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Fuckr Review

Fuckr Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 20-25
Profiles 1 000,000
About Site
Visit rate 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • All the profiles on Fuckr are verified
  • The level of security is top-notch, as all users have no cause to lose any of their data
  • All transactions which take place on Fuckr are protected
  • There are different kinds of women who you can opt for and communicate with
  • When it comes to customer service, it is remarkable
  • Registering on the website is not smooth
  • The website is not available in all countries
  • There is a limit on the trial period

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Let’s talk about sex dating websites: they are becoming more and more popular these days, as they grant extraordinary experiences to regular people. You may be looking for another perfect site already, browsing the Internet back and forth. We hope that we will clarify your mind with this Fuckr review.

If you are a no-fake and no-scam seeker, this presentation will be very useful for you. We will present some helpful website features so that you can easily compare with others on the Web and pick the one you like the most. We will evaluate the pros and cons of Fuckr and try to understand why everyone is there, and why there is so much fuss over it.

If you are a sex dating newbie, we hope that we have aroused your curiosity. Let’s get it started.

How to Login to Fuckr.Com?

Fuckr Review

A quite common feature in hookup websites is the ease of registration. If you are curious about a shady hot night or hodge-podged authorization, it’s not the best idea. A lot of users get bored with complicated signing up processes, and they just give up and skip to another place.


Well, on Fuckr, they made the registration process very easy and quick.

When searching for the “Fuckr” website, you may be re-directed to the page with the following banner: “do you want to receive nude photos on your device?”. Just go on with the sentences they prepared to warm you up. “Do you like hooking up with…?” “Do you like…?” The platform refers to the physical appearance of the girls, learning more about your taste and preferences. They go on with “young,” “milf,” and so on. This is like a survey to get you a little more aroused and to understand why you are here and what you are looking for.

We hope your stay on the website will not be as quick as the registration process! You will need to provide the general information required by most hookup sites: username, password, date of birth, gender.

Click on “Join” so that you can skip to the next part. Are you ready to find new chicks? Let’s go.

Personal Information

Fuckr Review

Here everything is free. You will be required to upload some personal information. Don’t be afraid; it’s just to make your experience better. Imagine that you are looking on an empty profile on a sex dating website. Wouldn’t it be weird? Wouldn’t you decide to pick another person to start talking? People don’t feel comfortable having a blank page in front of them.

So, in this profile section, you can add a brief description of yourself, your height and body shape, your hobbies, your fantasies, your sexual taste. Another vital premise you can write down is what you expect from Fuckr. If you are looking for a friend with benefits, the users who might be interested in this will feel comfortable knowing it before starting the chat.

Fuckr Interface

Fuckr has a very easy-to-understand interface. Its graphics are plain and user-friendly, as a chat platform should be. No long charging periods will be asked to your computer or your mobile phone. The platform is conceived for those who don’t have much time to lose on these technical details. You will focus entirely on other users and understand how to crawl from one page to another and how to use features very quickly. Indeed, if you are a digital native, maybe a full guide is not required, and you can skip directly to the “features” paragraph. If not, just sit down and read on.

  • The Navigation Panel

As we said, site navigation is relatively simple. On the top of the page, there’s a navigation panel with easy-to-toggle tabs. Here you can choose whether you would like to watch a porn video or to check who went on your profile and who’s been snooping around your photos.

  • The Right Bar

On the right, you will find your profile’s information. Here is where notifications appear. There’s, of course, an email, chat, and rating sections to monitor your profile’s and photo’s popularity. Check this out if you would like to know who may like you and what kind of messages you got.

Fuckr Features

Fuckr Review

Finding features yourself will not be difficult on Fuckr. Some of them are very common among hookup websites, while some others are quite specific. What’s more important to say: every user satisfies their needs. Sex dating is a very personal matter. That’s why it’s essential to read a thorough review and users’ experiences as well before purchasing anything.

Here you are some of the website’s options, which may be found on regular dating platforms:

  • Adult Games. Sexy gaming online is a way to spend some time. There are plenty of them, and you just have to pick one and find what’s your favorite on the Web.
  • Sending Hearts: this is a “like” feature in social networks. Buying someone flowers or sending a kiss with the tips of your fingers: here’s what the hearts are meant to be — a sign of your appreciation. Similar to the “like,” this is a warm-up for the chat, the message, and hopefully the date. A small tip: try not to put too much pressure on a user. Not everyone is willing to hookup like you do, and you will need to communicate with others without bothering them. This is a crucial etiquette on sex dating platforms.
  • Profile Personalization: this feature allows you to make some tweaks according to your profile needs. This feature is quite typical of Fuckr.
  • Chronology. This is just another fantastic feature on Fuckr. Maybe you looked for someone who you don’t remember. The chronology, like cookies in a browser, will remember your last actions. Of course, the website knows anyway where you have been, but it’s so nice that here they share this information with you.

Fuckr Users

Fuckr Review

So, it looks like you haven’t been starting taking off your shoes, yet. Still, there’s one more thing every wannabe-hookupper would like to know: who are its users?

We have experienced that a lot of people can’t stand fakes. A fake user is someone who is pretending to be someone else. In the sense that he/she uses a different name, or makes up a story of his/her life to appear more likable. Well, this looks like what a lot of people do. Doesn’t everyone tell fibs a bit about themselves?

Someone just likes chatting and does not ask more from a sex dating website. Well, it takes a lot of common sense to admit that it doesn’t matter the REAL life of a person in front of you. Aren’t you here for pleasant experiences? If you are just looking for a chat, you can’t expect the other person to tell everything about herself/himself.

Are you involved in a conversation with a user, and you are sure he/she is not real? Just ask. If you don’t receive a satisfying answer and don’t like the conversation, stop it.

So, there are a lot of members here. The sexual orientations are different, but you will find more straight people on Fuckr. Let us tell you something more about the users’ quality.

Count and Quality Users

Fuckr Review

You’ll find a lot of different profiles here. By taking a look, we found a variety of expectations: people are looking not only for casual sex but for an affair and even online sexting.

Concerning the age, except for the age-restriction of the minors, you will find almost everything. Fuckr’s popularity allows this website has thousands of users. Like any other natural environment, it’s populated by a lot of different individuals, like milfs, hot legal-aged teens, cougars, grannies. Well, ok, maybe we haven’t found that many grannies. That’s fair.


Fuckr Review

The communication means are usual: emailing, instant messaging, photo/video sharing. The recommendations we can give are: just feel free to leave if you don’t like the chick you are talking to. And reveal only the necessary information about yourself, so to provide a trustful experience to everyone else. Beware any kind of fraud.

Fuckr: Free and Premium

Fuckr is free and does not request your credit card information when you register.

Free Account

The free account allows you to see Fuckr and to get an idea of what this website is about. You can view some profiles with photos and send hearts as well.

Premium Account

With a membership, you will have full access to every feature on the platform. The three packages available make your stay even more convenient. They are:

  • Price per month is $38.99 if you purchase one month;
  • Price per month gets to $30.95 if you are buying three months;
  • Price per month is $25.98 if you go for six months.

As you can see, if you decide to invest in your fuckr-ture, it’s time to spend a little more and choose the third plan. If you are not sure you like the website for that much time, you can purchase just one month and see what happens next. There’s always time to update your membership.

Fuckr: Security and Support

As every growing website that wants to stay like that, Fuckr.com needs to face a lot of users’ needs. That’s why precise safety measures are taken. The personal information of the user is safe unless, of course, he/she behaves irresponsibly.

Please keep in mind: you are paying for Fuckr services. So, like in the offline world, be careful when you accept requests from every other brand, website, or individual. If you are receiving messages from someone else, just make a quick research on the Internet before you accept to pay. A lot of online scammers might be around trying to send you phishing ads.

Fuckr: Mobile Version

There is, unfortunately, no mobile version for this platform. The good news is that you can use a browser version of Fuckr on your smartphone. It may be slower than the regular one, but still, you won’t lose the precious chat you started with a hottie.

This is not the last word, though: a mobile version may be under development. In the meantime, it’s possible to increase Fuckr mobility by using the browser version on your portable device.

The developers of Fuckr may have thought that a computer can enhance an experience like that.

In the end: it’s up to you to pick your favorite gadget — the privacy of your computer or the endless possibilities of your smartphone.

Fuckr Review – Conclusion

A quick registration process, a highly usable interface, a lot of different users — 26$ per month will look like a fair price for such an experience.

Fuckr is gaining its place in the top 10 of online hookup websites. In this Fuckr review, we tried to understand why. Now all that’s needed is a user, urging a hot chat, or some nice pictures from another member. We wish you a pleasant Fuckr journey!

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Sue is aware that growth takes time. She gives people the tools they require to deal with their emotions, enhance their communication, and reflect on their worth.
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