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Feabie Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Feabie Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
About Girls
Date with older guy 4%
Reply rate 84%
Beauty 85%
Popular age 27-30
Profiles 1.400.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The dating service is free.
  • Users can use the site to make new friends.
  • There are several great features.
  • Users’ profiles are organized well compared to most dating sites.
  • The site is a safe platform for big-sized individuals.
  • The site does not send users notification when someone likes something on their page.
  • Free users can only see a few pictures.

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This dating website is not a scam. The platform is legit, and it was created for big-sized singles who have a thing for fat people. So, if you are overweight, you are allowed to open an account on this site. This dating platform is unique, and it has gained thousands of users so far, and more users keep joining every day. Safety on the website is also guaranteed; third parties cannot access users’ private information.

Feabie introduction

This online platform is among the leading matchmaking sites for individuals searching for a long-term partnership that will lead to marriage. Through the service, people can find many other singles that meet their requirements. The Feabie service’s goal is to enable individuals to have the best romantic life they have always wanted. So, the platform offers users all the necessary features to make perfect choices. Continue reading this article to learn how to create an account, the service costs, and other important details.

Expert’s Review of Feabie

Feabie Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?


This platform was created in 2015 by people who operated a gay website. They created the platform to open doors for more individuals. The platform was designed for big-sized people of any gender who are looking for a serious romantic relationship.


The Feabie platform has more than one hundred thousand users.

Sexual orientation

The website welcomes gays, lesbians, and straight people.


The site only allows individuals that are above eighteen years old. Many members are in their twenties. Users must provide their date of birth when registering, and such data is kept private. It is only the members’ age that appears on profiles.

Race and ethnicity

The Feabie web matchmaking platform originated in the United States, but it welcomes users from around the globe. So, people may find Americans, Latinos, Asians, and other races.

Website Design & Usability

Feabie Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

This dating platform has a beautiful design. The site features the newsfeed and My Type filter, which lets users customize the kind of people that appear in several lists. Users can view people close to them, active users, people who have checked out their profile, and recently shared their pictures. The My Type feature allows users to have an extensive and customized website experience. Users should take their time to play with this feature to get the right results. For instance, they can narrow or broaden it until they get a perfect balance of what they want.

There is a news feed section on the Feabie website, and it helps to overview what users write. You will see the content and comments that people have on their walls. Users can customize their local and global news feeds by using filters such as weight, height, and body type. Private information such as relationship status and whether a user likes someone’s body type can also get used.

Users on the Feabie dating website may also follow other users to know what they post on their walls.

Special Features

Feabie Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

You would not expect this website to have excellent features because it is a free service. But that is not the case. The site provides several amazing features that enable users to have the best online dating experience. Most of the features offered on the website are not available in other similar dating platforms. The features are as below.

  • Video chat rooms
    In the video chat rooms, users can know each other better. You will be able to see the real emotions of the people you meet. The video chat feature also gives users the feeling of talking in person, and it helps in building relationships.
  • Unauthorized people cannot access the website.
    Third parties cannot access profile details on the Feabie platform. The site cannot be accessed on search engines like Yahoo and Google. So, if you are not an authentic user, you will never be able to run it. Besides this safety measure, the website keeps users’ private information confidential. There is also an option of blocking suspicious users on the website. When you block a user, he/she will never be able to access your profile.
  • The best search engine
    The Feabie website has advanced searching tools to help users find suitable matches. You can look for a person near you whose interests match yours. Users can even search for their partners according to age, weight, where they live, body type, relationship status, the language they speak, and so on.
  • There is phone service for both Android and iOS devices.
    The Feabie matchmaking service is available on Android and iOS portable gadgets. The phone app enables members to meet and communicate with people on the go.
  • Geo-location features
    Location is crucial for almost every online dating service. The dating site features a powerful location system. People should specify where they live on their profiles by entering their zip code and city name. But location details are not shown on users’ profiles for privacy reasons. The site uses location details to determine how far users are from each other, thus helping users find people near them.
  • Newsfeed
    The news feed on the Feabie dating platform provides an overview of what members share on their profiles. You may customize your local and global feeds using attributes such as weight, height, relationship status, and others. Users may also follow other users to view what they post on the profiles.
  • Users can write comments on other people’s pictures.
    This platform features various tools for interacting. Besides writing private texts and using the video communication feature like in most dating platforms, Feabie users can comment on people’s photos. You can follow the person you like, write on his/her wall, like and comment on pictures. Doing that can make a person know you are interested in them, and you are likely to start communicating and end up becoming life partners.

All those features enable users to enjoy this service. The platform provides all the elements necessary for connecting and interacting with people. The above features make the dating platform stand out, thus attracting more members.

How does Feabie work?

Feabie Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

After signing up on this platform, users begin looking for like-minded individuals to interact and have fun. Members may search for dates using the site matchmaking features. The site is accessible to all singles around the globe. Also, all members on the site are looking for serious partners. So, you are likely to find your soul mate here.

The platform features curvy, beautiful females and big, good-looking men. With the searching tool, users can meet big-sized people close to them or in a region that meets their needs. The Feabie matchmaking platform additionally offers several filter options. The filters include age, weight, location, body type, relationship status, language, and more.

Once you find a partner, the platform offers various communication features to use. You may send your match a private message, email, talk using the video communication feature, or write comments on pictures and statuses.

Sign Up Process

Singing up on this matchmaking website is simple and does not consume much time. In less than fifteen minutes, members can complete their registration.

During registration, users must tell the Feabie platform who they are and who they want to date. This implies that the platform will need users to specify their gender and the gender of the person they wish to date. After that, users must give a valid email address and create a password. During registration, the users also come up with their usernames. The username is supposed to be short and captivating. To have a perfect username, consider using expressive words and a tone that tells other users who you are and what you need from Feabie.

Also, users must provide their private details when registering on this website. The private information needed includes location and age. And once registration is done, the new member can log in and start interacting with people.

Users Profiles Quality

Feabie Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

As stated earlier, Feabie is for people that want a permanent relationship. What this means is that members must provide a few private details when building a profile. The process of filling in a profile on this site can seem long, but users should deal with it. People with detailed profiles have higher chances of finding the right match.

To build a profile on this website, start by describing who you are. Talking about you entails writing about your gender and relationship status. Users must additionally mention what they are searching for on this platform.

The next step is writing about you in a free manner. Here you can talk about things that interest you. It might be movies, books, songs, the type of dates you desire, and more. Describing yourself is the most significant part of building a profile. The platform asks users several questions that allow their algorithm to understand who they are. When the website gets what type of person you are, it will be able to connect you with someone who suits you most.

If there is any question on the Feabie platform that you don’t feel like answering, you may skip it. The sections users skip will not appear on profiles.

The following profile section requires users to describe the kind of people they need. Here you can talk about physical looks, if you are into bellies, arms, or buttocks, just write it. Lastly, the platform will ask users to specify their weight.

Having a detailed profile on this website will additionally help users to receive many profile visits, texts, and likes. So, do everything you can to make it exciting. A detailed profile can also show other users that you are serious about finding a match on the Feabie matchmaking platform.

Mobile Application

Feabie Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

This matchmaking platform also has a phone application, just like many similar websites. The service is available for Android and iOS devices. The app can be downloaded without paying at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

The phone service for this matchmaking platform was designed to offer the experience of using it on compact displays. The app utilizes the phone APIs. With the app, people will never miss any notifications; the app sends alerts, letting users know when they have a new message.

Feabie Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

  • BBWDateFinder
  • LargeFriends
  • BBW Romance
  • ChubbyBunnie
  • BBWLocalHookup
  • WooPlus
  • BBWCupid

Membership Price and Payment Method

The Feabie dating platform services costs are as below.

The XL Pass plan

  • One month: 8.99 dollars
  • Three months: 23.00 dollars

The XL Pass is a recurring plan. Users must cancel it to stop making payments.

The one-year membership

  • This membership costs 70.01 dollars, and it lasts twelve months.
  • The one-year membership plan is not recurring.

Payment method

  • Users make payments through the CCBILL.

Free Membership Features

Feabie Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

The features that free Feabie users can enjoy are following:

  • Users can view up to twenty-five pictures, in full. The next photo will only appear partly.
  • Male users can block only ten people, but female users can remove as many people as they want.
  • Users can only write on ten members’ wall per day. Even on private messaging services, users can only write to ten people per day.
  • Users can reply to any person who comments on anything they wrote. Users can also write comments on other users’ statuses.
  • Users can only see the last fifteen people who have visited their profiles; the platform does not show them all visitors.
  • The site has restrictions on the number of people free users can search for in a day.

Premium Membership Features

The premium users on the Feabie matchmaking platform enjoy the services below.

  • View as many photos as they wish. All images appear in full size.
  • Block as many people as they want.
  • Write on other users’ walls.
  • Send private messages to anyone they like.
  • See every person who checks out their profile.
  • See other people’s weight history.
  • Post as many pictures as they wish.
  • Write a comment on other users’ walls.
  • Search for any person they like on the site.

Is Feabie Really Safe?

This dating platform takes the safety of its users seriously. All private details like date of birth, email address, location, and others remain confidential. Users also have the option to block anyone that they don’t want to interact with on this platform. Once a person gets blocked, they will not be able to access any of your content. Last but not least, users who wish to stop using this dating service can easily delete their accounts. When a user deletes the accounts, all data gets erased permanently.


Feabie Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

This online dating platform is a wonderful place to interact with like-minded people. The site focuses on users who like fat ones. No one will judge you on this site; people will accept you the way you are. The site is still growing; users should expect more people as they keep using the service. The Feabie dating platform has a big-sized online dating community, and soon, it is likely to be the leading dating website for big-sized people. The site offers outstanding features; users have higher chances of finding what they want. The site is also safe to use, and users are guaranteed a wonderful dating experience.

How to delete Feabie account?

Users can delete their dating accounts by selecting the “Delete my account” option on the site. Once you do that, your profile will be deleted; you will not be able to reactivate it. So, if you want to use the site again later on, you will have to create a new account.

How to message someone on Feabie?

Users can message each other on this dating platform through the messaging feature. All messages are saved, so users can check them later if they need to. The messages appear in the inbox section of the users’ accounts.

How to see who likes you on Feabie without paying?

This dating platform allows liking and commenting on people’s photos and statuses. So, if a person likes or comments on your photo, you will see their name. Interacting with people’s content tells them that a person wants to get to know them.

How to block someone on Feabie?

The blocking option is on users’ profiles. To block someone, just go to their profile and click on the block option. The blocked person will never be able to contact you again.

How to cancel Feabie subscription?

Users can cancel their subscription by following the steps below.

  1. Go to My Account section of the website and click on Plans.
  2. In the Plans section, a user should select the Cancel Subscription option.

Payments on this dating platform get processed through CCBill.com. So, users will get redirected to the CCBill page. On that page, a user will be able to cancel the subscription.

Users are allowed to cancel their subscriptions whenever they want. If you cancel before the period you paid for ends, you continue accessing the paid features until the period expires.

Contact Information

Feabie Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?
  • Company Name: Feabie.com
  • Address: New York City, NY, US
  • Zip Code + City: 10008-2572 New York
  • Country: United States
  • Customer Support Email: legal@feabie.com
  • Facebook: Feabie
  • Twitter: @Feabieweb
  • Blog: Feabie.tumblr.com
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