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LesbieDates Review

LesbieDates Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 96%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 1,800,00
About Site
Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It is secure to use
  • Great searching options
  • Straightforward sign-up process
  • The pricing policy is confusing, as only per-day fees are indicated
  • The number of users is not that large

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The times when lesbians had to hide their preferences from society have long gone. But it is still not that easy for them to find the right partner. Like everyone else, they face a lack of time that has become an indelible part of our lives. So, going on endless dates is not an option anymore. You may get set up with a pretty girl by your friends or even family. But what if your goals don’t match? What if you want to hook up and she wants a family? Or vice versa? Or what if you don’t like her at all?

General Overview: What LesbieDates Is All About

LesbieDates Review

All the issues above can now be easily solved by turning to lesbian dating site . Not just you have the widest choice there, you can group potential matches by location, age, or the type of relationship they seek. This is extremely convenient, but it doesn’t save you from trouble either. There are some problems you can get online:

  • a site’s attempts to scam you,
  • fake or abandoned profiles,
  • perverts (primarily males) who think they have the right to annoy you just because, in their opinion, lesbians are sexy — and it is so true, but is it their concern at all?

No need to panic! You can avoid it with no effort if you choose a site that can be trusted. Here, we give you one of the best options — LesbieDates. This is not just a hookup site. It is used by lesbians from many countries to find a partner they need — just for one night, several dates, or the whole life.

More than half of the LesbieDates population comes from the US, but there are plenty of girls from other countries, too. The official stats of meetings on the site reaches 95%, which is much higher than most common dating platform can boast. As said, people come here for various goals. And let’s point out — these are different people. It can be a lesbian girl who only wants to meet the only one sharing her views and doesn’t consider any other type of encounters. It can be a girl who wants to meet as many people as her schedule allows her because she is after a new experience on the daily. And this can be a timid housewife who wants to surprise her husband with a good old threesome for their anniversary. So, you can get surprised with the diversity you’ll see here.

How to Sign Up LesbieDates

LesbieDates Review

A signing up process is an initial step in using any dating site. People tend to pay a lot of attention to it. For some, the most important thing is not to share too much personal info because they feel a bit intimidated with the interest some platforms can show. Others find it vital to save time at this stage. It is especially relevant for those who want a quick hookup NOW.

LesbieDates will seem just right for both of these user groups. Here, the registration is quick, safe, and doesn’t demand you to tell everything about yourself. To start with, they presume that you are a woman seeking women, so they put this option by default. In fact, this field can be altered, as LesbieDates welcomes straight females and males, too. Then, you should choose your age, which will help other users see if you are right for them in this aspect. Besides, you must be 18 to sign up. Insert your email address and pick a strong password. Enter your current location and ZIP to be searchable by location filters or just let others know. So, this is just as simple as that. Remember that by submitting this information, you will agree to LesbieDates Terms and conditions. Besides, you allow the site to send you newsletters and offers and use the information you shared to find you a match. All the information about you, like body type or education, can be filled out later.

Don’t forget to upload a picture of yourself. You are not forced to do so, and your account will be activated without any pics. On the other hand, would you like to connect with someone who can look, well, not as you imagine? No one would because regardless of deep feelings, the two of you will sparkle in each other later, first impressions can’t be overestimated. That is why most users opt for searching profiles with photos. If you don’t want to deprive someone special of a chance to find you and be more attractive for pretty ladies on this site, add a photo. It can be super sexy or funny. It can show you traveling or hanging out with friends. The only thing that matters is that it reflects your personality the best way.

The Sites Interface: Is LesbieDates Easy to Use?

LesbieDates Review

The quick answer is — yes! You won’t have to wander from one menu to another, trying to understand how on Earth it works. All the icons you need are conveniently located at the page header. So, press:

  • three horizontal bars to access the Menu where you can get a lot of useful details, like your recent activity,
  • ‘a search glass’ to look for prospective matches using plenty of helpful filters,
  • ‘a dialogue’ to open your inbox, including messages and flirts,
  • ‘a heart’ to see your winks and views,
  • ‘friends’ to go to your friend list and requests.

If you want to return to editing your profile, just click on your own photo.

Seeking a Match: Are the Matches Accurate?

LesbieDates Review

Searching for gorgeous females on LesbieDates takes no effort whatsoever. And matching suggestions are quite numerous and precise, too! The horizontal bar, which is right under your navigation icons, helps you find a woman (by default, but can be changed) who can be sorted by the following characteristics:

  • age range. With the help of two drop-down menus, set minimum and maximum age of the one you are searching for. Don’t make this range too short (like one or two years) because you’ll be very limited.
  • location. This site can use your geolocation to help you find a girl in your vicinity. This way, for example, you can ask the system to find you someone within 100 miles from your place.
  • additional factors that can be chosen in the ‘More’ drop-down menu.
  • whether they have uploaded a photo. As said, most people tick this box, as they want to know who they are dealing with to be sure they will like this person and fantasize a bit before they meet in person.
  • and finally, you can choose those who are online now. This option is perfect to use when you want to have a chat right at the moment. But if you are seeking a date, even for a single night, we suggest you opt off this filter. The one you will certainly like may not be online at this particular second, but they can log in a little later, see your message, and reply.

After you’ve got your search results, you can proceed to sort them using another filter bar below. Here, you can choose from:

  • all members. This will be everybody who suits your requirements you’ve submitted at the previous stage.
  • online now. For example, you didn’t choose ‘online now’ above to have more options. When you’ve received the results, you might want to talk to some of them right now. And here is what the second ‘online button’ is for — new members. Another tab is to narrow down your search. It is both convenient for new members (to find as inexperienced daters as they are) and for those who have been around for a while to get some new options.
  • ‘sort by.’ An additional drop-down menu with more filters. You can only choose one of them.

Alternatively, you may search for a certain screen name of a user.

What Are Profiles on LesbieDates Like?

LesbieDates Review

Your search result page will show you a number of ladies to contact. Some of them will have a New tag that means that this user has recently joined the community.

What you see is the photo and general info: screen name, gender, age, location, and the distance from where you live. In the bottom, there is a quick access panel that includes three buttons: Chat, Wink, and Add Friend.

Upon opening one of the profiles to view, you’ll see the same basics plus a variety of fields with personal information that users can fill out or leave empty. These are body type, height (in feet and centimeters), weight (in stones and kilograms), hair color, eye color, tattoos and piercings, if any, marital status, sexual orientation, living, income level, kids, drinking and smoking habits, ethnicity, education, and religion. On the left, you’ll see the Chat, Wink, and Add Friend buttons, and two more: Like and Block.

As you can see, profiles can be quite detailed, depending on how much LesbieDates users choose to share with others.

Communicating with Other Users

Communication on LesbieDates is possible via a variety of channels. Among them, we should point out:

  • a messaging system allowing users to receive lengthy messages and reply when they find it convenient,
  • a chat between two users,
  • winks used to express affection to each other.

LesbieDates Paid and Free Memberships

LesbieDates Review

Unlike most sites in this niche, LesbieDates doesn’t force one to pay for their services right away. Users can freely look around without upgrading their accounts. However, to get full services of the site’s, you should buy a premium subscription.

Free users are limited in the number of messages they can send. Besides, they can’t see users’ big pictures and don’t have access to advanced searching filters. And, unfortunately, they can’t even view other people’s profiles.

Premium members get full access to all the features of LesbieDates and can fully enjoy their dating experience. To upgrade, you should buy one of the subscriptions: 3-day, 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month. Peculiarly, you can’t see the prices for the entire period. Instead, you are shown how much it will cost you per day. But is it evident that the longer you pay for, the cheaper your subscription will turn out in the end.

Security Matters: How Safe It Is to Use LesbieDates?

Surprisingly, it is as safe as using a dating site can ever be. SSL-encryption, reliable hosting, and responsive Support Team protect your stay on LesbieDates to a great extent. Not every dating site can boast that!

There is a wide range of websites that cater to people of different sexual orientations. Thus, an average hookup site facilitates men meeting women and all the way around. Bisexual and homosexual encounters can also be found there. But the problem with such platforms is that they are not specific enough. Superficial gender ratio can’t guarantee that those seeking gay and lesbian relationships will succeed. That is why lesbian community was in great need of a platform where they can get what they want, and no one will interrupt. But now they have it! LesbieDates is one of the most popular platforms for ladies looking for a same-sex partner. Don’t miss out on the cool features of this site!

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