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Game of Moans Review

Game of Moans Review
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Pros and Cons

  • The title is fully customizable and gives players free rein over their space. With this freedom, players can create truly unique experiences. Players can customize whomever they want to anyhow their heart desires
  • Players can enjoy no holds barred sexual fun as no activity is banned in the game. All sexual acts are welcome, and players can carry out their most in-depth, darkest fantasies without any repercussions. It allows players to find sexual release within the safe environment of the game
  • All NPCs are involved in the game and customized to be sexy. There are also customizable options for inanimate objects and animals. It brings a whole new dimension to the term NPC
  • The graphics and animations are crisp. The game portrays all the characters in the proper light, and the sex scenes feel so real. The music feels almost originally composed and will transport fans back to the original series itself. It’s a must-try if you are a fan
  • It is difficult to get a true feel for the game if you don’t want to pay. Players will have to put in their card information before being allowed to play. It may be a turn off for some people
  • Although the game does well with graphics and sound, it doesn’t do nearly as well with the language. The High Valyrian spoken or written in the game is not real and does not have any meaning. Some game fans might find this truly offensive and not authentic enough for their taste
  • Hardcore fans who hope to see accurate retellings of the original story may get disappointed. Some of the stories are accurate, but others are just plain old, made-up scenarios without any base from the actual story. This game isn’t a 100% replica of the beloved series. All in all, what can you ask for? You’re probably here for the sex scenes

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