mobile app notification. If Cupid.com sends you email notifications, you get notified when someone likes your profile. The message will bear the name of who liked your profile and a link to the person’s profile. You can also check your mobile app notifications when you log into your Cupid app.

How to block someone on Cupid?

If you have any reason to block anyone on Cupid, you must first log into your account.

Click on the profile of the target user. Check the middle right side of your screen for the Block menu. Click on Block and confirm your selection by choosing done.

Note that blocking a user means the user cannot contact you by any means. However, the target can still see your profile on Search results and Likebook list.

How to cancel Cupid subscription?

From your first subscription, you automatically allow Cupid.com to charge your account for each subscription period. You must turn off the subscription renewal option on your PayPal or credit card to cancel the subscription. This can be done by logging into users’ accounts and clicking the Billing History menu. Users will be required to authenticate their account using their password. Once automatic billing renewal is canceled on the user’s account, a call is made to the cancellation hotline via 1-800-840-1726. The request to halt automatic subscription renewal is then stopped.

What do I do if my free user account is not upgraded after subscription?

Users should wait for about thirty minutes after paying for a subscription to make their upgrades. If there is still no change after one hour, users should send a support ticket to customer care.

My Cupid dating app suddenly stops working. What do I do?

You can close the app and relaunch it if the issue continues to uninstall and re-install the app.

How fast does Cupid support team respond to support tickets?

On a weekday, many users confirm that the Cupid team respond to support tickets within 12 to 24 hours. On weekends, support tickets can take up to 48 hours before the response from the support team.

What steps should I take if I detect suspicious activity on my account?

You need to be sure that your account is secure. Change your password. Use a combination of numbers, special symbols, upper case, and lower case alphabets to boost password strength. If suspicious activity continues, contact the support team.

Do I get any rewards for inviting my friends to join Cupid?

Presently, only Cupid affiliates earn commissions when people join Cupid through them. Cupid is not mandated to pay any bonus to new signups as a result of current member invites.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: NSI Holdings Ltd
  • Address: 19 Bolsover Street, London W1W 5NA
  • Zip Code + City:
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Customer Support Email: support@nsiholdingsltd.com
  • Phone number: 011 61 7 55711181 For Canadian and US customers
  • 00 61 7 5571 1181 European and Uk customers
  • Facebook
  • Twitter: @CupidMedia
  • Blog
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