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IwantBlacks Review

IwantBlacks Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 1,500,00
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The friendliest community
  • Many active members who are either black or looking for a black date
  • Paying customers get many options for communication
  • Some Europe and Asia residents can’t register
  • Chunky website design
  • Difficult to navigate, especially by less tech-savvy people

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As one of the best hookup websites for users interested in meeting attractive black men and women, IWantBlacks is specially built for the black community, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be used by anyone, regardless of their race and color. As a matter of fact, it welcomes all people, who can expect to be treated very nicely by other users. What’s also great about this service is that it offers a lot of freedom when it comes to self-expression.

Website Interface

IwantBlacks Review

IWantBlacks has many interesting features that make it possible for all users to enjoy great services and experience this site’s potential to its fullest. While site navigation may be a little bit difficult to get used to because all elements are in a drop-down menu. This menu requires users to click many links to get where they want to, so it becomes friendlier when you get the knack of it.

Login to IWantBlacks

The signup process on IWantBlacks doesn’t imply giving any information aside from your preferred username and year of birth. Obviously, a valid email is required, too, as a confirmation link needs to be sent somewhere. After clicking on this link, the profile becomes active and can be accessed with a login button located on the site’s main page’s upper corner.

Website Design

The IWantBlacks UI is clean because all its control functions are in a drop-down menu containing links for all the site’s parts. In the page’s upper bar, there is a notifications icon and two other buttons, one for going to users’ account page and another one for the section where a subscription can be paid for.

Website Main Features

Seeing IWantBlacks is more of an adult dating service, it caters to the needs of a specific audience, more exactly to those people who want to meet interesting black singles. Here are a few of this service’s main perks:

  • Search engine, which means users can look for other users based on location, gender, age, and other parameters
  • Communication in which only chatting and email exchange is permitted. The live chat doesn’t have too many emoticons or options for gifting.
  • Simple matching that hooks people up who are very alike and are almost sure to want to date one another.

Special Features

IwantBlacks Review

When it comes to features that make IWantBlacks special, these are:


Flirtcast is an option for those who aren’t confident with the way they flirt and their opening lines. It allows them to use pre-written messages and send them to as many users as they want at once, getting more interaction as the result of these generated messages.

This feature allows users to look at potential matches until finding the most promising profiles. The offer is 100% free.

Promote My Account

Promote My Account is for those people who want to increase their popularity on the service, even when they’re offline. According to search filters, it sends winks and messages to other members and provides a Favorites section.

Safe Mode

This feature gives people a chance to control who’s messaging them. If turned Off, it lets all messages sent to the user to pass. When in Basic more, it protects the user from accounts that have been marked as suspicious. If Safe Mode is in Full, it allows only messages coming from verified members.

Some Stats About Users

People using IWantBlacks are very friendly, not to mention always ready to take the initiative. It’s very unlikely to wait around for days to hook up with someone on this service. Besides, this site has many active members, so it’s lively and animated at any time. There are always conversations going on between users, and newcomers aren’t at all ignored.

The top IWantBlacks users are men. Most of them are older than 25, while the community of the late 50s is very active when compared to those of 18-24 male members. While more designed for flirting than for dating, IWantBlacks still seems to have many users who are open to long-term relationships and even marriage. As said before, the service doesn’t forbid people of other races to join, so it has Asian, Caucasian, and Latino users, too.

Three Types of Subscriptions for Female Users

IwantBlacks Review

Female users benefit from 3 subscription packages that go as follows:

  • Chataholic, which increases popularity by putting user profiles in top results for messaging and in top search results.
  • Extra Security that provides full HTTPS encryption together with auto-cleaning of your browsing history and incognito navigation of this service.
  • Premium Dater that combines two previously mentioned packages, offering increased popularity while ensuring complete safety.

How Many IWantBlacks Users are There?

There are almost 100,000 active users on IWantBlacks. It’s not clear how many registered members use this website, but looking at user activity, it can easily be said they’re many as well. It doesn’t matter what time of the day this platform is being accessed, there will surely be at least 2,000 accounts online looking to flirt or date. As said earlier, all IWantBlacks members are very friendly, so even the shiest people will get a chance to hookup here. If not interested, most users just say “no” politely.

Communication on IWantBlacks

Those who have purchased an IWantBlacks subscription are sure to have a great time on this website, seeing they benefit from unlimited messages and chats. Besides, there’s also the video chat option available for them, which means they can have a face-to-face discussion with any person they’re interested in before going on a real date. When it comes to free members, contacting means for these are rather limited. They can send messages and engage in live chats, but only for a while and with a limited number of free messages.

Communication Logic

IwantBlacks Review

Here are a few of the IWantBlacks communication perks that make site interaction more enjoyable and fun:


Winks are not only popular in real life when trying to flirt, but also on IWantBlacks. Shier people who are using this website can use winking to start flirting. This is a great offer, especially since this perk is free.

IWantBlacks users who prefer checking other people one-by-one should just head to the Like section where they can play the game of hitting “x” or “heart” according to their preferences. Here, they can also view users’ profile pics, age, and name. The website footer shows a list of those they liked and those who liked them. The Matches tab in this section reveals if two members have liked one another, which increases the chances of hooking up faster.


With Favorites feature, members can keep track of who they have found attractive. This perk is, in fact, a list that can be consulted at all times for people to be sure they haven’t missed out on a potential date. It should be noted Favorites perk is also free.


Chat is one of the primary communication functions at this service and certainly not available for free users. It allows people to send texts to their matches, as well as share videos and pics for more lively communication. A number of 5 free messages are given to standard accounts for the functionality to be tried out and see if it’s worth paying for.

Types of IWantBlacks Accounts

This service can be enjoyed without having to pay a dime, too. It’s a great hookup platform where people can easily find their dates, but users who decide not to pay for a subscription will notice that they have to face many limitations while interacting with potential dates. Therefore, those who want to use this site to its real potential should definitely go for a premium membership.

What Does a Free Account Have to Bring?

All people who register with IWantBlacks get to have a free membership on this service. This account allows them to do pretty much anything — even what paying customers do, but with certain limits. For instance, they can’t send as many messages as they want, only a limited number of them. Furthermore, they can’t see videos and photos other users have uploaded to their profile pages. This can be very frustrating, as it’s difficult to determine if someone is a potential date without seeing how he or she looks like.

What About the Premium Account?

The IWantBlacks users who don’t want to be limited or have their freedom on the service hindered should definitely decide on a Premium account that doesn’t even cost too much. After becoming Premium, they can view as many profiles, videos, and pics. At the same time, their number of messages can go as high as they would like to since there are no limits on interaction with other members either.

How Much Is the IWantHookups Subscription?

IwantBlacks Review

IWantUsers can choose to pay for a 3-day trial, 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month subscriptions on this website. The costs for these subscriptions are:

  • $2.97 for the 3-day trial
  • $27.30 for the 1-month plan
  • $48.99 for the 3-month package
  • $73.80 for being active on the platform for 6 months

Security on IWantBlacks

The IWantBlacks service uses highly effective means for protecting its users’ data, and the SSL-encryption. It’s advisable to use this website with unique credentials such as nickname and pass. Users suspected of having fake accounts or being scammers can be reported to a customer support team, which is online during business hours. Any other inquiry can be addressed to this team as well. It may take longer for the support to answer questions during nighttime. Having more than 1 million users from all over the world, IWantBlacks employs safety precaution measures like blurring photos of its members. Meanwhile, a Safe Mode feature is available for both standard and paying users.

IWantBlacks Mobile

Since many people nowadays are always on the go and don’t have enough time to spend in front of their computers, IWantBlacks is available in a mobile version too. By using this service on mobile, members can browse through profiles while playing a matching game straight from their phone. The app functions almost identically with this service. Many users prefer it because it allows them to look for their black dates from anywhere they may be, not to mention it offers more privacy.

IWantBlacks Conclusion

IWantBlacks is certainly the place to go when looking for ebony singles to hookup with. This site’s services are impeccable, while security is top-notch. It’s true that it has some issues when it comes to UI and navigation, but this shouldn’t be a problem anymore after using the site for a few days. What’s also great about IWantBlacks is that it can be used for both flirting and dating. This means users can have either their one-night stands or get married here.

All in all, this service works great for those who are attracted to blacks and don’t make a little bit of effort in order to navigate through a dating website. More importantly, the site invests in security measures and does not seem to have a lot of fake or suspicious accounts. So, it’s safe to use and can be very effective when you know what you’re looking for and ready to go for it.

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