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MeetMilfy Review

MeetMilfy Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 30-40
Profiles 1,600,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Straightforward navigation and classy design
  • Enough users to choose from
  • You can search for someone in your vicinity
  • Free messages in the chat for all new users
  • The site’s features are mainly paid
  • No app. Yet, it’s compensated with a fully responsive mobile version.

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The niche taken by MeetMilfy and the sites alike has been popular since online dating was born. Even before that, many younger gentlemen had a particular fancy for mature ladies. We all can agree that age is just numbers, while the experience is above any price. This is what yesterday’s boys cherish in women and are seeking in the MILF community. MeetMilfy claims to provide them with a great platform to find what they are looking for. The idea of bringing together attractive ladies and guys much younger than them is crystal clear. But does MeetMilfy really help to achieve it, or is it yet another scamming cheap dating site? Below, we are going to overview all the details you should know about this platform to form your opinion and decide if it is worth trying.

What Is MeetMilfy About?

MeetMilfy Review

MeetMilfy is a niche dating website operated by Together Networks Holdings Limited that also owns several other platforms. It caters to the younger male population who wish to meet a MILF to hook up or date. If you have no idea of who MILFs are, let us tell you that these are mature women that are incredibly attractive and want to mingle with younger men. The abbreviation might sound a bit too naughty. But today, it is used as a specific term without being ever pronounced word by word. It reflects the guys’ desire to spend some great time with these ladies, who take care of themselves, look wonderful, and have something to teach you.

The number of MeetMilfy users can’t be compared to enormous sites claiming to have about 10 million members. MeetMilfy, with its 1.8 million, seems rather average. On the other hand, it can indicate that this site has fewer fake accounts. There are some, for sure. First, some reviewers have pointed it out. And secondly, MeetMilfy clearly applies in its Terms and Conditions that they don’t investigate potential users’ backgrounds.

This is, of course, a good reason to be cautious while communicating here. Yet, MeetMilfy’s user number looks realistic, given that only residents of several countries can register. These are people from the US, Canada, and several more locations. Unfortunately, a lot of people from Europe and Asia are deprived of an opportunity to get signed up on MeetMilfy. Thus, the lion’s share of the audience is located in the States.

The rate of successfully held meetings reaches 93%. Impressive, isn’t it? Plus, numerous testimonials and user reviews prove it to be true. Many cougars feel grateful for being able to meet a young lover here, and many cubs are boasting about meeting a stunning MILF.

What Relationships Can Be Found on MeetMilfy

MeetMilfy Review

As said, this site primarily facilitates different kinds of relationships between experienced women and young men. Users here might look for a one-time hookup, a couple of dates, or a discreet romance. This is quite understandable for both major user categories. Men in their twenties might not be ready for something more serious. And women might not want anything serious because they have other things in mind, like their career, for example. So, having NSA fun is never frowned upon on MeetMilfy.

At the same time, a considerable number of users do search for a commitment. Some women have been single or divorced for a long time now, so they are eager for attention and passion a young lover can give. They are open to a thought that this lover might become a life partner. The same thing occurs to some boys if they feel ready enough to start a family. Thus, long-term dating and marriage are also among MeetMilfy users’ goals.

It is important to point out that one doesn’t have to be a mature woman or a young guy to sigh in MeetMilfy. The site welcomes people of both genders belonging to ALL age groups. Moreover, sexual orientation doesn’t matter either. So, heterosexuals and gays, with or without experience, can join the community. It only highlights how cool it is to date a MILF, but never stands in the way of any other type of connections on the site.

The Site’s Design and Interface

A user who has already visited dating sites of this category will find that all of them share a lot of features. Registering, search, layout, profile quality will seem familiar or at least be clear for every newcomer. The design is very attractive. MeetMilfy doesn’t look like an NSFW website. On the contrary, the color scheme and pictures used are very decent and in no way gaudy. Less nudity and more comfort — here is what the developer had in mind when they were working on MeetMilfy.

There are no super complicated features. Everything is aimed at leaving users content without making them learn about how the site works. The team seems to have given the navigation a lot of thought. All the settings can be found in a matter of seconds, so you won’t waste any time on this. Instead, you can concentrate on communication and mingling with others, which is what each dating platform is about.

Can you imagine staying in front of your computer to chat with somebody all day? Even if you are at home, it is much more convenient to use your smartphone. But MeetMilfy doesn’t have an app counterpart yet. It is possible to use the site on your mobile device with no effort via a very well-developed mobile version. It has the same features and design as the desktop version, so you can switch from one to another, depending on what you find handy at the moment.

How to Sign Up MeetMilfy

MeetMilfy Review

Signing up on MeetMilfy is easy for every user and only can take up to several minutes. Once you visit the site, you see a registration form that includes five fields to fill out. The first one is your gender and the gender of a partner you want to find. Next, you have to indicate your age. Then, enter your email address and password. The ‘Live in’ field is already filled for your convenience, but if it is not accurate, you may edit it. Press the ‘Join Now’ button and start your wondrous online dating journey!

To become legit on MeetMilfy, confirm your email by opening a message sent by the site automatically and following a link inside. Remember that you can’t log in to MeetMilfy with your Facebook account.

After that, you’ll be suggested to upload a photo. Some users are uncertain whether they should do it or not. Note that MeetMilfy users opt to search for profiles with pictures more often than not. You can do it too, by the way! In fact, one’s profile can only get to other users’ search results if it contains a photo. So, it will be sensible to have at least one on your page. The pictures used must have png or jpg format and be 320×320 pixels or larger. But their size can’t exceed 12 MB.

Your MeetMilfy screen name is generated by the site. If you don’t like it, change it to your preference. You should follow certain rules of creating such names explained in the corresponding section.

To have an informative profile, fill out the fields with your personal and additional information in ‘My Profile Setting.’ You can indicate your sexual orientation, appearance (like body type, hair and eye color, height, etc.), educational and ethnic background, income, and some more. These can be completed later or left empty. No one forces one to share more than they are willing to share on MeetMilfy.

Communicating with Other MeetMilfy Members

Everything is as simple as a dating platform can offer — messages, live chat, likes, and winks! This is how people communicate on MeetMilfy. There are some important details you should know about it all, though:

sending chat messages is only available for paying members, but everyone gets five of them for free. This is a way of a ‘thank you’ for joining in and a great motivation to upgrade. After all, no one likes to pay money without an opportunity to test a service for free.

Flirty messages are complimentary. A lovely way to start a conversation is by sending a complimentary template message. The problem with them is that you can’t change it.

Like Gallery is a yes/no Tinder-like feature. Reacting to photos has become one of the most popular features on dating sites because it is easy and fun. But this doesn’t make it less effective.

Adding users to your friend list will save you a great deal of time when you communicate with many people. You won’t need to search for those you like again and again. Just open your’ friends’ tab and see everyone there.

Searching for Users on MeetMilfy

There are two major levels of search: basic and advanced. Basic filters can be found in the upper bar on your page. They allow one to select a preferred location, gender, and age. You can also pick only profiles with pictures or users online now.

Advanced search can be based on any information users indicate in their profiles, and include physical appearance, orientation, ethnicity, etc.

All the results can be sorted by photo quality and whether they are online. Additionally, the system can show you new members that meet your requirements.

Free and Paid Memberships

MeetMilfy Review

All the dating sites out there want to make money. Some of them, however, demonstrate this wish too manifestly. They demand your credit card number, just to give you a sneak peek of their features.

MeetMilfy is nothing of the sort. You can be a free member as long as you want. Yes, you’ll be limited in communication offers, but the site will wait until you are ready to upgrade patiently. As a non-paying member, you’ll be able to like photos, forward flirty messages, and use ALL search filters. The trick is you can’t find out who a person is looking for. So, you’ll never know if they will get interested in you before they reply.

Those who pay get much more, of course. Their messaging is unlimited. Plus, they can send photos or even videos. The prices on MeetMilfy are shown per day and vary from $0.99 to $0.41, depending on the period you are paying for.


MeetMilfy Review

You can see beautiful mature ladies everywhere. But can you just hit on them in real life? Probably, shouldn’t, since you can get rejected as easily as 123. Numerous dating platforms have plenty of female profiles belonging to this age group. But are they looking for a younger man? Probably. Or probably not. The sites like MeetMilfy guarantee that you can meet such a woman and that she is seeking a young partner. If you find a way to seduce her, she will be yours.

What differs MeetMilfy from the rest is that this platform is very user-friendly and not expensive at all. All females here are open to some new encounters. Some of them are even ready to commit. If this is what you want, don’t be shy to say it — women like honesty.

So, if you are searching for a milf, this is the right place for you. If, on the other hand, you are a woman who wants to meet a young man, you should create a MeetMilfy profile now! Trust us, there is no other platform that will help you reach your goal more effectively than this one. And MeetMilfy is definitely among the first sites to try.

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