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SocialSex Review

SocialSex Review
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 20-28
Profiles 1,800,00
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Plenty of real users who want sex and live just around the corner from you
  • Matchmaking is accurate and efficient
  • Many ways of communication
  • the pricing system in transparent
  • The design of the website leaves a lot to be desired
  • Some accounts on the site are fake

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Today, plenty of websites promise one to find an instant hookup without any effort. Sounds too good to be true, yet it is! SocialSex is one of the platforms that will minimize the time you could have spent on searching. It proves to be effective and fun! Wanna know more?

People keep searching for occasional sex online, and they always will be. Not everyone wants to get potentially committed to a person they meet, and it is sensible to make your intentions clear right away. When one comes to SocialSex, they confirm that they are here for NSA encounters and won’t bother other users with unnecessary drama. Feels liberating, doesn’t it? If this is what you need, don’t wait for another second and become a SocialSex member. You can find a lot of exciting things here!

What Is SocialSex About?

SocialSex Review

SocialSex is a platform for everyone wishing to get hooked up. There are several groups of users, so you are not restricted to a common ‘man searching for women/men’ and ‘woman searching for men/women.’ You can come to this site together with your partner and create a ‘couple’ account. You can indicate that you are transsexual. A rare dating website has such an option, although they do have trans users. And what is even more important, it is possible for everyone to find a match in every group!

The majority of users here are straight and single. But don’t worry if you are looking for something else. All the SocialSex groups are very populated, and the site claims to have over two million members who are quite active. So, anyone will meet a person (or people) who will suit them perfectly.

How to Sign Up on SocialSex

SocialSex Review

When one wants to hook up now, they don’t feel like filling out lengthy forms and undergoing tiresome verification. Otherwise, they might lose all their interest and no longer be in the right mood. SocialSex team has thought it through and made the signing up process quick and uncomplicated. First, newcomers indicate the type of account they wish to start. The choice is quite wide, we should say. You can register as a single girl, guy, or trans if you have come here on your own. You can also register as a couple — a straight, gay, or lesbian one.

Then, indicate how old you are and where you are from. Enter your email address and pick a password that should be hard to figure out. Upon registering, you can provide a bunch of information about yourself that will reveal your goals here and preferences.

The basic fields on a SocoalSex user’s profile are as follows:

  • age, obviously, because most people care about this attribute of a potential hookup,
  • marital status,
  • orientation,
  • body type,
  • ethnic background,
  • height,
  • the date of birth,
  • and zodiac.

If you don’t want to indicate any of those, you are not obliged to. Most of the fields can be empty. Additionally, you may choose several hashtags for your profile. Most users describe the type of partner and relationship explicitly because this will allow them to achieve their goals quickly. To personalize your profile, write a short paragraph about yourself.

SocialSex: Design and Interface

SocialSex Review

SocialSex is aimed to make a user’s life easier in many ways. That is why they have adopted the interface reminding the most popular social media. Every Internet user won’t get lost in this site’s features. The navigation is simplified. Each section doesn’t only have an icon but a title too. These are homepage, mailbox, account options, search and matching, messages, and chat rooms. In the same bar, you have a quick-access search box for your convenience.

Some users might find SocialSex design a bit outdated, but we are not here to enjoy how pretty the buttons are! What matters most to all visitors on this site is how convenient it is to use it and what they can get here. And the service quality is definitely much more impressive than the design.

Searching for SocialSex Users

SocialSex Review

Once users visit the site for the first time, they see the ‘disclaimer’ that SocialSex has some nude photos of people they know and even their neighbors. Well, this is not a guarantee, of course. The point of it is that you can find people who live really close to you, which will make your meeting in real life much easier.

To search for your’ neighbors,’ set your location search filters, and you may get surprised that some of your potential matches do live in your vicinity. If you don’t have trouble traveling around a little bit, you can focus your search on other attributes, such as orientation, age, appearance, ethnicity, some interests, fetishes, etc. You can seek matches among all users or certain user groups, which are straight singles, straight couples, lesbians, gays, transsexuals, or lesbian/gay couples.

Also, these filters can be set the way that they will hide those categories of people who don’t interest you. For example, if you are not into dealing with trans, gay, or lesbian couples, etc., just set the right parameters on your filter and that it.

Attitude and Behaviour

The community on the site is quite open-minded. The whole atmosphere makes it easier for people to talk about sexual issues. No one will judge you, so you may discuss whatever topics you want. Of course, some users have more specific interests than others. If this or that topic seems too extreme for you, you may simply quit the conversation.

Another peculiar thing about this site is that you can interact with couples here. They have their own shades in communication, as they are more attentive to who they communicate with. Nevertheless, you can always find a couple who is interested in making their sexual life brighter.

Communication on SocialSex: How Does It Work?

SocialSex provides its users with a full set of communication methods. The basic one is mailing. Working as a good old email, it will never go out of style. The best thing about it is that a message can be read when one finds it appropriate. This is an NSFW platform, so not everyone will take a risk and check their inbox in the middle of the meeting, for example. Thanks to the mailing system, you don’t have to restrict your communication only to those who are online now.

Live chat is a more life-like way of connection. Both participants can get fully lost in the world of fantasy, online flirting, and even sex, making sure you are on the same page before you make it real.

To diversify any kind of messaging, you can share hot pics and videos of yourself and ask others to do so. Daydreaming is fun enough, but seeing the real stuff is as important.

Video chat takes your online relationship to the next step. This is not just about spending a great time on the website. It also allows you to find out more about the one who can become your real lover.

Finally, you have an opportunity to exchange gifts on SocialSex. It lets you be either romantic or kinky, depending on a particular item you choose to give.

SocialSex Memberships and Prices

SocialSex Review

Surprisingly, SocialSex can be used without paying a penny. In today’s world of online dating, it is rather hard to find a site that can really get you laid and not rip you off for that. Providing you with the most basic features, a free account can still help you find some good matches.

But to savor each and every second spent here, you need full access to the site’s features. This can be done by purchasing one of the SocialSex subscriptions. There are two kinds of them — Gold and Silver.

Compared to a non-paid membership, a Silver subscription allows you to use instant chatting and view all SocialSex users. Gold members are featured on search results of every user, have access to members’ webcams and hardcore porn. It costs more, but it is more fun too. Both paid memberships include a 100-day guarantee.

The prices are reasonable. Plus, you can save a lot by choosing a subscription wisely. One month of a Gold membership will cost you $34.95. A three-month Gold is $69.95, which reduces your per-month fee by more than ten bucks. You can opt for a six-month subscription and pay only $12.50 every month. SocialSex Silver may be bought for three months, one month, and three days. The prices are $59.95, $29.95, and $1.95, respectively.

One may ask: Why would I pay almost $150 for six months if I can only subscribe for three days, and the site claims it can set hookups within hours? Well, your choice of subscription should be based on your goals. A three-day membership is great for testing waters or getting hooked up once. But the longer you stay, the cheaper it gets for you. Many users get the full advantage of longer subscriptions. They have fun online all the time and make a schedule of real dates they find here.

SocialSex Security and Support

SocialSex Review

Apart from using SSL-encryption, SocialSex is not the most firewalled site out there. The team probably believes that, since we are all adults here, users should have more responsibility for their personal details. That is why we strongly advise you to individualize your data. For example, never use the password you use on other websites. The same thing concerns communication — you should act responsibly! Don’t invite a person you’ve never video chatted with or, at least, had a phone call to your home. Never send anyone money or trust them with your paying details. If you stick to standard precautions, nothing will ruin your exciting SocialSex experience.

If you have any difficulties using SocialSex features, you can turn to the Support. A very responsive team of professionals won’t leave you on your own and will always reply in no time.


SocialSex is one of the most popular quick hookup platforms on the web. It is more or less secure, very effective, and highly entertaining. There is a huge variety of people on this site. One can’t even imagine how many users visit this site every day! No matter what kind of a partner you look for, just visit this site and be sure that you will find the one you need. The thing that makes this resource different from others is that it has no limits in the diversity of members and their preferences.

Plenty of profiles here belong to people who live nearby. If you want to save time searching for a person from your area, use SocialSex filters. The filters help you to point out your neighbors who suit you according to your racial, ethnic, and sexual preferences.

Users who are not ready for real meetings just yet will still get busy on SocialSex. Tons of sexy content, webcams, and chatting will bring you the satisfaction a rare online platform can bring. Don’t be shy and sing up to SocialSex now to break the routine of your everyday life!

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