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Jaumo Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Jaumo Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Beauty 56%
Profiles 680.600
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Pros and Cons

  • The app is available for both Apple and Android.
  • Greater than 20 million active users.
  • Search is possible, based on geolocation.
  • There is a free seven-day trial before purchasing a premium membership.
  • The app is famous and well-developed.
  • There are no boundaries for search.
  • There is a lack of verification of photos on the app.
  • After some days of use, free functions became paid.
  • The site is full of advertisements.

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Jaumo is an easy and user-friendly dating app in the respective niche. It’s a well-recognized app, especially in the region of Europe and North America. The privacy features provided are better than other dating apps. Flirt, Chat, and Date is the main motto of Jaumo. It is essential to note that Jaumo did not set about to reinvent the things in this niche. Its intention is just to simplify and reinvigorate the concept of the online dating app market. The user interface of this app is straightforward and simple to navigate. Jaumo does not reveal or disclose user’s personal information to other parties.

Still, user safety largely depends on their actions on the dating platform. Jaumo has an article on dating safety tips that users can read to stay safe while using this app. The safety services by Jaumo are comprised of the following aspects of safety for the users. The first service is detection, and it is composed of the scan systems for any unusual activity, like sending messages to other users. The second service is encryption, which means the transmission of encrypted data to the highest security standards. The third service is monitoring, and it is based on the fact that Jaumo’s support team is available 24/7 and reacts immediately to each and every suspicious activity. The fourth service is the reports. It means that you can send the abuse reports, and they are taken into account within minutes. At the final stage, there is a unique verification for the account.

Jaumo is a well-established app in the dating market, which is made in Germany. Flirt, Chat, and Date are the main features on the app. The app has got two founders: Jens Kammerer and Benjamin Roth. It was founded in July 2011 in Germany. Jaumo is an Aramaic term which has a meaning the new day or sunrise. Just like a flirt, it can be the start of anything unique and special. Its headquarter is located in Göppingen, Germany.

Experts review of Jaumo

Jaumo Review

The expert’s review for the Jaumo app is that they found, Jaumo doesn’t offer something new. It promised to simplify the online dating platform by removing complexities which users face while using the app. When seeing its 20 million user base because of its free availability, it eventually becomes a worthy and powerful online dating application. The experts rated Jaumo as an excellent app, and it is worth trying.

Brand history, quality members, sexual orientation, age, race, and ethnicity

Jaumo app, founded in 2011 by Benjamin Roth and Jens Kammerer. They met when they were studying business informatics in college. Jens founded 1st company of his own, a local social network, in 1999, in Germany, and after a year, Benjamin Roth joined him. In 2011, someone acquired their company, and this turned their focus towards launching Jaumo. Jens Kammerer and Benjamin Roth ran Jaumo by themselves for a period of six years, and they created everything needed for the development of the app in house. Last year, the company saw rapid growth. Jaumo employs 20 people now, and 75% of them are engineers. As the company started as a small team, this didn’t take long for the company to take off. In 2014, Jaumo achieved more than one million subscribers. This year, the app has 30 million subscribers, with significant growth in areas like Turkey, Brazil, the United States, and Germany. Almost 150,000 new users sign up worldwide each day. And the founders have their goal to help single people to make a bond with others as often as they can and with as many people as possible. The gender ratio on Jaumo is well-balanced; it is almost close to 50:50. The age of the users of the app is mostly between 18 and 35. The communication technology preference of users is roughly 95 percent to Android users. And the remaining five percent are iPhone users.

Website Design & Usability

The website design and usability of the Jaumo app is the visibility of system status. This application speaks the user’s language; hence there is a match between the system and the real world. There are a user’s control and freedom on this app; hence its website design and usability are user-friendly, there is consistency maintained on this app, and its standard is quite high. Error prevention is high. Privacy settings, help sections, and documentation is neatly explained.

Special Features

Jaumo Special Features

Jaumo has extraordinary features that make interaction and socialization more pleasant and give users more opportunities to find their perfect match.

On the other apps, users need a premium membership to see who liked their account; Jaumo offers this feature free of charge. Users can see a list of people who already swiped right on their profile to swipe right on those they are interested in. This results in an instant match profile.

Users can stream their videos of doing anything which must not be indecent or offensive. It is a great chance for users to increase their popularity and number of interested members on their list.

The additional travel feature is also available on the Jaumo app. This feature allows the member to change their current location to anywhere else in the whole world. This particular function is meant to be used when someone is planning to travel to a new place and want to get a fresh start by meeting new people in that particular area.

How does Jaumo work?

Jaumo work

Jaumo is available for both Android devices and the iPhone, which can be downloaded for free of cost from either Google Play or the App Store. After downloading, the first step is to register for the app. Users can easily register using their Facebook credentials, either they can choose to disclose manually. Then latter users require entering a valid email and selecting a password. After having an account, the matches will get suggested to users based on their preferences and distance. Users can swipe right or left, depending on how they feel about every game. If one user liked another user profile and vice versa, then it would end with a match. After matching, these users can make conversations with each other.

Sign Up Process

Jaumo’s signing up process is extremely easy, especially when the user signs it up using Facebook. The app takes the detailed information it needs, like the user’s hometown, relationship status, education level, religion, number of children, whether they desire to have children, etc. Some additional segments cover the user’s physical attributes, such as height, eye color, hair color, and body type. They are also asked to describe the kind of person they are looking for and the relationship they are interested in. These segments are not mandatory; users can leave some or all places blank. Also, it takes a few photos from the user’s Facebook account to easily create their Jaumo profile. If the user chooses an option to signup via email, they just need to feel their gender, birthday then allows the app to access their live location. After this process, the user can start using the app. If, for some reason, the registration process does not lead the user to the dashboard after giving the necessary information, it may be because they have disabled their phone’s location detection. The app needs users to live location to provide them with matches in their nearby area. As the app always requests permission from the user to turn on the phone location settings, sometimes the notice bugs out but does not appear. It results in the user unable to move on in the registration process.

Users Profiles Quality

Jaumo Profiles Quality

Jaumo is specifically designed for finding new connections, new casual encounters, friendships, or long term romances. Users can flirt, chat, and be as essential or as relaxed as you can make it. The app is designed to function best by using the geolocation feature; it’s not mandatory to activate the location. During the survey, the company found, turning off the navigation function identifier made the application unwieldy. After this, the potential matches received became so high, which was overwhelming. When the geolocation feature activated, results obtained are from a five-mile radius of where users were located. The feature made things manageable and more comfortable to engage with other users.

Mobile Application

Jaumo is a well-established dating app made in Germany. Flirt, Chat & Date is the main motto of them. Jaumo is the only dating app that provides users the right guidance when they need it. The app is unique, as the user experience truly helpful for other users also. The number of app reviews on the play store is 4.4 from 10, 73,938 reviews, and on the App Store are 4.4 from 597 Reviews. The Jaumo App Size for iOS Users is 144.6 MB, and for Android users is 18 MB, but it increases to 60 MB after the user installs the app.

Jaumo Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Jaumo Similar Websites & Apps

The race of Jaumo is with other dating sites in this particular niche. The alternative and similar websites and apps in the dating market currently available as Jaumo are tinder, Zoosk, qeep, blender, happn, eharmony, match, elite singles, silver singles, etc.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Membership pricing:

  • Duration Cost Total

  • 1 Month 12.49 USD/ Month 12.49 USD

  • 3 Month 8.33 USD/ Month 24.99 USD

  • 12 Months 6.25 USD/ Month 74.99 USD

Jaumo app offers a 35% or 50% discount if someone wants a subscription for three months or 12 months.

Payment Options available are:

The payment options available for the Jaumo app are Credit Card or PayPal account. Also, the user can pay Via Mobile Phone.

Jaumo offers a 7-day premium account trial to its new users for free. If the user wishes to continue the benefits for a more extended period, they should consider purchasing any of the available membership plans. Their subscription is automatically extended as long as users do not terminate their current subscription within 24 hours before it expires.

Free Membership Features

The free membership features available on Jaumo are account creation, profile creation, chat option, and live video. Zapping is one of the free features, and it means the act of swiping right or left on suggested matches.

Premium Membership Features

The premium membership features available on Jaumo are Ad-free browsing, getting a notification when a user reads your message, access to contacting VIP users, and super-like more and more profiles.

Is Jaumo Really Safe?

Jaumo Really Safe

The things members of Jaumo need to do to protect themselves are as follows as Users should remember that by posting data on a dating site, they will automatically publish the details for everyone. Therefore, it is required to filling out the questionnaire carefully and publish the data which the user personally not ashamed to share with everyone. To keep yourself safe from social attacks, do not neglect simple rules of digital hygiene. For example, it is better if you don’t use free Wi-Fi points in public places. Using your mobile Internet is the safer option.


Jaumo Conclusion

Jaumo is a platform to connect and meet people online. It has an easy registration process, straightforward usability, and users can download the app for free. Jaumo is a beautiful place to start an online dating experience. Jaumo is trying to gain the favor of the public. Unlike the other dating apps that try to innovate with new variations of an existing theme or target specific user demographics, whereas Jaumo is trying to go back to the basics. Their motto consists of simple words like flirt, chat, and date. Most of the other dating shows its premium features in the video, but Jaumo reminds them to be different. Jaumo did not use mobile numbers for setting up the profile, which is their unconventional marketing approach, which means that users must depend on location-based dating users around them.

Jaumo Popular FAQs

What is the matter of your concern? Discover the answers in the following section.

Where can someone download the Jaumo app?

The person can download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

How to sign up to the Jaumo app without using Facebook?

For signing up the app without using Facebook, the member has to choose the option if signup via email during the registration process.

Is the Jaumo service is available in English only?

No. The service is also available in German, Portuguese (Brazil), Turkish, Italian, Spanish, and French.

Is Jaumo available for Windows?

As Jaumo has a website that users can access through their desktop browser and the dating platform is only available on mobile phones.

What is the general advice to use while using Jaumo?

Jaumo itself has explained various tips. For instance, never give your personal information to people who are unknown to you. This information includes the user’s home address, workplace address, phone number, messenger details, credit card number, bank information, social security number, any type of password. The app authorities will never ask users for any of the above information in an email, message, or support ticket.

How to delete Jaumo account?

On the personal account of the Jaumo user, in the Menu section, there is an option Tools. In that, find Delete Your Profile tab and then follow the given instructions.

How to message someone on Jaumo?

There is an option available for Jaumo free as well as premium membership users, which are chat. Using this feature, the members can message to someone they are interested in.

How to see who likes you on Jaumo without paying?

The member can see who likes them without paying, as they get a notification on the website or the mobile app. Anyone can visit the person’s profile and chat with them.

How to block someone on Jaumo?

To block someone on Jaumo simply go on that particular member’s profile, and in the menu’s found the option block.

How to cancel Jaumo subscription?

To cancel the Jaumo subscription, the subscriber has to wait till their active subscription gets over. After it gets over, the system asks subscribers whether they want to continue It or not. If not, then the user does not need to pay again for the subscription.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: JAUMO GmbH
  • Address: Wehrstraße 46, Zip Code + City: 73035 Göppingen
  • Country: Germany
  • Customer Support Email: info@jaumo.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog
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