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Maiotaku Review 2022 – Perfect or Scam?

Maiotaku Review 2022 – Perfect or Scam?
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Active Audience 68%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 70 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Affordable premium membership
  • A growing website with upcoming additional features
  • Free membership
  • Unlimited uploading of photos
  • No mobile app in place
  • Limited features for free membership

MaiOtaku is a website that offers a socializing or dating platform. You can either sign up to make friends or to find a date. The site is designed for anime fans who are interested in mixing social networks and dating.

Expert’s Review of Maiotaku

Expert's Review of Maiotaku

MaiOtaku is a website designed for anime fans. It was founded in 2009. It is a site opened to people who are straight, gay or lesbians. The front page of the website is welcoming and does not contain any adult images. When you join the site, you are matched with other anime fans like yourself. It is open for adults above the age of 18 years. Anime lovers from Japan mostly populate it.

Website Design & Usability

The website is well designed that you can make friends and look for a match. It is designed with good technology that you can access it on desktop, laptop, or mobile phone browser. However, the site does not have an operational app in place. It does not mean that you will not enjoy your experience. You can still access the site from your mobile phone browser.

Special Features

Special Features

The site has many features that the users enjoy. However, some unique features are only accessible by the premium members. Some of the unique features on-site include the following:

Matching Improvements

It is a feature that enables you to know the reasons you are matched to a user. When the site matches you to a user, it gives you five reasons for the match. They are based on compatible personality traits and compatible anime interests.

Nearby Matches

This feature helps you to search for a match based on distance. You can find a match that is near you or at a different location. The site is working on adding more options for premium members in the future.

Picture Sharing

Every user on the site is allowed to upload unlimited pictures. However, only the premium members are allowed to share their images with other users. The free users are limited to the number of photos they can share with other users.

Recent Matches

When you use this feature, you can see which user logged in recently or when they logged in last. It will help you to find a user that you can communicate with at that time.

Better Exposure

When you are a premium member, you top the list of the most active members. It is accessible on the ‘frequently viewed’ newest page. You stand a better chance to find a match when you are exposed.

Giving Items

You are allowed to give other users a cool item to let them know how awesome you are. It will make them feel special.

No Advertisements

When you subscribe to a premium, you will not see any advertisements on the website.

How does Maiotaku work?

How does Maiotaku work

When you join the site, the first thing that you will be asked to do is to provide a list of your favorite anime and conventions you will attend. The site will use this list to match you with other anime fans. Some of the necessary information you will provide includes; date of birth, your orientation, and location. You are matched to otaku who have similar interests, tastes, ages, and locations with you. You can send text messages to other otakus if you are interested in connecting with them. There are chat features on the site that you can use to send flirty messages. There is also a better way to know more about your users. You can use voice and video chat. You will get to know your potential matches even better.

Sign Up Process

Sign Up Process

Signing up on MaiOtaku is a streamlined and straightforward process that takes about 15 minutes to complete. The first step is to visit the sites sign-in page. The site will then ask you to say your gender and the gender of whoever you are looking for, in other words, who you want to meet. The next process is to provide a valid email address and then select a password. At this point, you can choose a username. You are advised to choose a username that is descriptive of you. Someone can say about you from your username. The next step is for you to fill out some of your necessary information like age and location. The process is that simple. When you get the login, you can now start your journey to meet new people immediately.

Users Profiles Quality

Users Profiles Quality

The profiles on-site are very detailed. Apart from making friends, the people joining the site are looking for a commitment. To get matched to a compatible partner, you will need to be very informative with your profile.

The more information you give about yourself the more your chances of a compatible match. Building your profile will be easy if you complete the questions provided on-site. The sites algorithm gets to know you better and therefore suggests viable matches.

Mobile Application

The MaiOtaku website does not have an app in place. Its website is accessible on any computer or a mobile browser.

Maiotaku Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

There are so many dating sites in the entire world. Many of them operate the same way or better than MaiOtaku. Some of the sites include; Micous, Fan single.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Membership Price and Payment Method

The site does not have any trial plans. You use it for free, or you subscribe to a premium. The premium is on auto-renewal, and you need to unsubscribe when you are not using it anymore. The premium subscription costs are as follows;

Premium Subscription

  • One month subscription at sh371.55
  • Three months subscription at sh1008.49

You are allowed to pay for this subscription using your PayPal account. The site does not offer any coin plans. You can also unsubscribe from the premium by canceling it online.

Free Membership Features

You can access the site for free without subscribing to the premium plan. Most of the activities on the site are accessible for free. The following are some of the features you can access with free membership:

  • You can contact other users by the use of comments and messages.
  • You can upload pictures.
  • You can view your matches

However, to get more interesting features, you will need to subscribe to a premium plan.

Premium Membership Features

For you to enjoy extra benefits on the site, you will need the premium plan, which can be paid monthly or three monthlies. Some of the benefits you enjoy on premium membership include:

  • It is cheap to subscribe.
  • You feel good to support the site.
  • You are allowed to save private messages forever.
  • You can upload pictures without limit.
  • You are entitled to more highlights when matching.

Is Maiotaku Safe?
Is Maiotaku Safe

Maiotaku is considered safe regarding its safety policies. You are encouraged to check out the safety policies of the site before joining. When you join, be quick to contact the customer service in case of anything unusual. You are advised to restrain from giving your personal information to other users. You should always be alert and report anything suspicious to the site moderators.


Maiotaku is an upcoming dating site with fulfilling features. The site has free membership, which is as exciting as the premium membership. You can access the other users’ profiles with your free membership and even upload many pictures. Most of the dating sites do not allow free members to access exciting features as uploading pictures. However, the site is contemplating a change to that feature to limit the uploads. The premium membership, on the other hand, is more exciting to the users. You can save your private messages forever. It means that you can trace back some users that you contacted back then. There is a private room for you to chat about private information with a trusted user. The site will provide for you on request. You are advised to keep your information private while using the site. Do not open up your information to strangers. It will compromise your security. The customer support is readily available to assist you whenever you need help. You are advised to stay alert and report immediately any suspicious activities. The site moderators will block or delete any suspicious accounts on the site. The site asks the users to subscribe to premium membership to support the growth of the site. The premium membership is affordable and has a duration of one month and three months. You are allowed to use your PayPal account. You can also cancel your subscription online from the same PayPal account. If you can not cancel it yourself, you can support the customer support to complete the process.

What is MaiOtaku?

What is MaiOtaku

It is a website designed for anime fans who are interested in both social networking and dating. Many of the users who join the site are after friendship and others marriage or a serious relationship. It is a great place that can allow access to the following; interesting picture galleries, other users’ profiles, comments, and messages. The matching program that is offered to the users is also convenient for users looking for a relationship.

How much do I pay to access the site?

The site is very cheap for the interested users. Some users pay less than $4 every month for them to get extra benefits. Most of the features offered by the site are free. It means that you don’t need to pay for you to access the site. If you cannot afford the premium, the free version will serve you as well.

Does the system matching work?

Does the system matching work

Yes, it does. The system is unique, and it is designed from scratch. When you provide your information about your favorite anime, it matches you according to your age and location. You will most likely find a match near you.

The site does not limit the number of pictures that the user uploads on their profile. However, this applies to the premium members only. The free members are limited to the number of photos they can upload to their profile. The regulations on this is subject to change as the site suggests that it might change the picture rules.

Will the site add more features for use?

The site has got so many ideas that will be implemented with time. The team is still looking at how to place each feature where it fits best. When they finish the system and database upgrade, the new features will be launched.

What is unique about MaiOtaku?

The site is unique because it is new and full of vision. You will get to use the best and the latest technology on the site. Interacting on the website is fun, considering the framework. Moreover, contacting other users on site is free of charge.

Can I recover a lost password?

It is possible to recover a lost password. The site has a lost password recovery form that you can use to recover your password. When you enter your login and email address, the site will send you a new password to your registered email address.

How do I unsubscribe from emails?

The site is still working on that option. At the moment, you will always get email notifications from your profile. If you do not want to receive the emails, you can change your email on the profile. You change to one that you don’t use more often. However, if you choose this option, you will not recover your password in the future. The site is working to ensure that you get options like weekly only emails, and many more.

How do I benefit from a premium subscription?

The premium membership has many benefits for the users, including but not limited to; seeing more highlights on the matching lists, uploading unlimited pictures to your profile, and many others as listed on the site.

Why don’t I find any users near me?

Some of the states do not have any users yet. Another reason is, the site does not list users that have no photos on site. Also, you might get users whose preferences do not match yours. You can also help the website to advertise by adding it to your signature, or posting it on other social forums.

How safe Is MaiOtaku?

The site is safe for users. Having rules and safety regulations reduces the chances of dubious activities. You are also encouraged to check out the safety policies of the site before joining. When you join, be quick to contact the customer service in case of anything unusual. Whenever you want to share private information with members that you trust, use the private messaging system. The site is keen on dangerous behavior.

Is my information safe on the site?

Yes, it is safe. The site is well secured that your information will not be leaked to any third party. Your information is used for the growth of the site and to promote anime conventions. The site also uses your information to find you a date. As you sign up, be sure that the site will not sell, rent, trade, or misuse your data.

How do I use the anime database?

When you log in, access the anime section for you to search for an anime that you have watched or planning to watch. Use the search box by typing some keywords of what you are looking for, and the results will roll out. You are allowed to add the anime to your collection from the add button.

Can I be employed at MaiOtaku?

The site does not have any employees. It is not planning to have any at the moment or any soon. All the income it makes is put aside for attending the conventions and promoting the site. you can join the site to contribute to the community.

How to delete MaiOtaku account

The site allows the users to keep their profiles even if they unsubscribe from the premium. On the other hand, you have two options for removing your account from the site. The first option is to deactivate your profile. It will hide your profile such that other members will view it. This option has an advantage that you can reactivate your account when you want. You log in and reactivate. The second option is closing your account. When you close the account, it is deleted. With this option, if you ever want to get back your account, you will need to create a new profile. When you are a user on this site, you cannot unsubscribe from their emails. You will keep getting them.

How to message someone on MaiOtaku

You can send messages to any user when you sign up on this site.

How to see who likes you on MaiOtaku without paying

This feature is not yet activated on the site. However, it is listed among the coming soon features for premium members.

How to block someone on MaiOtaku

You can block someone from their profile by clicking on the block this member.

How to cancel MaiOtaku subscription

It is important to know how to unsubscribe from a premium if you choose to buy one. On this site, you are allowed to unsubscribe from a premium whenever you want. You will still access the site even if you unsubscribe from a premium. You are allowed to cancel the subscription online. You complete the process from your PayPal account by clicking on the cancel subscription.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: self-owned
  • Country: Japan
  • Customer Support Email:
  • Facebook mai otaku
  • Twitter @mai otaku
  • Blog: mai otaku
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Customer reviews
by Darian Jan 10, 2022
I prefer this app regularly while I like to chat or see you to definitely spend a energy together. Lately, I've had gotten our fundamental big date, and also it would be wonderful. Before observing oneself in fact, most of us spoke and located most common situations, indicating out preference, individual qualities, and in many cases some interests. Maybe, all of our on line relationship might vital for our profitable realtime time. We all continue steadily to comminicate on the web and will get out on the weekend. We don't make campaigns and attempt to be happy at the moment. This page assisted a great deal.
by Addison Jan 04, 2022
Signing up for this dating site had been the best thing that ever happened certainly to me during relationship. As you can imagine, I'm younger and perhaps not too encountered as many other older daters. Anyhow, our opinions are generally good. There are numerous horny folks on this website! Occasionally, I actually don't submit communications but simply savor photos. I have several no-strings-attached dates, and all of them were cool and diverse. I'm into relaxed relationship at the moment. I think it's slightly very early for my situation to invest in someone. I enjoy studies and continue our eye open. I'm usually equipped to attempt new stuff in going out with, and this also webpages support much in noticing my personal objective and needs.
by Tess Dec 29, 2021
This software is definitely true, and I'm experiencing proof of their performance. I cannot grumble regarding this software since it provided me with the most popular times during being. Extremely, I've delighted to take part in they while having plenty exciting. Of course, they have perhaps not already been without not successful fights, but I presume this really is quite a normal procedures. You should not obtain it all-in an instant, and a few days of messaging is usually essential to plan a meetup.
Bryan Roberson
by Bryan Roberson Dec 27, 2021
After a few weeks plus one other meeting on this site, I ran across a person that part my personal basic beliefs and enjoys equal tasks while I love. Both of us like skiing and climbing, nowadays, we love our personal lifestyles jointly. I'm wanting to encourage this app, and I'm not just shy to talk about our very own online dating feedback in public areas.
by Alexis Dec 24, 2021
Good tool from all standpoints. I experienced lots of positive and negative activities formerly, plus some visitors even bust my personal cardio. I'm 46, and it's demanding I think to meet up anyone using the internet for online dating. This application tends to make almost everything easy-to-use and all-natural. Right after I happened upon it to begin with, I had been very happy to witness a lot of available options and a pleasant-looking interface. I prefer such a strategy and, besides, i'm safe there. We don't bring far too many contacts because I'm bustling my personal life. I favor in order to create simple mall inner circle, and this web site supplies all options for safe relationship.
Timothy Jones
by Timothy Jones Dec 14, 2021
I used to be relatively doubtful it would get everywhere, and I may find things meaningful on this site. My buddy is into online dating sites, and I've only enrolled with the website enjoyment. Well, okay, frankly communicating, Recently I desired to authenticate that online dating shouldn't run and tell him or her later on, “There you will be, pal, I told you so.” But Chatting about how aquired online flirting addictive and going chatting with really interesting characters. You will find new partners even some fans. So, I'm going to get a date off-line and revel in brand-new experience.
by Bella Dec 10, 2021
Simple feel on this internet site am close. I'm absolutely safe whenever using they and chatting numerous customers. Needed has actually a smart technical good quality, and websites, clips, and photograph load rapid and hassle-free. I am able to specify numerous strain, and that motivates poise in the process of linking with people that I enjoy. The community try substantial. You will find loads of associates truly pursuing genuine schedules, whether it be about hookups or any other varieties of interaction. Therefore, for now, our experiences is only favorable. I got a number of dates, and they happened to be all right not absolutely created for me. Thus, I'm gonna proceed my favorite bing search, and also this site may be the best source for information, I think.
by JenniferMacAdam Dec 06, 2021
The experience up until now might 100% amazing. This could be excellent software with convenient messaging. Technical support is also cool. Once I forgot a password together with to reset they. Okay, better, each and every thing is remedied in a few momemts. I've already had some couples to have a chat with, but I'm maybe not in a big hurry to fulfill men and women offline. I'm experiencing the steps yet as the interaction using preferences is truly cool even converts me personally in commonly. Great rate, numerous horny pages, and course-plotting was easy. I love such a simple and effective approach to using the internet hookups.
by DAVID Nov 30, 2021
I enjoy this service. After being an authorized customer around two months, i discovered brand-new buddies, generally there is absolutely nothing to grumble about. The software allows you to setup a unique account with numerous attractive photographs. In the event that you don't become it essential to fill in those areas, you may possibly forget them. I suppose that pictures are key factor because the sleep it is possible to unveil while texting and speaking. We don't need a partner for online dating at this time, but I'm back at my form. I reside in a rural locations, several meets is not even close myself. However, deciding on my existing favorites and our personal web partnership, i am going to get out pretty soon. Anyway, the software really works, along with group rocks. We turned-down some freaks, but I've found not one person very terrible on prevent these people from speaking to me personally.
by SykesBarrington Nov 29, 2021
My own sex life had not been very abundant before I've accompanied this software. All of that switched in an instant as soon as signed up and begun texting those I've favored on the webpage. Clearly, some individuals denied myself, but that's not just an issue. Likes change, like it is mentioned. In general, I've grabbed very correct meets that granted me to render numerous relatives. One truly received under my personal body. Within fourteen days of chatting, we got the very first go out. As anything was great, we've appointed the next big date soon enough. It seems I've got our best accommodate.
by Edison Nov 24, 2021
Exceptional program for people who are not afraid of internet dating and available dialogues. The software are well-organized and also lots of signed-up consumers. Messaging is not difficult, and all sorts of additional options are super easy to use and discover. For myself, I've previously realized a buddy with whom all of our biochemistry is absolutely clicking on.
Linda Peterson
by Linda Peterson Nov 14, 2021
Website is wonderful for me personally. As I'm slightly tired of swiping, they got a middle ground for your demands. I don't plan any significant relationships now, but I won't try to escape while I meet my favorite prefer. This incredible website willn't stress me and allows receiving all features of quality romance. Besides, i love it app is really convenient to utilize, whether it be about navigation or transaction. Pricing are regular, so I typically grudge funds in their eyes since I get the very best importance for rates they require. I've previously found some good individual and acquire hot goes. Besides, I communicate with a few individuals to talk, laugh, and talk about a variety of posts, most notably love-making. I feel that I am my personal group considering that the community can be quite friendly. Someone don't evaluate your, mainly because it could possibly be for people with picked up anybody in a bar.
Mary Delgado
by Mary Delgado Nov 14, 2021
I joined our site just the previous year and had gotten amazing experiences. Now, I have a qualified and mind-blowing lover, and we're good jointly. I'd suggest the app because I have mastered from strong encounter that it work. We see that plenty of people frequently complain about no fights, thinking that they merely waste time and money. Still, i ought to remember that when folks cannot get a hold of someone, they often start the company's downfalls to additional facets. Task, family relations, paid dating sites, this means that, you can find person accountable. Continue to, you must never disheartenment, and all will be ok. Like for example, they took me practically 7 months in order to reach my lover.
by Amanda Nov 08, 2021
I'd like some other daters to know that this particular service 100per cent performs optimally without tactics. Those people that undoubtedly crave to get in touch with a special someone won't be sorry for their unique option as soon as becoming a member of the platform. The crucial thing isn't to quit. I've currently came across my favorite loved, so we are presently delighted. Personally I think arousal and equilibrium, knowning that implies a lot. Therefore, our company is in love, as well as being never too late for those of various age groups and needs. I would recommend this incredible website, so merely shot.
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