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MILFtastic Review

MILFtastic Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 20-28
Profiles 1,800,000
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Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Friendly community
  • Quick signup
  • Enhanced security
  • No useless chit chat
  • Very simplistic search filters
  • Loads slowly outside the US

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MILFtastic is the platform to go to when looking for experienced sex partners who know what they want and what kinks they are open to. Technically, this is a hookup site, even though you can also find long-term partners for NSA relationships here. The main feature of the service is clear from the website name — here, people are looking for mature sex partners that can satisfy their every desire. Sure, every coin has another side as well, so in practice, this could be a great site for mature cougars looking for younger lovers.

This platform does not place any restriction on age (aside from the obligatory 18+), gender, or sexual kinks. This community is not only goal-oriented but also incredibly friendly. Existing users welcome all new accounts with genuine interest, and high user activity on this service makes the chances of a quick hookup more than probable.

Still, like any other hookup service, it does have its pluses and minuses. So, take a look at our detailed review to find out if MILFtastic is your cup of tea.

Creating an Account with MILFtastic

MILFtastic Review

Obviously, this is an adult site, so only adults are allowed to participate. What’s impressive about MILFtastic is that they do verify user credentials instead of allowing just any minor to join. At the same time, registration with this site is quick and easy. After all, no adult would want to waste tons of time filling in additional graphs and answering a bunch of personal questions — at least, not on a hookup service.

To create an account with MILFtastic, a newcomer first needs to indicate gender. In the case of this platform, it coincides with specifying your intentions. There are only two options on this service — one can either be a MILF or a man looking for one.

Then, of course, users need to specify their precise location, up to a city. This field is obligatory because no hookup site deals with lengthy romantic letters and distance communication. It is all about getting laid — as quickly as possible and as close to your location as possible.

Finally, users should think of a unique nickname and a strong password. That is pretty much it, and none of the above three steps is too time-consuming. So, you will be redirected to the homepage in about two minutes after clicking on the ‘create an account’ button.

Website Design & Interface

MILFtastic is a carefully designed and properly organized platform. Here, website developers really took some time thinking over their audience’s needs. For starters, this site is not at all confusing or complicated. It does not have any unnecessary features or flashy interactive elements. It’s simple and to the point, which is a great plus — especially if you consider that MILFs may be very sex-savvy, but not all of them will be equally tech-savvy.

All functions users will need to navigate the service are located in the website header. MILFtastic profiles are carefully organized, look neat, and can be edited at any point. So, if you do not feel like polishing your account straightway, no worries; simply get back to it whenever you are in the mood.

With a closer look, you’ll see that even though MILFtastic may look like a typical dating site, in practice, it is not. It’s not the place to go when you’re in the mood for talking. This platform is mostly about action and arranging hookups with hot users. Neither it is about finding the love of your life because most people are looking for NSA one-night-stands.

Unique & Useful Features from MILFtastic

MILFtastic Review

One of the first features that set this service apart from the competition is its top-notch matchmaking algorithms. MILFtastic does not only consider parameters users specify when registering. They go well beyond that and analyze user activity on the service. For example, they store and analyze your activity on the matches you liked to make sure the search system shows you better and better matches every other day. On the other hand, if you do not want to wait for the software to figure out what it is you want, be more specific with your personal preferences. After all, that’s what gets the software started.

Another impressive feature from MILFtastic is that it allows finding sex partners very quickly — mostly because website users are pretty open about what they want. Here, cougars can look for young and passionate men for a one-night stand. Or, it is possible to form a more lasting relationship with a sugar mommy. All of these search features will be included in your profile, so make your pick and go for it. As long as you are honest and open about your intentions, you should have no problem finding just that on MILFtastic.

Finally, even though default matches are based on your location, it still does not mean you are ZIP-code restricted. Any user can search for matches in other cities and even countries. This functionality is very beneficial for those who travel — whether for business or leisure — and want to make their trips a bit more pleasant and exciting.

Website Community: Who They Are?

Even though this site started as a place hooking cougars up with younger cubs, it’s not just cougar & cub exclusive. True, those two user types are the primary clientele of the service, but technically MILFtastic does not restrict any other people from joining. After all, this whole site is about sex, and it does welcome all sorts of NSA relationships.

The community is very friendly and non-offensive. Even if you contact someone who is clearly not interested, they will politely explain it to you. But, if you are careful with setting up your search filters and pay at least some attention to what other users write in their profiles, such a situation should not even arise.

User Count and Activity

MILFtastic Review

MILFtastic does not disclose any information on its user count and activities, which is reasonable since any adult hookup site should, first of all, be discreet. So, we praise them for their discretion and try to analyze the user database ourselves.

First, it looks like MILFtastic has plenty of users because you always see lots of people online — no matter when you log in the service. Plenty of members come from the US and Canada, but you can often see people from Europe as well.

Next, users seem to be very active and responsive on this platform. Even though this site does not target chatting, plenty of chats do happen. The only difference is that these conversations do not take hours (as they normally would on mainstream dating sites). Here, people evaluate each other’s profiles, exchange a few lines of text, and go straight to business — that is, to a hookup.

Finally, the community seems very friendly and non-offensive. Even though you can easily report any user to site admins, it will unlikely come to that.

Communication Means on MILFtastic

Even though this site does not imply lengthy conversations, it still offers several communication means for its loyal users. With MILFtastic, it is possible to start chats, exchange mails, and even send each other virtual gifts. Given the platform specifics, we think this is more than enough. All of these communication tools are available to paying members and for a limited time — to free users as well.

Another important perk of MILFtastic is that it allows all of their users to decide for themselves whether they should share their real contact details with others. Unlike some other services that prohibit the exchange of personal information, this site allows all people to exchange any private contact means they like — from phone numbers to individual emails. Once again, this is a great feature that goes in line with the specifics of this service. After, this whole site is designed for consenting adults, and adults are perfectly capable of deciding for themselves.

Premium Vs. Free Accounts

MILFtastic Review

Another great feature of MILFtastic is a generous welcome bonus that allows any newcomer to use the website for free. The offer stands for one month, after which users are expected to pay if they want to stay and keep using this website’s services. After the first trial month, a free account will not do users any good because all communication tools are reserved for premium members. Still, we must compliment MILFtastic on an extended and absolutely free trial version. A whole month of using this website is more than enough to figure out if you should become a paying member. Besides, thirty days can result in multiple hookups, so heads up on the site’s generosity.

Premium Plans and their Cost

Should you decide to start paying after the first trial month, you may have some difficulty finding any relevant info about prices on MILFtastic. We, however, took some time and found out that you will have to pay $99 for six months of being a premium member. When that subscription expires, you can switch to monthly payments of $16.5.

Such a billing logic sounds a bit confusing. On the upside, MILFtastic does not feature a dozen complicated subscription plans or a confusing credit system. When it comes to premium functionality, everything gets pretty simple — paid users can communicate on the site and use all of the service’s features. Free users lose their opportunity to chat in one calendar month.

Considering average market prices in this niche, we have to admit that MILFtastic costs are quite reasonable. Yes, it does sound a bit unfair that you get to use the site for free first, and then you are instantly required to compensate for that with a hundred bucks. Still, no other hookup service out there gives users access to 30 days of premium services, so we still think it’s a fair deal. Besides, if you plan to keep using MILFtastic later, you can switch to monthly payments.

Note, however, that all subscriptions auto-renew. So, if you want to change your billing logic or cancel your subscription for good, you will have to do so in advance.

How Safe is MILFtastic?

MILFtastic Review

The short answer is — pretty safe. Admins run regular security checks and eliminate fraudulent accounts. Anyone trying to ask other users for money online gets banned. This may sound weird for a cougar-cub platform, but the logic behind this decision is simple — take such matters offline and do whatever you like in person.

Besides, the website does have a verification system that keeps all of your personal info private. Neither is your financial information compromised, so using this service is as safe as it gets.

Takeaway on MILFtastic

MILFtastic is one of the few platforms for meeting sexually liberated, mature women who know what they want and who they want it from. The chances of quick hookups here are very impressive. However, people looking for a more long-term relationship may also find what they want here — provided they are not looking for commitment. If that’s what you want, there will be no limit on what MILFtastic has to offer. Finally, it does have a very extended trial period and very affordable prices after the trial is over. So, totally worth a shot for MILFs and men interested in MILFs.

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