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LonelyMilfClub Review

LonelyMilfClub Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 20-25
Profiles 2,000,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use, non-confusing website
  • Affordable membership plans
  • Active users ready to hook up
  • Ads get a bit annoying
  • Free accounts have limited functionality

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LonelyMilfClub is one of those rare hookup sites that make user intentions very clear. Community members are not shy about their desires, whatever those may be. It is not that difficult to see who this platform targets from the website’s name. Obviously, this is a platform with cougars looking for young, passionate lovers. In turn, this is the place where young men should go if they are looking for an NSA hookup with mature, experienced ladies.

Besides, some of these ladies may be interested in something more long-term than a one-night-stand — as long, of course, as this whole affair remains non-committed. Some of them do not mind offering financial support to their passionate cubs, but this issue — for obvious reasons — will have to be discussed in private between both parties.

Still, will LonelyMilfClub work out for you? And, what does it take to become a member? Find out everything you need to know about LonelyMilfClub, its main features, and prices in the paragraphs below.

LonelyMilfClub Design and Navigation

LonelyMilfClub Review

One of the strange things about this platform is that it comes with a pretty outdated design. In part, this could be explained that the main audience (and simultaneously, the main paying audience) of this service are mature women who are not always tech-savvy. So, too many website elements and interactive features could simply confuse some of these ladies, losing LonelyMilfClub plenty of paying clients.

On the other hand, developers could have made a bit more effort with the website user interface. Right now, it is in terrible need of updating. On the bright side, site navigation is intuitive and straightforward — everything a user may need is available via the website menu. More importantly, all menu sections are self-explicable.

So, even though some (but not all) cougars will find LonelyMilfClub design acceptable, most cubs will have a retro flashback. But, then again — that’s what they came here for, so no real reason for complaining. Besides, people come to hookup sites for many reasons, but evaluating user interface is usually not among them.

Website Login and Registration

LonelyMilfClub Review

Here, we must give LonelyMilfClub a heads up on how quick and easy this step is. Newcomers will have to specify their age, gender, and the kind of partner they’re looking for. This site does not ask any unnecessary questions or make users go through unnecessary personality tests. As soon as you include the most basic parameters and come with a unique user name and a strong password, you can start using this service.

LonelyMilfClub Features

We already mentioned that this service has a very simplistic design and navigation. The same goes for all of its essential features — you will not find anything new or revolutionary with this website. For some, this could be boring. But, if you take a second to think about it, you’ll see that such simplicity is not a bad thing at all.

First, any user, regardless of one’s tech experience, will have no problem navigating this service. And, even though LonelyMilfClub does not offer any interactive game-like elements or feature any flashy graphics, it does have all the essential functionality at hand.

With this service, users can fill in their profiles, indicate their search parameters, make use of the internal search filters, get matching suggestions, and communicate with other users. That is it, but all of that is more than enough to meet someone and handle the rest offline. Quick hookup and a chance to meet up and have fun in person are what this site is genuinely about.

The only unique feature that (kind of) stands out from this standard package is ‘like or not.’ But, with some thought, it’s also pretty standard by now. So, LonelyMilfClub does not offer anything extraordinary, but it also does not confuse its users, which is a definite plus.

User Stats and Activity

LonelyMilfClub Review

LonelyMilfClub does not have a vast user database. Though this site does not disclose any of their member stats, it looks like the audience counts several thousand. Sure, some profiles are inactive, but whenever you log in the site, you see a couple of hundred users currently online. The only minus is that the user database does not update too often, so some of this site’s users may already be in established relationships.

On the other hand, LonelyMilfClub is still a hookup website, so the chances of that are low. Besides, it means that all newcomers are more than welcome because everyone is interested in some new hookup opportunities. The odds are particularly in favor of active young men because cougar mommies are usually happy to see a new user they did not have a chance to hook up with yet. Such young men will never have problem landing dates here — whether for a one-night-stand or a more extended, mutually beneficial relationship.

Speaking of being active, this is a good tip for all newcomers. Like most sites with an already established user database, LonelyMilfClub old-timers are looking for a new user to take the initiative. This could be both a plus and a minus — depending on what you’re looking for. In other words, do not expect to get bombarded with messages simply because your account is new.

When it comes to gender stats, there is no info on the actual ratio between men and women. However, a quick look at the active users will tell you that most men are quite young. One would also expect to find plenty of mature women — and, of course, cougars are well represented on this service. What’s surprising is that there are also plenty of younger women in their early thirties, which does not exactly fit the cougar category. Still, all of these ladies are looking to hook up and do not mind a younger partner. And why would they?

How to Communicate on LonelyMilfClub

Like already mentioned, this site has a very simplistic navigation logic, so the available communication tools are also pretty simple. However, they are more than enough to arrange for a date. With LonelyMilfClub, people can start chats and send email-like messages. Both chats and messages support photo and video attachments. There are also a few games, including the good old ‘like or not.’ However, most games and other interactive features are reserved for paying accounts. So, let’s take a closer look at the differences between paid and free users on LonelyMilfClub.

Free Vs. Paid Accounts

LonelyMilfClub Review

Not to bury the lead, free users do get a chance to enjoy most of the site’s features. However, this functionality remains pretty much limited. In particular, free users have few contact options. They can browse for other people’s profiles, reply to messages, and send those messages themselves, but the number of available conversations a month is low. Consequently, the number of potential hookups is also low.

The same goes for starting a live chat — even though non-paying accounts can initiate those, the number of allowed chats is limited to a couple of conversations a month. This makes looking for a sponsor, a hookup, or a cybersex partner somewhat challenging. Besides, free members do not have access to all other users’ photos and videos, which limits one’s opportunities for finding a good match.

Also, there is no free trial version of the premium features on this service. Users can give premium a try for just a day, but even that will cost them $0,65. So, the ‘free’ trial is more of an affordable test in practice.

Premium Costs and Features

Should users decide to go premium, they will have unlimited access to all available communication means on the website. And, as is often the case with dating and hookup websites, LonelyMilfClub throws in a couple of complimentary perks to its paying members. One of those is the classic boost in search results and profile ranking. Obviously, paying users to get access to some photo and video galleries, not available to free accounts.

Next, they can send unlimited friend requests and participate in a couple of games. The latter ones are quite simplistic — just like this whole website — but they do make LonelyMilfClub user experience more rewarding. Besides, all paying customers get a priority line in the website support. Finally, paid users can watch other people’s sexy streams live. All in all, such a membership plan does not offer anything extraordinary but has everything a hookup site may need.

When it comes to prices, LonelyMilfClub has an average cost when compared to other services in the niche. It does get a bit confusing at first because they advertise their paid plans as three separate subscriptions —VIP, Silver, and Gold. In practice, the only thing these plans differ in is the subscription length. All features remain absolutely the same, but the paid period varies. The only feature a premium account lacks is the absence of ads, which tend to get a bit annoying. Typically, most websites turn the ads off the moment a user switches to premium, but not LonelyMilfClub.

A VIP member is a user with a monthly subscription of $29.95. A silver member subscribes for three months at $16.95 a month or a total amount of $50.85. The lengthiest, Gold membership plan is a six- months subscription that costs $69.9 in a single payment, or $11.65 a month. The bottom line, the paying logic remains the same as on most other platforms — the longer you pay for in advance, the less you spend.

There is no credit or virtual coin system on this service — all available features are included in a premium plan. On the bright side, there are no hidden costs or complicated membership plans — everything is as simple as LonelyMilfClub website design and navigation.

Support and Website Security

LonelyMilfClub Review

LonelyMilfClub stands out because it has one of the fastest customer support teams online. It works great even for free users, and paid members with a support priority line will have all their issues solved in no time.

Payment and personal info of each user are carefully protected by an SSL-encryption and are not revealed to any third party. More importantly, all credit cards are billed discreetly, so there will be no mention of LonelyMilfClub on your bank statement.

The number of fake accounts on this site is scarce. However, all users should still be cautious about what personal info they share — pretty much like on any other website.

Takeaway on LonelyMilfClub

On the whole, LonelyMilfClub is worth a shot — both for women looking for younger lovers and young men looking for experienced sex partners or sponsors. The user database on this service is not vast but is pretty stable and proactive. All in all, the chances of finding a good hookup here are high. The search for a sponsor may get more complicated but still has good odds.

Though LonelyMilfClub does not offer any outstanding features, its simplicity and ease of use compensate for the absence of fun, interactive elements. More importantly, this site is safe to use and has reasonable subscription prices. In fact, people can use it for free — even though with a limited number of communication options. Still, many services do not allow that, so LonelyMilfClub has an advantage over its competition.

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