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Instant Hookups Review

Instant Hookups Review
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 96%
Popular age 23-36
Profiles 20,100
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Visit rate 7.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Responsive design
  • View Your Latest Match feature
  • Mobile version
  • Requires credit card information
  • Have to agree with promotional emails to create an account

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Instant Hookups claims to be a non-traditional service for dating. What’s great about, among other things, is that it allows its users to discover what individual preferences their potential partners have. It has very positive reviews, mostly because it provides new opportunities for all sorts of sexual experiments, but also a chance to form healthy and committed relationships.

Sigh Up Process

Instant Hookups

The Instant Hookups login page doesn’t say much. New users should indicate who they want to find with this website. Hookup preferences mostly focus on race, appearance, age, and marital status. After their search parameters have been set, they need to select the body type they’re attracted to. There’s also an option “doesn’t matter” in this section. Next, there’s selecting the purpose of why one’s account has been created. Some users may look for a one-night stand, whereas others may want just to make friends. The profile can’t be created without ticking the box “I agree” to promo emails the retailers send. Before the site can be accessed, new users need to put in their credit card number. No charges apply at this point, so this measure is explained as a safety guideline and an identity verification option.

Website Design & Usability

The Instant Hookups interface is quite stylish and definitely user-friendly. On the main page, there’s information on why people should register and what’s expected from this service. The content is nicely written, but it should be noted that a credit card still needs to be provided, even if the profile now created is free. View Your Latest Matches special feature allows people to find their prospective matches according to the requirements they’ve set. The profiles that are displayed here should be online and reside close by, as Instant Hookups is, after all, a service for hooking up. There are also video chat and text messaging options for members to interact faster.

What About the Instant Hookups Features?

Instant Hookups

Instant Hookups is a service offering its users a chance to hook up instantly with their potential matches. It uses GPS AutoMatch, which means it chooses currently online people that fit the preferences specified by users during their registration. This means that people who use Instant Hookups are ready to go out on a date the same night they have created their account.

In other words, the Instant Hookups process is speedy and, most of the time successful, even if non-traditional for the dating world. It’s good that by using it, it’s easy to find potential partners that fulfill all the required standards, not to mention it’s less time-consuming than hooking up in clubs and bars.

Communication with the service

There are many ways in which Instant Hookups users can communicate with their online dates, chat and video chat included. These tools are essential when it comes to starting relationships, and this service wants to offer all the means for it. Still, there are also people who come on Instant Hookups just for a one-night stand. Even in this situation, things may lead to something more serious, with time.


Many people choose Instant Hookups because it offers an opportunity to have a secret affair. For example, this website can be used when on a business trip or if wanting to try something different from what one’s spouse at home has to offer. Everything will be kept confidential, so users can look for their one-night stands without worrying that someone may find out what they have been doing.


The Auto-Match functionality finds the top suggestions of users based on all information people have provided when registering, their website activity, and their current location. Through this page, people can see who’s interested in them. This site offers not only a quality selection of matches but also updates these suggestions according to what members come online or create new accounts. This feature can be adjusted by making changes to the profile info section.

How Many Instant Hookups Users are There?

Instant Hookups

As Instant Hookups claims, their platform has many users from all corners of the globe, not to mention new users are joining this vibrant community every day, updating search results in the View Your Latest Matches tab. Older members are most likely used to most other profiles, so they’re more attracted to those just being created, which means new accounts have more popularity and better ratings. For this reason, it’s a good idea to update your Instant Hookups account from time to time. On the main page, there’s also a counter that says how many users located close by are online. Usually, men are fewer in number than women.

What’s the Quality of Website Profiles?

When registering, users must provide details about their sexual preferences and looks. This means that people interested in a relationship can’t rely only on this information; they need to get to know their potential partner better, too. All accounts feature a photo. Often, it’s easy to determine if a date is going to happen just by looking at user accounts. Communication is usually based on questions about going on a date later today and their respective answers. Personal details about lifestyle, habits, and background are discussed only in private. Since this site mostly targets quick and easy hookups, people have to provide more information on looks rather than on character traits.

What Member Types are There on Instant Hookups?

Instant Hookups

There are two types of members on Instant Hookups — basic (that is, free) and premium (that is, paid). Free members can’t access this site without giving their credit card number. The paid plan is surely a way to go with this website, as it brings many perks and lifts all the limits. With a free plan, there’s only a limited number of messages to be sent, not to mention there’s no access to a lot of this site’s content. Besides, members are very unlikely to hook up with users who aren’t paying for an account because there’s no trust. Those who buy a subscription gain access to more complex search filters, chats & free cams, so it’s always better to have a paid subscription rather than a free one.

How Do Users Interact?

Instant Hookups

The Instant Hookups website provides plenty of ways for users to communicate, being focused on live interaction. If users want to hook up with potential partners from distant locations, they can do that online through a live video chat option, which is quite used on this platform. However, live video chat doesn’t allow commenting, flirting, or gifting to happen that much. Instead, it’s just focused on chatting.

Membership Types and Price

It’s not cheap to have a Platinum membership on Instant Hookups, not to mention this site doesn’t support any credit or virtual coin system. Furthermore, there’s only one free trial that allows users who aren’t paying yet to take a look around this service. After one day of trial, the site charges $49.95 by default from a credit card. That is probably the real reason why they ask for this info in the first place. This automatic charge gives you access to a month of paid subscription and all the features that go with it. Such a subscription can be canceled at any time, through chat or by calling the support. If you do not cancel this plan, it will keep auto-renewing automatically. The site accepts only credit cards at the moment, but it works with all major companies worldwide.

What Does an InstantHookup Free Account Offer?

This site has very strict policies for free accounts, almost not allowing free users to be registered if they don’t pay for website services. As said before, the only available trial plan is only for 24 hours. While this may be insufficient for someone to explore the whole website, it does prevent scam accounts from getting started with this site. Simply put, Instant Hookups focuses on speed in terms of both becoming a member and getting started with dating, so it’s worth $50 a month considering it gets you hooked up in close to no time.

What Does the Premium Plan Have to Offer?

After their first day of a free trial, users are automatically charged for a paid subscription, seeing they have already provided their credit card details. If you do not have a problem with that, jump to the next section with this plan’s main features and benefits.

What’s Included in a Paid Plan?

With a paid account, people can enjoy this site to the fullest. More than this, people have high chances of hooking up the same night they register an account — if, of course, they know what they’re looking for and are not too picky. Here’s what included in the paid plan:

  • Access to view all the website’s accounts
  • Personalized match suggestions
  • Customer service
  • Free cam videos
  • Pictures in full size
  • Complex search
  • Unlimited chats
  • Email services
  • Seeing members’ videos

Therefore, the premium membership has users enjoying the Instant Hookups experience to its maximum. With a free plan, most of the website’s content can’t be seen. Contacting someone on this service is not possible without giving a credit card number. This means scam profiles are being filtered, and only people who are serious about hooking up remain on this site. With a premium plan, you’re very likely to get a date on the first day of membership.


Premium Instant Hookups members are fully protected because fake accounts without accurate information aren’t allowed on the platform. Scammers can access websites where they can create free accounts, and there are no automatic payments. While security is at high levels on this site, users still need to consider who they’re talking to and analyze their potential partner’s profile before going on a date. They’re also advised not to provide their real address. The same goes for sharing their login and credit card information, their complete name, or other data that could put them at risk of having their identity stolen.

How’s Instant Hookups Support Service?

Instant Hookups

Instant Hookups provides both live chat and phone number options when it comes to customer support. The latter is helping its customers with any issue. Support tickets can ask any questions, report abuse, and cancel memberships. If a subscription is being canceled, the user does not get a refund, though. But, access to all communication tools and features remains active until the paid period expires.

Mobile Application

Instant Hookups is also available in the mobile version, where it has a more convenient design. The text bar, photos, icons, and elements fit perfectly any mobile screen. App scrolling is also a breeze. The mobile service can be activated to read user feeds. Chat, videos, and pics are available on mobile just like they are on desktop. With mobile, users can use this site from anywhere, even when in traffic, while going to work in the bus or having their lunch at a restaurant.


It’s fair to say that Instant Hookups is worth a try and deserves its money because it gives an opportunity to date fast. More importantly, its matching algorithms are highly precise, which boosts the chances of a successful hookup. Besides, website design is very smooth and user-friendly. In terms of safety, this site provides scam protection and discretion. What’s also great about it is that it has a mobile version, which means it can be used from anywhere. Many users are very happy with Instant Hookups and the dates they got by using this service, which means it surely is worth a try.

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