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EasySex Review

EasySex Review
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 1,800,000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A great variety of members
  • Relatively low prices and lots of content
  • A diverse community of creators and regular users
  • An overabundance of features and services
  • No anonymous payment options
  • The support isn't the best in the market

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Are you dissatisfied with your sexual life? Then you have to create your personal profile on Easy Sex. It is an online service developed for individuals who want to meet someone to have sex with. Here, you can communicate with other users, watch erotic videos and photos, and play online games. When you are registered on this website, you can feel absolutely safe.

The Registration Process

EasySex Review

Being a platform with a user-friendly interface, it won’t take much time to create a new personal profile. The only thing you ought to do is fill out fields and add the information below.

  • Your gender;
  • Your age;
  • The place where you live;
  • Your potential partner;
  • Your email address.

It’s also required to create a password; go for a strong combination of symbols to protect your personal information from hackers. After the registration process, you are allowed to use all of the features provided by this popular online service for getting new sexual experience. Bear in mind that you must be 18 years and above to arrange any sexual interactions via the platform.

The Interface of EasySex

EasySex is one of the most popular sex dating websites developed to find partners for sexual experience. When you are creating your profile, you’ll have a chance to look around the home page, which seems to be quite modern and up to the standards. That’s why it won’t take much time to understand how the main features of this website work even if you are using this kind of service for the first time.

From the main page, users can get to different sections that include:

  • Watching erotic video clips;
  • Playing online games (they have a simple plot, and you can make use of them when you are waiting for one of your interlocutors to answer);
  • Viewing intimate pictures;
  • Watching live streams.

Furthermore, you can visit the profile settings section to add a description or use other features needed to make your account more popular among other users.

On the top of the page, there’s a section called “Support.” You can use this button if any issues with the website occur. The support team will do their best to help you solve them.

Useful Functions of EasySex

This website differs a lot from other dating services. One of the essential advantages of EasySex is its matching system, which assists users in finding their perfect partners according to their personal preferences. The first thing you should do in this case is to select your interests and who you are looking for. This online platform is an excellent solution for people who both monogamous and polygamous individuals. Furthermore, you can find a partner here if you are a gay or a lesbian. It’s also possible to go through all of the users.

Lots of people want to get closer to not only traditional straight sex but also some other unique practices, for example, BDSM. To find the best candidate, you can filter all members according to their specific characteristics and even appearance. Moreover, it’s possible to search only within your area or district if that’s a priority for you.

Users of EasySex

EasySex was developed specifically for people from the USA and other English-speaking countries. However, these days a variety of people from different countries are using it as well. The main reason for that is a user-friendly interface of the website and lots of features available to make communication more pleasant and intimate. Moreover, it’s always being improved to become a better international platform for dating.

Count of Members

EasySex Review

According to the website statistics, there are more than 2 million people who live in different parts of the globe. That’s why it’s not so complicated to find your perfect match who you can meet in reality, no matter whether you live in a small town or a suburban area. However, it’s essential to pay attention to whether a profile belongs to a single person or a couple. Otherwise, you may deal with a non-monogamous relationship, even if this is not your preference in dating.

People Who Use EasySex

Since EasySex is a service for new sexual experience, all of the people who have created their profiles on this website have the same goals. That’s why most of the users who you send your text messages and other content are open-minded and ready for more intimate conversations. Nevertheless, it’s significant to mention that it’s better to find another place in case you are looking for a partner for a long-term relationship because EasySex is focused more on people looking for a hookup.

Nonetheless, you still need to be careful when you are communicating using EasySex because sometimes you may notice possibly fake profiles. Thus, avoid initiating a dialogue with them.

Kinds of Users

EasySex Review

This website is created for different types of members. EasySex includes straight people without a couple, individuals from the LGBT community, and non-monogamous couples. Furthermore, not only young adults but also elderly individuals are looking for a new experience in their sexual lives. Still, all accounts should follow the same rules, meaning you won’t get a lower or higher price for a premium membership if you create a profile for a couple.

How to Interact on EasySex

To become a better online platform, EasySex offers all its users access to various means of communication. The main thing you can do is to send messages and some intimate content, including video clips and photos, to each other. Moreover, it is possible to chat online in groups. This is a marvelous option for those who aren’t ready to start a private conversation and want to see how your point of interest interacts with other human beings. So, it’s a great way to understand if this or that person is really what you need.

Furthermore, in case if you want to attract your point of interest, you can send him a digital gift. For that, you have to purchase a premium subscription. However, it isn’t expensive and totally worth the money.

EasySex Pricing

It’s absolutely free to create your profile on EasySex. However, you will be offered to purchase a premium account as soon as you log in. With a paid membership, you will be able to get access not only to this service but also to other online platforms full of erotic dating online content.

Free Version

A free version of EasySex is a great choice for those individuals who aren’t sure if they are ready to use this website for a long time. The membership allows access to limited functions. People can still look for intimate content and communicate with other members. Furthermore, they can play some simple online games to pass the time while you are waiting for the response from your interlocutor. However, not all means of communication are available for a free profile.

Nevertheless, it’s significant to mention that even though you decide to use the platform for free, you still have to add the information about your credit card to verify your personal profile. It helps protect the system from all of the people who want to spoil other users’ experiences on EasySex.


In case you realize that EasySex can satisfy all your needs, it will be more beneficial if you purchase a premium version of this website. With a paid membership, users get access to unlimited services and use all kinds of communication. These include not only sending messages but also digital gifts or other things needed to help you show your admiration for your potential partner. Moreover, you can watch all of the erotic videos and photos posted on the website.

A premium version isn’t expensive. However, with it, you can get a cheaper profile HookupCloud.com. You can start with a trial period for 2 days. This subscription costs only $1.95, and you will be able to use it to the fullest. Furthermore, when you are a member of EasySex, 1-month access for you will be $39.95.

In case you are going to use EasySex for a long time, it’s better to purchase a premium version for 1 month; it will cost you $49.95.


EasySex Review

EasySex is aimed to help users feel absolutely confident when they are communicating with each other. That’s why the founders need to protect their members from hackers and scammers who mostly use free versions of the platform.

In this case, there is an SSL-encryption system — the most beneficial service developed to protect users from cyber-attacks. That’s why you won’t find many fake profiles on EasySex. However, you should never forget about following some simple but significant rules to be safe when you are communicating with others:

  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi when you log in to your account or purchase a premium membership;
  • Try to avoid any conversations with people who have no descriptions or pictures because there is a risk of them being scammers;
  • Don’t share your personal information with strangers.

Moreover, it’s recommended to notify the representatives of this website if you think that one of the users misbehaves. After several complaints sent by different individuals, such a profile will be blocked permanently. As a result, you will protect not only yourself but also other members of EasySex.

Client Support Services

EasySex Review

EasySex is a site with a modern interface. That’s why you don’t need to spend much time figuring out how different features work. Furthermore, there’s a special section with the most frequent questions. So, you will have to communicate with the client support team only in the most complicated situations. To solve your problems, you can send a letter to their email address. They are real experts who do their best to resolve your issues as fast as possible. It must be noted that support representatives are polite to all of the members, no matter what.

Mobile Version

Not all people want their relatives to find out that their close person is using such an online service. EasySex understands that. Thus, if you want it to be your secret, you can use a mobile version; there isn’t any app for the phone, unfortunately. The only thing you should do is to open the platform on your phone. This version features all the functions, and it can be even more useful than a desktop website.


To sum up, EasySex is a great solution for people who want to make their sexual experience more diverse. There are different types of memberships: free use and access to unique functions. If you wish to be fully satisfied with the service, go for a premium subscription that is quite reasonable in price. We are sure you won’t be disappointed!

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