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Be2 Overview in 2021 — Is It Worthy or Not?

Be2 Overview in 2021 — Is It Worthy or Not?
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Pros and Cons

  • A large number of members
  • Special matching system
  • Variety of useful features
  • Easy browsing
  • Quality of profiles
  • All necessary functions are available only with a paid subscription
  • Members are mostly searching for a long-term relationship

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Be2 is a famous dating site, helping people to find a perfect match. It is trendy worldwide and attracts thousands of new members every day. Be2 has gained its popularity mostly because of its unique matching system that multiplies the success of finding your significant other.

However, is their reputation really that great, or is Be2 a scam? We will try to figure it out in this review. Firstly, let’s briefly summarize the advantages and disadvantages of Be2:


  • A large number of members. This is definitely a plus since the more people sign up on the dating site, the more is the chance of finding the right person. Also, it bears mentioning that there are no fake profiles.
  • Special matching system. After you have signed up, Be2 calculates the specific index by which the future matches will be presented to you. This index is calculated based on your answers to the questionnaire, and developers claim that this system is unique and accurate.
  • Variety of useful features. For instance, Just Ask that lets you send an automatic message.
  • Easy browsing. You can browse through the profiles of your matches in multiple ways, whatever is more convenient for you.
  • Quality of profiles. There are lots of information split by sections on each profile, which makes it comfortable to know the matching person before starting the conver-sation.


  • All necessary functions are available only with a paid subscription. A free account is rather useless if you want to discover the full abilities of Be2.
  • A paid subscription is pricy. Compared to other dating services, Be2 is rather expen-sive.
  • Members are mostly searching for a long-term relationship. This is both an advantage for one and a disadvantage for some other people. If you are searching for not serious relationships, better pay attention to other dating services available.

Be2 Review

Be2 Review

As it was mentioned before, Be2 is a viral dating website. After its launch in 2004, Be2 has quickly expanded to 37 countries, attracting tens of thousands of new members every day. This dating website has more than 12 million users all over the world. 40% of Be2 members claimed that they had found their perfect match. There are no restrictions on age, race, or sexual preference; every adult person can sign up on the Be2 website and try their luck in finding a soulmate.

We will present the overview of the Be2 dating site and its features, and we hope that after reading this, you will decide whether you should join Be2.

Be2 Website Design and Its Features

There is nothing extraordinary in the Be2 website. It is designed in white and pink colors, typically related to romance. The website’s interface is simple and straightforward, showing you a tab with the user profiles and a tab with messages. And what else would you need? We agree that it is not that fancy, but there is nothing extra to disturb you from viewing the profiles and accessing your conversations.

You can view your matches in two ways, either by scrolling through the list of the people who are compatible with you based on the Be2 index or by the picture voting. The list will show you a detailed overview of your match and your compatibility. There you will be able to re-view their profiles and message a person you like. The picture voting is more about the love from the first sight; you can either like the person on a picture or move to another one.

What Makes Be2 Unique?

Be2 Review

Probably the most popular thing about Be2 is its matching system. After the free sign up, you will have to fill in the questionnaire, based on which the Be2 index will be calculated. Devel-opers claim that they have designed a unique scientific system that is used to calculate the index. It is then used to find the most appropriate matches for you; all is based on sociological, psychological aspects, and anthropology. While viewing the proposed list of users, you will be able to see a recommendation on several categories, like views, interests, or behavior. You will also be able to see the compatibility graph, showing what is similar between you and a specific user and what is different.

On every profile picture, you will see the green and red circle and the number inside. Green indicates how much do you match with the person, while red shows how much do you both differ. The number represents the matching score; the higher is the number, the more com-patible you are with this person.

As you can see, Be2 approaches finding partners for you very seriously, having their own matching system, and giving you an overview of a particular user and a matching category.

How to Start With Be2 ?

Be2 Review

If you have decided that you want to join Be2, you will need to go through the registration process. For this, you should at least have a valid email address and have some time to fill in the application.

It is easy to navigate through the website, and the information is obvious. We will go through the necessary steps on the registration process, so you will have an overview of what to ex-pect.


It is not complicated to sign up for free on the Be2 website. But make sure you are not in a hurry and have some time for this. At first, everything you need to fill in first is the gender, which gender you are interested in, email, and a password. The next step is the personality test we have mentioned before. At this stage, you should answer several questions, which are either multiple choice or a scale from 1 to 5. Most of the items concern your personality, what you are looking for, what your soulmate should look like, how do you treat different things, and act in different situations, etc. It seems like a simple psychological questionnaire, so nothing that complicated.

The results of this test will be provided to you afterward, together with the ideal description of a person you may be looking for. This result will be a basis for finding your perfect match.

However, this is not it; as after the test, you will have to input some personal information, including your name, birth date, education, occupation, and some other details, mostly con-cerning your personality and how do you look like. You can also upload a picture, which is highly recommended doing so on dating apps. Here you can select whether your photo will be blurred to free members. Moreover, the majority of Be2 users have their profile picture hidden from free subscription users.

And that is basically it for the signing up process, now let’s move on to some details.

Quality of Member Profiles

Be2 Review

Because most of the Be2 features are available for the paid subscription users, you can be sure that the profiles are not fake. There are many good reviews on the internet regarding the profile quality on this particular dating website.

On every user profile, you will see the match score and the detailed graph what is similar between you, based on your index. When viewing the profile, you can see lots of information about the user, split by categories. Therefore, without starting the conversation, you will be able to know a lot about a person, which is definitely a plus.

Mobile App Review

Be2 also has its mobile app both for iOS and Android, and, to be honest, there is nothing too special about it. It is simply designed to make sure you can access Be2 from any device at any time. All features are exactly the same as on the website; you can sign up via the app, review your matches and messages. It doesn’t offer a fancy chat function like some other dating apps, but you can quickly reply to your messages in the designed section. Generally, the Be2 mobile app is just excellent; it is not confusing and has only those features that you may need to make your online dating experience smooth and pleasant.

Are There Alternatives for Be2?

Be2 Review

Even though Be2 is very popular among dating apps, it competes with worthy alternative companies that also attract a bunch of members.

For instance, eHarmony also attracts people that search for long-term relationships. This website is cheaper than Be2 and offers more with a free membership, but because of this, you can find lots of not real profiles.

If you are religious, you may want to take a look at the LDS dating app. It connects people with the same religion and beliefs. It doesn’t have a useful free subscription, but the paid one is inexpensive. It is worth looking at only if you want to find your soulmate mostly based on religious preferences.

Another alternative for Be2 is Silver Singles, if you are over 50 years old. This dating website is focused on aged people looking for love. It has positive reviews, but, unfortunately, not so many members as other popular dating sites.

Subscription Fee

Be2 Review

Comparing to other dating websites, Be2 is rather expensive. It offers a paid subscription for either 3, 6, or 12 months; the longer the subscription is, the cheaper is the monthly fee. So, for instance, if you decide to purchase a subscription for three months, you will have to pay around 57 dollars per month. If you, however, buy a six months membership, you will be charged around 35 dollars per month. You can pay both by card and PayPal.

As you can see, the subscription is rather expensive, and, unfortunately, you will have to get it if you want an exceptional experience of Be2. We will briefly state the differences between free and premium membership and tell why you would need to consider purchasing a sub-scription.

Free Membership

Be2 Review

With a free Be2 membership, you won’t be able to do anything much. Free Be2 members can only take a look at their daily matches, without an ability to text anyone. As we have mentioned before, most of the members prefer to blur their profile pictures to free members. As a result, you will not even see the photo of the majority of profiles you will have access to. Therefore, free Be2 membership is, unfortunately, rather useless.

Premium Membership

Be2 Review

Purchasing a premium Be2 membership offers you the full dating experience. With a paid subscription, you will be able to see the pictures of every user and vote for the photos. You can also participate in a conversation with your match, send out some messages, and add contacts to favorites. Moreover, you can use Just ask feature to send out the automatic question to the Be2 member and simply wait for their response. You will also have access to the information on who has visited your profile.

As a result, we can sum up that it makes sense to use Be2 only with a premium membership.

Is Be2 Safe?

Be2 Review

Be2 is a worldwide trusted dating website; millions of users have selected it to find their life partner. Their website claims that it is totally safe to use it and that Be2 protects the data of its users. Be2 Privacy Policy clearly states which data do they collect and claims that your personal data will not be resold to third parties. Their security policies are constantly improved in order to prevent any data leak or any other danger. All in all, we could say that Be2 is rather safe to use.


To conclude, Be2 is a popular dating site among people who look for serious relationships. It has a simple website interface and a mobile app, with all the essential features for a dating service. Be2 unique matching index allows you to find the right people who will match your personality, share your hobbies and habits.

However, to have access to basic features, like viewing member pictures and be able to message them, you will need to purchase a premium subscription. There is no monthly Be2 subscription, so you will have to spend at least around 170 dollars to enjoy the Be2 dating site. Therefore, if you lack money, we would not recommend wasting your last savings on the Be2 app. But if you can afford it, feel free to try it and discover the world of online dating.

All in all, Be2 success statistics are impressive, so if you are willing to find the long-term rela-tionships and the subscription fee does not scare you, Be2 can change your life.

Here we have collected most frequently asked questions about Be2 and answered them be-low.

How Can I Delete My Be2 Account?

You need to be logged in to delete your Be2 account, just go Profile > Settings, and there you will find the account deletion option.

How Can I Text Someone on Be2?

To message someone on Be2, you will need to purchase a premium account. You will see a green Write Message icon next to the profile of your match. With a paid subscription, you will be able to send an unlimited amount of messages and likes.

Can I See My Matches on Be2 for Free?

With a free Be2 account, you will only be able to view your daily matches. You won’t be able to see their pictures (if the user decided to blur their profile pic for free members). There also will be no possibility to message the person you like.

Thus, all the essential features for the dating website come with a premium Be2 subscription.

Can I Report a Be2 User?

If you find a suspicious user on the Be2 website, you can report them by going to their profile and clicking the Report User button.

Can I Cancel My Be2 Subscription?

You can cancel your premium membership in the Settings of your account. However, you will not be refunded for the unused time. You will have access to the premium features until the end of your Be2 subscription.

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