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JSwipe Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

JSwipe Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • Privacy guarantee to all the members;
  • The app is free, but the features can be upgraded buying First-Class subscriptions;
  • Neat and easy navigation.
  • The site languages are limited;
  • Casual dating or one-night stands are not allowed;
  • There is a lack of social features.

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JSwipe is a dating app mainly for the Jewish community; it is the best one when it comes to connecting Jewish singles. It brings together Jewish girls and Jewish guys around the world for a beautiful love story. You will only need to create a unique profile, and you will be good to go. However, there are a few details that you need to consider before using this app – this JSwipe will shed light on it.

Expert’s Review of JSwipe

Expert’s Review of JSwipe

Around Easter, in April 2014, David Yarus set up a Jewish dating app similar to Tinder. JSwipe, currently the most recognized Jewish dating service on the market; JDate is the owner.

A JSwipe profile is almost identical to that of Tinder, but with different specifications. For example, there are questions, “how do you consider your religious belief among the community?” (sincerely Jewish, inclined to convert, conservative, reform, orthodox, etc.) and “do you consider yourself a Kosher?” This way, it helps a user to find the best possible match and save them precious time.

On the other hand, those willing to use JSwipe should be 18 years of age and have by no means been convicted of any unlawful activity related to a sexual offense, which is punishable by law. Similarly, sex offenders, registered by any authority, are not permitted to sign up.

Design & Usability

The JSwipe app’s design is unique since it uses the pop-up animation for most of its features, such as swipes and animated previews of other singles. Even though it is your first time on Jswipe, you will find it user-friendly to navigate. Most of the options are located in the drop-down menu. Thus, the user can easily find a tab for Preferences, Filters, App, and Help.

Also, the navigation tool allows searching by location. As a result, singles in your neighborhood will be shown, and you can browse their profiles to find a perfect match.

Special Features

Special Features

This particular section of the JSwipe describes some exceptional features. Nevertheless, most of them are reserved for First-Class members only. They are as follows:

  • Link Instagram account – connect to Instagram and see the most popular Instagram photos on JSwipe;
  • Undo – retrieve any missed swipe;
  • SuperNote – is a paid tool that allows you to send instant text, despite that you have not swiped right yet;
  • Passport – changing your location allows you to search for new people in a new area;
  • Optimize Photo – this paid perk gives you the freedom to optimize your pics. With this, you will improve your presentation and get lots of right swipes.

How Does JSwipe Work?

How Does JSwipe Work?

Jswipe is similar to any other dating apps. A user can swipe through other pages until they find someone special. The explore section displays photo in a grid pattern. Hence, you can view any profile by clicking on the photo of your choice. Consequently, if you upgrade to the First-Class subscription, you will naturally be able to enjoy more options, such as the most popular local singles.

On that feed, you will come across the top profiles (read: the most right-swiped ones) in your area. As a first-class member, you will also get access to the Like-Me section. You can instantly message members who have liked you except that you will have to swipe first.

Since Jswipe uses pop-up animation design, it does not require one to remember which section they are browsing. Simple-click icons appear on the potential profile match: the blue heart — if you are interested, the crimson X — if you are not, or the yellow megastar to use your free Super Swipe(free users get one per day).

Other JSwipe symbols consist of the blue chat icon, which brings up your matches, chats, and Liked-Me screen. Also, the little purple envelope lets you send a SuperNote to anyone before being matched.

To sum up, Jswipe also permits to apply filters like kosher and denomination. Likewise, searching by distance, age, and gender is also possible on the app.

Signup Process

Signup Process

This renowned matchmaking app is compatible with iOS and Android. After installing Jswipe, the user must register their profile using Facebook to speed up the process. After that, one must choose the religion they follow. Choose from Jewish, orthodox, traditional, conservative, reform, inclined to convert, and so on. Finally, select if you are Kosher.

Generally, members are in a hurry and immediately get started! But filling the entire profile will improve the possibilities of attracting the most suitable partners. JSwipe permits users to publish four pics and insert a description.

A few minutes of editing a brief bio properly will improve your page in case you think that photos are not enough. A catchy profile, making the viewers smile or reinforce your recognition, will undoubtedly result in a reply.

Users Profiles Quality

Users Profiles Quality

Since people on JSwipe are usually more classic than Tinder, it is recommended to create a profile that describes yourself and your lifestyle. Hence, think of your account as an advertising and marketing tool – choose a delightful and impressive description of yourself.

Furthermore, if you are an adventurous individual who likes to travel, for example, write the following: “Venturing Hyde Park of London, enjoying the tropical beaches of the Maldives, and visiting famous French vineyards. I rarely see a television travel channel – I am too busy to experience it directly.”

Of course, your page shows that you enjoy it. It should not sound like everyone else on JSwipe, be innovative!

Mobile Application

Since mobile gadgets are trendy, JSwipe is a cutting-edge app for iOS and Android. The developers have perfected it so that its members can enjoy the best features on the go. Thus, you will be able to swipe photos, check inbox, or search for other matching partners, even though you are in a remote place without your PC.

JSwipe Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

JSwipe Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

JSwipe’s profiles are almost identical to those on Tinder.

It started around 20 years ago, and in two decades, the website has become well-known, with a few other dating sites joined together. Generally, people enjoy easy flirting, one-night rendezvous, and modern relationship. To conclude, this is the essential motivation behind why individuals despite everything go out, and the website login rate continues to rise.

Membership Price and Payment Method

JSwip is a free dating app, but if you want to use all the features, you will have to shift to First-Class Membership. The options to subscribe to are:

  • 1 Month — $24.99/month (upgrade your Super Swipe game) — Total: $24.99
  • 3 Months — $15.00/month (most popular – save 30%) — Total: $44.99
  • 6 Months — $10.00/month (save 60%) — Total: $59.99

Referring to the JSwipe, the app uses either Debit or Credit card payment method. Having selected the subscription option, the user will be directed to the online payment page, where they can choose from JGB, Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, and Solo. People must be attentive while filling the required fields to avoid typos so that funds can be transferred as quickly as possible. Upon the approval of the payment, the user will enjoy the unlocked perks of JSwipe.

Free Membership Features

JSwipe’s app offers free membership, but the features are limited:

  • Explore – view the photos and details of the most popular singles;
  • Most Eligible – check photos of the most eligible singles only;
  • Update Profile – edit your profile whenever you wish and upload photos;
  • Chats – interact with your matches;
  • Super Swipe – you are allowed to send 1 Super Swipe per day.

Premium Membership Features

All the functions related to JSwipe First-Class subscription are as following:

  • Most Eligible – navigate to the complete page of the most popular individuals;
  • Liked Me – start chatting directly with those interested in you;
  • Boost Your Profile – it is possible to enhance your visibility by doubling your exposure;
  • Explore View – there are no restrictions on the number of profiles that you can surf and like.
  • Optimize your photos – presenting your picture with the most accurate display;
  • Change Location – are you a foreigner in a new place? Then, change your location and swipe singles in your area;
  • 5 Extra Super Swipe – extra swipes allow you to let a specific member know that you are interested in them.
  • 1 Free Super Note – instant messaging before use;
  • Message Status – check if the match has read the message.

Is JSwipe Really Safe?

Is JSwipe Really Safe?

The JSwipe app does not feature login with a password since you are to sign up with your Facebook account. As a result, members should be very cautious in public places and secure their details and devices. Even though these security measures are unavailable on this app, it is yet fun and helpful method of meeting new individuals. This JSwipe review will provide users with some helpful tips to protect themselves against people with bad intentions:

  • Take as much time as necessary – it is recommended to be prudent at the beginning of a conversation when you just have a match. Do not hesitate to ask questions and stop communication if you feel unsafe;
  • Use the chat – avoid exchanging contact details to schedule dates, or choose to use alternative means of communication. Instead, use the app chatting feature to know whether the person is an honest match;
  • Do not transfer money – if you receive any request, please report it to the administrators immediately by flagging their profile. It might start small (telephone credit, for instance), yet it will heighten to a greater amount. Irrespective of the situation, if it is related to money, you should stay alert!



It is a new era, and everything is evolving rapidly. Decade ago, such dating apps as JSwipe were impossible to imagine. Nowadays, people can choose their soulmates online, simply by browsing profiles on a smartphone. It is an unbelievable experience that such a technological tool allows us to do. Chatting and messaging in real-time conversations, exploring and liking photos, or encountering beautiful stories – are just a click away.

Popular FAQs

JSwipe was first introduced during the Easter holiday in 2014, and the core of JSwipe was David Jarus, a Jewish-American developer and entrepreneur. He also created Mllnn, a marketing agency that has helped organizations better understand their goals. He also served as a JDate ambassador, the world’s only Jewish dating site. JSwipe was managed by Smooch Labs Inc. and was later acquired by Spark Network in 2015.

How to Delete JSwipe Account?

The profile can be deleted at any time through your account. the action is permanent. Once deleted, it cannot be restored. Likewise, your matches and messages will be gone forever. Thus, if you want to copy an account item, create it before deleting. First-Class customers must cancel their auto-renewed subscriptions beforehand.

To remove a user profile from the application, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the menu
  2. Press “Application Settings”
  3. Click “Delete Account”

How to Message Someone on JSwipe?

The Like-Me list is updated once a member swipes right on another user’s profile. If you want to initiate contact, then the following will enlighten you:

Super Swipe – it will permit the user to go through your supposed Yes in their profile. Merely tap the yellow star icon or opt to send an emoji. First-Class members can send up to five Super Swipes a day;

Swipe Note – First-Class subscribers can message before being matched. Just click on the envelope icon, type your text, and send it;

Message – as soon as you find a match, you can interact through chat. Check your Matches tab, click on the person, and a chat window will appear. Write a text or attach a photo to send.

It is also possible to buy more Super Swipes and Swipe Notes through the subscription section. Consequently, the matches expire after eighteen days, so it is recommended to put in good use before they disappear!

How to See Who Likes You on JSwipe Without Paying?

You can easily find who has liked your page going to the Like, Match, and Chat function by clicking on the chat symbol at the top of the main page.

Like Me – get in touch with other members who find your profile interesting. In brief, you can view your liking status and choose to accept or reject their likes. Of course, if you liked the account again, that person will be added to your Matches list.

How to Block Someone on JSwipe?

JSwipe features a triangular exclamation icon (flagging) on each member’s profile photo. That will allow you to block anyone from viewing your page, but you will have to write a reason to report the member you intend to block before sending it to the monitoring team.

How to Cancel JSwipe Subscription?

The option to drop your membership on JSwipe is possible whenever you are ready, through your Apple App Store or Google Play account. Read the accompanying data on the best ways to stop the automatic renewal or cancel your memberships.

(a) JSwipe Apple Application:

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. Write your name.
  3. Click the Subscription. (If you do not see Subscription, open iTunes and App Store. At that point, write down your Apple ID, click View Apple ID, sign in, look down to Memberships, and click Subscription.)
  4. Open the Membership that you need to cancel.
  5. Click Drop Membership/Subscription. If you do not see this option, the Membership is now canceled and will not recharge.

The subscription will renew until you stop it. If you don’t have it anymore, you will still have the option to utilize it until the plan expires. Similarly, if you have dropped during the trial period, you may lose access to the content.

(b) JSwipe Google Play Application:

  1. Uninstalling the application will not drop your membership.
  2. Go to play.google.com.
  3. Sign in.
  4. On the left, click My Memberships.
  5. Select the one you need to cancel.
  6. Snap Manage and then Drop Membership.

If you terminate your subscription, you can still use it during the time you have paid for.

Contact Information

If you have concerns and more questions about JSwipe, here are the contact details:

  • Company Name: Spark Network
  • Address: 3300 N. Ashton Blvd, Suite 240
  • Zip Code + City: UT 84043, Lehi
  • Country: United States
  • Customer Support Email: info@jswipeapp.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Blog
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