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IWantAsian Review

IWantAsian Review
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 95%
Popular age 20-28
Profiles 2,000,000
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Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Ease of use of various functions
  • Data security and privacy policy
  • Large selection of profiles
  • Displays who watched your page
  • There regions where this site is not available
  • Some bots

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IWantAsian is an online platform that connects men with beautiful women from Asian countries. If you fancy women of Asian descent and you probably want to date these exotic beauties, then the IWantAsian online platform is where you need to be. Meet and date beautiful women from Asian countries on the IWantAsian hookup site. Learn about this online dating platform today!

There are many beautiful women ready to meet up with you on IWantAsian.Com. Depending on what you are interested in, be it a casual encounter, making friends, or a chance at finding the perfect soul mate with the woman of your dreams; IWantAsian.Com has everything covered for you.

Many of the women on IWantAsian.Com want a long-term relationship, something that will lead to marriage and family. However, some want to engage you in virtual sex, to give you that sexual experience you’ve been craving for. Depending on what you want with an Asian woman, the IWantAsian hookup platform is a great place to start.

Is IWantAsian.Com an excellent place to find Asian women for casual hookups, new friends, and marriage? Read our full review to find out!

IWantAsian Web Design and Usability

IWantAsian Review

The website of a dating platform is usually the backbone of the whole system. With a terrible site, no dating site can take off, leave alone finding users to build a community with. That is why many online dating sites concentrate much of their efforts into building a fully functioning website to facilitate smooth service provision and efficient running of the business.

For IWantAsian.Com, the website has a simple interface that is easy to use and comfortable to navigate. The site is designed to give users the ultimate convenience, especially during conversation between the members.

Anyone will find the IWantAsian.Com website easy to work with. You can quickly identify sections of the site, and you can use the chat feature without any difficulty. The designers of this site made it simple enough for the ultimate user experience.

Furthermore, the website features beautifully designed elements that all serve a purpose. There are no bright pictures and graphics that are often a cause of distraction, affecting user experience. Instead, it features only essential elements that are useful to the functionality of the platform.

The navigation tools are well-placed on the upper bar, making it easy for users to access them. Besides, the search feature is large enough to draw the attention of the user who may need to narrow down on profile browsing. Every tab on the upper bar has its purpose; there are no filler tools on this website.

In comparison with other similar websites, IWantAsian.Com has one of the most useful and functional sites for online dating sites. This one feature is a plus for the online dating platform.

IWantAsian Sign Up Process

Signing up for the IWantAsian account is not a complicated process. Once you access the homepage of IWantAsian.Com, you will find a window on which the registration process takes place. You will be required to provide necessary details when creating your account.

For instance, you have to provide your name, gender, and specify your interests with the IWantAsian platform. Are you looking for women only, or you just want to meet lesbians and gay Asian people? This information is crucial to your overall experience with the site. Knowing what you want to do on the platform will make it easy for you to find the best matches for your dating ventures.

You also need to provide info about your location (city), age, email address, and password. After this, you will receive login data for your IWantAsian.Com account. You will use this to log in to the hookup platform.

Once you log in to the platform, you will have to provide more material about yourself. For instance, IWantAsian wants to know your appearance, interests, personal preferences, hobbies, etc. You will also be required to provide a clear photo of your profile.

The more details you provide about yourself, the higher the chance of finding a hookup. This information lets people know if you are their exact match and if you have anything in common. This way, chances of hooking up with an Asian partner go up.

IWantAsian User Interface

IWantAsian Review

The website is designed to allow easy and efficient conversation between members, with minimal distraction. The interface is reflective of this design goal that users interested in each other will have smooth conversation with no distractions.

To know the communication features on the IWantAsian.Com hookup platform, just open the toolbox to see the available features. For instance, there is a file-sharing tool for sending pictures, photos, and videos.

Furthermore, the website doesn’t feature pop-up notifications and advertisements, as these could interfere with users’ messages. If you find a beautiful Asian partner and want to kick it off, you can use the video chat to communicate with each other. To effectively use this video chat tool, your device must have a good camera and microphone.

This dating platform is popular with many people because of the functional website that is user-friendly. Compared to other similar dating platforms, its website is fully operational and is without the unnecessary and excess graphics that usually cause distractions during texting. And the site lacks any add-ons that typically make it hard to read even the navigation tabs and other content on the website. The usability of the website meets the expected standard of online hookup sites.

Features on IWantAsian.com

IWantAsian Review

IWantAsian.Com is a popular dating platform for individuals who have a crush on people from Asian countries. Many people have found new friends, casual encounter hookups, and others have managed to start families with Asian women through this dating platform.

Perhaps what makes IWantAsian.Com popular is the number of features available on this platform. There are many online dating platforms available, but few have the quality of features that IWantAsian has.

The factors that make IWantAsian.Com dating platform popular include:

  • Chat rooms for effective communication of a group of members
  • Simple yet functional website design that is user-friendly
  • The dating platform is open to queer people; it does not restrict sexual preferences
  • It has an extensive database of members from the Asian region
  • It has an international reach, so it is not limited to the Asian region
  • Many useful navigation tools
  • Security and safety features

These are some factors that a functional online dating platform like IWantAsian.Com must have to properly service the needs of its users.

Members on IWantAsian

IWantAsian.Com features many beautiful women of Asian descent, intending to connect them to interested individuals who crave to date these exotic women.

Even though it is highly prevalent in the Asian regions, it has an international reach, considering that many people register from all over the world just to find hookups with these beautiful Asian women.

If you are thirsty for Asian women and you want to start a relationship with one of these beauties, IWantAsian.Com is one of the top-ranking hookup sites where you can easily communicate with Asian women. It is no wonder the platform has gained popularity over the years.

Number of Users on IWantAsian

IWantAsian Review

The dating platform is not available in all countries, although it has a global reach. Many registered members include men who are interested in having a fling with Asian women and those who want to marry Asian women.

The good thing about this platform is that it features attractive women of Asian descent who are ready to start relationships with compatible matches.

You will find women who want long-term relationships. Some women want to enjoy explicit sex chat with you to explore all your sexual fantasies in a thrilling casual hookup encounter.

Some women just want to be your friend. Such women are excellent opportunities for people to explore other cultures. Many people want the same thing, so they come on this platform to build new friendships with Asian women.

Overall, any person who is interested in dating women from the Asia region will not fail to find an ideal match to date on this IWantAsian.Com hookup platform.

Communication Options on IWantAsian

Since it is a dating platform where those interested in finding Asian women get their wishes fulfilled, it is not surprising that IWantAsian.com has a sound communication system for its users.

Various tools allow members to interact with the women of their interest. On IWantAsian.com, there are tools for sending pictures, smiles, and gifs. These messaging tools are quite useful in boosting interaction between members who like each other and want to communicate the more.

There are file-sharing tools that allow the exchange of videos and video chat with members of the community. Using them, you can interact more effectively with a potential dating partner.

While many of these features are free to use on IWantAsian.Com, having a free account does not give you full access to all features on the platform. Some features are exclusively for premium members, and, as such, they remain hidden behind a paywall.


IWantAsian Review

Even though you can browse the platform with a free account, it won’t allow you full access to some exclusive features.

With a free IWantAsian account, you can send and receive messages, and also view profiles of other members on the platform. However, some exclusive features will be closed to you, at least until you buy a premium membership.

IWantAsian.Com’s free account is good to use if you want to acquaint yourself with the platform. Once you register your profile and log into the system, you can use the free account to understand how the platform works, before you finally upgrade to a premium IWantAsian account.

For premium membership, you will have full access to all features of the platform. However, it comes at a cost. A 3-day premium membership trial account costs only $4.24. 1-month premium membership costs $39.99, while a yearly premium account costs $137.06.

Even though it will cost you extra to use the premium account, you will have full access to all features of the platform. This will help you find your dating partner easily and more quickly.


Many online hookup sites like IWantAsian.Com are hot targets for cybercriminals who want to steal data off the site. However, IWantAsian.Com has implemented security features that ensure your personal info, as well as banking details, are secure and safe from cyber-attacks. With this platform, you are guaranteed that the funds in your IWantAsian personal account will not be stolen.


IWantAsian Review

IWantAsian.Com has highly competent customer service staff. The support staff will not rest until your concern or query is answered satisfactorily. In case you face technical problems, the support staff is always ready on standby to address your concerns. You will not have to wait for extended periods just to receive a response from them. The kinds of support they give you are timely, helpful, and demonstrate professionalism on their side. When it comes to customer service support, IWantAsian.Com has one of the best support staff in the hookup industry.


IWantAsian.com is very popular with those who want to hook up with Asian women. Its service is commendable. It is one of the big players in the dating industry that is focused on providing hookups to people who want to meet Asian women for casual encounters, friendship building, and long-term relationships.

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