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Curves Connect Overview – How Good Is This Website?

Curves Connect Overview – How Good Is This Website?
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Pros and Cons

  • Positive attitude. The whole point of this website is to attract people who are not ashamed of themselves and stand against discrimination.
  • Long-term relationships. Curves Connect users are real and serious; they are mostly looking for a soulmate to create a future
  • You can see who likes you for free. With a free account, you will be able to like a member and see who likes you back.
  • Easy sign-up process. It won't take much time for you to sign up to Curves Connect for free and start exploring.
  • Inexpensive subscription. Comparing to other popular dating sites, Curves Connect premium subscription is not that expensive.
  • Long-term relationships. Again, this can be a disadvantage for some people. If you are looking for nothing serious, better take a look at other dating apps.
  • You should pay to be able to text. In order to be able to message users, you will have to purchase a premium membership. Without it, unfortunately, the app is mostly use-less in the long term.
  • It is not that popular. You may notice that the amount of members is not that high, but it is a usual thing for a niche dating site.
  • There is no special matching system. Unlike other popular dating sites that use a combination of multiple factors to match you with another user, there is no such thing in Curves Connect.

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Curves Connect is a dating service designed for those people who don’t judge a book by its cover. The name of the website itself explains that most of the members are curvy or plus size. Curves Connect is against the discrimination on the look and shape and promotes body positive; since most of us are not fashion models, and that doesn’t mean we are not beautiful. If you share these beliefs, this article will help you find out more about Curves Connect and whether or not you should consider signing up.

What Do We Know About Curves Connect

Curves Connect Overview

Curves Connect was launched in 2015 by the creator of farmers dating website. The main idea of Curves Connect is to match people with the same lifestyle and approach re-garding the look. It is true that most Curves Connect members are natural and have curves, and a couple of extra pounds are not judged there. It is also a free space for any gender, sexual preference, religion, race, ethnicity, etc. Curves Connect is against any way of dis-crimination and is intended to be a cruelty-free space for everyone. Any adult person that shares this view can join Curves Connect and try their luck in finding a soulmate.

Curves Connect Website Review

The Curves Connect website interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. On the top bar, you will find a Menu icon with all the website features listed. There is also an Explore icon where you can browse through the members and find people who are you interested in. You can also find a Message icon with access to your conversations and a Profile icon with access to your personal settings and a search.

The design of the website is simple, and the functionality is easy to use. There is nothing ex-tra, just all of the essential features that you will need on a dating website.

Are There Any Unique Features?

Curves Connect Overview

There are a couple of features that you can find useful on the Curves Connect website.

Discover feature is about the picture voting; you will see the user’s picture and will have to choose whether you like it or not. You can message the person or view their profile straight from this page.

Who Likes Me feature shows you the list of members who like you and a list of those whom you have liked. A red star icon shows that you liked the person, a blue star means that you didn’t like this person, and a blue heart stands for a mutual like.

The next feature is called Flirts and is available for the owners of free accounts. With this function, you can send an automatic message to every user that you like. For this, you will need to click the Flirt icon that is located on the user profile and select a message that you would like to send out. After that, a user will receive an email notification that you liked them and can send a Flirt in return. However, if you don’t own a premium account, you won’t be able to further communicate with the user.

Starting With Curves Connect

Curves Connect Overview

There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when starting using Curves Con-nect. Firstly, note that this website is eligible only in the United States or Canada. You should also remember that this is a niche dating site that is aimed at connecting plus-size people. If you are ready to go, we have prepared some registration instructions for you.

How Do I Sign up to Curves Connect?

It is very easy to register with Curves Connect. Everything you need to do to create a free account is to sign up on the website’s main page. You will have to enter a valid email, postal code, your gender preference, age, and a password. After that, you will receive a confirma-tion email with your login details. Your username will be generated automatically, and you won’t be able to update it in the future. You will, however, be able to change your password.

Once you have signed up, the next step will be to log in with the details that you’ve received in your email. You should then fill in the profile details and a valid profile picture. Remember that the more information you fill into your profile, the more attention it will get from other members. Therefore, we recommend you to take some time and think about the details that you want to mention. You can write something about yourself, your occupation, personality, hobbies, and all the essential things that your significant other should be aware about. Don’t forget to mention what are you looking for in relationships, is it family, kids, or you are against marriage? Such details can be crucial to other members. And, of course, the number of pho-tos in your profile substantially increases the chance to attract your future soulmate.

Once you fill in all the relevant details, you can move on to discovering the Curves Connect website and its users.

Overview of User Accounts

Curves Connect Accounts

As it was briefly mentioned before, it is fine for such a niche dating website to have not a huge amount of members. Since Curves Connect narrows down to the people with the same particular view and interest, it won’t have millions of active users. Most of the members are men or women who are looking for long and stable relationships. There are no limits on sex-ual orientation and preferences, so there are equal opportunities for everyone. Curves Con-nect members are either from the United States or from Canada, so you should not expect to find someone from abroad.

You should, however, pay close attention to the member profiles to avoid meeting a fake or being scammed. The absence of the ID verification is a minus, so you should definitely report a user who seems suspicious or fake.

Is There a Mobile App Available?

Unfortunately, there is no Curves Connect mobile app yet. The only way you can use this dating service is via the browser. It should not be an issue if you are using a smartphone, since you will be able to access the webpage anytime to check new likes and messages. If you prefer using your computer to browse the internet, then you should not be disappointed with the absence of the mobile app.

Are There Similar Websites to Curves Connect?

Curves Connect Websites

You can try searching for a soulmate in popular dating apps that gather lots of members all over the world. These websites are usually expensive and have a huge variety of different members that you can get lost in. If you are searching for something specific, you may want to consider some niche dating agencies. So if we’re talking about the dating apps that are fo-cused on specific criteria, there are a couple of similar websites that you may be interested in.

The alternative to Curves Connect can be a BBPeopleMeet website, where BB stands for Big and Beautiful. It also connects plus-size singles that are looking for serious relationships. People of any body shape are free to sign up, but the website mostly has members of size 6 and more. Unlike Curves Connect, BBPeopleMeet has a mobile app, which is a plus to the functionality and usage comfort. However, those features that are available for a free ac-count are very limited, so in order to have access to all the necessary stuff (including mes-saging), you will need to upgrade to the premium that costs more than Curves Connect one.

Large Friends is another dating website that is focused on body positivity. This site is global and has visitors mostly from the US, Australia, and some European countries. It is popular among younger people, not every one of which is looking for a long term relationship. It is possible to find a hookup on Large Friends, no matter of the gender and sexual preference. With a free account, you are able to respond to user messages, but in order to have access to full profile info, you will have to buy a paid subscription. The pricing of this app is also high-er, but it can be considered as more popular by the number of users.

Finally, of course, it worths mentioning another website of Curves Connect creator – Farmers Only. The idea of this site is to connect farmers, as no one else can understand what rural people are dealing with except for themselves. Also, as in the countryside people usually know each other, it’s getting hard for a person to find a significant other. And the website be-came popular among more than 5 million people with lots of success stories. So if you are a farmer, you may consider using this app.

Do I Have to Pay?

Curves Connect Pay

As it was mentioned earlier, Curves Connect offers two types of subscription plans: free and premium. As in any other dating site, the number of features available with a free member-ship plan is minimal. If you are serious about finding a soulmate in a dating agency, most probably, you should consider getting a paid subscription. With Curves Connect, it is easy to get either a 1, 3, or 6 months paid membership. The prices for each are not specified on their website, mostly due to different options and discounts. We have found out that you should expect a fee of 30 dollars if you choose a six months membership. You can pay with your card directly on the website, or with a check sent via the regular mail.

Whether or not you should consider paying for Curves Connect membership, we will discuss below.

Free Membership

The main point of free membership is to get an overview of what to expect from a dating website. You can browse around, see if you like the interface, the members, if you overall feel comfortable using the site, etc. Curves Connect free subscription offers an ability to see the list of members on a website as well as send and receive Flirts. So basically, it is intended for a new user to see whether or not you are interested in this website and matches. Howev-er, in order to move forward and start an actual conversation with a Curves Connect mem-ber, you will have to upgrade your membership.

Premium Membership

Premium memberships allow users of dating websites to have access to all the essential and some extra features. In order to successfully find a soulmate, you will need to communicate with a person, exchange some messages, and maybe even pictures or phone calls. It is im-possible to do so with free plans on most of the popular dating apps, including Curves Con-nect. A paid subscription allows you to send unlimited messages to the people you like, see their status, find out who has visited your profile, and some additional features that will im-prove your chances to find your love.

Can I Trust Curves Connect?

Before signing up for any dating site, you should carefully read through Terms and Condi-tions and a Privacy Policy.

Curves Connect collects some of your information, but they claim that it won’t be sold or passed to third parties. Even though the dating site may protect your information, you should remember to be careful yourself. Don’t share any financial and bank information to the peo-ple you meet online. Don’t send them money if you don’t know them personally, especially if the user asks you for some cash at the very beginning of your conversation. If some dating site members demand money from you or some personal data, we recommend you to block them and report to the website’s support.

Summing Up

In conclusion, we must say that Curves Connect offers a nice opportunity to find a soulmate based on the same views on the look and the beauty. It is a safe community where you can express your thoughts and feelings and be able to find a soulmate. So, if after reading this review, you feel that you want to find a significant other on Curves Connect, you can always sign up for free and see if this website is suitable for you. If you are still in doubt, we would recommend you to try rather than regret not trying.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

We have collected some most popular questions regarding this dating site for you and will briefly answer them.

How to Remove My Curves Connect Account?

In order to delete your account on Curves Connect, you should go to Menu > Settings > Re-move Profile. You can indicate why you want to remove your profile and then confirm the deletion. However, if you have a paid subscription, you will not be able to refund the costs.

How to See My Curves Connect Matches for Free?

With a free Curves Connect account, you will be able to send Flirts to other members and see who sent a Flirt to you. This way, you can see who is interested in communicating with you, but in order to start messaging a user, you will need to upgrade your account.

Can I Block a User on Curves Connect?

You can block any member on the Curves Connect website if you find their behavior suspi-cious or abusing. Moreover, you can report this user by clicking a report flag on their profile. These features, however, are available to premium account owners only. If you suspect that the account is fake or you feel unsafe, you can always report it to customer support.

Can I Cancel My Curves Connect Membership?

You should keep in mind that the unused time of your subscription cannot be refunded. If you still wish to cancel your premium subscription, you need to login to your account and go to Menu > Settings > Manage subscription. Another way of canceling your membership is to write a message to Curves Connect customer support.


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