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HookupDate Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

HookupDate Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
About Girls
Date with older guy 18%
Reply rate 86%
Popular age 28-46
Beauty 72%
Profiles 280 000
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Visit rate 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Members have access to free dating reviews of hundreds of sites;
  • It's mobile compatible, giving users a chance to review sites on the go;
  • It's free to use a review site that doesn't require a premium membership or paid subscription;
  • You can read the honest reviews by professionals to make decisions about adult hookup dating sites;
  • HookupDate offers an escort service that is helpful for people looking for companions to events.
  • The site is new in the online dating world; hence there are not many reviews;
  • Members can only find adult dating sites mainly designed to find hookups;
  • The site doesn't have a mobile app.

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HookupDate review site is your go-to website when looking for an online adult dating website. The site is a great platform with professional teams that review each hookup or adult dating site first hand and provide honest reviews. You can find some of the top adult dating sites’ reviews, features, and mobile apps.

Expert’s Review of HookupDate

HookupDate is a unique dating review website thanks to experts researching every platform and providing their opinions. The website aims to help people search adult dating sites specializing in finding hookups both locally and internationally. The site only recommends apps and sites that passed their strict evaluation. Their evaluation criteria involve certain checks, such as:

  • Is the site trustworthy to join?
  • Does the signup process include a complex information process?
  • How can members create their profiles?
  • What basic information does each profile require?
  • How is the website designed?
  • Is the interface user-friendly?
  • How does the matching system work?
  • Are there scanners orbits on board?
  • What kind of security measures does the site entail?
  • What is the demographic makeup of the site?
  • How can members communicate with the customer support team?

HookupDate only provides reviews on hookup sites with a solid reputation. Users should rest assured that all the dating sites on the platform are trustworthy, reputable, and safe to join. The list of hookup sites is legit and a great start for beginners who cannot decide where to begin. The dating sites they review are usually designed for internal users and have a huge member base. Moreover, the site offers tips and suggestions that can help users improve their speaking skills and find suitable matches.

Why do the sites do reviews on adult dating sites?

Why do the sites do reviews on adult dating sites?

Online dating sites have become a hot trend in the digital world, and users love the idea of searching for someone with a few clicks. No doubt the concept has its pros and cons, but if users play their cards cautiously, there is no stopping for them to find the best match.

HookupDate mission is to provide members extensive information on each hookup dating site to find the best platform. So stay tuned with us, and we’ll guide you through different stages of our evaluation to find the best hookup dating sites.

Website Design & Usability

HookupDate has a simple and elegant aesthetic that doesn’t overwhelm users with features or ads. The link and white color scheme are elegant and leave a calming effect on users’ moods.

You won’t have to sign up for the site to read reviews as it’s free to use for all members without any fees or additional information. The homepage showcases the dating reviews with their information to give viewers an idea of what they should expect when opening the sites. Each dating site displays a short description, visit rate, reply rate, and online singles in number. You can either visit the site or read their review for further information.

The right top corner of the homage features the menu toggle icon that encloses the main features of the site, including:

  • Home;
  • Reviews;
  • Escort;
  • Blogs;
  • Sugar Daddies;
  • Language.

The bottom of the screen includes all the information about the HookupDate privacy policy, address, customer support, and affiliate disclosure. The site navigation is super easy, and there are no complex detours to go from point A to B. Technical expert or not, the site is easy to operate by your 70-year-old grandmother. Let’s not hope we find them on the site, as it will be awkward.

Special Features

Special Features

HookupDate is a unique dating review site that earned its reputation because of honest reviews with thorough information by the experts. The professionals on the site also offer suggestions and tips that could help users find the perfect match and operate the dating websites. Here are some unique features of the HookupDate site that might interest viewers.

Escort Services

Do you know what an escort is? There is a difference between an escort and prostitution. Whether female or male, escorts accompany individuals to fulfill their min sexual needs but with a fee. Some exports also offer sexual services to their clients. However, the escort categories include:

  • Women escorts;
  • VIP excited;
  • Gay Escorts;
  • Local escorts;
  • Pornstar escorts.

There is a fine line between escorts and prostitutes. The former doesn’t offer sexual service for a fee, but the latter has no issue providing sexual gratification. HookupDate offers users some hookup sites that also provide escort services to their customers with or without a fee. Sites such as Ashley Madison, Snap MILFs, and Match Sniper are the best dating sites that offer a safe platform to find an escort.

HookupDate also provides key information regarding escort devices and the features one should consider when becoming an escort.

Sugar Daddies

Sugar Daddy or baby is not a new trend in the online dating world. However, there are official sites that offer members a safe platform to find sugar daddies or babies. These sites are:

  • BeNaughty;
  • Flirt;
  • IamNaughty;
  • One Night Friend.

You can also view profiles of sugar daddies for babies on the website for the UK, USA, and Canada. Click on the region you are searching for, sugar daddy or baby, and the site will display search results of profiles on the different sites for the purpose.

You have to sign up for BeNaughty to find a sugar daddy or baby for yourself. You can see the age, rating, and location below their pictures. The outlook is great with neatly layout pictures and their information.


Besides reviews, blogs are another highlight of the HookupDate site. You can find some interesting and thoughtful blogs in the section. The comparison between different dating sites like:

  • OkCupid vs. Match;
  • OkCupid vs. Zoosk;
  • Christian Mingle vs. Harmony;
  • Hinge vs. Bumble;
  • Tinder vs. Hot or Not.

These comparisons are a great source that can put weight on your decision ultimately.

Affiliate Market

As mentioned before, HookupDate is a free-to-use dating review website. So, how does the company earn? The website’s mission is to help people find the best hookup sites and apps to find the right match. Their reviews are unbiased and are based on logical stats and knowledge.

The source of income is the affiliate links they use in their reviews or blogs. For example, whenever a user signs up to the dating site from the HookupDate site link, it earns them a commission. Although the users are not charged for following the affiliated link on the website. If you purchase a service or subscribe for a premium subscription for the dating review site link, it also earns the company commission from the said dating website.

How Does HookupDate Work?

HookupDate is a straightforward dating review site. There are no complex signup procedures or extended profile creation to go through. The site is easy to use and works seamlessly. To understand the working of HookupDate, here is what you should know.

Sign Up Process

HookupDate is free to use dating review websites, and the company doesn’t charge users for reading or following any dating review. You can type the website link HookupDate.net in your desktop or mobile browser and start using the site. It’s as simple as that!

The site opens up to its homepage, from where you can navigate to different website sections. However, in every dating website review, HookupDate explains each site’s signup process in detail and step by step.

It’s awe-inspiring how the site explains each step with visuals for better understanding. For example, you can easily understand the signup process of any dating site review in HookupDate.

The dating review site also put light on other various features of the dating sites they are reviewing. For example, you can find out what kind of search filters the sites offer. Here is what you can learn:

  • What is their matching algorithm?
  • How do they match free members and premium members?
  • How can you put a contact in your favorite list?

Users’ Profiles Quality

Users’ Profiles Quality

It’s already clear that HookupDate doesn’t require users to register as members. Instead, every user is a guest to the site to visit and use different features.

However, profile creation is a major part of many dating websites, and HookupDate makes sure that the users are well aware of every step. HookupDate always explains every feature from a beginner’s point of view. If you are starting to use online dating sites or hookup sites, the dating review site is your best option to learn about sites before registering it without any directions.

Usually, the dating website includes name, age, sexual preference, and photo for the basic profile. However, some adult dating sites like Ashley Madison or Adultfinder require detailed information on their members to find the perfect match.

You can also include your physical attributes like hair color, height, weight, eye color, and ethnicity and mention your partner’s preferred physical qualities.

HookupDate site lets members know how to create a profile and offers some helpful suggestions that could improve your profile quality and attract more matches. It’s good to know that there is a site out there that provides information. tips, and suggestions to take full advantage of dating sites.

Profile creation is not the only important aspect of any dating site. The next step is to contact members. Each dating site offers exclusive communication methods. HookupDate explains each communication mode in detail, whether it’s text, voice, or video. HookupDate makes sure to mention all suggestions on starting a conversation with potential matches or finding the different messaging tools. You can use the site’s suggestions and opinions in improving your dating skills and find the perfect match based on your preferences.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Unfortunately, HookupDate hasn’t a mobile app, but as it’s not a dating site and requires no registration, its app is not a necessity. However, users can still use the site on the go by opening the website link in their mobile browser.

The interface and website layout are the same as the desktop, with all the features equally available on all platforms. However, the mobile version has compressed features but less functionality.

You can easily operate the site from your Android, iOS, or Windows mobile devices and enjoy a good read on your compact device. In addition, you can easily sign up to any site through HookupDate from your mobile, as all the sites available on HookupDate are fully optimized with mobile devices.

HookupDate Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

HookupDate is a remarkable dating reviewing website, but it’s not the only platform in the market. You will find tons of other websites experienced in providing excellent dating reviews and have established a reputation. Some of the similar dating review websites in the market are:

  • Dating Scout;
  • Mashable;
  • Marie-Claire;
  • Dating Site Reviews;
  • PcMag.

Membership Price and Payment Method

When there is no registration, it means there won’t be any need for a subscription — however, HookupDate reviews every dating site membership plan in detail, from their monthly package to annual. The site mentions each plan with accurate currency and duration for the user’s clarification.

Free Membership Features

Adult dating sites often come with two plans: free or paid. Usually, adult dating sites’ free members can only use basic features like standard search filters, text messages, interest to profiles, viewing members profile information, and others. HookupDate examines each plan in detail to provide its user with all the details before registration.

Premium Membership Features

According to HookupDate, the best features of any dating site are reserved for premium members. Some dating sites offer one premium subscription plan, while others have two or three. You can also find dating sites with credit systems on the HookupDate dating review site. Most dating sites give premium members unlimited access to all the features that give the exclusive status over other members.

Is HookupDate Really Safe?

Is HookupDate Really Safe?

We can guarantee that HookupDate is a safe platform, as the site doesn’t store any information on guests. There are no chances of compromising security when no financial or personal details are saved on the dating review site.

However, HookupDate does offer extensive safety tips and suggestions to users using online dating sites. The site also has strict security evaluation criteria for online dating sites when writing reviews.


HookupDate is your go-to dating review site when you have no idea which adult dating site suits your preferences. The online dating market is loaded with hundreds of dating platforms, some are trustworthy and others are fake. It isn’t easy to visit each site and test its status or features. That’s where HookupDate services come in handy.

The site offers extensive dating reviews covering every feature and service of the dating site, starting with registration, profile, contact methods, safety measures, free or premium subscriptions, and more. In addition, all site experts also benefit users with their professional opinions and suggestions to help them in the long run.

How to Delete a HookupDate Account?

HookupDate is a dating review site that does not require any registration formalities. Hence, there is no need to delete any Account. However, the site explains in detail how members can delete their accounts from respective hookup dating sites.

How to Message Someone on HookupDate?

HookupDate explains all the communication modes in their dating sites reviews to users. As a result, you can easily comprehend how to send messages on the site and what other communication channels the site features for both free and premium members.

How to See Who Likes You on HookupDate Without Paying?

Many adult dating sites let free members see which profiles like them and send interest or stars. However, other adult dating sites only offer premium members the service to see the list of members that like their profiles. HookupDate mentions on each dating site’s review whether the site allows this service and which members can avail it.

How to Block Someone on HookupDate?

Almost all adult dating sites give members an option to block scale or annoying profiles on the site. However, each dating site features its blocking method that HookupDate explains in detail. You can block the members by a single click on the block tab on member’s profiles. In some cases, you have to contact customer service for further assistance.

How to Cancel HookupDate Subscription?

Premium members often get confused about how to cancel their subscription when the site stops fulfilling its purpose. Sometimes members find the perfect match and no longer require the dating site services. HookupDate explains to members how they can cancel their subscription in steps and whether they’ll get back their remaining amount or not.

Contact Information

Company Name: HookupDate

Address: 1912 Woodhill Avenue


Zip Code + City: Baltimore, Maryland MD 21202

Country: The USA

Customer Support Email: info@hookupdate.net

Facebook: not available

Twitter: not available


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