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Gay Harem Review

Gay Harem Review
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Pros and Cons

  • Game play is free
  • Each adventure takes place in a different town or kingdom
  • There's some very hot sex in the adventures section, where it's a combination of comic books and gaming
  • Some things you do while in an adventure cost cash within the game
  • Your energy and combate reqadiness slowly regenerates for free
  • When your harem competes in a sex battle or when you play pachinko, you don't get to see the action happen

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Adult games are usually targetted at adults with heterosexual orientations. Gay Harem takes a different approach, and as the name suggests, it is aimed at gay adults. The game is a spin on the traditional way of doing things and delivers a kicker. Finally, a game the gay community can vibe with. Gay Harem is of the Hentai category, using visuals from the genre to tell a story and captivate its target audience. We are sure gays will love this and play nonstop.

The game is a closed-off space for gays as there isn’t any female character in the game. Gay Harem is built for the sexual satisfaction and desires of men and men alone. There are various adult games, and these have their styles, plot points, gameplay, and targeted users. Gay Harem carves a well-sectioned niche for itself in the adult gaming space.

The game uses a visual novel format to relay its story, Immersing players in the actions by reading the actions, commentaries, and dialogues of the characters. OurOur review on Gay Harem takes a deep dive into what makes the game tick and the various moving parts that make it all come together beautifully. Without wasting any more time, here is our review of Gay Harem:

How To Sign Up For Gay Harem?

Gay Harem Review

Gay Harem allows players to have a feel for the game before deciding if they commit fully or not. New players can start playing off the bat as guests, although many of the game’s features will not be available to them for use. The portion of the game guests has access to introduce them to the game style and the interface. It also shows them the game mechanics and how things work. It is to get guests excited about the game plot and get them to sign up.

The “Sign Up” button can be found on the top left corner of the home page. For registration, new users would be required to provide an email address, their preferred username, and their preferred password. For those who already have an account, or have just created theirs and want to log in, the “Login” button can be found next to the “Sign Up.” Type in your Login details to proceed to the game (your username and password). Players are encouraged to get a feel for the game before signing up as it may be a bit strange to non-gay individuals.

Gay Harem Layout & Interface

The Gay Harem game map is the next page right after you log in. The plan is easy to read and use, and it shows a general overview of the game area complete with the in-game buildings. From the map, you can choose to go to different areas for different activities. Some of the places you can go to include:


Gay Harem Review

The Harem is the area you check the characters you own. All aspects you own belong to your Harem, and this place allows you to check all the relevant stats about them and other activities, including collecting money.

Activities Board

This board has all your contests and missions for the day. Each activity you perform and win gives you rewards. These rewards include money, equipment for your characters, gifts, experience points (XP), and other goodies.


The market is your one-stop-shop for everything buyable. Here you can get upgrades to boost your characters and make your guys perform better. There are four shops in the market, each with its unique selling point. The shops are:

  • Books
  • Presents
  • Boosters
  • Equipment

The market also allows players to go through the inventory. The inventory stores items that the players have bought or won in contests, and from here, players can equip these items for use. Items can also be sold for money if the player needs to.


The Arena is a challenging spot for players. Here they can duel other players to see who is kinkier. There are three opponents to choose from, and the winner will have points added to their total score. After every four wins, you get a gift. The 16th win gives players 14100 of game money as a gift. An arena is a comfortable place for players to level up and get money.


Gay Harem Review

Clubs are the entertainment hub of the game. Here, you can interact with other online players, make friends, and forge connections. The only drawback is clubs are only open to players with at least 15 characters in their Harem.

Tower of Fame

Tower of Fame is the in-game leaderboard. Here you can view your position against other players and opponents, check the names of clubs and browse which to join, and other activities. The Tower of Fame keeps players abreast of the essential things happening in the game. Players will keep their eyes on the tower if they want to advance because this gives them a break down of where they are and where they need to be.


Gay Harem Review

Adventures are another fun feature of this game. Players can leave one area and move to another in search of new guys.

They can watch hentai stories and win new characters that they can add to their Harem. Going on adventures would allow players to gain points faster and level up quickly.

Gay Harem’s Amazing Gameplay

Gay Harem Review

Gay Harem has a simple objective. Players are expected to form the largest Harem by having the most significant number of guys and leveling up their performance by improving their experience points and affection. Bee characters can be added to your Harem by going on adventures to different places. Move from cities to kingdoms, going through several locations and hentai stories to bring new guys into your Harem.

You can also improve the strength of your Harem by playing the Pachinko game. Playing the game doesn’t mean you will get a new character. Still, the characters that can be obtained from playing the game are unique and can’t be easily acquired by others.

Adventures are the easiest way to gain more points and level up. Going on adventures will allow you to rise through the ranks and become a top player in no time. Completing daily missions and objectives are another way for you to gain points faster. Completing daily challenges can give you fantastic rewards, including in-game currency, equipment, gifts, experience points, and books. Challenges also give you the avenue to prove your Harem is top-notch by allowing you to show off your sexual prowess and skills against opponents.

The contests are timed, and players would have to finish the games within the stipulated time. Your rank affects the quality of the gifts you receive after completing contests. Hence it is paramount that players level up as often and quickly as they can to earn better rewards. Sometimes the rewards might include some individual marketplace items or money: the higher your rank, the better for you.

Give the characters in your harem items that will make them level up faster. A strong team means your Harem will be more durable and fare better in challenges, thereby winning more rewards and advancing. The better you become, and the more challenges you win, the higher you will rise in the ranks, and the better the reputation you will build for yourself. Develop your Harem, defeat your opponents, and win those juicy rewards.

Game Graphics and Music

Gay Harem Review

The game graphics stay true to the hentai genre. The graphics are mature and will make players immersed in playing the game. Although it is done in 3D, it tries as much as it can to bring realism and make players enjoy themselves. The dialogues are productive, and the characters do justice to the robust storylines by being as real as possible. The buildings and locations are well thought out, and the map is also easy to navigate. The sounds and visuals come together to give a responsive internal.

The game developer has done a stable job developing an all-round game that comes together to deliver a superior visual experience. The game sounds are also well produced and portray actions that are happening on screen. They are well put together and catchy. We are sure players will love the tunes and will begin humming to them in no time.

Gay Harem is mostly free to play as it doesn’t contain so many paid features. The available paid features are designed to improve players’ experiences and to have access to this experience upgrade. You will need to make purchases using Koban. Kobans can be purchased using either Bitcoin or real money, so this is really up to players’ preference.

Players can customize how their avatar looks by buying items to alter his appearance. Players can also customize their experience by purchasing themes that will change the in-game background to their taste. Players can also change their avatar’s level of attractiveness, character username, and character class using kobans. The first name change and class change are free, but a subsequent one will cost you).

Players can change the opponents in the daily challenges using kobans. They can also refill the market and purchase items from boosters, which is the only store that accepts kobans and is only available to paid members. These are the various paid features which the game has and players who seek a better experience than the free play version doesn’t offer, Should invest in some kobans.

Gay Harem Outlook

Gay Harem Review

The game is designed in a comic style interactive hentai. Gay Harem employs the use of robust characters with rich dialogues to convey the story. The game is depicted in the Japanese cartoon style to stay true to the genre, and the graphics try to be as modern as it can while maintaining the traditional hentai look and feel. Names and locations I characters and places are depicted in Japanese format.

The game page has XP (experience) bars that allow players to monitor their progress. They can check their energy levels, money balance, koban balance, and other relevant stats. The Submenu is located in the top right corner, and players can access their profile page from here. They can also change the game settings, log out, or go to full-screen mode. Gay Harem is available in several languages, and players can change this setting to suit their preferences depending on the region they are playing from.

Gay Harem: Final Verdict

Gay Harem is a game that is designed for the gay community, and you can feel it right from the start. Beginners will not have a hard time getting accustomed to this, as the game is easy to learn and understand. From the get-go, players will be assisted by Bunny, the in-game guide who will explain every aspect of the game. He will show players how to use the map, enter challenges, how to use the market, check inventory, and show them all the parts of town.

Gay Harem has a simple task: lure as many guys as you can to your Harem and build the best Harem. Gather experience points, win challenges, go around the map, and make your Harem. This game is one that gays will love as it captures the attention from start to finish. Some players do complain about the lack of action, but this is true to the hentai genre. The game is meant to be relaxing and immerse yourself into a world of gay fun.

The game serves a unique niche market (gays). It has influenced various parts of the game, and the best part is it is free to play except for the few perks that can be purchased with kobans. If you decide not to use paid features, you can enjoy the game all the same. Gay Harem isn’t a game meant for everyone. It is targeted at the gays, and if you want to experience this unique experience, you should play the gamer dating app today!

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