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Trustworthy or Scam – Lumen App Review 2021

Trustworthy or Scam – Lumen App Review 2021
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Pros and Cons

  • Lumen App encourages meaningful conversation
  • Strict rules of verification, which exclude the availability of fake profiles on the platform.
  • Identification of users via selfie verification.
  • A detailed explanation of the platform’s terms of users, user rights, security, and privacy policies.
  • Availability of quick sign-up with an existing Facebook account.
  • Availability of four subscription plans.
  • Availability of unlimited messaging.
  • People in the age range of over 50 years are less tech-savvy so, Lumen Application may be unavailable to these people.
  • The Premium membership may be expensive compared to the prices of similar dating apps.
  • Premium membership doesn’t make features unlimited.
  • Lumen App doesn’t have a desktop version.

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Lumen App has the advantage of being called the very first dating app targeted at the age group of single men and women over 50 years old. Usually, the children of people in this age group are grown-ups and have their own families and children. Lumen Application gives single, divorced, or widowed senior people the chance to find new partners of life and get older together. This isn’t a hookup platform; it’s an application where senior men and women are looking for meaningful relationships and long-term commitment.

Diversity and Size of Lumen App Member Base

Lumen Application was launched at the end of 2018 by Lumen App Ltd, which is a part of Badoo Group. The company is officially registered, its headquarters is located in England, UK. Lumen App has more than 1.3 million users from all the countries of the world. The majority of users, which is over 700 thousand members are from the United States. The app is also popular among users from the UK, Canada, and Australia. The application targets men and women using dating site over 50 years old. According to research made by Forbes, the average age of users is 56, while the oldest member is 97 years old. The gender ratio is equal – half of the Lumen Application users are males, and the other half is females. The app doesn’t put location or ethnicity restrictions;that’s why the user base is diverse. The application is available both for heterosexual people and the representatives of the LGBT community. The user should just fill in the field of whom he/she looks for, to help the platform’s matching system to recommend the right people.

Lumen App Design and Navigation

LumenApp Review

The design of the Lumen Application is very attractive. Yellow is the prevailing color on the platform since all the main fields and important buttons are in yellow. Since the app is designed for people older than 50 years, Lumen has made sure that the navigation is simple. The application has four main sections:

  • Discover – where users can apply filters and search for people.
  • Favorites – where they can see the list of users they liked.
  • Messages – where they can access all conversations.
  • Profile – where they can see the details of their profile.

Lumen App Additional Features

LumenApp Review

Besides its main features, the Lumen Application also offers some additional features about which you may not know.

  • The Favorite feature allows adding the people you like or find interesting to your favorite list. All you should do is to click on the star at the bottom of their profile.
  • Lumen App has a feature called 72-Hour Response Timeframe.

    You may receive messages from different people. If you find the person interesting, you may answer his/her message. If you don’t send a response within three days or 72 hours, the system will consider the person uninteresting to you and remove the message. This feature aims to help users to get rid of unwanted messages.

  • The very first message, which is called the Icebreaker Message by the Lumen Application, is the most important one. According to the rule set by the app, your first message should include at least 50 characters. This means that you cannot write just hi, you had better introduce yourself or think of a good icebreaker to start a conversation.

How Does Lumen App Function?

LumenApp Review

After registration, you may start with the Discover section, where you can search for people applying special search filters. Later on, the application will show you profiles of people. If you like them, you can add them to the list of your favorite profiles. You can also write to them immediately by tapping the Chat button. To initiate a conversation, you should send a message with more than 50 characters. After receiving your message, the person has limited time to answer; otherwise, the message will disappear. You can access all your messages and conversations in the Message section.

How to Create an Account on Lumen App?

LumenApp Review

The registration on Lumen Application is quick and straightforward. The app offers two sign-up options – registration with an existing Facebook account and with a phone number. In the case of signing up with Facebook, the app automatically receives the necessary information from your existing Facebook account and creates a profile on Lumen Application. However, if you prefer not to link your Facebook account with your Lumen account, then you should choose the phone number sign-up option. In this case, users should enter their personal information, namely your age, gender, location, phone number, and other basic info.After clicking the registration button, within 45 minutes, the platform will send a code to the phone number you entered. You need to insert the code into the necessary field to verify your account. Then, you should describe the ideal partner you’re looking for. You should enter your partner’s gender and some features that he/she should possess. You may skip this stage for the moment, but later, you’ll need to go back and insert that information if you want to help the platform’s matching system to find people according to your preferences. Next comes the About Me section where you should write a short introduction about yourself to help other users to have a general idea about you. We strongly recommend you fill in all the necessary fields since it makes your profile look genuine and inspires people to trust your account.

Lumen App User Profiles Verification

Since the application emphasizes the authenticity of entered information, you need to verify your account. First, the platform will ask you to upload at least two photos. Later, you need to take a verification selfie to confirm that the person in the photos is you. The Lumen platform’s administration team will compare your selfie with two other uploaded photos, and if they make sure that it’s you on all the photos, they’ll activate your account. This process of identification may take a little more time, taking into account that the Lumen Application users are senior people, and they may be less tech-savvy. However, it’s impossible to skip the verification stage since the platform has strict rules.

Is Lumen App Available for Free Download?

LumenApp Review

The Lumen Application is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Users can download it from the App Store or Google Play Market free of charge. However, the app also informs the users that it has paid content, referring to the premium membership. Though the application was launched only in November 2018, it became popular among senior people for a very short time. The app has over one million downloads on Play Market only. The size of the application is not large – only 16 MB on Play Market and 18 MB on App Store so, it doesn’t require much memory.Besides English, the app is also available in severalother languages like Danish, Spanish, German, French, and others. On the App Store, the Lumen Application has 3.9 overall rankings, and on the Play Market, it has 3.7 stars out of five. The Lumen team regularly updates the application. The latest version called Lumen 3.00.0 was released on February 4, 2020.

Alternative Dating Apps to Lumen App

LumenApp Review
  1. Badoo – This is a popular dating app with a large member base. The app can be the best alternative to the Lumen Application since its users belong to various age groups.
  2. Guardian Soulmates – This dating app has a reputation of a very reliable app. It comes only with a paid subscription, which is quite expensive.
  3. Bumble – This app uses the same matching algorithm as Tinder. The privilege of sending messages belongs to ladies.

Lumen App Premium Membership Prices and Payment Methods

Like most apps, you can download the Lumen Application, sign up, and use it for free. However, standard members face some limitations of features and services and should upgrade their account to unlock them. All the users who are upset with the restrictions of the application can purchase the Premium membership that offers four subscription plans.

  • In case you’re unsure whether to purchase a subscription or no, the platform offers to go for the one-week subscription and discover the platform’s benefits for you. The price of a one-week membership is 11.99 USD.
  • The second subscription plan is intended for one-month period and costs 35.99 USD.
  • The three-month membership costs 71.99 USD in total with 24.00 USD for a single month.
  • In the case of a six-month subscription,each month costs 16.66 US making 99.99 USD in total.

However, these prices may vary depending on your region and country. All the prices are clearly described in the app. The platform’s administration has the right to change the prices without notice. The most comfortable method of paying for the subscription is with a credit card. After the first purchase, your Lumen App subscription can be automatically renewed. If you don’t want to renew your membership, you should deactivate it 24 hours before the expiry date.

What Features Does Free Membership Offer?

LumenApp Review

There are a bunch of main features available for standard users who don’t want to buy a premium membership.

  • Standard users can initiate six free conversations every day with new users.
  • The timeframe of replying to an initial message is seven days for free accounts after the expiry of which messages disappear.
  • If you skipped some profiles in the Discover section, you can rewind only ten profiles.
  • Limitations of filters in the Discover section.

What Features Does Premium Membership Unlock?

LumenApp Review

If you use Lumen Application intensively and the features of standard account restrict you, you may consider purchasing the premium membership. By buying one of the four subscription plans, you unlock the following features:

  • Start twelve new conversations every day instead of six.
  • Instead of seven days, your connection has aneight-day period to reply to your message.
  • See who liked your profile and added you on their favorites list.
  • View all the previous profiles you skipped by rewinding an unlimited number of profiles.
  • Choose and apply two advanced filters in the Discover section.

Is Lumen App Reliable?

LumenApp Review

The most important criterion of any application’s reliability is the availability of terms of use, privacy policy, and security. Lumen is an officially registered company located in the UK. The application’s Privacy section states that the company complies with the UK and EU regulations of user data protection. The company’s security team takes measures to protect the data of every user and prevent its loss. However, the platform doesn’t guarantee that unauthorized access or data loss caused by hacking may never happen. That’s why users should take the responsibility of keeping their data safe by setting a reliable password or reporting about fake profiles. The Lumen Application security team checks the user database from time to time and removes inactive or fake profiles or blocks the accounts that violate the platform’s terms of use. Lumen assures that 100 percent of all profiles are verified and real since the company has a strict verification procedure.


Lumen App aims to connect single people over 50. The application design is quite attractive, and the navigation is simple. Users can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Market for free. If users find free membership too restricted, they may buy a subscription plan. Lumen Application has a strict security system to ensure the safety of its members’ data. The verification of profiles through uploading photos and a selfie is a must. Otherwise, the moderation team may deny the registration.

Here are several most frequently asked questions by Lumen Application users.

How Can I Delete My Lumen AppProfile?

If you already found your second half or for any reason would like to take a break from the platform, you can delete your profile by taking the following steps:

  • Go to your profile
  • Open the Settings of your profile, tapping the cog icon
  • Go to the Account section
  • Find the Delete Account button. Your account will be deleted once you tap it.

How Can I Send Message to Another User on Lumen App?

To send a message to someone on Lumen Application, you should open their profile and click on the yellow Send a Message button located in the middle of the screen. You can send messages right from the Discover section as well. If you are interested in someone, just tap the Chat yellow button and type your message.

How Can I See Who Likes Me on Lumen AppFor Free?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to see who likes you on Lumen App for free. However, the Premium membership allows seeing which users added you on their favorites list.

How Can I Block an Account on Lumen App?

The Lumen App allows protecting your profile by blocking accounts with suspicious behavior. For that, you should open their profile, tap on the ellipsis like icon located on the right corner of their profile, and choose the Block button. You won’t receive any messages from that user. However, he/she will still be able to view your account.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription Plan on Lumen App?

Membership cancellation steps are different for the Lumen Application installed on Android and iOS devices. If you use an Android device, follow these steps to cancel your membership:

  • Go to Google Play Market and open the menu
  • Choose My Apps and find the Subscription section
  • In that section click on the Lumen App and select Cancel
  • Follow these steps to cancel your Lumen App Premium membership on App Store:
  • Open your settings and go to App Store
  • Enter your Apple ID and view your subscriptions
  • Find Lumen Application Premium membership and click on the Cancel Subscription button

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